The Measure of a Man

How do you measure a man? For many of us we think money, or clout, good looks or even… Well, you get the idea. I love men in all shapes and sizes. I hunger for certain men in particular and while they may be six foot five, dark haired hunks of sexiness, the truth is if they aren’t amazing people, I don’t care. I’ve known a few utterly amazing men in my life and I can tell you – the experience is delicious in all ways. Just knowing them, learning about their life and loves, worries and fears is amazing. I decided to write a m/m story about the very question – how do you measure goodness when all around you is a damning reminder of a past you can’t get away from, one you wish to God had never happened? It’s how you handle the very concept.

Coming soon…


You can’t run, can never hide from the truth. Or the guilt…

“You’ll do exactly as I say or not only will I ruin your career, I’ll drag your worthless ass into hell. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

The voice was full of file, rage given everything that had happened. He shifted and pulled the phone away from his face, wiping the sweat from his brow. He hadn’t wanted this bullshit in the first place. The prize was too fucking hot, something he’dThe-Measure-of-a-Man-Cover-small wanted for far too long. “You don’t seem to understand what’s at stake here.” He thought about his training, his finger itching for his gun, the one he hadn’t touched in almost eighteen months.

“And you don’t seem to realize I hold your balls between my fingers. If you don’t want them crushed in a vice, I suggest you measure up to the task, boy. You have no idea who I am or the influence I have. If you don’t follow directions to the letter I’m going to strip away all that you think is precious. At this point in my life I’ll stop at nothing to get what I want. Nothing. There are things set in motion and I thought you could do the job. If you can’t, I can task several men who will step into your place, but at what price?” The laugh was evil. “Do I make myself very clear?”

He was well aware of the immense power, the corporation’s ability to wipe out a life with a single phone call. A cold shiver raced down his spine. If only he hadn’t been caught. If only he hadn’t gone over the edge, pushing past the point of no return. If only… He laughed softly to himself as he clenched his fist. “Yes. Crystal.” He pressed the flat of his hand down the side of his leg, panting as the sweat continued to trickle down the back of his neck.

“Good. Then I expect results in three days. There’s no time left, boy. Period.”

“How are you getting him to the required destination?” He was shivering, something he never did.

There was a slight hesitation then the voice was clear and even, yet very pointed. “That’s my job. Now do yours.”

The call ending didn’t give him any comfort. As he glanced out into the lobby he growled. Playing hardball in a way he wasn’t used to was his only choice, one he only hoped he wouldn’t regret for the rest of his life.



“No, that’s not what I meant!”

“Jackson, I know exactly what you meant. I’ve known what you’ve been thinking for months now. You just didn’t have the balls to tell me. And I fucking know why. Hell, this relationship is nothing but a joke anyway. I have no clue why I thought I could live a normal life.”

“A normal life? You’re the one checking out at every turn. You’re the one who seems to pretend I’m the man in your life.”

Gavin laughed. “There are much more important things than a hard fuck, no matter how good the cock is. You hear me?”

Jackson was mortified. He’d never seen Gavin act this way. “What the fuck are you saying to me?”

bernardo-velasco-rickday3“The truth for once. That’s it.”

Jackson glared at Gavin, his rage increasing. “You know nothing about me. Nothing. You claim to give a shit yet you find no time to be with us and…”

“You want to know why none of this matters?”

“Why? What the hell did I do?”

“I may be a snake but I found out you’re sleeping with every man you can find on the street!” His eyes remained locked on Jackson. “And to think I thought this was something special. Ha. Right. I am the idiot my father keeps telling me. Jesus Christ. You’re nothing but a loser.”


“You fucking heard me you pussy boy.” Gavin narrowed his eyes. “Worthless.”

“Jesus Christ. Keep your damn voice down!” The customers in the restaurant were staring, watching the two professional men fight like cats and dogs. He’d wanted the night to be something different, a moment shared that they hadn’t experienced in a solid two months. Now this. Now this fucking bullshit. He had his reasons and they were justified. He simply wasn’t ready to spout off all their dirty laundry right here.

“What? You didn’t think I’d find out? You didn’t have any clue I’d find you with another man or five? I mean my God. What the hell were you thinking? I sure as shit hope you’ve been protecting yourself. The worst part was having my face rubbed in this shit. You know what publicity means. You know what could happen. My God. Are you flipping out of your mind.”

Heat rose across Jackson’s face. None of this made any sense. None. Pushing back his anger he leaned over and smiled, the expression now without meaning. He was chilled to the bone, the understanding of what his relationship had never been cutting through his gut. “As if I don’t know about Mark or Robert or take a damn number. How many men have you had on the side?” The stunned look on Gavin’s face was proof enough. A full minute ticked by and all eyes were on them. When Gavin grinned and shook his head he realized the man was no different than his father. None. They were both dangerous men who applied ruthless tactics to achieve their unscrupulous goals. Suddenly he wanted no part of a nasty world, one infused with murder and blackmail. What the hell had been wrong with him?

“I think we’re done here. As a matter of fact, I think we’re done permanently.” Tossing his napkin onto the table, Gavin jerked his chair back. The sound of wood slamming against the wall reverberated into the room. “I was told you were nothing but a useless man, one who could never measure up to my needs or my station in life, but I refused to believe them. Now I know better. Now I realize that you’re nothing but white trash. My suggestion is that you find a hole to crawl in, one where no one can find you. There will be repercussions from this. Trust me.”PASCAL 2

“Trash?” His mouth went slack. “Repercussions? Are you threatening me now?”

“You heard me.”

Jackson hissed through clenched teeth and slowly rose to his feet. There was no need to make anymore of a scene. “I think we need to talk about this somewhere else.” He was lightheaded, the understanding so fucking clear he was petrified.

“And I think we’re done talking.” Giving Jackson a nasty glare, Gavin grabbed his keys and stalked out of the restaurant.

“Yes!” the voice was shrill.

“Asshole,” another whispered harshly.

Hearing the claps sporadically positioned around the room didn’t bother him in the least. What did was his lover thinking he had the last say. “Fuck.” He tossed down several bills and managed to make it out to the street, catching Gavin on the corner. “We’re going to talk about this.”

“No, we’re not. I’m done talking. I’m done giving a shit. Don’t you get it?” Gavin flashed angry eyes.

“I get it.”

“Then just leave me alone.”

Jackson grabbed his arm. “This is ridiculous and we are going to talk!”

“No, we’re not!” Jerking his arm away, the force pummeling him backwards. “I…I…wish I’d never met you…”

“Wait! No!”

Fuck me. Jackson Sheffield realized his hands were shaking. The memory was hot and raw, far too fresh in his mind and yet he hadn’t thought about the horrible time in a solid three, maybe four years. Why now? He concentrated on his breathing for a full minute; doing everything he could to push the wretched visions from his mind. The anniversary was close, too close. He would never forget the sounds, the anger, or the way he’d fallen into a black hole. Maybe he was still there.

rippedNo, he knew why and the anniversary was only a small part. The odd phone call at three in the morning dragging him out of a fitful sleep had been bad enough. The voice, ghostly and ominous had merely said two words.

You’re dead.


Lies, deceit and blackmail… Can two powerful men come to terms with the monsters invading their souls before it’s too late? 

Jackson Sheffield wasn’t just powerful in business. The strapping ex-hockey player was an irresistible force in every endeavor he attached himself to. Feared by almost everyone because of his size and generally nasty demeanor, he savored his alone time. Determined to become a millionaire before turning forty, he parlayed his sexual prowess and keen eye into a business to be reckoned with. His ability? Turning certain investments into multi-million dollars for his very special clients. That is if they were willing to succumb to his unscrupulous terms of the deal. What few people knew about him was his dark desires, those bordering on dangerous kink. And he was haunted by a horrendous moment in his past, a decision threatening to derail his happiness. Ugly visions clouding every day, when called to a meeting in Las Vegas by his richest client, he was more than ready for a change in venue.

Retired Marine, Logan Reynolds was a well-disciplined and honorable man. Now a professional gambler by trade, his harsh tactics made him a lose cannon, just like in his military career. Hungry for a shift in scenery and a change in his life, he was determined to win the most coveted game in the United States then call it quits. Unfortunately a single decision made in his past could alter his future. The Devil was watching his every move. Faced with the toughest players in the game, he knew he had his work cut out for him, forcing him to push back every distraction and his tactics proved successful. That is until a brooding blond walked into the room, taking an interest in more than his game of blackjack. Drawn in to the man’s darkness, Logan realized Jackson was hiding something, a festering secret. Both men knew this was more than just a game, but as they were forced to face their respective demons, a question remained. How could you place value on the measure of a man?

A monster was lurking in the shadows, one destined to destroy one or both. Karma, after all, was a bitch…

What do you think – can you measure your man?

Kisses and spanks…


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Sexual Sin…Personal Slave Auction II

The term slave evokes so many raw and powerful emotions. Don’t you think? For the majority of us living in the United States, the very concept brings memories about American History and the very dark days we can’t seem to put past us. For those whose ancestry belongs to another country, you certainly have your own brutal moment in time where men and women were debased for who they are or what they believed in.

Sexual slavery denotes a myriad of savage visions as well. We’ve all seen horror stories of young men and women stolen from their homes to be sold off like cattle to the highest bidder. I think when we hear the word there’s usually a negative connotation associated no matter how you paint the picture. BDSM slavery can be something else entirely.

There are variations of the dominant versus submissive side and often the term submissive and slave are intertwined. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that they are not the same. I certainly had zero idea what I would call myself until about a year ago. While the definitions vary, BDSM slavery is usually still the art of giving yourself completely and utterly to a dominant. For slaves, unlike Good girlsubmissives, the lifestyles isn’t about a contract or negotiations. The life is about what he or she as your Master commands you to do/say/eat/sit/fuck without exception. I am a submissive and one who continues to learn her place every day. Fortunately John Patrick is a patient teacher.

If you’ve read the earlier two blogs I’ve written about this recently, you’re aware that a single comment was made regarding a picture I posted on Fetlife. The picture and the comment took on a bit of a life of its own and more men decided that yes indeed, I would be a fabulous participant in a slave auction. Well, for my readers, you know this is a very interesting information gathering exercise. I’m not a slave, nor does John Patrick desire to ‘sell’ me off to the highest bidder, but we have some colorful conversations. We’ve certainly mused about the ‘what if’s’. What is fascinating for both of us is that the sexual banter continues with men who would enjoy ‘purchasing’ me for a night or weekend, or merely a playtime experience. For most I think the concept is nothing more than an additional to their arsenal housed in their kinky bag of hungers. We all have a few sinful desires that we prefer NEVER to tell anyone. Some men very much enjoy the thought of women serving them in every way.

As I told you, some of the requests have nothing to do with sex. Some would like John Patrick to either watch or be involved while others merely want that single moment of unbridled pleasure. The entire situation continues to make me smile. Why? Well being wanted is a tasty thing. No woman can lie about that – but this goes more primal, grasping onto an understanding that men really need to let go, be the man inside they tend to hide from their significant other. Remember what I’ve said often, we strive so hard to have the relationship we think we want that we’ll become anything other than our real selves in order to achieve this lofty goal.

What if you didn’t have to?

What if your nasty and hungry side could not only be exposed but also explored in the most pleasurable ways without fear of consequence? For some Masters/Dom’s, they enjoy sharing their slave and yes, in either gifting for a night or engaging in an auction of sorts. For others, the auction is real and women (yes men sometimes too) want to become a sexual slave, being bought and sold, their lives serving the man or women who purchases them. I don’t know. A little extreme for me, but to each their own. This story is more of a hybrid and honestly based on the ‘what if’ possibilities John Patrick and I have mused over glasses of wine and flavorful conversations. No – this isn’t going to happen, but the possibilities are endless, tasty. Don’t you think? Back to the story…

“Suck me.”

“Yes sir.”

The moment she placed both hands around the base of his cock Michael grabbed her wrists, pulling her hands away. “No. Just suck. Just use your mouth.” He was hungry, his raw needs racing off the charts. Of course he knew why. The concept of this auction was damn hot. Fucking hot. His cock was throbbing, his adrenaline kicking into overdrive. This was fucking hot. Nothing had prepared him for the sweat beading on his upper lip, the trickle slithering down the back of his neck. The moment she relaxed and opened her mouth, he knew he wanted nothing more than to fuck her, use her.

Shuddering, Ashley took his cock into her mouth, her tongue darting back and forth. Her eyes shifted, looking up at him and she managed to purr around the thick invasion in her mouth.

The booming music and the dim lighting was nothing more than a provocative setting. Every nerve ending on fire he tilted his head back as she sucked him, loving the fact she was definitely learning what he craved – a wet mouth, a slow and constant rhythm. As Hail to the King pounded through the computer speakers he smiled. Yeah, the song was fucking hot and perfect for a night of having his sexy slut, the woman he called the perfect whore, to pleasure him.

Our bedroom CageSoft mewing sounds pulsated from her mouth as she liked and sucked, her head bopping up and down.

For a full minute he lolled his head back, savoring the entire scene. He was tingling all over as she struggled to take more of his shaft into her throat. She wanted nothing more than to suck him dry. “Mmmm… Good.” Yes, the thought was invigorating, swelling his balls. Groaning, he placed his hand on her head, pushing down until he heard the strangled sound. “Take every inch. Suck me.”

She obeyed, her gagging noises fluctuating as she moved her mouth up and down on his dick, her mouth staying wet and hot.

“That’s it.” Jutting his hips up, Michael rubbed down her shoulders to her back, amazed hot fucking hot she really did look in his shirt. He thought about Dom Gregory and snarled. No man was going to have her, at least unless they were very much on his terms. Fuck the asshole if he didn’t accept the terms of his deal. He was in charge and Ashley belonged to him. Tingling, he fucked her mouth as she moaned and sucked. His hunger racing off the charts he let her go, reached down and slapped her on the ass. “Suck my balls. Suck them.”

Instantly she shifted, lifting her head. “Yes sir.” Ashley crouched lower, taking a swollen testicle into her mouth.

“Yeah. Squeeze.” He laughed and wiped his mouth. The woman could suck his balls like no other, the perfect amount of pressure. Men wanted to paw her, fuck her. Yeah, he’d known the fact since the moment they’d been together. She was beautiful, sexy and refused to be anything but willful. Most men would want a bucking filly, one they believed they could tame. Just how far would they go? How much would they pay? Yes, the thought was intriguing as blasphemous as the idea might sound to some. Could he actually ‘sell’ her off? He looked down at the woman he loved, the glow of the computer screen highlighting the shimmer covering her cheeks. He needed to fuck her.

Ashley moved to his other ball, licking in a slow and easy circle while she gazed up at him, her eyes flashing.

“You want to please me, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” she whispered as she licked up the underside of his cock.

Wrapping his hand around the base of his shaft, he slapped the tip against her mouth. “You’re such a good whore, my insatiable slut. Aren’t you?”

Her smile was mischievous, knowing. “Yes sir. I love being your whore.”

“I thought so. Suck me again. Take me all the way down.” Michael gave her no choice and when she was close to having her lips on his swollen sac he could take it no longer, needing more than just her hot mouth. He pushed her back. “Get on your knees.”

“Yes sir.” Scrambling to follow his command she turned around, positioning her body and lowering her head.

Easing off the chair and onto one knee, he slipped both hands under her shirt, cupping and squeezing her breasts. “You feel so good.” He breathed in her sweet scent before pinching and twisting her nipples. Pain was something she craved. Giving her what she needed an increasing requirement within himself, something that continued to give him pause. He wanted to torture her in methods he would have never dreamed of even a year before. All his inhibitions had been tossed the day he met her.

The single slap was forceful enough to push her face into the carpet. Whimpering, she arched her back as she tossed her head back, undulating her hips.

“You want me to fuck you.” There was no question. He knew exactly what she wanted.

red rope“Mmm… Yes sir. Please.”

Michael slid the tip of his cock up and down the crack of her ass then pulled back on her left cheek, opening her wide. He wiggled his cockhead until he pushed just inside her dark hole. Impaling her asshole in one single hard drive, he grunted as her muscles clenched around him. “Oh yeah.” There was nothing like fucking her in the ass, the way her body responded and the way she moaned.

Crack! Pop!

“Oh God!” Ashley slapped her hand on the floor as she opened her legs wider and pushed back.

“You’re such a good little whore,” he breathed, his voice husky. He pulled out until just the tip was inside then plunged again and again, his strokes becoming slow and deliberate. He shoved up the shirt and relished in the slapping noises from every connection. He was sweating, his legs tingling and he picked up speed, wanting nothing more than to fill her dark hole with his cum.

As he continued thrusting every move harder and more deliberate, he couldn’t help but think about watching other men with her. Visions danced in front of his eyes and he was surprised how much they affected him.

“Ooohhh…” Her entire body shivering, she met his thrusts with one of his own, using her strong leg muscles to power her backward. “I’m your fucking slut. I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

“Such a little whore and yes you will.”

“Fuck me. Use me.” Her tone was pleading.

God he loved when she talked dirty. “You want this cock deep in your ass, baby?”
“Yes! Shove it deep inside. I want to please you.”

“And you do.” The moment she clenched her muscles on purpose he growled and dug his nails into her hips. He continued thrusting until he was left breathless. Pulling out he leaned over her, kissing the back of her neck. “Lets go take a shower.



Michael grabbed a beer and moved upstairs to his office. He had to smile. The hard fucking the night before had been intense, delicious. Ashley had called the experience primal. As he sat down in the chair he thought about the shower they’d shared, they way she’d dropped to her knees, sucking and licking, rimming until he carried her to bed. Her light snores as she cuddled against his chest had been a sweet end to an incredible evening.

As he hit the space bar, powering up the computer, he thought about what had started the night – the auction. He’d thought about little during the day than the fact several men wanted her, wanted to pay to have Ashley please them in various ways. His instructions to her had been very clear – have the men contact him. He took a sip of his beer and eased onto the chair, waiting as he clicked onto Fetlife, then typing in his login and password. The question remained. Would any of the three men actually Obeying Sircontact him?

The top bar indicated two new messages. “Well, well.” Someone had messaged him. Given he had few friends on Fetlife, he knew at least one of the supposed Dom’s was hungry enough. A quick click and he smiled. “Of course you want her. What’s not to want?” Michael studied the first email, one from a man who seemed only to want her in every way but sexually.

“Yes, This will be at my terms.” He checked the guy’s profile, garnering very little more than he lived closed and seemed to have some interesting kinks.

Tell me more of what you want and know there will be no sex. I would be interested in talking further.

When Michael hit send he shook his head. Was he? Could he have any man touch her? Maybe. The second message held an air of dignity, as if the man had maybe even solicited a slave in a situation like this before. He read the message several times.

Sir, I understand you are the Master and owner of Willful Slut and she indicates you might allow me to play, even for a period of time. Please tell me more.

The words were by no means anything but a basic question, yet Michael had other thoughts, perhaps a gut instinct about the man. Still, he was intrigued by the entire concept and so he asked the question.

What would you like?

After issuing various hard stops, he hit send. Another shot of adrenaline swept through his system, infusing a moment of nausea. This was off the chain, something neither had anticipated. He should shut down the entire game, completely aware he’d never allow another man to fuck her. But he couldn’t. No, he wanted to see just how far they’d go in this sword fight of debauchery. Selling Ashley off was nothing more than a salacious thought. He chuckled and polished off his beer, suddenly realizing his hands were shaking. Was he kidding about this or would he actually consider selling her off for cash – at least to some degree? The answer was troubling but unavoidable. Perhaps he was too vile or too kinky. Whatever the answer, he was eager to see what the men had to say.

Yes, he was very eager.

I don’t know – do you think he’s gone too far? We’ll see what happens.

Kisses and spanks…


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Spank Me…Just How Perfect Can a Spanking Be?

This one has been a long time coming. I wrote this piece in February 2013 after attending a sexy conference and for some very tasty reasons the idea just came to me. This is written as a partner to Spankdown with the same sexy two main characters and a cast of new spankees. Mmm… Imagine the possibilities as couples of various types come to learn the art of…well, spanking. The first in the sassy little collection, enjoy a taste of…


Victoria was just about ready to shut the entire idea about hiring a Master Disciplinarian out of her mind and out of the entire concept surrounding Spank Me. The nutcases flowing out of the woodwork somehow made Jeffrey Dahmer look tame.PerfectingDiscipline_MED All the mention about blood play and asphyxiation was entirely too much for her mind to even comprehend. She’d been around BDSM groups, having attended her share of Munches and events hosted by trust members of the kinky community, but these men were… “Ugh.”

Even saying the exclamation out loud didn’t make her feel any better. She’d looked at well over two hundred emails, thirty-two actual resumes, and had taken it upon herself to chat with three on MSN. She was beginning to think there was no such thing as a Master Disciplinarian. Sadists, you bet. Maybe her clients would have to accept a woman to dole out punishment period. She paced her kitchen floor, trying to figure out if there was another source she could go to. Anything. Even the concept of putting just a question out on Fetlife was daunting.

There were still a few more emails to go through, but the cut off date for the ad was today at five pm sharp. Re-running the ad didn’t seem like a prudent thing to do. Grabbing a bottle of water, she huffed as she stalked back into her office, glaring down at the computer screen. Okay so there were three more new emails. Groovy. Her mood was sour and she just might answer the monsters a bit tersely. A bit? Hell, she was ready to blast the Dom wannabes into Hell.

She didn’t even bother sitting down. There was no reason to. Victoria had no doubt in her mind whatsoever that she was going to read the same bullshit. Snickering, she opened the first one and read the words out loud, barely able to contain her raucous laughter. “I’m a practiced Dom, having been trained in the Middle East. I’m good with guns and dogs.” Rolling her eyes, she hit delete without skipping a beat.

“I think I’m your man. I’m polished, professional and hold a black belt in Karate.” She had to wonder what that had to do with anything. Oh, but there was more. I savor giving a woman what she needs, a hard beating. “You’re out of here buster.” This was going to make her rethink the entire idea. Maybe water wasn’t going to do the trick, even at ten in the morning. Yep. She was now thinking Bloody Marys.

Moaning, she slapped the water bottle on top of the desk and threw her head into her hands. What in the hell had she been thinking? Several fairly ugly thoughts raced in the back of her mind and the second she heard the blip, telling her another email had found its way to the stupid box she’d secured, she growled and gave the air her middle finger. She was determined not to look, not to give a shit, but curiosity got the better of her.

She glared down at the screen and while she didn’t snarl at the first words, she didn’t jump up and down either. I’m a firm believer in the art of discipline, not the act. Men and women walk a fine line between abiding by the rules and thwarting them. “Really?” So the guy was articulate. Okay. Not too bad. Victoria sat down in her seat. What I see as punishment others take as something else entirely. Becoming a disciplinarian means listening to the needs as well as the fears of the individual you’re taking in hand. Anything less is… What? The guy didn’t finish the sentence? Blinking furiously, she scrolled up and down the screen. “Fascinating.”

This was the single email that made her list to actually really check out the person behind the words. What in the world was this guy’s name? Ah yes, Master Drake. The HOlding his beltname was sexy and, she had no doubt, not real. But then again, hers wasn’t. Hmm. She had a fairly good sixth sense about these things and for some reason, she wanted to find out more. The first thing to do was type an email and then she’d see if the guy responded. Brushing the tip of her finger back and forth across her lips, she wanted to really see what his guy was made of.

Tell me, Master Drake, how would you know what was too much for a pupil, and would you stop or continue on? What implements do you use in your methods of discipline? So the questions were fairly benign, but she would be able to rule out if he was power hungry or far too sadistic for this venture very easily. She hit send and rose from her chair to make that Bloody Mary.

Ten minutes later she was pacing the office and nearly guzzling her drink. Thank God she’d put it in a tall glass or she would have already been back into the kitchen making another one. Yeah, she needed alcohol right about now. Besides the guy, Master Whatever, wasn’t going to answer her so soon. There wasn’t any way. He had a regular life and…


Her attention drawn to the sound, Victoria almost raced back to the computer. The email was definitely from him. She pressed down her shirt and attempted to take her time. Oh hell. The second she opened the email she plopped down on top of the chair.

Interesting questions. Every individual is different and you have to take caution and care when you discipline either a man or a woman. For those who tell you the whips are all the same or that everyone is going to react the same, not only are they wrong, but they shouldn’t be allowed to punish anyone. Period. This isn’t about harm but needed punishment that will cause pain. They are being spanked after all. You have to pay attention to their reactions and emotions as well as their skin’s reactions to the hard strikes. My favorite implement? My hand.

“Wow. Wow.” Victoria nibbled on her bottom lip. This was the real deal. He was the real thing. Now she was shivering. This was certainly very interesting. She tried to figure out how best to interview someone for a position such as this. Hmm. Well, she didn’t want him to know where she lived, given there were so many crazies in the world. And she definitely didn’t want him in charge the meeting location or she could turn into Alpo if he was a serial killer. A public location was best suited, but she really needed to see if the man could use implements properly. Of course she couldn’t ask anyone else to be flogged until she knew if he could actually handle a whip.

Decisions. Ugh. A hotel room. At least if the screaming became too loud the police would be called in. Granted, not until perhaps something horrible happened. She needed to tell someone where she was going to be. It was at that very moment she realized not a single soul knew about her “other” side. Not a single girlfriend, what few she had, knew in the slightest what went on behind closed doors.

Victoria knew of a little cottage style hotel on the outskirts of town. The setting was just off the beaten path so her car wouldn’t be noticed from curious passersby and yet there was a full staff on hand just in case she ran into trouble. The interview should happen sooner versus later. After finding the information on the Internet, she booked a suite. The Master didn’t need to get any ideas regarding a sexual relationship. This was business only.

Ten minutes later, she sent an email. I would like to interview you and this will include a demonstration of your skills. If you’re interested, confirm that you will be at The Riverwalk Hotel at noon sharp tomorrow. Ask for Mistress Scarlett at the front desk. No sense in giving this Master the mere concept he was in charge. This was her baby entirely. Hitting send, she smiled and shook her head. Would the Master actually answer her?

She certainly didn’t have to wait for long. Ten minutes later she heard the subtle A lick of woodbeep.

Demonstration? I’ll be happy to provide you with a much-needed spanking over my knee and very much look forward to the session.


Hungry for a hard spanking?

For Victoria Miller, she knew in her heart everyone deserved a solid spanking now and then. Too bad she wasn’t allowed to convey her beliefs in an open forum. Unfortunately being a highly respected college professor meant endeavoring to share her many years of hallowed education while maintaining a very conservative persona. While she was a good girl during the day light hours, at night she was one wicked vixen, indulging in her hunger for BDSM and Domination, including giving the Internet world her views on corporal punishment. Her spanking blog was a hit, allowing men and women to convey their personal stories of Domestic Discipline and other methods of intense punishment in a protected environment. But she longed for more and developed the perfect plan.

Her idea? Spank Me – a company catering to men and women craving being taken in hand. As summer break approached, interest in her company soared, customers ready to feel the heat of a paddle, the sting of a whip. The trouble was, she hadn’t secured a Master Disciplinarian. A simple ad on Craig’s List, a day long audition and one masked man perfect for the job. But who was the mysterious stranger who seemed to know her most private details? The secret revealed, a touch of blackmail held just above the surface, Victoria was forced to enter into a caustic business relationship – one that proved to be extremely profitable as well as intensely passionate. But what would happen as the new school year approached? Ah, decisions. Decisions. And more spankings for every naughty girl and boy.

What do you think? Ready to be taken in hand? Pick up a copy – only $.99 at ARe and the Naughty Nights Press bookstore!

Kisses and spanks of course…



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Let the Games Begin…Spankdown!

Well I thought you’d like the little title given football season is totally upon us. I wrote a piece – three years ago now that started my entire love of writing spanking stories. At the time I was already doing a lot of research and I happened upon a real card game – one involving the number of spanks given for the play of a card. Mmm… Imagine… The story gives you a taste of the ultra conservative world of college academics, a lustful teacher and a very naughty secret, and cougar love times four…. What could be better? Spankdown was the first – but not the last and the story and the characters were so well received a collection was born – three years later. Read the first since Spank Me – Perfecting Discipline is coming out August 21st. I SPANKDOWN finalthink you just might like – oh and crave a spanking to boot.


Victoria Miller stared at the computer screen and growled. It was almost time to go back to her class and she still needed to finish the day’s saucy blog. Chuckling, she fingered the screen appreciating her own design for Her Secret Desires, a secretive and highly kinky blog catering to the art of spanking and submission. The vibrant colors suited her everyday appearance, bold and brassy, while allowing her hundreds of followers to garner a glimpse of the real woman. And what she craved more than anything was a powerful master who disciplined her on a regular basis.

Sniffing, she glanced at her watch. Twenty minutes were left. She still had time to finish the piece. Today’s selection was her comparison of using a flogger versus a belt. Wiggling in her seat, she knew the answer to that one. She loved the feel of a belt as it crackled over her naked ass. Mmmm… it had been far too long since she had a man tan her backside. Glancing down at her favorite book of BDSM, The Art of Spanking, she grinned. There was no need to reference the spicy pages today. Victoria knew everything there was to know about being whipped from personal experience, but she had to admit certain pages were marked for her to read during her next hour of office time

There was nothing wrong with garnering a moment of pleasure for herself. Licking her lips, she couldn’t wait to lock her door, open the book to her favorite passage decorated with sensual photographs and slide her finger deep inside her cunt. The thought gave her chills. Just then the brilliant ending to her steamy article came to her. Typing furiously, she was determined to finish the shameless article.

“Ms. Miller?”

“Aaahhh!” Jumping, Victoria fumbled to get to her computer monitor, quickly pushing the button as she pushed her hand across her desk and watched in horror as the book tumbled to the floor directly in the path of the open door. Shit! Hadn’t she locked the damn thing? Scrambling to get to the heavy book, she wrapped her hand around the thick spine just as he did, their fingers touched. Sucking in her breath, splashes of wet heat flushed Victoria’s face. Clenching her eyes closed, she smiled, fighting to maintain her composure. Holy shit! Steady girl. Relax. “Mr. Myers. I didn’t hear you knock.” Opening her eyes slowly, she gazed into his sparkling eyes and a quiver pulsed into her pussy. Whew!

“I’m sorry I startled you,” his voice a rich baritone with a lilt of mischief.

Jerking the book to her chest as she stood upright, she knew damn well Drake Myers had seen the title. Thank God she was able to turn the computer screen off. The colorful pictures splashed across the page were a dead give away.

“What can I do for you?” Act calm! He’s just a boy…hiding in a sexy as hell man’s body. Why was it that every time she saw the stunning lanky blond her cunt muscles clenched? Drake was her prized psychology student and one that she considered the holding the beltperfect eye candy. She had developed many a fantasy with his carved face and runner’s legs in mind. Noticing Tyson flanking him, she grimaced. Great! Now there’s two of them curious what I’m doing. Out of their line of view, she quietly shoved the book in a desk drawer casually as if she was doing nothing more than research. The naughty thought gave her a smile. Some research. If her students ever found out what she craved she would become the laughing stock of the University and probably lose her job.

“I was just wondering whether or not you had the tests graded?” Drake asked, eyeing his companion. “Weren’t we, Tyson?”

The brawny man nodded. “Yeah, well I guess I was, cause Coach Ramsey refused to allow me to play in the game this Friday if I failed it.”

Victoria scrutinized his confused look and while she wasn’t aware UVA’s star lineman had any troubles keeping his grades up, she applauded the notion. In fact, she remembered that Tyson Cummings was attending the prestigious school on a scholarship. Perhaps he had been participating in one too many fraternity parties lately. “I’ll be posting them later today, but I can tell both of you that you passed with flying colors.” Hearing commotion in the hall, she checked her watch. “Boys, I hate to throw you out but I have to get to another class. Is there anything else you need?’

Drake licked his lips before answering. “Not a thing.”

Ushering them towards the door, she garnered the distinct impression that Drake was undressing her with his eyes and the thought sent a series of pinpricks dancing down her spine. “If you have any trouble getting the post later let me know.” She held open the door and smiled. As both boys passed by, she inhaled a whiff of their combined exotic colognes and thought for a moment she might drop to her knees, freeing their cocks to lick and suck until…

“Are you okay, Ms. Miller? You’re awfully red in the face.” As Drake crowded her space, he placed his hand on the threshold over her head and leaned in.

Victoria almost lost it. Her breath stolen, it took her several seconds to regroup and be able to put a coherent sentence together. “I’m fine, just fine,” she said a little too quickly, she shifted her gaze down and could swear his cock was hard and throbbing against his tight jeans. Or perhaps it was just wishful thinking. Either way, she needed space. Maneuvering around him, she took a long stride backwards and double dared herself not to stare at his crotch.

“Okay then. We’ll get out of your hair. Have a wonderful night,” Drake breathed as he nodded toward Tyson.

“Thank you, Ms. Miller,” Tyson said politely.

“Certainly.” Victoria allowed a long shameless gaze at both of them as they sauntered down the hall, admiring their tight asses. Lordy! Closing the door slowly, she realized she was holding her breath. “What the hell is wrong with you?” she hissed. The last thing she needed to do was accost one or two of her students. Goddamn! She needed to get laid. Tyson was another gorgeous specimen of a man. Standing six foot four with bulging muscle and long midnight hair, his chocolate coated skin reminded her of some African God and one she wanted to consume piece by piece. Stop it you hussy! Calming her nerves, she pressed a strand of damp hair from her face just as several beads of her honey trickled into her already moist thong. Victoria needed a glass of wine, a long hot bath, a thick juicy cock and a long hard spanking. And not necessarily in that order.

Grabbing her keys and briefcase, she headed out the door, locking it behind her. The rest of the blog would have to wait.


“What in the hell was that, full court press with teach?” Tyson chuckled as they rounded the corner from Ms. Miller’s office. “And since when do I have to worry about passing a damn psych test?”

Drake stopped him when they were just out of eyesight of her office. “What, like I haven’t see you stare at her legs during class. Give me a friggin’ break.” Darting his head out of the shadowed space, he didn’t catch a glimpse of her. Seeing the book title gave him more than one naughty idea. Spanking eh? Yummy. That fit in with his dark hungers so damn well. His cock ached just thinking about cuffing the lovely Victoria to his iron bed and snapping a cane across her creamy naked ass before driving his Taking down her pantiesshaft deep into her hot box. Damn! He was horny.

“You’re the one with the hots for her, not me buddy!”

“Bullshit! I know you too well. You’ve told more than once you’d like to fuck her like a race horse hard over her desk.”

“What, and you don’t?” Tyson snorted.

Drake grinned as he tipped his head, drawing closer to his frat buddy and roommate. “The difference is I’m going to actually fuck her and more than once too.”

Tyson burst out laughing before narrowing his eyes. “You’re fucking serious, ain’t ya?”

Drake cocked his head and stole a glance down the hall seeing the voluptuous red head float out of her office. “You bet I am and I think I know how to get into that little thong she wears too.”

“You’re out of your mind. She won’t give you the time of day.”

“Bet me, big man. Before the week is out I’m going to taste and take her.”

“Whoa! Said like the he-man you wanna be and what the hell are we doing standing in this hallway?” Tyson snuck a peek around the corner. “What, you gonna follow her?”

“Sssshhhh!. You up for a little game?” As Victoria walked down the hall, he inhaled deeply, remembering her sultry perfume. The woman was almost perfect with long legs that would be perfect to wrap around his waist as he drove into her pussy, a rounded ass, deliciously full breasts and eyes the color of the Aegean sea. Mmm…yes, lovely Teach. You’re going to be mine.

Tyson folded his massive arms and shook his head. “I’m not sure I like the sound of this, but as long as we don’t get expelled or arrested, I’m in. What you got in mind?”

“Come on. Wanna do a little exploration to set the wicked plan in motion.” Sauntering down the hall, he stopped near her office door. Drake waited until only a few students trickled past before reaching for his wallet and pulling out a credit card. “Cover me.”

Tyson eyed his movements, shaking his head. “You’re breaking into her office?”

“Say it just a little bit louder so the enter hall can hear! Yeah, gees. Did you happen to catch the title of the book she was trying to keep us from seeing?” Fiddling with the card, the lock wiggled from his expert touch. While he had unlocked a few dozen doors in his youth, he had sworn off the childish behavior before entering college. Grinning, Drake knew now that he had learned the art for a reason.

“No. It’s her stuff. Buddy, you ain’t gonna get in there.”


“Tada!” Drake opened the door slowly and looked inside. “We’re in. Come on.” Closing the door behind Tyson, he eyed her desk, searching for the book. Gliding forward, he shifted her files, looking under stacks of paper. No, Victoria hid the damn bend overbook somewhere. Well, of course she would, idiot.

“Jesus, Drake! You’re gonna get us into trouble here!”

“Not if you keep quiet. That’s right, she opened a drawer.” Scrutinizing her desk, he tried two, finding them locked, but the third one was a charm. As Drake pulled out the thick book slowly, he chuckled. “What do you really think a teacher of psychology is doing with a book titled The Art of Spanking?” Holding the massive volume up, he watched the look of surprise turn to shock on his burly friend’s face. “And lookie, she even has some pages marked.”

“What the hell?” Tyson jerked the book out of his hand and groaned as he flipped through page after page.


Victoria Miller is a professor at one of the most prestigious schools in the country. She’s also the creator of several adult blogs about spanking and BDSM. Craving a man that can understand her kinky needs, she settles for enjoying her passion through her writings, but she admires one hot college student, Drake Myers. The God like blond fuels her every night fantasies, but he is completely untouchable. Or so she believes.

Stumbling upon her blogs by accident, Drake decides to turn up the heat between them. He adores the voluptuous red-headed vixen and enlists the help of a college buddy, developing a kinky plan to have her take a tumble with him in bed and perhaps more. As he begins sending her secret poems, indulging in her need to be dominated, he is unable to resist her and one day they enter into a wicked tryst smack in the middle of her office. The game still yet to be played out, he threatens to expose her secret. And just as he decides to stop his nefarious rouse, she turns the tables.

What do you think? 

Kisses and Spanks…


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Sexual Sin…Personal Slave Auction

I mentioned the other night in my blog that there are various kinky aspects of sharing couples involved in the lifestyle can partake in. If you read the previous episode, you know that John Patrick and I had a very interesting request or two recently. I posted a picture – yes of myself on Fetlife (very rare for me to do) and in doing so several men decided I would be excellent auction block material. Yes, as in slave auction. Yes, as in you’ve no doubt heard some pretty horrible things about what occurs. White slavery. Selling women off for sex. UGH – right? Going to say right up front – I am NOT talking about any young woman or manI am totally His being taken or held against their will. PERIOD. GET IT?

This is about a slave auction involving the BDSM lifestyle – usually with a M/s couple. Even further, what I’m going to talk about is a very rare and rather interesting notion about sharing – yes sharing. After posting this rather seductive picture, I honestly had no idea men would not only appreciate and comment, but would also offer a means in which to partake in – well ME. UGH. How does this happen? John Patrick was floored with the offers and he and I talked about them after – over several glasses of wine. How do you put any of the concept of a man offering another man money or another bargain for use and enjoyment of…. Yeah. Tough.

In the BDSM community sharing occurs often – for those couples who enjoy the extended lifestyle. This is… Well, for John Patrick and I – different. Unexpected. And as you can imagine – I had questions for him. We were both so taken aback we talked about this, mused about various ideas and even explored what certain options would be. He even engaged in a couple of rather interesting conversations with a couple of the Dom’s. As you know, we talk about anything and everything so the further discussions were very colorful. I enjoy hearing his thoughts on this as well as various aspects about D/s. There is no rule book that we follow, no check list of we have to do this. Yes, we’ve talked about things we want to try but this? Eh… Still, let’s find out his thoughts.

How does the fact that other men have proposed cash for your allowance of certain kinky acts make you feel? Does your possessive sidekick in or the pride in knowing other men want me push past your concerns?

The fact that offers have been made through a very roundabout way and out of the blue presents a very interesting string of thoughts. While I am extremely possessive, there is a good measure of curiosity and sexual thrill in the fact other men would actually offer to buy at auction time for an opportunity to play with you. And certainly pride! It’s a strange mixture I would never have expected.

How far do you think you’d allow a slave auction scenario go? What would you definitely not allow?

Just followAs far as how far I would allow an auction to go, at this point it would be very much limited and monitored with me present for any activities. No activities considered extreme and no sex. While I may be open to some level of letting others play with you, I am not open, at this point for sure, to allow full on intercourse.

Mmmm… When I ask John Patrick questions, I’m always curious as to his answers. I know him as he knows me – very well – yet life experiences present us with very interesting aspects. Being offered in a way that would have him give up control is something I’m not certain he would either agree to or tolerate. The possessive man is all consuming. Yes, I love him for the aspect. We want to share but in sharing we certainly know there are ramifications in doing so. I say this because I’m merely bringing various concepts of the lifestyle to the table. After a few days of sinking in, John Patrick pretty much told me ‘ain’t gonna happen’. Honestly? I’m not ready for anything extreme in any regard. I’m learning and growing and in truth? I am still in the early stages of my personal journey with him – meaning I want us to grow more before we consider anything of this nature – not that we ever will. Exciting? Yes. Terrifying? You bet. Dangerous? Maybe. But…it’ll make for a damn hot story. Don’t you think? Here we go…

“You’re not going to believe this,” Ashley Draper whispered as she glared at her laptop computer screen. Blinking several times she couldn’t help but smile. Really? Were they serious? “Auction. Me?”

“And just what is my sweet submissive talking about?”

Hearing his voice sent shivers down her spine. Easing back in her chair she wrapped her hand around her wine glass, giving him a mischievous look. She couldn’t get enough of him, craved his body, his firm hand. Michael Cantor was without a doubt the most handsome creature she’d ever been with. Tall and dark, his dashing brown eyes and mustached smile were enough to keep her pussy wet all the time. He wasn’t merely her lover and friend. He was her Dom and owner, something they both relished in. The journey was new and terribly exciting. His rules were simple, yet there was no doubt she belonged to him. “Well, remember I told you I posted a picture on FetLife?”

“Uh-huh. The one without receiving permission?” Moving closer Michael gave her a stern look.

“Yeah, okay so I was naughty. You haven’t spanked me for the indiscretion yet.”

“Yet being the operative word.” Michael laughed as he moved behind her, placing his hand on her shoulder. “What about the lovely picture?”

“Look at the comments from not one but two guys.” She sat back, allowing him to peer over her shoulder. The picture wasn’t anything particularly risqué. The lingerie was red hot in color and style, but certainly none of her naked bits were showing. Why this one?

Michael leaned over, controlling her mouse, and scrolled down. “This one would lay down some serious cash, eh?”

“Slave auction? I’m good enough for a slave auction? Really?”

“Mmm… My submissive is very beautiful,” Michael cooed.

Ashley groaned. “But a slave. Me?”

“Do you know these guys?”

“Yeah, kinda,” Ashley said as she shrugged. She’d certainly flirted with a lot of men during her tenure on Fetlife, but not since she’d been with her Sir.

“Kinda, huh?” He kissed the top of her head. “This other guy, what about him? ‘I would bid if you were to be auctioned’? Interesting choice of words.”

“He’s a bit out there. He fashions himself to be a Master.” Shivering, she remembered the rather dark conversations she’d had with Dom Gregory. They’d been very open and frank about aspects of kink she’d never tried, including various methods of pain and humiliation. The guy had managed to drag out her inner fetishes, the ones she’s only recently told her Sir. Why she suddenly felt uncomfortable, as if creepy crawlies were covering her body was beyond her. You know why. Dom Gregory is a serious sadist, one who wants nothing more than to push your limits. The truth was startling.

“You’ve talked to this guy before?”

Shrugging, she fingered the tip of her wine glass and leaned her head back. “Some. Yes.”

“On the phone or in person. He lives close enough.”

“On the phone once and not since you and I have been together.”

Michael looked down and kissed the top of her forehead. “I know that. I’m just asking questions, gathering information. Nothing more.”

She could tell he was thinking, planning. “Fascinating. Would you auction me off?”

“Hmmm… Honestly, I don’t know. Fascinating though. This is very much out of left field.” He walked away, a smile on his face.

“What do you want me to say?”

“Have them both contact me.”

“Yes sir,” she said as she took a sip then a gulp of wine. Auction. Her? At fifty? There To submitwas no way. Yes, the picture was very nice, lipstick and all but a slave auction? Hell no. She moved the mouse back and forth.


“No.” Nibbling on her bottom lip she shot him a look. “Maybe.” Her laugh was nervous. “Okay yes.”

“Just have them contact me. This is merely an exercise, my dear.” He moved to his office chair, easing down, his eyes never leaving her.

“Yes sir.” She set down her glass and sent messages to both men. If you are serious, you need to contact my Sir. I’m certain he would allow you a taste. My God, typing the words seems so out there. Then again, this was exciting. Enticing.

“Men crave you my dearest. They hunger for you much like I do.” Michael’s voice was barely more than a growl.

Want her. Yes, some did indeed. Yes, her persona was wicked. Yes, she gave off sexy vibes but this was… When she was done she shuddered and grabbed her wine. “Would you do this?”

“As I said, merely an exercise but you have to admit the concept is fascinating. And yes, why that particular picture? Granted, its beautiful but you’ve posted other ones very similar. I think their instant response is intriguing. What would they offer for a taste of you?”

Polishing off her wine she couldn’t take her eyes off her screen. In less than a minute she had a new message. She breathed out, unsure if she wanted to read the answer. “Well, Dom Gregory says he contacted you.”


When he said nothing more she looked away. “I need more wine.” Ashley rose to her feet and moved toward him, swaying back and forth to the heady metal music booming from his computer speakers. When she was two feet in front of him she blew him a kiss, teasing as she loved to do. “Sharing me. I wonder if you’d enjoy watching another man whip me.”

“Maybe.” Grinning, he reached out, rubbing his fingers down the length of her arm. “Get us another glass of wine and come back here.”

“Yes sir.” She could tell he had something on his mind. Tingling all over, she took his glass from his hand. As their fingers touched she moaned. Jolts of current swept through every inch of her body, forcing her nipples into hard peaks. He made her hot and wet. “Mmm…” She leaned over, darting her tongue out, tracing a circle around his lips. The taste of him alone was enough to make her cum.


Slapping her once on the ass he chuckled. “Such a little vixen. Get the wine. I need to contemplate what I might say.”

“Yes sir.” As she walked down the stairs she thought about the possibilities. Michael wanted to share, but not with a man, at least not sex anyway. He’d mentioned he would be excited seeing her suck another man’s cock, but only in a glory hole situation. What in the hell would he agree to, flogging her? Even that was remote in her mind. He owned her, his possession very clear in who she was allowed to talk to.

Ashley poured the wine and leaned against the kitchen counter, listening to the rain pelting against the back deck. She loved being in his space, loved the closeness they shared. She gazed down at the hot pink material, smoothing one hand down the length. There was no doubt she looked hot in her fuck me heels and what he called a ‘hooker color’ dress. Michael appreciated the way she dressed up but tonight she wanted to show him another side. After glancing up the stairs she tiptoed into his room, moving straight to his closet.

The overhead light showed off his collection of work shirts in various colors. She laughed as she touched one then another, marveling in the fact he was so neat and tidy. Selecting one in red, she snagged the shirt and quickly removed her dress. The tee shirt barely covered her ass given her height. Even thought the shirt was clean she could still detect his scent, so masculine and delicious. Her nipples scraped against the thick material and for a few seconds she contemplated playing with her pussy. Nope. He would certainly whip her ass for such an egregious infraction. A slip of a giggle left her mouth as she moved back toward the kitchen. Grabbing the glasses of wine she eased up the stairs, giving him a sultry look when she arrived.

“Well, well. I see you changed. Very nice outfit.”

“I thought you might like.”

“You look amazing. Perfect.”

Tie MeAshley groaned. “Nothing is perfect.”

“Turn around,” he instructed.

God she loved the tone of his voice, the husky and gravely sound that drove her buck wild crazy. She turned around, swishing her hips. The action pushed her laptop out of sleep mode and she could see there was another message. “I think we have another interested party.”

“Then we’ll have to keep them waiting. Come here.” Patting his lap he opened his legs wide as he swung his chair around.

Ashley continued to move to the heady drumbeats. She set the glasses down on his desk and proceeded to dance in front of him, her hips swaying as she rubbed her hands down her chest, cupping and squeezing her breasts. He seemed mesmerized from her actions, his eyes glimmering in the dim lighting.

“Such a bad girl.”

“You told me I’m good. Very good.” Inching closer she opened her legs wide and crouched down, gyrating her groin against his thighs. Wrapping her arms around his neck she purred as she swished her hips back and forth.

“Mmm… Someone is hot and wet tonight.”

“Yes sir.”

“I think the thought of me sharing you, having other men touch you and taste you has turned you on.” Michael tilted his head back.

“I…I don’t know.” And she didn’t. Closing her eyes she continued her actions, drinking in the exotic fragrance of his cologne. The slight push then the jerk over his lap made her yelp. “Sir!”

“You forget you’ve been a very bad girl. We need to take care of certain issues. Don’t we?” Jerking up the material of the shirt he rubbed the small of her back and pressed her down. “Hold your position.”

Crack! Whack!

“Yes sir.” Ashley couldn’t help but wiggle. She moaned as he methodically spanked her ass cheeks, moving back and forth from one to the other.

The pain was surprisingly intense and she continued to shift back and forth on his lap, cognizant he was hard as a rock.

Pop! Crack! Slap!

“Ooohhh…” Yes, the spanking hurt like hell. He was spot on in his snaps and she was surprised how hard he was spanking her. Panting, she was growing wetter by the minute.

“I love when you wiggle.” After several more spanks he eased her down on her knees.

She sucked in her breath as he fumbled with his shorts, tugging out his already throbbing cock.

“Suck me.”

“Yes sir.” The moment she placed both hands around the base of his cock he grabbed her wrists, pulling her hands away.

“No. Just suck. Just use your mouth.”

Falling into the rhythm she quivered all over because she knew her Sir was interested in the auction. There was no way to describe what she was feeling, her thoughts racing all over the place. Darting a quick look into his eyes she knew one thing, she trusted this man with his decision.

Well, what do you think? We’ll just have to see where this goes…

Kisses and spanks…


Oh btw – the next in the Honor & Obey – Her Silence – is out and it’s very much about my dear John Patrick. Hope you’ll pick up a copy.

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Sexual Sin…A Second Submissive, a Shared Slave

Sorry guys that its been a while since I posted. There’s been a lot going on in my life. John Patrick and I have had a few very interesting days as well as experiences and because of these I’m just doing a blog tonight. I’m going to be starting a new Sexual Sin story this weekend, but I think this interesting topic is something you guys will enjoy hearing our viewpoints. When you think of sharing, there are certainly various aspects of doing so. Perhaps some of you have had a ménage in the touch of kink you’ve enjoyed in your lives – maybe when you were much younger. I get it. Perhaps you’ve gone further and actually visited a kink club where you were allowed to touch, taste or spank another. I personally think both of these are very sensual, sexual to a point and delicious in concept. But there’s so much more… I’m going to explore the various aspects of sharing in the next couple of stories. Today I’m going toHis pet talk about two of what I know is the most powerful moments you can share with your Dom or submissive.

First up – a second submissive for one Dom/Domme

Mmmm – the thought of having a second serving a Dom, your Sir to be exact. Imagine the concept. What do you think? What words come to your mind? Do you find the notion exciting or disconcerting or both? Close your eyes and thing about how truly wicked the act will be, how delicious. This isn’t about your normal ménage. This isn’t about a single sexual act. This is about so much more, perhaps even a lifetime of sharing. I honestly don’t believe many couples know or can handle something so life altering. Could you? Even I hesitate in the most basic of ways. I have a basic desire to share the joys I experience every day, but I have this vanilla side, one that says monogamy is important. Hmmm… Dilemma.

Well, this is a topic of serious discussion with John Patrick and I. We are exploring. I’m not entirely certain what to think or feel – that’s normal. I’m not certain he knows as well. You can’t know how you’re going to react until you’re smack in the middle of the experience. We talk. We get very deep in very uninhibited discussions. We share our worries, our hungers. The thought alone takes a tremendous amount of trust. TREMENDOUS. I personally don’t think many couples can move in this direction – vanilla or otherwise. In our exploration together I continue to ask him questions. I need to learn, glean information about what he’s thinking and desiring. Here are two fairly deep questions I asked.

What is appealing about discovering and nurturing a third into our relationship and what do you see as the pitfalls?

The opportunity to share our journey and to add and grow with the dimension of another person, including the fact of adding a third to our playtime sounds very interesting and could be an amazing addition to our relationship. On the flip side, not having a 24/7 full time relationship, just the logistical aspects of adding a third may prove daunting and hard to over come and make a meaningful relationship impractical. I also believe the quality of the person and our connection will have to be strong and meaningful to truly make it work and grow.

What will be the ultimate highs in making this decision? How do you think it might effect you as a man, me and our relationship in general. 

not going anywhereFinding the one that we both strongly connect with, who brings an energy, intelligence and humor to what we already enjoy and is extremely open minded, adventurous and sexual. I believe that finding the right person will truly enrich us both and our relationship and make us grow individually and as a couple.

I love the way he’s so truthful, honest in what we share and what he desires. Of course I have certain concerns myself. There’s no way I couldn’t. He and I have even gone so far as to explore how we might friend another submissive – and there would have to be a friendship first. John Patrick and I have talked about the ideal person and there is no persona you create like a Barbie doll. That’s not what I can be attracted to at all. Both of us appreciate a real person, one with flaws and fears, joys and isn’t afraid of sharing tears. We love laughter and sharing aspects of vanilla life together so of course we’re going to want our third to be similar in nature. You can’t have kink all the time.

As he and I were merely sitting enjoying a deep conversation over a glass or two of wine the other night, he commented he so very much enjoyed the various times we had together – including what some might consider extremely vanilla. I crave everything about the man – including cuddling and talking, showering together as well as aspects of kink and my much needed discipline. I can only imagine what having a third will bring into our lives. That being said, we’re in no hurry. If the right person comes along – fantastic. If not – that’s just fine as well. Now onto something a bit more drastic.

Slave Auction

Yes, this does indeed exist. I know you probably are either scratching your head or opening your eyes wide, but yes this occurs behind closed doors in various countries, mansions and skyscrapers. How do I know? Well, I posted a rather sexy picture of myself on FetLife the other night. It’s not sexual in any manner, nor does it show any body parts. However, within a few minutes I had some very nice comments – including the fact I looked good enough to auction off and that if my Dom would be In mouthinterested, he’d be happy to lay some serious bills on the table. Yes, I was shocked and let’s not go down the prostitution road. Slave auctions involve many things including sex, but not always as I found out after some additional comments were made, requests thrown out there.

Me being me, I commented back that if he was truly interested he’d have to talk with my Sir. Well, that started a bit of a volley of comments including another Dom I have talked to many times asking if my Sir would consider something in the way of a trade of some sort. Yes, this could mean cash or perhaps a trade involving another submissive or slave. Don’t cringe. Don’t run away. This shocked John Patrick and I to the very core on several levels, including the fact this was based on a picture that some would consider basic lingerie modeling.

As a good submissive, I turned the entire conversation over to John Patrick and what transpired after with several messages from two different Doms was fascinating – and they were both very serious. The various aspects of what they want quite simply didn’t include sex because John Patrick refuses to share me with another man. What might their desires include? Well, I’ll save some for the stories, but some request were as simple as me preparing a meal, serving drinks. Others included aspects of kink and flogging. Both men stated clearly John Patrick could be there. And duh! As if this was considered to any degree he wouldn’t be.

As you can imagine, this odd occurrence sparked many a conversation between John Patrick and I. No, this isn’t a serious consideration, although we had to kid about the what if’s. The requests reaffirmed the fact John Patrick doesn’t want to share me with any man on probably 90% of the levels of what he would share. The 10% does indeed intrigue him, well both of us. We realized very clearly that this occurs out there. What do couples gain if they go this route? I’ve heard of Dom’s who regularly share their Pleasing Himsubmissives – almost as if a club type situation. I’ve read many a story about parties in which slaves are shared. Then there are real slave auctions in which women (men too) are sold off like cattle. Hmmm… In our society? You bet. I’ve already asked John Patrick to give me some comments on his myriad of thoughts since this occurred and he will in the coming days. I just wanted you to think about both for a little while. The stories I will post around both concepts as you can imagine will be highly provocative, but never fear… This is only both my imagination mixed with John Patrick’s – nothing more, at least at this point. I hope this gives you some very kinky thoughts to consider.

Kisses and spanks…


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Sexual Sin…The Watchers V

Competition. Possession. These words resonate with many including men vying for the same woman. There are men who absolutely feel like they possess their women. This isn’t anything new of course. Men in the Wild West thought and often treated their woman as if they were owned. Certainly other countries women are considered commodities. In America, there may be a form of equality with regard to vanilla relationships, but I can tell you there ain’t a man alive who won’t preen and push hard against competition. This is a very innate concept, behavior that is more instinct than anything.

When you talk about the world of D/s and BDSM, you certainly mix up the scenario. Sharing or watching, polyamory and group sex is something many couples involved in the lifestyle consider. There are clubs that cater to allowing men and women to watch as well as participate to a certain degree. What happens when a watcher, merely a voyeur allowed to see the intimate and kinky acts performed by another couple, hunger for more? John Patrick and I of course have talked about sharing before as well as about others watching us. I know he craves having others see and experience. I just asked him what if a male voyeur pushed for more. His simple response? “Nope. Wouldn’t happen.” He’s adamant that he will not share me with another man.

All of us have probably felt or had a little bit of competition in our dating days, men vying for us or another girl trying to shove in on our turf with our guy. You know the intense anger, the incredible moment of needing revenge if she made just a little headway into YOUR world.

Well, guys experience this as well. Now imagine a Dom who owns his submissive – inIn your grasp whatever way or method they share. I asked John Patrick a further question. What if the guy kept pushing? Here’s his very passionate answer. “He would be told in no uncertain terms that it ain’t happening and if he keeps pushing, we would step outside. Sometimes you just gotta get primal with certain fools.” Now that’s a dominating male answer, baby. When I read his words I tingled all over. Certainly it’s not that I want John Patrick to fistacuff for or about me –but hearing how he would make certain I am kept his – well, what girl wouldn’t like?

What few understand about the D/s or M/s lifestyle is that the Dom or Master can decide to bring in a third. They can also decide to allow another Dom to partake in what they own. John Patrick isn’t one of those. As I mentioned, he is very possessive, refusing to share me with another man. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want another man. I’m not missing out on any aspect of sharing. While he may have a third in our life at some point, the interaction will be with a woman. Unfortunately there can be jealousy within a D/s relationship just what can develop within a vanilla lifestyle. And in the case of some men in my life – they can push, refusing to take no for an answer.

I asked John Patrick the question for several reasons – one of which is because we are considering sharing with another and certainly contemplating going to a BDSM club.

Either one of these decisions will open up not only an amazing new world of sensuality, but will also provide opportunities for others to desire more from either or both of us. Hmmm… Well, our little story is heating up. I’m going to end the flash section with this installment but I will be making this into a book. I hope you enjoy. Careful because this one is getting terse.

She’s not the one. She’ll leave you. She’s a bitch, a fucking whore. The slut isn’t worth the time of day.

Sniffing, Dimitri rubbed his mouth then allowed a beaming smile. There was no sense in showing either one of them how pissed off he was. There was no sense in giving any indication of his ragged emotions. She’s nothing more than a possession.

“Dimitri. Why don’t you join us?” Marcus suggested as he pointed toward the empty chair.

“Yes. Join us. We were going over the terms of the contract.” Serena smiled, yet her eyes searched his, her lower lip quivering.

Of course she was trying to figure out what he knew, how much he’d seen. “Mmm… I didn’t know you had a lunch appointment, my dear.” Dimitri clenched his right fist.

“Just lunch. Going over the final details,” she breathed as she looked away.

“And we’re celebrating,” Marcus added. “A job well done.”

“Yes,” Dimitri purposely rolled his eyes.

“What now?” Marcus huffed. “A glitch? A worry? Your usual fears? The contract is solid. We’re moving forward and we have Serena to thank. Time to celebrate.” His tone became pointed.

Serena took a sip of her wine. “What is there to worry about? Everything is in order. Marcus is right.”

Dimitri could do nothing but glare at his friend, his hackles raised. Right. What the hell was the man so right about? He sucked in his breath, doing everything he could to control his increasing fury. At this moment he didn’t want to deal with her, but he could see by the look in her eyes what she was thinking – what she fucking desired. Bitch. No, he refused to think this way. Bitch. Whore. Slut.

“You hired a brilliant attorney after all,” Marcus added.

No need to see“I’m certain it is and she is a wonder. Isn’t she?” Dimitri breathed as he rubbed his temples. The headaches were getting worse. He was sick of dealing with bullshit. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, the way her skin was shimmering, the look of her dress hugging every curve. For a few seconds he could only envision her naked body, her nipples clamped, her mouth gagged, her legs spread. His cock was throbbing. Damn he was in need. Tonight he’d fuck her in the ass.

“So join us,” Marcus suggested. “There’s nothing wrong with sharing good fortune.”

Dimitri studied his face then tilted his head. Of course there was nothing going on between them. Serena would never consider. She was a very obedient submissive. No, there was nothing. Yet, seeing the two of them together was intolerable. There was no doubt what Marcus desired given the man had a hard on between his legs. “My friend, my attorney. I have a request. No, I have a demand.” He studied his friend, the way his eyes flickered, the way he tried to cover up the nervous tick in the corner of his mouth. Bastard.

“Playing terms of arrogance again?” Marcus asked. The air between then was full of tension.

“No, dear friend. One of ownership.” Dimitri narrowed his eyes then shook his head before turning to glare at Serena. While her eyes opened wide, she offered little else in the way of expression. She was a consummate professional, one prone for being required to mask her feelings. Why wouldn’t she hide her thoughts and needs from him? The old anxiety, the one having tortured him for years, kicked in. He had no doubt Marcus would stop at nothing to taste her, fuck her. What he wasn’t certain about was if the woman he desired, the one he would own, reciprocated.

“Sir, we were just having lunch,” Serena offered.

He could tell by the look on her face, an expression riddled with apprehension as well as disdain, she was chastising him. “Lunch. Yes. Did you discuss the ramifications of the additional portions of the contract?”

Marcus tilted his head, his eyes flashing. “Modifications? I didn’t agree to any changes in the terms of the deal.”

“You didn’t have to. Your father did.” Smiling, Dimitri relished in the look of shock riding his friend’s face. Friend. Perhaps he used the term too loosely given the way Marcus was acting with Serena. Thoughts of savagery washed into the back of his mind, the kind of ruthless needs he hadn’t experienced in several years. Spots floated in front of his eyes and he could barely focus. This was getting out of hand. Time to shut down their rendezvous.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Marcus demanded as he rose to his feet.

“Guys, the contract is signed. There are few changes and none of which warrant any concern. Period. Let’s get off this.” Her face tense, Serena pointed her look at Dimitri. “Marcus, I’ll take care of everything. We’re only talking about the deposit. Nothing more. Okay?”
“While you are the attorney for my firm, you don’t make all the decisions, sweet Serena.” Dimitri laughed and closed the distance to the table, grabbing Marcus’ wine glass. The moment he wrapped his hand around the thin crystal he fought his needs, the ones requiring him to smash the glass in Marcus’ face. “My sweet submissive.”
“What did you do, Dimitri? We had a deal two weeks ago. A deal. Do you understand what that means?” Marcus hissed as he leaned over the table.

Swallowing a gulp of the wine, Dimitri grinned as he swirled the remaining liquid in his glass. “Seems to me, Marcus that I have the upper hand. The contract negotiations were altered without your knowledge.”
“What is going on here?” Folding her arms Serena glared at Dimitri. “I might be your submissive, but the terms of this deal have nothing to do with you or I, Dimitri. Nothing. What have you changed?”

Dimitri snapped his hand around her wrist, dragging her toward him. While he kept his voice low, he made certain she understood the words clearly. “You will not challenge me ever. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Leave her alone. You’re just pissed at me,” Marcus stated then laughed. “We were just having lunch.”

“Lunch? Yes. Of course.” Dimitri refused to take the bait. He kept his eyes locked on Marcus, making certain the man knew he’d crossed the line. “We have a celebration tonight, my obedient submissive. One I know you’ve been looking forward to.” He polished off the wine, a smile curling in the corner of his mouth. “And we will have a guest tonight, one I think you will approve of. Yes?” He heard the slip of Serena’s breath sound, knew she was pissed as hell. After all, he’d interrupted a rather intimate period of time together. He was on edge, every nerve standing on end. There was nothing more that he wanted to do than to make certain Marcus knew he was in charge. He was Serena’s only owner. And Marcus was merely an afterthought, a snippet in time, and would never be anything more than a watcher.

“Christ DImitri. Your grandstanding pisses the fuck out of me. My God. Who the hell do you think you are?” Marcus pushed back his chair.

his captive“Who do I think I am?” Dimitri hated public confrontations. “Your business partner in more than one way. Your friend.”

The tension was palpable and both men remained unblinking.

“I’m going to the bathroom. I think I’m going to allow you boys to finish up your heady bout of testosterone.” Grabbing her purse, Serena shifted and strutted away from the table. “God. Men.”

Marcus followed her trail with his eyes then snapped his head. “You’re a fucking asshole.”

“And you’re just the watcher.” The lovely Serena still hadn’t clued in to just how important Marcus was at this moment. He would finish the scene. He would make certain she embraced his power.

“You arrogant fucking prick.” Glaring at him, Marcus waited for a full minute before laughing. “You’re really going through with this bullshit.”

“She is my submissive.”

“What you don’t understand is that this woman has you by the balls and I do understand why. I get it. Just don’t lose yourself in the process, becoming more of the asshole you’ve become.” After issuing a snarl he moved away from the table.

“Tonight. Nine. Don’t be late.” As soon as he said the words he knew Marcus wouldn’t miss an opportunity to indulge in his greatest fantasy, one they’d only discussed a single time. And in truth, Dimitri wasn’t certain Marcus even remembered he’d divulged his dark and very kinky fantasy.

Marcus stopped cold, lowered his head and remained quiet.

“You are coming of course.”

Another hesitation was followed by a strangled hiss. “I’ll be there.”

Without acknowledging the answer, Dimitri moved toward the bathroom. There was another issue to deal with. He moved toward the bathroom, thoughts regarding Serena off the charts. He had to garner control of her, pushing away the rest of her environment, right now. Now. Fucking now. Yeah, he was going to make certain she understood rules, his rules, were going to be followed.



Serena stood at the sink for a full two minutes, glaring at her reflection. “What the hell?” Wiping her mouth, she gripped the counter and played back the ridiculous banter in her mind. What the hell was going on between them? She’d been around the block long enough to know there was competition going on. Of course there was. Men. She laughed softly then when a stall opened she moved inside. For some reason she was shaking.

Dimitri seemed to have the ability to look right through her, know her every move, her thoughts even when they were texting. The how was fairly incredible. They were simply on the same wavelength. So why was he so pissed off? Because you’re flirting with Marcus. She sighed and clenched her eyes shut. Of course she could tell he was interested. Perhaps Marcus had been the entire time she’d known him. GOD. What was she doing? Thoughts overwhelmed her.

As she flushed the toilet she couldn’t help but smile. He was cute, in an ultra conservative kind of way. He was also no doubt too conservative for her tastes. Her needs. Now she laughed. If he only knew.

After smoothing down her dress she exited the stall.


“What?” The hard shove into the wall knocked the wind out of her. When a hand was wrapped around her throat she moaned, spitting out a single word. “Dimitri.”

“Your sir,” Dimitri hissed. “Seems you’ve forgotten that aspect. Seems you’ve forgotten your place.” His fingers digging into her neck, he smiled as he leaned down until his lips were hovering just above her ear. “I’m going to make certain you remember I own you. Don’t fuck with me. Do you understand?”

The soft whisper lingered. Serena blinked several times as his hand clenched, cutting off her air supply. Everything him about him was powerful, so controlling. She dropped her purse and concentrated on nothing else but the sound of his voice, his command of her.

“Now, we’re going to deal with your disobedience, your obvious desire for another man.” Biting down on her earlobe, he snarled, the sound guttural. “You’re a bitch. A fucking whore. You’re my whore. Do you get it?”
“I…” she struggled.

He clenched his hand. “Do you?”

The pain was sharp but she wanted more, needed more. As his hand tightened around her throat she gasped, the single whimper floating between them. He held her tightlyObeying Sir for a full minute and the stars in her eyes turned into fuzzy lines.

“Good girl.” Dimitiri released his hold as he kissed her lips, his tongue darting out. “You are mine. You will forever be mine.”

“Yes sir.”

“Say it. Say the words.”

“I belong to you. I am yours.” The mantra was said with no hesitation. None. She wanted nothing more than to belong to him.

He wrapped his hand around her arm and jerked her to the mirror, thrusting her waist over the counter. “And you’re never going to forget that simple fact.”

She palmed the mirror as he kicked her legs apart and jerked up the hem of her dress. Every part of her body was shaking. “Sir. Yes I won’t forget.”

“No, you won’t.” He shoved his fingers under the thin elastic of her panties and jerked back his hand, ripping the thong.

“Oh!” Trembling, she slapped her hand on the glass as he pushed down on the small of her back.

“You’re fucking mine, you whore. Slut. You do what I say when I say.”

“Yes sir.”

Crack! Slap!

She opened her mouth then bit back a scream as he slapped her ass hard and fast. The wild look in his eyes, one of complete possession was almost terrifying.

“My fucking slut.” A dark laugh escaped his lips as he fisted her dress and continued whipping her. Second later he intertwined his fingers in her hair, pushing her face into the glass. “And you’ll obey my every fucking command.”

“Yyyeeesss…” She closed her eyes as he spread her ass cheeks, a wave of nausea and humility washing over her.

“You need to be taught a lesson, a hard fucking lesson.”

Serena head the sound of his zipper. “Yes sir.”

“And I’m going to teach you.”

The moment he thrust the entire length of his cock into her asshole, she heard the sound of a woman’s shocked gasp.

Then she smiled.

Well, what do you think – too much? I’m ending the little flash here but I assure you – this will be a story.

Kisses and spanks…




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