Sexual Sin…The Watchers II

Humiliation – debasement. Well, now those two words managed to find themselves together and I want to make certain my readers understand a few things. One, again this is a dark story – not what John Patrick and I share. However, in saying that – there are aspects of BDSM that go to the darker or more extreme side. While what my heroine did for a man she is exploring kink with is a bit out there – considered debasement by some, she is an intelligent woman and the trust built with the yet to be undetermined. Keep that in mind. Two, everything done between these characters is completely consensual. While I mentioned I may be writing some He Takes Medubcon, this story is more about a woman letting go, allowing an aspect to enter into her life she’s been craving. Is it extreme? Yes. Potentially harmful? Perhaps, BUT… There will always be a safety net.

I’ve written almost 900 blogs in my almost four years of having this blog and as you can imagine, I see the stats of what readers are reading, what they care about. By far the blogs that continuously have the highest number of readers has the word humiliation in the title. Spanking is second. I find this very interesting. We are a society that enjoys seeing or vicariously experiencing something out of our comfort zone. In blogs or books, readers are allowed a taste of an alternative lifestyle or hobby, sexual experience or mass murder and all within the safety of their own home or kindle. I think that’s fantastic. What I’ve noticed in my years writing is that tastes are changing, the need to see something more heinous rushing off the charts.

Yes, we all look at a bloody accident on the side of the road or sometimes crave the dark movie, one filled with gore. We might blush in front of our friends at a sexual scene on television, but I can almost guarantee desire increases. We want what we don’t have. Plain and simple. John Patrick and I have talked about this fact in various conversations. Of course we ask each other – how far would we go in enjoying certain aspects of the darker side of kink. The short answer is yet to be determined.

Every couple is different, needs change as the journey moves to various levels. Pain becomes a matter of course so the spankings become more intense, clamping or flogging increasing. In other words tolerance levels change over time as needs and desires grow. What is too severe for one might be considered vanilla for another. I asked John Patrick some questions about his needs/desires regarding humiliation and he’s concerned readers will learn to hate him. That doesn’t mean he would EVER do anything similar to this story, but showing me off? Perhaps spanking me in front of others? Yes, humiliation is a part of punishment. As a kid, if you were ever spanked, did mom or dad threaten to do so in front of friends or family? My guess is yes. Using humiliation is a very effective method of control as well as discipline. In the D/s or M/s world, this tactic is used as well.

Remember as you continue to read this story – and I hope you will – every couple is different.

“Are you fucking out of your mind?” His voice was raspy, full of anger.

Dimitri Solten eyed his companion then looked out the darkened window of the limousine. His lurid thoughts turned up several notches when he saw her car pull into the dingy parking lot. Rather delicious and sinful thoughts trickled into the back of his mind. Today was a very special day indeed. “She’s right on time. I knew she’d be. She is a consummate professional.”

His Control“Then what is she doing here? I thought this was about something kinky, not dangerous. I thought we were closing a rather lucrative business deal with a celebration. Not this shit.”

“If you’re uncomfortable with the surroundings then by all means leave, Marcus. No one is keeping you here. The last time we talked you begged me to be a part of this.” Marcus Raven was his oldest friend, the only one who had a penchant for the darker side of kink. He was also very much into sharing.

“Fuck you, Dimitri. We’re in a shitty part of town. You planned this bullshit for what reason, so I could watch you destroy her? You’ve moved to a new level, my friend.” Marcus shifted on the seat, craning his neck to glare out the window.

“Destroy her? Serena is a strong woman with a very willful side. This is merely an exercise in control, my dominance of her. Nothing more.” In the weeks since he’d met the incredible beauty his hunger for her had increased, creating heightened levels of what some would consider heinous needs. Of course this particular session of her training was brutal, but the level was something they both desired. His mouth watered in anticipation as her door opened.

“Exercise? What in the hell are you requiring that she do?” Marcus craned his neck, his veins popping. “And what in the hell do you think is going to happen once her employers find out about your relationship?”

“They won’t. They are Neanderthal idiots who couldn’t best their way out of a paper bag. The lovely Serena is the real prize, victory for both of us.”

“Victory?” Marcus snorted. “You’re using her. Jesus Christ. Why didn’t I see it?

“Using her?” Dimitri shifted as he watched her car and the gang that moved toward her car. At six foot five, he certainly had enough brawn to take on a jerk off or two, but a gang in the middle of the morning he hadn’t counted on. “Serena and I sparred for weeks, then the real flirtation began. Trust me, if there is any using going on we’re both doing so.”

Marcus noticed the gang, his eyes growing wide. “You better have a gun on you buddy. If that group of fuck-ups even approaches her I’m going to go ape shit.”

“Don’t worry. I have this handled.”

“Handled? Right? You really think this is a game, don’t you? What I know about Serena is that she’s full of passion, a verve for life and looking for a man who can give her everything she deserves.”

Tipping his head Dimitri looked at his friend. “She craves a man with a strong hand, a Dom bordering on a sadist. Her needs are similar to mine and she’s willing to submit to me given our growing trust.”

“Then you haven’t shown her the real man. Have you?” Marcus’ eyes flashed.

“Jealousy doesn’t bode well with you.” A full minute ticked by and he was relieved with the gang moved away.

“You know, I didn’t realize what an arrogant ass you were. This is out of control and I don’t think I want any part of your world.”

Snapping his head he glared at Marcus, allowing venom to rush into his eyes. His adrenaline had kicked in. Between his heightened desire and the need to own her, his thoughts were racing out of control. “I suggest you remember your place here. You’re the guest.”

“You don’t own me. Keep that in mind, Dimitri.”

“And this is your decision to be here, be a part of my kinky world, with my approval which can be revoked. You keep that in mind.”

“Sounds like a threat,” Marcus hissed.

“Call it what you will. Mmm… Time.” His cock throbbing, Dimitri shuddered with joy the moment she stepped out of her car, her naked body almost glistening in the sunlight. He’d made certain the driver had strategically positioned the limo to allow him not the perfect view, but a clear shot in getting to her. After all, her episode in humiliation was only the beginning of the day. “What you’re forgetting is how much I adore her, need her in my life.” As she stepped out of her car his breath caught.

Marcus hissed and unfastened his seat belt as he reached for the door. “This bullshit I refuse to tolerate. You go get her before the fucking vultures do or I will and trust me, you’ll fucking never see her again.”

Dimitri threw out his arm, blocking Marcus’ exit. “Do you really think I’m going to allow any harm to come to her? Do you?”

“Hard to tell since you set her up for this. Bring her to safety now or else.”
“Watch your threats. I have the upper hand in business as well as pleasure.” The second he looked into his friend’s eyes he knew. Marcus had already fallen hard for the lovely woman, the one he wanted to own. This was unexpected. Marcus was usually a cold man, one not prone to emotions except for anger. That’s one reason they’d become fast friends so many years before. Swallowing hard he clenched his fist, realizing having Marcus as a part of his training, his worlds had backfired. While they’d shared before, nights of increasingly kinky passion, this was a first. And this time he wasn’t certain how to handle the situation.

“You fucking heard me. She’s already drawing attention. You know damn good and tied in Bedwell its not going to be long since those sons of bitches come back.” Marcus moved toward the door, pushing Dimitri’s hand away.

“Fine. I’ll bring her in, but remember your place. You stay completely quiet or so fucking help me God, I’ll kick you ass later.” Jerking the blanket he’d brought from the seat beside him, he moved out of the limo toward her, his steps brisk. When he had to wait to cross the street he realized he was nervous, unnerved given the way at least two men seemed to be walking in her direction.

When he was able to cross the street he picked up his pace, easing behind her as a scruffy looking black man grinned and closed the distance.

“The whore for sale?”

Serena bristled, a single moan escaping her lips. “I…”

“Ssshhh… I’m here. Nothing is going to happen to you.” Dimitri heard the fear in her voice and for the first time felt like an asshole. “This woman belongs to me and she’s not for sale.” Throwing the blanket around her shoulders he pulled her close to his chest as two cars whizzed by, honking their horns in appreciation.

“I…did what…you asked of me,” Serena whispered through clenched teeth as she clutched the blanket, drawing the thin material tightly around her body.

“You were a very good girl. You’re going to be rewarded.” He kissed the top of her head and realized he was on edge. If anything had happened to her he would have never forgiven himself. “I have a car waiting.”

“But my car. I can’t leave it here!”

“Relax. I have someone to drive your car. Trust me.”

Exhaling slowly she nodded. “I do, with all of me.”

The words stilled him and as he darted a glance around them at the dirty street and aging buildings, he realized he didn’t want anyone to ever touch her again. And that included Marcus. Still, a deal was a deal. Marcus would be allowed to watch. “Let’s get you into my car.”

“Yes sir.”

As he moved them toward the limo he thought about the times they’d spent together. Marcus was an astute man. When he first met Serena he wanted nothing more than to dominate her and she’d have nothing to do with him. Nothing. He set out to break her down, use her in the ways he hungered for. Something happened along the way. He found he cared for the incredible beauty, especially her intelligence and wit, her ability to see through his bullshit. What few would ever know was that the times spent talking, sharing stories and drinking wine well into the wee hours of the morning were his favorite. Her trust had been derived from these times, not the moments of sex or kink they’d shared.

Now he wanted nothing more than to protect her, own her and no one was going to stop him. “Do you have your keys?”

“Yes sir. Where are we going?” Serena held out her hand.

Dimitri tapped on the driver’s window. The driver lowered the glass. “Please have Jonas secure the lady’s car.”

“Yes sir. Where are we going? I mean…”

Dimitri gripped her arms, digging his fingers in. “You know better than to ask.”

“Yes sir.”

He lowered his head, nuzzling into her neck. While he couldn’t see into the limo he knew Marcus was watching, waiting. “We have many things to do today, my sweet submissive. You’re going to obey me at every turn or I’ll punish you. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

Tapping her on the ass he tugged the blanket from her shoulders before reaching for the handle. “Let me help you in.” After helping her onto the leather he gave Marcus a look, one that said in no uncertain terms he was to keep his trap shut. “I love your verve, your spice and the way you are.”

suck me this morningSerena settled into the seat and touched her blindfold.

“No, leave it on. This is about all of your other senses. I want you electrified.” Every word he said seemed to bother Marcus. They locked eyes and Marcus shook his head but remained quiet.

“Mmm… Yes sir.” A soft laugh fluttered from her lips. “I want to please you in every way.”

“And you do. You very much do.” Dimitri opened the small container in the middle console, pulling out a simple rope. “What I’ve learned about you is that your entire being needs to please. No matter you’re a very powerful woman, you need to submit. Hold out your hands.”

She did so as she smiled. “You’re right.”

As he wrapped the rope his cock pushed hard against his pants. He loved the control, craved knowing she was submitting without question. Dimitri also loved the fact he had a watcher. “Tell me why you hunger for me.”

Marcus pressed his hand across his mouth as his eyes eased down the length of her body.

“Because you allow me to be the woman I always knew was buried inside, the one hiding behind a mask of complacency and bullshit. Because I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life. Because… Because I want nothing more than to share this with you.”

The satisfaction was no doubt covering his face and Dimitri breathed in, nearly intoxicated by her perfume.

Marcus’ face was cold, his expression one of distaste. His hands were shaking.

Dimitri could tell his friend was tormented and he was giddy about the notion. Why? Because he couldn’t stand the fact that Serena might want another man. He knew she’d spent time with Marcus, had commented on how amazing he was as a man. Yes, he was a jealous beast. There had been too many things happen in his past that would keep him from being but so close to anyone. Finding Serena, needing her the way he did was…

“Sir, how can I please you?”

When he was finished with the rope, securing her hands, he sat back and opened his legs. “Now I want you to suck my cock.”

Yes, I know this is still a bit out there but he has his own demons. We all do. Keep that in mind.

Kisses and spanks…



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Sexual Sin…The Watchers

Humiliation – shame, dishonor, discredit – the meaning is clear. For some reason the very thought is highly appealing to so many people – whether we want to admit this or not. Having someone watching us, seeing our dirty deeds, is highly enticing. Admit it…

Before I get into the meat of this blog I have to vent. I posted this on Facebook. I am not a fan of Fifty Shades except for the fact the entire media circus around the books and movie have brought D/s into the forefront. In doing so – HOWEVER – so many reporters have zero clue in the information they’ve so obviously not researched for their various pieces. About eighteen months ago, when Fifty Shades first hit the airwaves, I saw a news report from I Prime Time Live. At that time they had the audacity to show a dungeon in a dingy hole on some ugly and very dark street scene. His chainTo get into this playroom – er dungeon – you had to move past trash and rats. REALLY? You have to freaking be kidding me. You bet I wrote a nasty letter.

What I fear is that folks will never understand the beauty surrounding D/s. The ridiculous new reporter, who actually reviewed a movie trailed for God’s sake – had the audacity to say that women shouldn’t watch the movie – there is NOTHING empowering about the aspects. You have no clue you moron. None. Get an education. There – I’m off my soapbox. FOR NOW.

In seeing the trailer I started thinking about a conversation John Patrick and I had recently. We were talking about how people really do love the idea of kink – even enjoying some of the more heinous acts as a voyeur. Let’s face it, people love to watch sexual acts, carnage, horror and pretty much anything very different from the rather normal lives they lead. We all crave adventure in our lives, but as we grow older we become more afraid of trying new things, distancing ourselves from processes or actions that might alter what we’re used to. That’s natural however I do think so many of us begin to long for the person we once were, the carefree individual who took risks, enjoyed sexual escapades quite a bit differently that what happens today. Relationships become – well stale. What if you and your partner decided to take a very kinky turn? What if you considered altering your lifestyle to allow acts that others would consider not just out of the ordinary but pure…raw…sin? Of course that’s the basis for this new story line. Sexual Sin can mean different things to different people.

I often challenge John Patrick in what he considers edgy in our growing relationship. We talk about the differences in being a slave versus a submissive. Slaves are different in the mindset, the thought pattern and their needs. There are such things in life as slave auctions – I’m not talking about the horrible aspect of humanity that you see in third world countries. This is something entirely different. When I asked John Patrick about this he tells me for a dominating man, the thought is enjoyable – a true fantasy, but not a reality for him with regards to me. He can tease me all he wants about selling me off to the highest bidder but he can’t tolerate seeing me with another man so…

Another rather edgy need is all about voyeurism, which includes light to flagrant humiliation. There is something very dangerous about the thought of being caught by pretty much anyone having sex or performing kink. There are clubs where you can go and engage in whatever you hunger for while being watched by dozens of people egging you on. There are Masters and Mistresses who regularly have their submissives or slaved perform random acts in pubic – even on street corners. The concept of humiliation for the submissive as well as total control for the Dom is heady. I have no doubt John Patrick craves this very freeing concept. Whether you’re being watched or are the watcher, there are some very intense sensations and emotions that run through you. For me – the thought is appealing, but in a controlled way. Then again, John Patrick would never do anything to disrespect or allow harm to come to me in any fashion. Therein lies the trust strong enough I would engage in the thought. There are many people in our society, very well respected men and women, who hunger for this kind of humiliation – whether giving or receiving. In fact, they live a secret life in which the find a partner or partners they use in whatever methods they need – not just desire. This new story line is based on the concept. PLEASE keep in mind – this is a story. This is not my life with or without John Patrick. I just want to make that very clear. I hope you enjoy…

“I have all the contracts prepared for your meetings today. Everything is in order.”

Serena Cavanaugh looked up from her computer and pushed a stray strand of hair from her face. She had to blink several times to have her assistant come into focus. The long hours were kicking her in the ass. “Thanks Cara. I can always count on you.”

“I know how important this is for you, for the firm,” Cara said as she fingered the file folder in her hand.

“For all of us. We’ve all been working long hours trying to finish this damn deal.” belt around neckHuffing, Serena shoved back from her desk. “Too freaking long.”

“But the deal is in place. Mr. Solten is going to sign on the dotted line and you’re going to be considered a hero.”

Serena laughed as she swiveled her chair back and forth. “I honestly don’t think the big boys in gray suits give a shit about whether I’m some hero or not. In fact, if Dimitri wasn’t signing on the dotted line today, I think I’d be in the unemployment line by five sharp.” A quick buzz of her email drew her attention back to her computer. Seeing the sender she shivered, her nipples instantly hardening.

“You’re the best attorney Chadwick and Meyers have and you know it. If the stuffy old men have no clue how good you are then fuck ‘em!” A grin popped on Cara’s face.

“My, my. I didn’t realize you had this kind of spunk in you. Good girl!” She resisted opening the email because she knew exactly what was going to be said, demanded. He expected immediate obedience without question. Of course there’d be a read receipt. Of course she’d obey his commands to the letter, no matter what he asked. Of course… Swallowing hard she shifted in her seat as her pussy clenched and beads of perspiration trickled down the back of her neck.

“I’m very good. Just try me.” Cara moved closer to Serena’s desk. “Convincing Dimitri Solten was a tough sell. Not a single male attorney could get the stick out of the guy’s ass. You did. You single handedly came into the equation, not having met the man or knowing anything about his unscrupulous tactics, and saved the day. That alone deserves kudo points, a hefty raise and a company car if you ask me.”

“I like your style lady, but it ain’t gonna happen.” Rising to her feet she couldn’t help but look at the email again. Why did he have this much control over her? Because this is exactly what you’ve been craving. The truth was raw, honest and undeniable any longer. “I just need to make certain he signs all the contracts then I can finish part two of the deal with Mr. Raven and we are good to go.”

“I hear Raven and his boys are chomping at the bit to get rid of the land. What was the final price Solten paid for the deal?”

“A cool two million.” Land acquisition and real estate development certainly wasn’t Serena’s forte, but given her firm hadn’t been able to crack either nut in over twelve months, her boss had seen her as a last resort. Little did he know the tactics she’d used – been forced to use. Shivering, she folded her arms.

“You look flushed. Are you feeling all right?” Cara asked as she narrowed her eyes.

“Fine. Just ready for this to be over. I need a hot bath, a tall glass of wine and a night off.”

“How about a man?”

Serena rolled her eyes. “Additional men in my life I don’t need. I have a few emails to finish up then I have the meeting with Mr. Solten at eleven. I’ll be at Raven’s office by three then that’s it. I’m gone for the day and taking tomorrow off.”

“Good for you.” Cara’s eyes flashed. “I’ll hold the fort down.”

“I know you will. Thank you for all the extra hours.”

“No problem. I enjoyed being switched to being your assistant. Harvey was getting on my nerves.”

Serena smiled as Cara strutted out the door. She should feel vindicated, a winner in a company full of male executives. Unfortunately she had no idea where her life was headed, which direction she wanted to follow – except for his lead. His needs. She would do what he required. Her finger hovering over the keyboard, she nodded before hitting the space bar and eyeing the email. Her nerves on edge, she waited another ten seconds before clicking her mouse.

Her instincts right about the read receipt she hit yes, knowing he had to keep track of her at all times. There was no question about living her life any longer as she wanted. He was in full control. As she read the email, the required task, she shuddered to her core. “Jesus.” His demands were becoming more outrageous, bordering on dangerous. She was beginning to learn what made him tick, understanding his need for complete domination of her.

Pressing her hand across her mouth in an attempt to hold in what she knew would be a bedraggled whimper, she took a step back from her desk. Could she do this? Would she allow herself to be degraded in this fashion? The short answer was yes. She wanted nothing more than to please him, show him she was the right submissive, would learn to be his slave in every manner. A laugh bubbled past her lips. A slave? Really?

Boots and sassSerena was powerful in her own right, respected in the world of law after having practiced over twenty years. She’d been married to a Senator for Christ’s sake. Okay, so the divorce had been humiliating enough. Maybe that’s why she could tolerate this kind of behavior within herself. Then again, she’d always known what she desired in her life and every vanilla relationship had ended badly.

Chuckling, she read the email again, pondering the task at hand. There was no need to reply. He simply expected she’d do as she was told. And she would. After a few more seconds of hesitation she grabbed her briefcase, shoving the needed files inside. Her heart racing she deleted the email and turned toward the window. Her life had changed dramatically in the few weeks. She was living on the edge, hungry to try every new act, giving her body in ways she’d only fantasized about, read about during countless nights of little sleep.

Of course he’d seen through her bravado almost immediately. He’d been able to pick apart her carefully layered masks, each one thinly veiled to hide away the woman inside, the one beckoning to be taken, used. He’d managed in three short weeks to strip away her sense of decency, redefining the submissive she’d become. Three fucking weeks where other men had spent years trying to figure her out, wasting her time and too much of her life. A rattled sigh escaped her lips as she turned back toward her desk, trying to figure out if she had any cardboard.

After jerking open every desk drawer, she managed to find a small stack of cardstock, bright blue to be exact, and rolled her eyes. Yeah, she’d be noticed. Grabbing a sharpie she popped the cap then stood for a full minute swaying back and forth. What if any of her colleagues saw this? What if her friends noticed her? What if she was photographed, blackmailed at a later time? “What if,” she whispered.

A quick glance at her watch reminded her she had a strict regime to follow. He would punish her severely for being a single minute late. A quick shift and the thin material of her skirt scraping along her bruised ass was a solid reminder. The whipping had occurred four days earlier and she was still bruised, welts crisscrossing her ass and thighs. Another tingle, this time one of blatant desire, swept through her system. As she rolled the pen in her hand she envisioned the last round of play, the one that had left her in tears. The man had a way about him, one she was unable to resist, no matter how cruel his punishment might be considered.

In bold letters she wrote the required statement then stood back and admired her blocky yet ragged handwriting. It would have to do. There was no time to waste. Next she secured twine and punched holes in the two edges of what would be a sign, a very special sign.

Minutes later she was in her car in the parking garage, the engine revving as much as her heart was racing. Visions and thoughts continued to rush into her mind, stealing her breath. “Fuck me.”

She knew exactly where he was sending her, had been to the area during her tenure as a criminal prosecutor. The seedy environment was well known for harboring drug deals and prostitution, certainly not a section of town her existing clients would fashion. Or would they? There seemed to be an underground of men and women who held dark secrets, partaking in kink that few in the vanilla world could fathom.

Serena sighed as she glanced into her rear view mirror, only able to see her haunted eyes in the dim lighting of the underground garage. After boosting her courage she backed out of the parking space.

Less that twenty minutes later she pulled her Lexus into a dilapidated parking lot in front of a Cash and Carry and pawn store then scanned the area. There were few people out given the time of day. Much of the seedier activity took place after dark. Seedy? What the hell did she think she was doing? As she unfastened her seat belt and turned off the engine she burst into laughter. This was insane, the craziest shit she’d ever done in her life. Yet she was wet and hot all over, tingling.

Another glance of the street and she moved her seat back, giving herself room. She struggled but managed to get her confining suit coat off, tossing the conservative blue piece in the back. Next came her skirt and she cursed the choice of wearing the pencil thin POS on this day of all days. She was sweating by the time she maneuvered the material down her hips, nearly ripping the thing ass she dragged it from her legs and feet. The blouse was easier but she promised herself she’d never wear silk again.Legs

She could hear screaming coming from her right and she was terrified to look for fear of drawing their attention. The battle came to her, the group of men sauntering in front of her car, music blaring from some source, the cussing and screaming continuing. When the gang was barely four feet from her car she realized what a magnet she was to their attention. Her shiny red Lexus couldn’t be missed, let alone the fact she was sitting in a hot pink lace bra and matching thong panties. Licking her lips she sat still and prayed. Dear God she prayed.

Either they didn’t notice or didn’t care a woman in her late forties was sitting in the middle of a car half naked. Thank God for small favors. She waited for a few more seconds until she could no longer hear the music before continuing to undress. As she tossed her bra in the back she shook her head but an odd sense of peace washed through her. This was exhilarating.

Shifting her hips she slid the panties down easily enough. When she was left with simply her stiletto heels she rubbed her hand down her stomach to her sworn pussy then to her sweaty thigh. This was going to be interesting.

Serena grabbed her briefcase, easing out the silk blindfold he’d given her on their second night together.

You’ll wear this often…

The statement continued to give her shivers. Next she tugged out the makeshift sign, allowing her index finger to brush across the woven string. Before placing the sign around her neck she breathed the written words. “I’m a whore. Use me.” Placing the sign around her neck she pulled the key fab, grabbed the mask and unlocked her door.

The warm air gave her a rush as she climbed out, closed the door with a soft click and walked steadily to the corner. In position she gulped air, touched the sign and placed the mask around her eyes.

Then she waited…

Well, edgy? Too much or sexy to a point? We’ll just have to see where this takes her.

Kisses and spanks…


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Sexual Sin… Corporal Punishment V

WHEW – I can say journeys are fraught with worry and frustration along with joys from such enriched highs. John Patrick and I often talk about how these highs are WAY UP HERE and the lows drag us into such despair. I think that’s a product of how much he and I are alike as well as how sensitive we are. YES we can both be sensitive. This embroils our relationship with such an incredible passion as well as complete trust. We can share anything and everything and be happy. What I wanted to bring out tonight as I write this on my birthday and one I quite frankly LOATHE is that I still think some people don’t understand what he andbeautiful moment I share. I worry you confuse the writer in me and my rather complex imagination with bits of reality. Let me ask you a couple of questions as a reader. Do you think that all men and women have just one side or are more complex, even some of their needs bordering on aspects you might not have suspected given a first meeting?

Okay, now do you think that those who share a D/s, DD, BDSM or check here for any of the other alternative lifestyles – don’t have what we might consider a conservative/normal/vanilla side? And as a reader – don’t you crave reading a little bit more toward the edge when you’ve enjoyed a saucy story out of your comfort zone? I bet I know the answer to this one. So what makes you think John Patrick and I don’t have several sides that we share together? We do and that ‘s the beauty of this journey.

I asked him some new questions for several reasons. One, I know some readers seem concerned about my well being and two, I want you to understand that Doms, males, boyfriends, husbands, have views and sides, needs and fears. I don’t think we as women explore this enough. We always say men simply aren’t emotional enough, yet often we simply don’t allow them the venue to voice their inner sides. I’m lucky to have John Patrick trust me so much that he not only shares these intimate thoughts with me, but with the rest of the world. So here goes the next round…

I’ve mentioned that your sadistic side is increasing, but what I realize now is that you will never be a true sadist. Do you find this true and if so why?

Misbehavin'I find this totally true. While I desire to explore and push both our limits, I also realized that I do have limits and activities that just don’t appeal to me in any way. A true sadist I believe has no limits to the pain inflicted or methods to do so and has zero consideration of their partner/victim.

As we get to know each other more, I realized that the very reason I can submit is not simply trust, but being able to enjoy the many and very complex sides you have inside. How do you think being a romantic, a passionate man, very intelligent as well as controlled in your actions and needs helps deepen our relationship?

Because we can relate and thoroughly enjoy one another in the other areas of our relationship, we have grown deep. And each facet makes the others better. We have complete communication, which makes us open and willing to talk about anything, which opens up the kink and D/s portions.

What have you learned about your needs versus desires and are they different than six months ago?

I think my desires have grown more than my needs have in six months simply because I have learned so much more about myself and as our journey matures and more ideas present themselves, the more I wish explore.

What is the most important aspect of our relationship?

Having open communication and acceptance without judgment. We accept one another as we are.

When you see others criticize the lifestyle, even our commitment to continuing our incredible journey, what do you think and what would you say to the naysayers?

This lifestyle is not for everyone, like anything else in life. This is a consensual choice made by adults. If they don’t understand it, they should take time to educate themselves and come to an educated conclusion. If it bothers anyone, they should turn away and keep their opinions to themselves.

I think what John Patrick is saying is that neither one of us decided to enter into this lightly nor do we take what we share for granted. We honor each other in our levels of communication and honestly so that our trust and deep commitment continues to build. And yes what we are sharing is amazing. When I write stories around the lifestyle or with flavors of murder and mayhem – sometimes they are still just stories. Just remember that… So, going to push the boundaries a little bit more one last time with Corporal Punishment. After this? Okay yes, you’re going to have to buy the snazzy little finish. Yeah – I can be selfish. After all, it’s my birthday.

“Are you fucking out of your mind?” The question posed to the woman buried so deeply inside her rather warped mind wasn’t without merit. Molly studied the group of dresses scattered across her disheveled bed and groaned. She had… A quick check of her watch created an odd and very electrified series of sensations in her legs. Fifteen minutes and this car would be coming for her. Damien was actually sending a driver? “A driver?” Where was he taking her? Was this a date? No, she suspected there was much more to his invitation. No, his words weren’t about an invitation at all. They were a command.

Racing into the bathroom she literally jumped into the shower, a series of grunts and bubbling laughter floating into the marbled stall. This was downright outrageous. Grab the soap. Hurry. Was this going to happen? As she doused her body with cold water at first screeching as the stinging beads hit her skin, she raised her middle finger then fumbled to turn to the shower knob. When the blasting hit of hot water swept across her breasts she stamped her feet. How could one man do this to her? How could she even consider this and what the hell? As she washed, her hands moving rapidly up and down her body, she cussed inwardly.

Maybe two minutes later she snapped off the faucet and grabbed her towel. The dry off took too much time and she was panting when she moved back into the much cooler bedroom. Dress. Get the fuck dressed. Tossing the towel onto the floor she grumbled under her breath and completed all the toiletries needed including a heady spray of Victoria’s Secret. The minutes were ticking by.

“Jesus Christ I’m getting there!” Why did she agree to this? Why did she think she could… Another ragged hiss escaped Molly’s lips. She had to decide on a dress, required to get ready. Yes, the thought of the unknown was terribly exciting. Grabbing one violet and very hot piece, she raced into the bathroom only to snap her hand around the doorjamb. Very slowly she eased back into the bedroom. He raped you. Damien raped you. Sniffing, she placed her hand around her neck, more than cognizant of the bruises covering her skin. He’d challenged her, choked her then fucked her. Used her.

Sighing, she shook her head. Yeah, whatever Damien had in mind she had no doubt was going to push every jagged edge of her thinking, her desires. Isn’t that what she’d been craving for her entire fucking life?

There was no correct answer – certainly not one she could admit to anyone. Moving slowly to the dresser, she stood tall as she brushed the back of her hand across her mouth. The words and thoughts, desires that she’d never been able to tell anyone rushed back and forth in her mind creating images so vivid and colorful she was Slavecaught off guard. Flashes of being tied and whipped, taken and strapped down so that she couldn’t move, grabbed her breath – the intensity overwhelming. A powerful shiver rushed down her spine. As her body swayed back and forth she gripped the edge of the dresser, her heart racing and she had no idea what to think about the voices skating inside her mind. Why? Why the fuck now?

You need a man to control you, use you. You want nothing more than to be a submissive, obeying every command, enduring anguish that will set you free. You can’t live without this any longer. “Fuck me.” The whispered words were enough to create beads of sweat rolling down the back of her neck. Sniffing, she laughed as she blinked several times then stole a quick glance at her reflection. Ugly bitch. Shifting, she lowered her arm and allowed a full look at her face, her chest and finally her body. Not too bad sister. Not too bad. Right. She hated the women hiding behind the mask. Hated. “STOP!”

For a few seconds she studied her form, cupping and squeezing her breasts, turning to see her ass. Okay. She wasn’t perfect but who the hell was? She was…. Passable. The word continued had been her nemesis for years, perhaps her entire life. She wasn’t the perfect cheerleader or the sorority girl every football player had wanted. She’d parlayed her features into a powerhouse of attributes, affording her the ability to intimidate any man or woman in a flash. She was an amazingly strong woman. The realization gave her a smile. That is until she noticed a nervous tick in the corner of her mouth. Yeah. Some strong chick.

“This is ridiculous.” You’re going to succumb to Damien, give him all of you. “Right.” Why the hell was her pussy clenching? Fuck this. No way. Decide otherwise.

She simply grabbed the dress of choice and maneuvered her sweaty body into the curve-hugging piece. A quick look into the bathroom mirror forced a lift of her middle finger. The chick glaring back at her screamed disdain, push back. “So not gonna happen chicka.” Succumbing to him, to her boss was not on the radar. As she smoothed down the material, every cell in her body tingling, she closed her eyes. This was the beginning of something. She was certain of it.

The dress would have to do. Now time to freshen up the makeup. She had to be prepared. Had to look good. Had to… Stopping short she clenched her fists. The control had already begun.

At precisely the time Damien had indicated on his text the doorbell rang. Molly exhaled as she grabbed her purse, glanced over her shoulder at her beautifully accentuated condo, then opened the door.

“Molly Brighten?”

“That’s me.” She studied the driver and had to admit that Damien had taste in the men who served him. The hunk was a solid six foot four with a carved body and dashing blue eyes. Oh hell yes she was turned on as hell.

“I’ve arrived to take you to your destination.”

Even his voice was sexy as hell. “I’m ready.” Was she?

He nodded then turned around, every action what she would call military in substance. As she followed behind him she couldn’t help but admire his ass, the one nestled pretty much perfect in his linen pants – at least in her opinion. She couldn’t help but think desperately lurid thoughts as he escorted her to the street. Seeing the expansive limo she had to smile. Damien was pulling out all the stops. To what, fuck her? Another shiver swept down her spine. To own you.

The hunk opened the door, ushering her in. Molly had to admit she was disappointed seeing the empty compartment. Why she’d anticipated seeing Damien eager to see her, his gorgeous his appreciation of her presence was uncertain. Yet she did. Yet she wanted. Yet she was ready to snark. Okay so this was his party – not hers. “Where are we going?”

Resting on his LapHe smiled, his eyes twinkling. “I’m not allowed to say other than the location will suit your needs.”

“Suit my needs huh?” Where the hell was Damien taking her? She knew of all of his properties, even the ones he kept fairly secret. There wasn’t a single place in her mind that would be the perfect place.

“Yes m ‘am. I assure you, every aspect of your comfort and pleasure has been discussed.”

Discussed? Molly wanted to grill the man, torture him until he told her where the hell she was going. However, this was far too delicious. “All right.” She placed her hand on top of the car, savoring the perfected finish. “Very well.”

“You’ll find wine and champagne, of which I hope something is to your liking,” the hunk breathed, his voice filling with a husky and very lust filled tone. As he stood back, gave her a knowing nod, a look that said in no uncertain terms he would gladly fuck her.

“Mmm… I suppose we shall see. Now won’t we?”

“Embrace the unexpected.”

The words themselves were unexpected and Molly tipped her head, allowing a brief but very heated connection with their eyes. “You’re right. I will.” The second the door was closed she issued a single moan.

After a quick glance around the rather luxurious space she had to admit, Damien had style. A limo. A hot driver. A destination kept secret. Wow. When she settled into the seat she shivered then growled. The bottle of opened champagne was right in front of her, glasses to the right. Strawberries actually nestled in a bowl secured in a basin. You’ve thought of everything. Before the driver entered the vehicle she’d already poured a hefty glass of bubbly. For a few seconds she studied the bubble floating up from the base of the elongated stem.

Courage was definitely in order.

A sip then a gulp and she eased back into the seat as the hum of the engine gave her a smile, the vibrations soothing every rough edge. This was an adventure. This was a beginning. This was… An evil chuckle escaped her lips as she nestled into the soft leather. Gripping the seats, she dug her fingers into the material as she heard the sound of the hunk’s door closing. When she knew the car was rolling, taking her to whatever location Damien desired, she breathed a sigh of relief.

A myriad of thoughts rushed into her mind as she settled into the rhythm of the carried. For a few seconds she honestly didn’t care where she was going or why. The ride was pleasurable. Scintillating.

A dart of her heed over her shoulder, another sip of her drink and Molly opened her legs wide. Wherever stud muffin driver of the year was going she had no doubt he was operating under strict orders. “Mmm….” She opened her legs wide and slid her hand up along her right thigh. Her pussy was wet, soaking her lacy thong and in truth, she needed relief. The thought of wrestling hunk driver into the back seat was tasty but not practical.

Another sip, another gulp and she became more relaxed. And horny. She smiled as she opened her legs wide, shifting her hand in between her legs. Dear God she was wet. This was luxurious and in truth, a limo driver? Oh you bet. She slipped her fingers under the thin elastic of her panties and smiled the second the tips of her finger touched her aching clit.

“Fuck yes.”

Laughing at the echo in her voice, she sucked in her breath as she rubbed her finger back and forth across the sensitive tissue. Fuck yes she was turned on. Another gulp of her drink then a second and she glared at the glass. Refilling was in order. Oh you bet.

The task completed she continued rubbing her clit until her legs were shaking. The moment she brought her feet up to the edge of the seats she could swear she was being watched. For a few seconds she waited, anticipating something. Anything. When the quiet hum of the engine met her thoughts she grunted then shoved her finger deep inside her pussy. “Fuck yes.”


The single word startled her, drew her back yet… Was this a real voice? No. Of course not. “What?”

“Remove your hand.” Where the hell was he? Was he watching her?

The voice was so familiar yet muffled. Molly’s legs were trembling. “Who are you?”

“You know who I am.”

“Yeah?” This time she laughed. “And who is that?” The hesitation, the long lapse in anything was kicking her into overdrive. This was almost too much. When she heard his voice speak she shivered. And then she knew…

“I’m your Master.”

Well what do you think? The next part….

Kisses and spanks


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A Sinful Confession and a Heady Taste of Spanking

Okay, this is a complicated title, but go with it for me. I’m going to give you a taste of my upcoming release – and the start of a spanking new collection. Yeah, pun intended here. The confession? Yes, I like, need, want and crave the control of a man – and hard spankings help keep me grounded. However, there’s a lot more to this girl. So I also wanted to say a few things about Domination, submission, trust, honesty and a very special journey. For those of you who have read my blogs for a while, you realize I hold little back. I have no problem being completely honest about the woman inside, the one few seem to be able to either understand or decipher. I was talking with John Patrick today and he mentioned that while I typically don’t get along with women I longed to be accepted by them. I think the need to be accepted is within all of us. People are interesting PerfectingDiscipline_MEDcreatures in that we don’t generally like what we don’t understand or can control.

Well ya can’t control me. On top of the fact I have a rather aggressive demeanor, I’m also intimidating physically given I’m just about six feet tall. That doesn’t tend to bode well for having a lot of friends. But that’s okay. I’m not going to hide behind who I am, nor will I shy away from the woman I’ve come to embrace – one who is a bit out there, mouthy and willful, kinky and opinionated. John Patrick is one of the few men who ‘get’ me and that’s one reason we’re so close, our relationship so very deep and intense. But there are many other reasons including the fact I trust him implicitly. And why is this trust so strong? Because he’s allowed me to see all of him – every complex and incredible side. He has many – but then we all do. Why do I mention this? Because there seems to be some concern I’m either falling too deeply into the D/s lifestyle and/or being abused. That’s simply not the case.

I am a very strong woman and what my readers have to understand is that I’m an author. I write fictional stories for your entertainment. Yes, are some of the actions, loves, worries, fears, events based on real life? Of course, but I create worlds. I draw you into my vampire or were-tiger stories as much (I hope) as my stories about domination and submission, spanking and heightened kink. I love to write in several genres and while John Patrick and I share much of ourselves, not everything you read I’ve tried, want to try, will ever try or condone for anyone who doesn’t agree, consent, want, need, hunger… You get the idea. As I mentioned, John Patrick has so many sides – one of which is extremely vanilla. He enjoys talking with me, sharing his life and stories about his family. We love sharing wine and music, long talks and intense kissing.

Then there’s the other side, the one that does have a touch of sadism but I figured out something important. He will never be a sadist because of the love we share, the honesty and the fact he never puts his needs above mine. He wants me happy, thrilled, enticed and satisfied. No sadist will ever care.

When you read my stories, please remember I was the kid at four who started writing, the one who had penned 16 books by the time I was 16. My imagination keeps me awake, craving to bring you more passion, more terror, more gore, more love… That’s what I long to do. Don’t be frightened because this journey I’m on – one with John Patrick and another because of my writing – is powerful and fabulous and I wouldn’t trade either for the world. And…you can always ask me anything. I will never hold back. I’ve asked John Patrick a few more questions so you learn more about the man. He’s really quite remarkable as a friend first, my Sir second.

Now onto the story, one I think you’re going to love and coming in mid August from Naughty Nights Press.


Submitting reflectionVictoria Miller waved to several students as she whisked through the hallway. Ah, university life. And what a year it had been. She’d introduced some incredible, albeit risqué psychology courses, enjoyed teaching the majority of her students, and had a snazzy tryst with not one but four of the hot, young men who’d graced her classrooms. Then there had been the spanking event. Her entire body tingled as a few shameless visions of fucking and flogging eased into the forefront of her mind. She was a very bad girl.

“Have a great summer, Ms. Miller.”

“You too, Michael,” she said as she unlocked her office door, sweeping inside. Summer had arrived. She set her books down and flicked on her computer. There was some paperwork to finish up, then the summer belonged to all her sinful plans. She giggled as she sat down.

“I came by to say goodbye, Ms. Miller. I had an awesome, kick ass time in your class this year. You’re an amazing teacher.”

Victoria turned to face the voice, the very husky voice of one infatuated student, and smiled. She certainly had her share of boys, who would soon be men, fantasizing about her. Granted, her persona as being a bit out of the ordinary preceded her. Other professors were leery of her and the students were… well, she certainly had an interesting few adjectives follow behind her. She studied the grinning student, her heart swelling with pride. Wally Markum had certainly changed over the last two years. No longer a shy boy, he was now a wanton sex fiend with a tremendous appetite. She’d caught him three times fucking four, yes four, different women in a hallway or empty classroom after hours. His prowess was becoming legendary. “Why Mr. Markum, I do hope you’re taking my class in animal husbandry next year.”

“I…I wouldn’t miss it for the world. You’re my favorite professor. You have yourself a hot summer.” He gave her a heated look as his eyes traveled down from her face to her legs.

Dear God, she could see a thick bulge between his legs. The life of the youngest professor in a school full of aging ninnies was captivating to say the least. Exhaling, she couldn’t help but smile coyly as she crossed and re-crossed her legs. There was nothing wrong with being very naughty on the last day of school, was there? If someone didn’t like it, they could certainly spank her. What a delicious thought. She definitely needed a solid whipping from a strong man. “And you too. Don’t get yourself into any mischief.”

“Not for the world. You know I’m a very good boy.” His grin impish, Wally’s eyes twinkled as he tipped his head and walked away.

“Of course not.” Wicked ideas racing in her mind, Victoria pressed the tip of her pen back and forth across her lips. She’d had a bit too much fun this school year, including the spanking event after her students had discovered her secret and her steamy blog. The sex they’d indulged in and the three weeks of sharing a wild tryst had been tasty, albeit a huge no-no with the University handbook. She could have lost her job. What the fuddy duddies didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

The last grade of what had turned out to be several stodgy thesis papers on ‘the relativity of sexual orientation in the world of marketing’ was complete, ready to send to the Proctor. Thank God. She glared at her computer screen, making mental note to figure out a more important topic for next year’s content. Perhaps something like zombies and the modern world, or the effectiveness of serial killers in the workplace would prove to be of more interest to the conservative bunch of kids in her class.

And here she thought her class has been fun as well as informative this year. At least she was done and summer break was right around the corner. Two days of year end paperwork and she was free for a couple of, hopefully productive, months. The thought gave her tingles. So did the other tasty aspects of her life. Glancing over her shoulder, she clicked on the Internet connection, typing in her personal blog. She’d been very careful to keep her day job away from the women who few new around the University.

She licked her lips as she thought about a few wild and wicked moments during the last year. There was nothing quite like indulging in her darkest fantasies, especially the incredible spankings she’d received. As she wiggled back and forth in her chair, she closed her eyes for a few seconds, envisioning every detail of being taken in hand by the sexy student. Alas, he was already gone for the summer. What a pity. Submitting classyHe certainly knew how to give her discipline. Exhaling slowly, she knew the moment their sexy affair had started it wouldn’t last. He was twenty years her junior.

Victoria smiled, seeing her sizzling website pop onto the screen. The site was freshly redone, adding more details, including overtly sensual pictures as well as links to other sites. Clicking on her blog, she scanned down the page looking for any new comments. She was certainly becoming a well-known source for certain kinky indulgences. At last check, she had over ten thousand subscribers, the number growing every day. Who knew spanking was all the rage? Of course she did. Ever since she’d written the first blog, now almost three years before, she’d garnered followers. Men and women from all walks of life seemed to need a hard whipping now and then.

Reading the comments from her gregarious readers always gave her a smile. After looking at her watch, she figured she could spend a few minutes replying to at least a few of the comments left after her controversial blog from the night before. Domestic discipline was all the rage. As she began typing an answer to one of her most loyal readers, she became lost in the moment.

The slight sound was enough to make her jump. She fumbled to minimize the window, barely managing to do so before the Proctor of the entire University suddenly appeared beside her desk. Whew. Thank God for fast fingers. From where he stood, he would have been able to see very clearly what she was up to.

“Thurston. How lovely to see you.”

“Ms. Miller. I see you’re working diligently on finalizing details for your class. I trust everything is in order?” He smiled down at her, his eyes scanning her face.

“Yes, sir. I aim to please.” Victoria studied the man. A solid fifteen years her senior, she couldn’t help but fantasize about the ruggedly handsome professor. Thurston Jeffries appeared ultra conservative to everyone at the University, his peers and the majority of students alike holding him in the highest level of respect. Easing out of her chair, she folded her arms as she noticed he’d closed her office door. She’d seen a snippet of the man underneath the ill-fitting suits and charcoal ties.

“Ah, but you’re still a very bad girl in my opinion.”

“Me?” Pointing a finger at her chest, she batted her eyelashes, unable to help her naughty behavior. After all, she knew a rather kinky side of him, one who craved walking a little on the wild side.


Hungry for a hard spanking?

For Victoria Miller, she knew in her heart everyone deserved a solid spanking now and then. Too bad she wasn’t allowed to convey her beliefs in an open forum. Unfortunately being a highly respected college professor meant endeavoring to share her many years of hallowed education while maintaining a very conservative persona. While she was a good girl during the day light hours, at night she was one wicked vixen, indulging in her hunger for BDSM and Domination, including giving the Internet world her views on corporal punishment. Her spanking blog was a hit, allowing men and women to convey their personal stories of Domestic Discipline and other methods of intense punishment in a protected environment. But she SPANKDOWN-final-smalllonged for more and developed the perfect plan.

Her idea? Spank Me – a company catering to men and women craving being taken in hand. As summer break approached, interest in her company soared, customers ready to feel the heat of a paddle, the sting of a whip. The trouble was, she hadn’t secured a Master Disciplinarian. A simple ad on Craig’s List, a day long audition and one masked man perfect for the job. But who was the mysterious stranger who seemed to know her most private details? The secret revealed, a touch of blackmail held just above the surface, Victoria was forced to enter into a caustic business relationship – one that proved to be extremely profitable as well as intensely passionate. But what would happen as the new school year approached? Ah, decisions. Decisions. And more spankings for every naughty girl and boy.

What do you think? BTW – the start of this collection begins with Spankdown so… Ya might wanna pick up a copy before the first story comes out in August…

Kisses and spanks…

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Sexual Sin…Corporal Punishment IV

Pushing the envelope. Bridging the edge. Taking another step into the dark side of kink. All of these thoughts make me wet and hot. In my every day life I shove hard against the machine. I’m assertive bordering on aggressive. I take no shit from anyone. I refuse to allow stupidity from anyone to remain. Hmmm… And this works with being a submissive how? Yeah, you can imagine that John Patrick and I Ankle chainsstruggle with the very concept. I am that willful chick still. Yes, the vanilla girl is diminishing. Yes, I long to be more submissive and I have changed significantly during our time together. In sharing, we are moving into several darker areas of our relationship.

We talk often about this dark side and I’ve already mentioned he’s much more sadistic than he was in the beginning. In thinking about the way I respond to his needs, his tendencies of pushing to the dark side, I realize I’m pushing my masochistic tendencies to the point I crave certain aspects of pain. Yes, pain = pleasure often. Not always. What I know about me is that I have very dark needs, visions and fantasies of various aspects of my kinky side that for most would border heinous. Unacceptable. Women aren’t supposed to be vilified. Right? Well, let’s face it kids. We have been for years. We as humans are the product of society and as such, we thrive on heightened levels of debauchery.

In writing pieces that allow this side – and various other ones – with regards to both men and women, I’m learning a lot about my inner girl, men and their needs, and about society in general. While we act like we shy away from anything that we don’t get and in public we do, the truth is we crave all the dark and gory things life can present itself. From watching horror movies to serial killers, delving into the sexual escapades of politicians and actors, to reading some of the most graphic work out there – yep, we crave MORE. More pain. More blood. More sex. More depravity. We simply have to have our senses scintillated in heightened manners. Fifty Shades is Candyland to most of us who write BDSM. For the romance reader who NEVER has tried handcuffs, the book was an eye opener. Where does he or she go from here?

Probably to a light D/s book then a true BDSM. Then what? That’s where dubious consent comes in.

Come on ladies – we all hunger for the strong he-man type. You know you do. I tease John Patrick about how I have no issue with they way he would manhandle me. None. Of course trust comes into play here – notice I say play – for sometimes the edges get pushed even more. This little flash certainly isn’t the most heinous of pieces. There are those written about slave farms and men who trade people around like they are cattle. BUT… Molly does get what she deserves. Trust me – she will. What I can tell you is that you want to see what happens to her, how Damien handles the woman he has to tame. Let me know what you think.

The word rolled off the tip of Damien’s tongue easily. Slut. She was a slut. “Yeah, you’re going to like exactly what I give you.”

“A slut? How dare you!” Molly pushed up from the desk, her grunts floating across the room.

“You’re nothing but a two bit whore in your fuck-me pumps and slinky attire. You know exactly what you are and that’s the way you’re going to be treated. You need strict discipline.”

“Fuck you!” Kicking out, she caught his shin and used her body weight to shove backwards.

“Hell no.” Damien wrapped his hand around her throat, digging in his fingers and slamming her face down on top of the desk. The thudding noise sent a rush of adrenaline through his body, fueling the ugliness brimming to the surface.

Moaning, the huskiness of her voice turned into wheezes, her breathing ragged.

Squeezing, he realized his body was shaking as he continued to fumble to release his aching cock. When he did he jerked up her dress, exposing the red string of her thong. Slipping his index finger under the thin lace, he snapped his wrist, yanking them off. When she whimpered he smiled and brought the wet crotch to his face. Inhaling her sweet scent, he became electrified.

“Oooohhh…” Molly’s hushed moans continued as she attempted to push up from the desk.

“Do as you’re told.” He pushed down hard, his nails scratching her neck. “You’re wet, hungry. You want this as much as I do. You need this, a man controlling you, owning you.” As he rolled the slick material though his fingers she managed to flail her right arm, slapping him on the thigh, her strangled cries keening into the room. “I can see you’re going to have to be contained.” Reaching around he shoved the panties into her mouth. “That’ll shut you up. Now you can taste your desire, smell the lingering scent of your cunt. You want me. You’ve always desired my dick. Now you’re going to have exactly what you’re been craving.”

She squirmed, her chest rising and falling, as she clenched her fists. The muffledaround her throat whimpers continued as tears began to fall.

Wrapping his hand around the base of his cock he kicked her legs apart and eased back enough to admire her shape, her hourglass figure and rounded ass. “Today I begin your discipline.”

Crack! Pop!

He slapped both cheeks hard before dragging his fingers down from the small of her back to the crack of her ass. Tipping his head back he thrust three fingers deep into her pussy, issuing a series of ragged sighs as her muscles wrapped around the invasion. For a few seconds he was drawn into an intense bliss, his senses rocketing off the charts. Nothing had prepared him for the feeling of complete control. This was almost perfect. “So wet. So hot.” As he plunged his fingers in and out, coating his fingers, she squirmed, the whimpers becoming elongated moans.

The cries continued as she beat her fists against the cool wood of the desk.

Damien kept his hold tight, squeezing on her neck until he could see her veins popping. His emotions were raw, his mind swimming with a wild dichotomy of desires. He wanted nothing more than to use her, break her down, force her into complete submission. Yanking out his fingers he licked across the tips, savoring her flavor, then leaned over, allowing his hot breath to flow across her heated skin. Rubbing the juice of her pussy down her cheek he chuckled darkly. “Pussy first my dear. Then I’m taking your ass.”

Hearing her breath catch he tapped his dick against her ass then thrust the entire length of his cock into her pussy, the force pushing her hard against the desk.

“Mmmm…” Her muffled cry was cut short when his grip tightened, momentarily cutting off her air supply.

Every cell in his body tingling, he dropped his head, watching as beads of sweat rolled off his nose and onto her back. He licked his lips as her cunt muscles constricted. The feel of her, the smell of her was intoxicating. Growling, he repeated the move, grunting with every hard plunge.

She slapped the desk, her moans intensifying. Her chest was heaving, her body trying to breathe.

He could only imagine what was going through her mind, but he knew without a doubt she was exactly where she wanted to be, pinned underneath a dominant male. Shifting, he pulled out his shaft until the tip was just inside then began thrusting hard and fast into her sweet snatch, smiling as the sounds of skin hitting skin wafted between them. His heart was racing, sweat rolling down the back of his neck, and a light just outside his window caught his attention. He studied their reflection, the very scene illuminated by the moon and the warm glow of surrounding buildings. He could see his face, the vigilante expression and grinned. God he wanted this.

“You like it rough, don’t you? You like to have men paw you, fuck you like the Chain of commandwhore you are. Don’t you?” Damien could barely recognize his voice, the sound was husky, the tone savage.

Offering no response, no moans to indicate her feelings, she was suddenly still, her body relaxing.

He pulled all the way out and slapped her ass several times before pressing his fingers to the crack of her ass and opening her ass cheeks. His cock was engorged with blood, the shaft throbbing as his balls filled with cum. He released her neck long enough to pull both sides of her ass cheeks open and shove his cock into her asshole.

“Ooohhh…” Molly’s body jerked up from the desk, a deep wheeze escaping her lips. She didn’t try and fight, merely laid her face back down on top of the desk.

Grabbing her hair he tugged her head back as he thrust in and out. She was tight, so damn tight and the feeling was invigorating. He closed his eyes as he continued plunging into her dark space, his growls becoming louder with each brutal plunge. He wasn’t going to be able to hold back long. “You’re a good little whore, my very special slut and you’re going to serve me.” The words were said with a dark command and as cum rushed from his balls, his body shaking violently, he heard the two words, the ones he’d be longing to hear, and released.

“Yes sir.”


A moan escaped Molly’s lips and she opened her eyes, trying to make sense of why she was aching all over. As a single stream of light slicing across her field of vision, she winced. Her muscles ached, especially her legs. “God.” Shifting, the sheet crumpled around her and the material brushed across her skin. When a wash of pain trickled through her she looked down. Not only was she lying naked in bed, something she almost never did, she was covered in bruises. “What the fuck?” Her mouth was cotton dry and she was having difficulty swallowing.

Sitting up quickly she looked over at the nightstand and the empty bottle of wine was the reason her head was fuzzy. Her head was throbbing and as she sat quietly, trying to figure out what the hell had happened the night before, she eased her hand to her throat. Instantly she whimpered.

Then she remembered.

Grabbing the sheet she wrapped the thin material around her body as she began to shiver. Damien. Her office. The sex. No the rape. No… The flood of visions, memories of the hard fucking and the fact he’d… “God. Oh God.” She managed to shift to the corner of the bed but with every move she groaned from pointed anguish. Planting her feet onto the floor she had to try twice before she could stand then swayed a few times. Now she remembered coming home and cracking open the wine. And she remembered… Very slowly she turned her head toward the nightstand. There were two glasses. Two. Which meant… “Holy fuck.” She’d brought him back here? No. That’s not quite right. He’d driven them both here. While the memory was fuzzy she knew instinctively he’d been in her house. And he’d fucked her, taken her, used her… What the hell was she supposed to call what they’d done together? No, there was no together. Damien had literally taken what he wanted, pushed her boundaries and… A slight smile crept onto her face. She placed her fingers over her lips and sucked in her breath. Yeah, she’d allowed the man who she’d fantasized about for two solid years to fuck her, control her.

Dominate her.

As she made her way into the bathroom she rubbed her arms as the entire night played in the back of her mind. Flipping the switch, she opened her eyes wide as she I will take yousaw her neck, the marks of his fingers very evident. Then she noticed the writing on the mirror. Every part of her body began to shake.

You belong to me…

“Shit. Oh God.” Molly crouched against the doorjamb, her heart racing. “Damien.” The single word sent shivers racing down her spine. Him. Belong to him. My God she was wet and hot, her pussy aching. She bit her lower lip as memories of the way he thrust his cock into her pussy, then her ass gave her tingles. “His. I belong to him.” She blinked and looked at her reflection. Was she actually glowing?
Inching closer she turned so she could see her backside. Her ass was also marked, reddened with a few welts. The spanking had been…justified. Now she laughed nervously. This was crazy. He’d taken advantage of her. But you wanted every second. You egged him on. You wanted nothing more than to challenge him and his authority. The truth was right there. There was no way she could deny.

Molly rubbed her hands down her aching body then cupped her breasts, flicking her fingers back and forth across her nipples. This wasn’t supposed to happen. She couldn’t succumb to any man, let alone her boss. No. She couldn’t. She closed her eyes and pinched her nipples until the pain forced her pussy to clench. But she wanted nothing more.

A few seconds she heard her phone ringing and laughed since she had no freaking idea where her purse, phone or her clothes were. She followed the sound seeing the trail of clothing that led her into the living room. The clothes had been ripped from her body, the tattered remains scattered across the floor.

The second she picked up her phone she whimpered. HE was calling. “Um yes?”

“Yes?” Damien’s voice was husky, the tone full of control.

“I mean yes sir.” Where had the words come from? Sir? Really?

“I can see you continue to need lessons in authority. One hour a driver is going to pick you up. Be ready.”


“I said be ready or you will pay the consequences. Is that understood?”

Her nerves racing off the charts she sucked in her breath and did the only thing she knew she could do. She answered. “Yes sir.”

Mmmm… Now what do you imagine is going to happen? I hope you enjoyed and I may give you one more part before I turn this into a hot little novella. Tell me your thoughts.

Kisses and spanks…


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Sexual Sin…Corporal Punishment III

I had a very intense conversation with John Patrick today about the fact we both think people are craving reading kinkier stories. 50 Shades? Eh passé now in truth. Right? I say this because I’ve been offered the opportunity or suggested strongly that I consider writing dubcon. Yeah, another new acronym. The letters stand for dubious consent and yes, the meaning is fairly clear. The genre is the growing rage, sales off the charts. I’ve already realized how much people like pushing the envelope with regards to kink. Seems everyone is Him taking controlvery interested in reading about flogging and fucking, BDSM clubs and pain, spanking and figging. They can live vicariously through the pages of a sexy story,
ones providing a glance into the world of BDSM. One reason I called this new collection Sexual Sin is simply that there are varying degrees of what people consider too much – too out there. But dear God they salivate while reading the stories.

Let’s face it, the majority of us didn’t grow up with the mom and dad who were REALLY cool – you know, the ones who were swingers or enjoyed sexual escapades openly. Our early worlds were mirror images of… Well, fill in the blank. I think quite frankly we saw little or no passion shared between our parents, some even saying in no uncertain terms that sex is something you do as a married couple. Enjoyment? Never heard that world from my mother. Uh-huh, well we all know the difference. For most of us we crave sex but we also know that the basic missionary style can become VERY boring. A little secret about John Patrick – he is not into even the basic concept of traditional sex. So kink takes the place, his desires gravitating toward the world of dark kink.

Let’s face it – married couples seem to have difficulty remaining interested in each other. We all become so involved in our careers and family, worries and paying bills, soccer games and PTA meetings that we forget about how vital our relationship is. You have to work at passion, at finding time for each other. Now, when you grow apart? I honestly don’t think you can gravitate back. Eh, maybe sometimes but being different people is tough. After all, the fantasy can be so much better.

We all know women have been burying themselves into romance novels, looking for the perfect hunk – and they all look alike in these books. Every sexy cowboy or businessman is rich, hot and connected, and at the end of the day, they save the world. Right? WRONG. That ain’t real life kids. When you can find a man (or woman) who you can relate with, talk to about anything, kiss until her hunger to kiss for hours, swoon at the mere sound of his voice and want nothing more than to spend time with, well snatch him up. If you add a touch of kink? Holy mother of you know what. Mmm… I do know.

The invention of the e-reader allows us all to read anything we want without fear of repercussions. So we read, enjoy and desire to go further, have the flogging harder and the sex rougher. We do. There is no way around the fact. That’s why dubcon is so popular right now. Hmmm… In writing this little story, I wanted to take the fact we all want the bully to truly get it in the end. Keep something in mind, Molly has a secret, a sadness. She isn’t evil nor is she a sick individual. She’s simply masking her particular fears with false bravado, aggressiveness that is all consuming. Should she be punished? Oh you bet. In my mind no doubt she needs a hard whipping. So we’re going to see where this goes – a little rough around the edges I think.

Absolute PowerThe idea Jackson had proposed was in itself interesting, if not about the sexiest thing he’d every heard. Yes, he could go to Hell for what he was thinking about doing, but purgatory was all right if he could obtain the upper hand. Smiling, he licked around the rim of his glass as his thoughts gravitated toward the dark side. The woman needed a firm hand, a man who refused to allow her to get away with the bullshit she was dishing up. Yes, sweet Molly. I know exactly what you need.

Damien couldn’t stop watching the fiery vixen, the way she filtered through the crowd, taking full control of the room. She was a formidable woman, one who knew exactly how to play politics when necessary.

“Bull in a china shop,” the husky voice breathed.

Damien laughed as he tipped his head toward Jackson. “All the better to issue a takedown. Isn’t that what you mentioned? Rough play so that she finally gets exactly who is the boss in this company?”

“As if you have the nerve.”

“You obviously underestimate me.” Damien could tell she was cognizant of where he was, who he was talking to. His cock had remained hard all freaking night long. Dear God the nasty and vile things he could do to her. His thoughts had been borderline heinous for months and tonight they’d completely rocketed into the stratosphere.

“Maybe. So you like my challenge?” Jackson asked as he crowded Damien’s space.

“Let’s just say the challenge has real merit. I think the lovely Miss Molly needs to understand her place in our regime.” Regime. The word alone made his cock twitch. Dear God he wanted nothing more than to force her to her knees, shove his dick into her hot little mouth. He gulped the rest of his drink the pushed the glass across the bar. He’d had just enough to allow his inhibitions to rocket past his usual conservative mannerisms. Tonight he would remain in control. Period.

Jackson chuckled. “I agree. You know my position about women, about their place in our lives.”

The words somehow surprised him. Even though they were friends, the discussions about women usually revolved around the usual, breast size and fuckability. He shifted and gazed at Jackson. “Honesty? I can guess but why don’t you tell me instead?” A full minute ticked by while Jackson ordered another drink and turned to face the crowd.

“All right. Let’s just say I think men should be in charge. Men were born and bred to be the leaders. This equality bullshit is just that, bull fucking crap. We did just fine when men made the rules. As soon as women were offered the same place in our jobs and our home, then everything went to hell. Yep, straight to fucking hell.”

“Barefoot and pregnant eh?”

“Naked and serving our every need,” Jackson countered. “Punishment a regular occurrence for the slightest infraction. Imagine the sucking and fucking. Mmmm…”

“I bet you’re popular with the women,” Damien laughed, but in truth had always felt the same way. He needed to be in control, dominate the women in his life. Evocative twoSociety, ethics and advice from his mother had kept him from anything but the basic concept regarding relationships. Now? He was on his own and ready to move on to another chapter.

“You’re just like me and in truth, you want something even darker. I know you buddy. Remember that. You can’t hide from the man you truly are.”


“Yep.” Jackson grabbed his fresh drink off the bar. “As dark as it gets. I have no doubts what you could be capable of, if you’d allow the nice guy mentality to fly away permanently.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” Nice guy mentality? Jesus Christ. Sadly, Damien knew exactly what his buddy was getting at. He’d been hiding behind his professional persona his entire life, certain work could ease the savage within. He was dead wrong.

“Come on. Jesus Christ I saw your face when I suggested something rather dubious. You salivated. Your mouth was watering while beads of sweat were running down your face. The idea I gave you? You’ve thought of this or something similar before. Haven’t you? Maybe you’ve even come close to acting on your urges? Rough sex? A little forced action?”
Damien shifted as a group of employees began to walk in their direction. A quick glance at his watch confirmed everyone would be leaving soon. And for several reasons he was excited as hell at the fact. “With Molly?” He could feel the heat rising in his face. “I’m her boss.”

“Oh hell, buddy, with any woman. You want to control them, fuck them and make certain they understand you’re the man in charge, no matter if they’re an employee or just a casual fuck. Don’t you?”
“Not recommended business practice in the world we live in. The last I hear women really don’t like to be enslaved and forced to do our biddings. I might be wrong here.” Rolling his eyes Damien laughed, but visions of keeping Molly in a cage at night furrowed into his system. Yes, he could see owning her, fucking her at will and making her do very evil deeds of heady kink. Swallowing hard, he knew his blood pressure had increased. Yes, the thoughts were real. He wanted nothing more than to take her in every way he desired. The thought was ugly yet fucking hot. He was a damn pervert.

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Jackson tapped his hand on top of the bar. “Time to finish up. I hope you give my ideas some thought. If not? We’re going to have to talk about firing the bitch and you know that.”

The truth was ugly but very real. “Yeah. I do hear you.” Sighing, he shook his head and stood up straight as the group of women closed the distance. He held out his arm, beckoning them to come closer. “I’m so glad you could come.” As he shook hands and kissed a few ladies, he searched for Molly, trying to track her position.

Jackson’s eyes twinkled and he lowered his voice so that only Damien could hear. “She’s going up to the office all by herself. I suggest you have a word with her.”

The words lingering, Damien shuddered as he thought about all the possibilities.

“Don’t worry. I’ll finish up here. Go and enjoy. Go and be the big boss.”

Hearing Jackson’s dark chuckle was invigorating. Snuffing, he made his way through the crowd, honing in on the way in which she slapped her hand on the elevator button, her entire body giving off vibes he realized she had no idea was happening. “Yes. I think I will.” What he realized as he walked toward the bank of elevators was that he wanted nothing more than to break her down in a way most men were never allowed. After all, he wanted to own her.



Molly rolled her eyes as she walked into the very empty elevator. All the minions were going home, no doubt to family members who gave a shit about them. Snorting, she pushed her hand through her now damp hair as she pressed the button for the top floor. Glancing at her watch she cringed. Yeah, so it was almost midnight and yes she was very tired, exhausted in fact. Long hours. Bullshit clients. Yeah, she was ready for some relief.

The moment the doors shut she closed her eyes. The text from Jennifer had indicated success in developing a brand spanking new report. Well goody. A short laugh escaped from her lips as she folded her arms, suddenly cold, damn cold. A quick stamp of her foot created a snarl. The evening had been a pain in the ass, nothing more. She was planning on checking over the new report, and if Jennifer fucked it up she’d have the chick’s ass, then going home. Home. A quick shudder in her system gave her another heated snarl. Who the fuck needed mambi pambi home bullshit?

When the elevator doors opened she hesitated for a few seconds before moving into the hallway. All the lights were off in the office, merely a warm glow of the emergency lights pushing past the heady bank of floor to ceiling doors. As she walked closer she had the wretched feeling Jennifer had fucked the new report up on purpose. If so, she’d have the girl’s hide.

The light as on in her office, her computer humming and one very thick manila file sitting smack in the middle of her desk. Molly fingered the cool folder as she moved around her desk, turning on the small light. A quick glance told her one too many things. Jennifer was damn talented and the report was over the top.

“Great.” She sighed as she pushed the file across the desk. At least she could get a handle over the weekend, determine what she needed to do to glean the account. Damien would expect nothing less. Damien. Okay so he hadn’t followed through Legs Boundwith his promise to fuck her. Yeah, she thought as much.

Closing her eyes she lowered her head and placed her hands on top of the desk. What a fucked up life she led. As she shifted back and forth from foot to foot, she allowed her thoughts to wander to Damien, how amazing he looked, how sexy his smile was and his eyes were just about the hottest pair she’d ever seen. “Mmm…” There was nothing like the thought of having his cock pounding into her asshole to make her hot and wet all over. The thought alone gave her shivers.

“Molly. I need to have a word with you.”

Snapping her head she opened her eyes and the way Damien was looking at her, no glaring, gave her a mixture of thrills and a slight hint of intimidation. He was never without a smile. Tonight? He was full of darkness. “Can it wait? I’m exhausted.”

“No, what I have to discuss certainly can’t.” Closing the door he moved toward her desk, his eyes never blinking.

Molly moved toward him. “All right. What do you need?”

“It’s not what I need.”

The words didn’t register. There had to be more. Was he playing with her? “I’m sorry?” A full minute ticked by, one in which she could hear her heart thumping hard against her chest. “I don’t understand.”

“I think you do.” Damien’s voice was soft, yet the husk clearly indicated he was turned on.

“No, I don’t think so. Enlighten me.”

“You hide behind the woman inside, the one craving to be taken hard. Used.”

“What? Used?” The words reverberated in her brain, sending shivers straight into her pussy.

“Yes, used.” Taking another step forward his face didn’t register any expression.

She had no idea what to say. “I don’t know what… I mean… Used? I think you have the wrong woman.” The snort was half assed.

“I have exactly the right woman, the one who needs to be taken hard, allowed to be exactly the submissive she’s always wanted to be. Don’t I, Molly?” When she didn’t say anything he smiled. “Yes, one who also needs harsh discipline, punishment for all the naughty things she does, her behavior when she lashes out at everyone around her. Isn’t that correct, Molly?”

Stunned, she blinked several times as the words echoed in her ears. “No, I…”

“Yes, you do. And I’m the man you need.” With a quick snap of his hand, Damien grabbed her wrist, turning her completely around and yanking her arm behind her back.

“Ooooohhh!” Her breath was caught, every nerve standing on end. Dear God, what did the man think he was fucking doing?

“You need a lesson in humility.” Shoving her over the desk, he wrapped one hand around her hair, pulling back her head as he jerked her dress up past her ass.

“What the hell are you doing?” Slapping her hands on top of the desk, she realized she’d never been so turned on in her life.

“As I said, exactly what you need.”

Crack! Slap!

“Fuck!” she screeched as her arms flew out, knocking every file off her desk. A wash of pain swept through her body and she was unable to think clearly.

Pop! Crack!

Damien grunted as he smacked both ass cheeks in a methodical pattern. “You need much harsher than this and you will get what you deserve.”

The spanking continued as she struggled, trying to kick back against his hard slaps. There was no way to describe the way she was feeling. None. A single whine escaped her lips and she was mortified but hot and wet all over.

“If you’re going to act like a child you’re going to be treated like one. Is that clear?”

She knew her mouth was open and she was trying to formulate words, but nothing came out but a crackle, a hiss.

“Do you?”


Grunting, Damien kicked her legs apart.

Molly shifted, thinking her humiliation was finished. When she heard what had to be the sound of him unzipping his pants she froze. Her heart racing, she was stymied by the dichotomy of her raw emotions. There was no way he was going to fuck her. None. The moment she felt his cock slapping against her backside she knew better. “Fuck.”

“Exactly. I’m going to fuck you like the little slut you are, the one you desire to be.”

Mmmm…What do you think? A little over the edge?

Kisses and spanks…


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Corporal Punishment…Sexual Sin Part II

What forms of punishment did you receive as a child? Did they linger into when you were a teenager or did they change? My bet is (depending on how old you are) you were spanked every once in awhile as a child, then as a teenager you merely were grounded or had certain privileges removed. Nowadays, I don’t think I’ve heard about a child being spanked – that is unless you hear in the news some idiot pressing charges. Again, any aspect of punishment I mention on my blog has NOTHING to do with abuse and never will. There is zero tolerance; however, a solid hard spanking on the backside? Oh you bet I think every child needs as well asMisbehavin' adults. There’s far too much bad behavior out there in the world. Having said this, my concept of corporal punishment of course moves into relationships as well as what happens at work. No matter what we do in life, we’re required to follow rules. We don’t run a red light and certainly pay for things instead of stealing. We come to work on time, follow a dress code and if the handbook says no relationships with others in the office we at least try and follow the rule. Right? Don’t you or do you sneak a little and very tasty scenario with a co-worker now and again? LOL. I say try because there are a bazillion trysts within office environments and while sometimes they are kept in secret, gossip can quickly escalate. So I think it’s fair to say all of us break rules from time to time. When we do, there are certain consequences at times like a speeding ticket or docking of pay for being late. But what do you do when you have an employee who by all rights is excellent at his or her job but sucks at people skills, maybe going as far as bullying other employees? There are so many reality shows in which people are vying against each other being the top dog. From Survivor to certain shows on MTV, we all want to best the other person. The movie from so many years ago – The Running Man, allowed prisoners the chance to win their freedom by engaging in a gauntlet of hell in a ruin like environment. If they stayed alive through the game, they’d obtain their freedom. Eh – you can imagine how many ended up alive and sitting on the beaches of St. Martin. I truly think that’s what we’re coming to as a society and honestly? I think more discipline is needed. Perhaps this very realization is why writing about aspects of raw domestic discipline and D/s is so appealing to me. I know I need a firm hand and that’s what John Patrick gives me. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t nor would he ever beat me. This is all about knowing what I need as a woman and when I get mouthy, unfocused, don’t follow the rules or simply disobey anything, he reminds me by use of his belt. And I deserve. I’m disappointed him a few times and even recently he finally became exasperated with me for some rather vanilla like female behavior. For this, he merely talked the situation through, listening to what I had to say and voicing his displeasure. For totally disobeying an order? Well, we’ll just say my backside hurts like hell. Again, the punishment was deserved and I knew the rules. I am an adult. I chose to break them. Silly me. What is the difference in our office environment? Not a hell of a lot in my opinion. You’re fully aware of what’s expected of you when you’re hired, or you figured you’ve pissed off a fellow employee but enjoy their discomfort. As the first blog of this flash collection mentioned, bullies and assholes tend to get away with far too much. What if they no longer could? What if the regime of the corporation took a stand and said no more? Would you respect the owner or President of the company just a bit more for being able to take full control? I know I would. That’s what our sexy story is about. The term ‘comeuppance’ truly comes into play and we’ve all met a person or ten we believe should receive nothing less. Wrapped around your throatWell, this story is for all of you who have a bully or two in your life. I hope you’re enjoying… Molly heard the words, could tell Damien was being serious and for a few seconds she allowed her thoughts to wander to the delicious place in her mind. Of course she’d fantasized about him after a heady glass of wine or three. And yes, she’d pulled her high-powered Hitachi vibrator, enjoying the intense sensations sweeping through every cell in her body when fantasizing about him fucking her. She licked her lips as her cunt clenched. Mmmm… A wild night or two would be tasty. Closing her eyes she envisioned his naked body, riding his cock as he cupped and pinched her nipples until she screamed out his name. Her eyes snapping open, her real personality kicked in, the one that ate people with very dull spoons. Snorting, she slapped her hand on her hip. “Are you out of your mind?” “I beg your pardon?” Damien asked, his eyes narrowing. “Submitting? You know that’s not my personality.” “But every part of you screams longing to submit.” He crowded her space. “Besides. I’m your boss. You do what I say.” “Oh really? Do I need to call my attorney regarding sexual harassment?” His hot breath, the way his cologne filtered into her nostrils was intoxicating, making her pussy wet, clenching. Grinning, a mischievous look crossed his face. “I know what you want, what you crave. More importantly, you’re having a very difficult time not submitting to me, the single man who can teach you to submit. I can tell by the fact your nipples are rock hard, your sweet femininity filling my senses.” A quick snap of her wrist and she almost slapped him. She hissed when he jerked her arm away. “How dare you.” She opened her eyes wide as Damien managed to push her backwards and against a wall. Of course the little minions were staring at them, no doubt egging her boss on. Yeah, she’d deal with all of them at a later time. “The exact words I say to you. I know you too well, my dear.” Damien kept his voice low, his tone husky. “You might think you know me, Damien. I’m not interested.” A quick twist of his wrist and he managed to pull her to her toes. “Fair enough, but never forget who is the boss. Tonight isn’t about a sexual conquest, nor brow beating another one of my staff members.” Snorting, she glared him down, her eyes full of venom. “Browbeating?” “You heard me. That’s exactly what you do to make yourself feel better. You treat everyone like they’re inferior to you when the truth is, you feel like a failure around them, not quite good enough. You’re no longer going to take out your frustrations on my staff. No more belittling period. Do I make myself clear?” “You make that sound like a threat, Mr. Marcos.” Tipping his head back he laughed. “Not at all. I value your opinions, your ability to work with difficult clients.” “But?” Molly yanked her arm away. Damien jerked back, his fingers digging into her skin. “Now now. You will learn to obey me. That I can promise you.” “Obey?” She was shocked he’d confront her. Damien Marcos never confronted anyone. And freaking obey? Who in the mother fucking hell did he think he was? A throat full of vile and nasty words were ready to be spewed, but for some reason the way he was looking at her, his dark and very intense eyes stymied every thought. Perspiration trickled down the back of her neck. From across the room she could hear a snicker or five. This was nothing more than a far too enjoyable scene. Fuck the world. She refused to lose her cool. Sucking in her breath, she narrowed her eyes. “Yes, I can see you’re beginning to understand. Obedience is vital to my company and to the people I draw in close to my life. I know you’ re capable of learning, which is why I’ll give you another chance. But one more, Ms. Brighten. One more.” “And then what?” Her defiance surprised even the nasty voice ringing inside of her head. The man infuriated as well as turned her on. A single chuckle slid past his lips. “As with any aspect of our lives, there are rules, ones that are required to be followed. While you seem to have difficulty with authority, I assure you, I’m here to nurture the woman inside, the one who longs to obey. However, I don’t rest on laurels nor will I allow you to bully anyone any longer. Am I making myself very clear?” Swallowing hard she sniffed then smiled. “Very.” He waited for a full minute before inching back. “Excellent. I have no doubt I can mold you into the perfect employee. With my help you’re going to soar.” Releasing her he nodded and turned away. His voice remained echoing in the back of her mind. What in the hell just happened? Blinking, Molly nonchalantly scanned the room. Oh hell yeah she was being stared at. She plastered on the usual smile, the one she was damn good at, polished off her wine and sashayed into the middle of the room, past the group of gawkers who were no doubt cheering. Anger rushed into her, the kind that could allow her to lash out uncontrollably. Dear God, the man was an arrogant prick. “It’s raining men, halleluiah it’s raining men, amen again.” The damn song used to be her anthem. Now she wanted nothing more than to rip the DJ a new one. “Fuck this shit.” While the words were said under her breath, Open your mouththere was no doubt at least four of the employees heard the exclamation. Keeping her venom in check she made her way to the end of the bar, cognizant every pair on the eyes in the joint was watching her, praying to God she’d fall on her face. Well, fuck every one of them. She refused to succumb to the bullshit. While patience certainly wasn’t her virtue, she managed to wait without reaching across the bar, scratching the rather handsome bartender’s eyes out. “What will the pretty lady have?” The scorching overt flirtation she would normally have captured, played with for a little while. After all he had a hard body with chiseled good looks to go along with his dashing eyes. Uh-huh. “Red wine, the bloodiest in color you have.” “A hot cabernet coming right up.” Tapping her bar, Mr. Hard Body moved away. Molly was seething inside, unable to take her eyes off the one man who’d managed to embroil her senses. Damn it. How had the rugged hunk gotten to her? Why did she allow him to get under her skin, make her lash out in an effort to… Holy crap. She realized she really liked the guy. She was barely able to control her emotions as she began to overhear several of the employees, their words and ugly sentiments about her. Her! The sentiments were the same. They hated her, thought she was a bitch. Yeah. She was a bitch all right and proud of it. “Here you go. By the way, I think you’re the best dressed here,” Hard Body said as he leaned over the bar. The cologne was meant to be intoxicating, drawing her in like a spider to a fly. She took a sip of her drink, doing her best to remain cool, look hot, act like she owned the place. Within a few seconds she was nauseous, her stomach lurching. Finally able to swallow the bile rising in her throat she took a sip then a gulp of her wine. The liquid squelching the rumble in her tummy, she tilted her head, blew him a kiss then leaned over until there was no doubt he was getting a full view of her tits. “Ah sweet boy. There’s no way you can handle me. I need a man with a very large cock.” Hard Body took a step back, threw out his arms then turned in a full circle. “I have what you need, baby.” Very slowly she dropped her eyes, seeming to study his crotch. She allowed her voice to increase, just enough a solid dozen people would hear her. “Mmm… Not so much. But maybe when you grow up.” Turning on her heel, she sauntered toward the bathroom, smiling as she heard her four hundred dollar stiletto heels tapping against the cool marble floor. She was in control, a woman in charge. With every step she gained more confidence, realizing she had everything she wanted in the palm of her hand. After all, she would have Damien in her bed tonight. Purring as she walked into the bathroom, she continued to smile as she made her way in the dark laminated counter. Gripping the edge she smiled at the reflection staring back at her, the one with the haunted and very terrified eyes, and did something she’d been doing a hell of a lot lately. She burst into tears.   **** “Well, that was interesting as hell,” Jackson chortled as he leaned against the bar, his eyes never leaving Molly. “That woman is…” Damien was shaking, a combination of anger and raw desire nearly shutting down his breathing. He’d never wanted a woman like he did the fireball. He also wanted to berate her for her ridiculous behavior, make her pay some penance for the bullshit she’d put all his employees through. Still, he’d called her bluff and she’d pushed back. The woman was formidable as hell. “Incorrigible. A pain in the ass. A ball buster.” “Yeah. I need a fucking drink.” Jackson leaned over as Damien lifted his glass. “You want to fuck her. That’s easy as shit to tell.” “In the most carnal and savage fashion possible.” Damien darted a look at the end of the bar, snarling as he could tell she was flirting with a twenty some year old bartender. Yeah, she liked the younger men, the ones she could manipulate in bed. The truth about her submission, her desire to belong to a strong man, was evident by the way she’d looked at him, every twinge of her muscles telling. Now, what was he supposed to do? “Way to go, boss,” the quiet voice said from behind. “Glad you showed her the ropes,” she was giddy with excitement. Damien nodded to the two employees, the ones he’d seen on the receiving end of Molly’s wrath. “Enjoy the party.” “If you ask me, you weren’t tough enough on her.” Jackson swirled his drink. “She’s single handedly broken the morale of the place.” “She’s just vying for a place in our company. I can work with her. She’s just spouting off crap, like women do. That’s it.” “That’s it, huh? Tell me this, our blindsided leader, where’s Jennifer tonight?” Damien looked at his buddy then turned to scan the crowd. “Is she working late on a project?” “Nope. Try again,” Jackson breathed then took a sip of his drink. Rillful“Okay out with it. What did Molly do to her?” Jennifer was going places within the company. Talented and creative, he already had his eye on her for several projects. “Ask your Prodigy, the one you can control.” “No goading. What?” Damien demanded. Jackson turned to look at the crowed. “Rumor has it Molly couldn’t read a report that Jennifer created so instead of asking for help she tossed the entire thing, forcing Jennifer to miss the party and create an entire new one.” “You’re kidding me?” “There’s a bit more to Molly’s atrocious behavior but we’ll go into details after the party. Didn’t you say something like you had seduction on your mind?” The way Jackson was glaring at him, the look challenging, burned his ass. “Fine. You think you have a better idea? One that can educate or perhaps enlighten Ms. Brighten in the ways of being a good mentor?” Jackson took his time, taking several gulps of his drink. “Well do you? I’m all ears, buddy.” “Nope.” “Then get out of my space. Don’t criticize me if you don’t have any ideas,” Damien said through clenched teeth. “I didn’t say I was without ideas, now did I?” He could tell by the inflection in Jackson’s voice he had an idea. “Go on. Spill it. What do you think I should do with the lovely Ms. Brighten?” Twisting around so he faced Damien, Jackson grinned. “It’s all about discipline and I don’t mean out of the company handbook.” “Then what do you mean?” “That my friend is about you entering into the dark side, the one you say you want to embrace. The question is. Are you game?” As Damien sucked in his breath he turned to watch Molly walk out the door, every move full of haughtiness. “Sure. Tell me more.”

Well, we were talking about comeuppance weren’t we? What do you think might happen and should Damien take matters into his own hands? Even if a flogger or belt is involved?

Hmmm…. Kisses and spanks… Cassandre

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