When Your Blood Curdles

Ginger scampered over the rocks, her bare feet sliced by the sharp edges. Blood and tears hampered her vision as she pressed forward, determined to get away. To fight. Her heart thumped, labored from exhaustion and terror. A single stream of moonlight allowed her to see her way as she crept low to the ground. Soon he’d discover she was missing, no matter the drunken stupor. Monsters never ceased, never slowed down. They consumed their prey, their hunger feeding into the frenzy of their insanity. She shuddered, visions of thebloody murder first beating remaining in the forefront of her mind. Every muscle ached, stretched and bruised. Her eyes were puffy, her throat slashed, yet she was alive.

She eased against the side of a tree, cowering down as the once gentle breeze had gained in intensity. From the far distance came the rumble of thunder. A storm approached. Biting back a cry, she pressed the back of her hand across her mouth. One wrong turn, one fucking wrong turn and she’d gotten lost, driving thirty miles in an effort to find respite. Instead, she’d found death. He seemed so nice, so gentile in his thousand dollar suit, freshly polished shoes and expensive car, the kind she’d never be able to afford. Lurking under his debonair presence was a creature, a demented soul. He’d tried to destroy her, ripping away the woman inside. Even his brutality hadn’t crushed her spirit, at least not yet. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, tears streaming down her cheeks.


The moon was shut out, leaving nothing but a black hole.
Yelping, she scuttled further into the darkness. Please God. Please help me. There was no God. He’d forsaken her long before, preferring to embrace and protect good girls, honorable in every aspect of their lives. She was neither. The thought debilitating, she counted to ten before easing from her hiding place. Another crack of lightning lit the pathway. Riddled with dense foliage, she fought her way through the brush, limbs slapping against her naked skin. With every step she became more determined, her mind set on freeing herself. No man, no madman was going to kill her.

After a scattered series of lightning flashes, the ground vibrating beneath her feet, she wiped sweat from her face before hearing what sounded like a stream. She was near the river. Thank God. The river followed the pathway of the main road. This she knew. Hope rushed into her mind, giving her the courage to move on. Limbs struck her face as she took several long strides. She felt nothing. Pain was little more than an annoyance.

For several minutes she crawled through a series of underbrush, pushing her way as thorns bit into her skin. When her foot stepped onto what had to be a field, grass and smooth earth rubbing the base of her bloodied feet, she smiled. She was going to make it after all.

Crack! Whoosh! Boom!

Bad ThingsGinger screeched, the sound reverberating high into the trees. The scuttling noise as flocks of birds rocketing to the sky caught her off guard. They’re just birds, nothing more. She concentrated on her breathing as the rumbles continued, the storm shifting into a gale. Rain pelted down over her and in her mind, washing away her sins. Things were going to be different when she reached safety. She’d be a better woman. She’d learn to be an amazing and kind person and make certain that…

“Hello princess. Did you miss me?”

Oh the concept of a thriller. Did you hope she’d get away, be able to race to safety against all odds? Naked and confused, could you imagine trying to find your way out of the darkness and into the light? Horror and thriller books give us tingles as readers. We root for the good guys, but secretly hunger for gore, bloodshed and an extreme method of murder and mayhem we’ve never seen before. Writing in these genres is far more compelling to me than erotic pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing about D/s and aspects of BDSM, the utter joy of sharing kinky sex. I’ll never stop writing erotic pieces, however my love has been all about penning thrillers – the kind of stories that make your blood curdle, your heart rate increase. If I can command you to sit on the edge of your seat, I’ve done my job as an author.

I’m sitting here on a Friday night, a storm brewing in the distance, a drink in hand and celebrating a little. I was just accepted into the International Thriller Writers Association. For many, you might not know this organization. For those of us who write in the genre, this is a joyous moment, a nod you’re doing something right. The criteria is a bit tough, including you have to be published with an “accepted” publisher. I have this because of my collaboration with Booktrope. Both as the Managing Director of both the Entice and Edge Imprints and my writing, mostly as DH Black, I’m now qualified to be in the company of Clive Cussler and Lee Child. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Belonging to these organizations can certainly help my career as an author, and in turn I hope to help my author achieve success. Being involved only means connections of course and a hell of a lot of work on my end, but I’m up to the task. I can’t wait to explore the various avenues, always growing as an author. Maybe some of you aren’t aware I write as DH Black. ‘He’ is an author who truly takes the avenues of murder, capture, entrapment and various other dark behavior out for a huge spin. I love to get into the mind of a serial killer, nurturing his thoughts and desires as well as showing you that he or she has another side, one often tender in moments when not slaughtering human beings.

Killers often have no conscience, no method of turning off their killing mechanism. There is something so fascinating about getting into their psyche. Some might call me a bit weird. Yes, I am, but I can bring you several sides to a thriller that readers crave, hunger for even though their nightmares are vivid, their fear increased to a heightened level of terror. Are you salivating for more of the story yet? Do you long to see IF she can get away, Edge-Logo-whitethwart the monster hell bent on capturing and controlling, cutting and abusing? Of course you are. What if she can’t get away? What then? How does you mind wrap around the concept that one human can do wretched things to another? Mmm… Dig deep. You know the answer. This is what you want – good versus evil, the ultimate battle.

So as I’m celebrating I’m also plotting another book or ten, all about the thriller. Thank you ITW for your acceptance and I can’t wait to get started. Do you think I should continue with the little story? Do you long to see if Ginger has the courage to face her enemy? Let me know…

Kisses and spanks…



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Craving Pain

Do you think some of us crave pain, find the need to experience what some consider a heightened level of sensations? There are many who do. On the other side there are those who desire to inflict pain, “get off” in a sense from doling out what so many would consider abuse. the S & M portion of BDSM isn’t about abuse. This is the first thing you must understand. Pleasure and pain work together in various ways. The simple touch given from a loved one is pleasurable. As humans, we crave touch, need the Collar and leash 2strength and love gathered from holding hands, kissing or hugging. We need this. Experiencing touch is as vital as the air we breathe. In the absence of touch, we whither and die.

For those who enjoy another method – pain – the experience is just as vital. The intense and very raw emotions around the session can be mind altering. S & M is something shared between parties who have an understanding of what they’re getting into and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a novice, you don’t move into this level of your D/s journey without serious consideration. Aspects of BDSM must be talked about. Again, communication is the key.

While you explore together, you’re going to learn so much about  yourself and your needs, no matter how dark they are. There’s nothing wrong with longing to try various methods, you just have to do your homework. Pain can be pleasurable. Sharing can bring you closer in ways you may not even realize. Read and learn all you can. Talk to others who enjoy various elements. 

For me, certain levels of anguish strengthen the inner woman, my desires and well as push my limits. John Patrick is particularly good at knowing me innately. He’s able to let his sadistic side evolve while keeping everything centered. This is important to both of us. I’m writing a collection of stories called Power Exchange. These stories go beyond the traditional concept of BDSM into elements few of you may ever experience, but certainly something many of you have considered or craved. Again, there’s nothing wrong with your desires. Just remember to be true to you. Here’s a little excerpt from one I call Pain – the word alone should tell you what the novella is about. I hope you enjoy.


Pain. Josh Brennan had thought about nothing else for weeks. His desire to see and inflict, create and invite certain aspects lingered in his every day life.

If you were here you’d be hurting.

And what would you do to me, Sir?

The words from the intense round of texting lingered in his mind, his longing already pushed past the boiling point.

He inhaled as he finished his cup of coffee, smiling as his mind wandered to Jenny. Jennifer Dunn was without a doubt one of the most beautiful women he’d ever laid eyes Kneel to me my loveon. She was also seductive and powerful in her own right. However the opinionated girl was one few would suspect was hiding behind a thick mask, one wearing her down. He was shivering as he’d watched her negotiating with a client the day before, his cock aching to the point he was fighting sweating more than he already was. Damn, the woman was hot. And oh yeah, he wanted nothing more than to take her into the basement. His basement. The place was meant for dark and dirty aspects of kink, something he craved late into every night.

Tossing the paper to the side he picked up his phone, toying with the idea that had been lingering since he’d left her the night before. He was more than ready to push the envelope, take them both to a place in their journey they’d never been. Was he right about the timing or would he push her away?

Sitting back in the chair Josh scrolled through the various texts. Jennifer had been slowly offering her submission to him over the past few months, something that continued to surprise him. Why she’d felt such a heightened level of trust after such a short time together was amazing. But he felt the same, perhaps even more. She’d managed to yank down his guard, one carefully placed around his fifty plus years of life. No one had ever been able to do this before.

He stood and stretched before eyeing the oversized canvas bag he’d purposely dragged from the basement. A grin firmly planted on his face he strolled toward the bag, yanking the oversized piece to the kitchen table. Unzipping, he peered inside, his heart racing. He’d amassed the collection over months, in truth beginning the grouping long before he’d met her. The moment they’d somehow found each other, a chance ‘meeting’ on the Internet, they hadn’t stopped talking, completely open to discuss anything and everything. What they shared together was in a single word – awesome. And chilling. She knew him inside and out. They finished each other’s texts. They often thought of the very same thing exactly at the same time. To be this open, the raw was as terrifying as it was exhilarating.

Exhaling, he tugged out his favorite implement, one he’d yet to use on her – one she needed to experience and soon. Holding the quirt into the light he tingled all over. The leather strap, one meant for use on horses, was his favorite. He’d used the belt, a paddle, his hand and a flogger on her sweet ass during both playtime as well as discipline. This was meant for a punishment spanking, one long overdue.

Playtime would come later – much later. He needed to set the order again, refocus both of them. His heart racing he walked back to his phone, swinging the piece in the air. Very carefully he placed the whip in the center of the table, positioning so the camera would capture the exact look he was going for. After taking the picture he eased his hand over his crotch, rubbing his aching dick. He was hard and horny, needing to thrust his cock into her tight ass.

The text was short and sweet. Change of plans. Tonight. My house. Be here by five. Attaching the picture he hit send. Satisfaction mixed with a kick of adrenaline. Tonight Jennifer was going to understand raw pain.


Arriving home early Josh opened a bottle of merlot and pulled a beer from the refrigerator. A quick glance at the clock gave him a smile. Jennifer was due in less than ten minutes. Of course she wouldn’t be late. Not only was tardiness not in her nature, but she was also well aware he refused to accept disobedience of such a simple nature. As he took a long pull on his beer he glanced at the stairs leading to the basement. This was a defining moment.

He shucked his coat and tie, rolling up his sleeves, and moved back into the kitchen just as he heard the sound of a car outside. Unable to wait, he moved to the front door, opening just as she reached the landing. “Right on time.”

“Yes sir of course.” Jennifer smiled and darted a look over his shoulder. “Your text was mouth chainsvery clear.”

“Yes it was.” As she moved past he marveled at several aspects about her. “You look beautiful tonight. Fuchsia is your color. I know you love red, but I prefer you in stripper colors.” Her fragrance always had the same effect, hardening his cock. Her heels were somehow taller, the straps reminding him of severe bindings. “You look perfect.”

“Thank you my Sir.” Jennifer fingered her collar and smiled. “Stripper colors, eh?’ her eyes twinkled.

“Yes.” He’d purchased the sterling silver piece so she could wear a basic necklace to work, yet remained tethered to him, to her submission. Walking toward her he cupped her face, lowering his head to capture her mouth. He adored kissing her, loved the simple act of intimacy. His other hand snaking around her neck, he held her tightly as she palmed his chest, her fingers digging into his shirt. When he broke the hold he shook his head. “Let’s put your bag in the bedroom.”

“Yes sir.” Trailing behind him she remained quiet, setting her bag on the floor in the corner. “I’m really happy to be here.”

“And I’m glad you’re here.” Josh rubbed her arms and kissed her forehead. A thought crossing his mind he rubbed his hand down her back to the hem of her dress. Tugging the edge he heard her breath sounds and knew what he’d find. “Are you wearing your plug?”

“Shit. I mean…no sir.”

Her strangled moan was enough to tell him she knew she’d made a misstep. Sighing, he continued allowing his fingers to travel under her dress, pressing his fingers between her ass cheeks. “You know what this means?”

“Yes sir.” A single sob pushed past her lips.

Shaking his head he tugged at her thong, pulling the thin material from her hips. “You know better. Wearing your plug is a simple request.”

What do you think? Do you hunger for more?

Kisses and spanks…


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When Love is TOXIC

For many of you, you’ve read I’m the new Managing Director for both the Edge and Entice Imprints at Booktrope – well as the real girl. Christian Jensen and I have been working together for a couple of years now. He’s a horror author, mixing a little erotic in his pieces. I’m an erotic author mixing thrillers in mine. When we collaborated – magic. The first piece we wrote in five days. This was two years ago. The piece is by far our favorite and being given a new life with Booktrope. We’re going to marketing differently and hope – HOPE – just maybe we can bring this piece into the movie theaters one day.

It’s brutal, don’t get me wrong and the excerpt you’re going to read is relatively tame in comparison to what you’ll read later on in the book. We just wanted to tempt you, remind everyone that we have rather crazed minds when it comes to the concept of love and relationships – at least in our books. The cover stays the same – we both LOVE it and it conveys the story so well. Here’s a snippet and forget everything you know about the concept of love. It can be twisted and very…TOXIC.


As Danielle Rivers jerked to a stop at the traffic light, she brushed her hand through her hair, thrilled she’d been able to put the top down on the convertible today. The day was bright and sunny and she was actually in a good mood for a change. Snickering, she turned up the satellite radio, enjoying the way the heady guitar licks of her favorite 80’s band sizzled every pore in her body. My God, she was hot all over and her condition had Toxic-Leash-covernothing to do with the eighty-degree day.

Hearing the roar of some souped-up hot rod cruising up next to her, she rolled her eyes knowing what was coming.

“Hey baby, how about a ride?”

“Yo sugar, you’re one hot babe. How about a thick stick filling that wet cunt of yours?”

Men were all crude fuck heads and only good for one thing. Danielle turned her head slowly as she lifted her sunglasses. These men were dirty, no doubt smelled and had zero redeeming qualities about them. But they might fun to play with. “Why, do you boys really think you can handle me? I’m pretty hot.” Before giving them a chance to retort, she raised her skirt, showing off her crimson thong, and slipped her fingers under the thin elastic. Tipping her head back, she moaned as she thrust her fingers inside her pussy, enjoying the tingling sensations sliding down her legs.

“Ah fuck girl!”

“Finger lickin’ good, baby.”

“Oh…ah…yyyeeesss…” Danielle twisted in her seat, the move forcing the thin material of her oh-so-tight skirt further up her thighs. She opened her legs as wide as the confines of the car would allow and really gave the muscle men a show, driving her fingers in and out.

“Fuckin’ ‘A’! The girl is hot.”

“How about giving us your number, honey?”

Hearing a single honk behind her, she glanced into the rear view mirror before giving the boys a naughty look. “Dream on, primates.” Just before she gunned the engine she slipped her slickened fingers into her mouth. The stunned looks — priceless.

Giggling, she floored the pedal as she finished cleaning her fingers, weaving in and out of traffic. “Mmm…” The taste reminded her she hadn’t been out in almost two weeks. Tonight she wanted to enjoy herself and let go. Besides, she had a client, one who was a favorite. While her bestie Camille had been asking her to go out with the girls for days, she preferred being alone. Her tastes weren’t quite what the other girls had in mind. Little did they know about her dark side. Shuddering, she pushed aside the ‘other’ girl, at least for a little while. She was much more in control and having fun. The notion continued to surprise her. Fun. Like normal people have.

The wind whipping through her long mane of blond hair, she smiled, having made it to her father’s office in no time. Of course, she’d broken the speed limit the entire way, but she was a rule breaker, after all. Pulling into the spot especially reserved for her, Danielle jammed the gear into park and turned of the engine. After making certain her cherry bomb lipstick was still glossy, she eased out of the car and adjusted her skirt.

How she loved to tease the little men who worked for her father. She surveyed the dealership and smiled. Riverside Motors was doing just dandy, affording her all the expensive toys and perks she loved so much, including having the mechanics service her haunted abstractsnazzy Mercedes any time she requested. She loved the fact they weren’t allowed to say no, not to the boss’ daughter.

As soon as she walked close to the door, the one reserved for employees and the very one that had her going through the mechanic’s bays, she knew they were watching. All the grubby men her father employed craved getting a taste of her snatch. Too bad not a single one of them was worth even a roll in the hay. Well, she had to admit there was one guy she could have the hots for, but he was by far the most unsavory. With his tattoo covered arms and surly attitude, he was nothing but a danger craving freak. Perfect.

Danielle resisted sliding her hand inside her blouse to pluck her aching nipples. Leslie Fernandez also had a thick bulge between his legs and a dark and savage look about him she craved. She’d fallen asleep more than once with a vibrator in her pussy and one in her ass thinking about his prowess. However, she had to wonder if he could even get it up. He never hit on her, not really. Maybe he was a faggot. Hmm, that would explain his lack of interest.

She walked inside and all eyes were on her. The men would never dare be as rude as the men in the hot rod, but she knew they all undressed her with their eyes. Scanning the perimeter of the sleek garage, she waited to see which of the men would actually have the balls to come forward, see what she might need. When they all seemed to be going about their jobs, paying little or no attention, she sucked in her breath then cleared her throat.

Not a single man even budged. Now she was getting pissed. They were supposed to be johnny on the spot the minute she came in. Danielle took two long strides forward and caught sight of Leslie. God, such a queer name for a man who acted like the Terminator half the time – all silent and brooding. “Excuse me, boys. Is there anyone actually working here today? I mean there is a lady standing in front of you needing help.”

A full ten seconds passed by. She moved beyond pissed to enraged. “Um hello!”

Leslie looked up and grabbed a towel from a station next to him. As he rubbed his hands he studied her, his eyes never blinking.


He dropped the towel and swaggered toward her, taking his time. My God the man was all pomp and bullshit, but there was something oddly gorgeous about his five foot ten inch frame and carved muscles. And that damn bulge seemed bigger today. My, she was hot and wet all over, but refused to allow any one of them to see anything but her cool side.

“What do you need, Ms. Rivers?”

His voice was velveteen smooth with a rich and very sensual husk. Usually every time he spoke she shuddered. Today the voice grated on her nerves. “Service, which is what we’re supposed to be doing around here in case you didn’t realize.”

Sniffing, he looked away for a few seconds before nodding. “Yup. Service with a smile.”


This book contains ultra-violent themes of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Reader discretion is advised. THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES OVER THE AGE OF 18. This book is not intended as a representation of the BDSM lifestyle, merely a story regarding two damaged individuals.

Danielle Rivers has it all. Expensive cars, an overflowing wardrobe, luxurious jewelry, and the kind of privileged life only true wealth can provide. She deserves every bit of good fortune after all. Daddy is from old money, one of the most powerful and prominent men in East Brunswick, New Jersey. What no one knows is that beneath the mask of perfection and meticulously manicured grace is a very broken little girl. As her façade begins to crumble under the weight of everyday life, Danielle finds it increasingly difficult to hide from the monster that tortured not only her body and mind, but her very soul. What Danielle doesn’t know is that her tenuous hold is about to be broken.

Leslie Fernandez is a loner. Some consider him to be a dangerous man, others a powerful friend. He refuses to take a backseat to anyone, least of all a haughty bitch named Danielle. He loathes the way she will swoop in, leaving destruction and pain in her wake, pushing everyone to the breaking point. In his eyes, Danielle is nothing more than a spoiled bitch, a calculating viper, who gets her kicks by ruining good people. So why is he so inexplicably drawn to her? When thrust into the epicenter of a horrible tragedy, one created by the very woman he so vehemently detests and yet is so enigmatically drawn to, he allows his own fiendish, black eyed demon to take the reins.

The torturous nightmares of their respective pasts draw these two damaged souls together like ships adrift in a sea of violence and abuse. The wounds contained within their diseased minds scream to be healed, but is there such a cure for the sickness within ones soul? There is only one possible option, but will either of them have the courage to break free from their own TOXIC LEASH?

Tasty as well as vile…

Kisses and spanks…


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A Hard Spanking…Pain or Pleasure?

In writing books that involve spanking, I try and showcase the fact there are various kinds – pleasure, enticement, foreplay, discipline, and punishment. I think there are a lot of people, whether readers or those involved in the Domestic Discipline or D/s lifestyle, who question the difference. Why? Because a lot of people crave a hard spanking more often than you would imagine. When I started writing about spanking, I think a portion of the reason was I knew the genre was HOT. Taboos are sexy and given so many of us live a very vanilla lifestyle, various kinky acts are very My Inner Childtasty – even if we stand outside the glass window. Readers flock to spanking stories. My blogs zoom off the charts when I mention the word spanking in any manner.

I’ve talked about trends before. Trends are topics that seem to be the concept of the moment. As authors, we follow trends to a point. Vampires were all the rage then they died off. The onslaught of everything vampire including the Twilight collection certainly dragged every vampire book or movie out of the dark shadows. No pun intended to one of the original vampire television shows back in the sixties. Suddenly you couldn’t turn around without a vampire in a story. The market was flooded and the genre went flat.

Spanking seems to be a growing concept and while reading about the lifestyle, experiencing the fine nuances is also increasing in popularity. Why? Well, we’re a society in need of strict discipline. I’m certainly speaking for the United States right now, but bad behavior is a constant, the strain racing through the work place, politics and our home lives. People act out to garner attention and there are few filters. There are trends every day with regard to blogs. A few I noticed today were how to start a head of household relationship, how to punish your wife, and humiliating your wife. Interesting eh? What does this say about our culture? Speculation for me is that relationships – whether business or personal – are suffering for a variety of reasons. We’re all pulling against each other in an attempt to be the bigger fish in the water.

For me, every time I dive into a period where stress is a constant, I act out. My mouth becomes sailor mouth. I snap at people. I growl and push hard. I refuse every excuse that comes along from anyone – no matter the reason. Since I now understand what a hard spanking does for me, I crave very strict discipline. I think if you ask a huge majority of women (men too), if being totally honest, they’d finally admit they would prefer following rules. And being punished when they’re broken.

Spankings are increasing in marriages and typically the man is the head of household. Domestic Discipline is still “under the covers” as far as public conversation, but groups who practice and live the lifestyle enjoy talking about how their relationship has improved. I was asked recently, by a fan of my blog, about spankings for pleasure versus pain. The question seems to come up quite often. I can certainly understand. Spankings in the bedroom have been around for a long time. There’s nothing more sensual than having your man grab you, pull you over his lap and issue a few hard slaps as foreplay. Submitting reflectionDoesn’t the thought alone get you all hot and bothered? The majority love having a man in control, taking charge in the bedroom. Of course there is the opposite side and at times, women love being the aggressor, but as a whole, we what a man to throw us down, fuck our brains out – to use the old expression. We simply do.

When you crave and enjoy spankings, can your HOH or Dom help you differentiate between play time and punishment? Are there different techniques as well as implements that should be used? My personal opinion is yes to all of the above.

Can a submissive, girlfriend, wife or other spankee know and embrace the difference between a spanking/sex versus a punishment spanking? Honestly? There is a huge difference and there are various reasons why. First of all, playtime spanking is usually administered during amorous occasions. We’ve already discussed this. Secondly, truly women know when rules have been broken and that either being found out or telling on yourself is going to bring about some version of punishment. Even if you don’t practice DD or D/s, you know when you’ve run a red light. You look frantically in the rear view mirror to try and see if a police officer is around, breathing a sigh of relief when there isn’t. Do you attempt the same action again thinking you probably won’t get caught? My guess is yes, you will indeed.

I think for a huge portion of us, following the rules is something we learn very early in our childhood and the reality of right versus wrong we follow religiously. Often disobeying is brought on by tension or exhaustion. However, there are times we try and annoy our partner. We know all the buttons to push so we push them hard. We don’t care if we hurt their feelings. We tell little white lies about spending money or remembering to mail the cable bill, knowing it’s going to be late. You hope and pray you’ll be the one to pay the bills the next go around so your forgetfulness isn’t discovered. What if there are consequences and you know perfectly well you’re going to be found out?

For most women, the sick in the stomach feeling hits hard. We sweat and worry, frustrate and have trouble concentrating at work. If you tell on yourself ahead of time whether over the phone or via texting, the disappointment in his voice or the quietness of his texts the remainder of the day scream how unhappy his is. I know I couldn’t stand that any of the few times I disappointed John Patrick. I cringed, my stomach remaining in knots either all day or for days. I begged him to punish me to feel absolved of my sins. I wanted to pay for what I’d done, wiping the slate clean.

Did he spank me for fun? You bet and usually he used his hand and issued only a few hard strikes. When he punished me, this was something else entirely. For he and I, the belt was used for true punishment. What I truly believe is that there are variations of spankings as well as different levels. Telling a white lie about purchasing a new nightie at Victoria’s Secret is something else entirely than running a red light, back talking a cop.the belt Well don’t you think? The hand is often used as a reminder or a slap as well as for a sensual spanking. Belts, paddles, canes, hairbrushes are most often used when true discipline is involved. However, every couple is different. Also various additions to times of punishment are added such as time spent in the corner before or after the spanking. Two or more punishment methods coupled together can truly help a submissive or wife come back into focus.

You have to talk together so you both understand the dynamics. If rules are broken and your HOH or Dom has strict guidelines about how a punishment is going to be handled, i.e. they are always administered at the end of the day, then you might have twelve or more hours to think about your actions. I can guarantee you that the concept of disappointment is worse than the punishment.

There’s another age old question. Are punishments supposed to hurt? The simple answer is yes, of course they are. You’re being punished for disobeying or breaking the rules.

I try and convey this in my books, but often my characters find themselves enjoying intimacy after the event. This can happen in real relationships as well of course. Couples are usually closer, the bonding stronger. I know how I felt when JP and I started the journey – amazing.

I’m venture a guess when you read a DD or D/s story, the punishment sticks in your mind, excitement building. Am I right?

Enjoy the lovely day.

Kisses and spanks…


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Serving Your Dom…When Vanilla Life Takes Precedence

Life can be a bit daunting at times. Don’t you think? Okay, the truth is, life can be a pain in the ass. Between work, trying to make ends meet, family requirements and the daily struggles of basic necessities, we can all become exhausted. Disillusioned. What happens to a D/s relationship when the reality of day-to-day life takes precedence? Do you cease being a Dom or submissive? I think for so many couples, this can be thebigstock-Sexy-And-Erotic-Woman-Relaxed--42766252 ultimate challenge. You both want to continue sharing life within the D/s realm, but there are times you simply can’t. How can a submissive serve in other ways? This is challenging.

John Patrick and I have often talked about this very issue. We aren’t unlike anyone else. Our careers are demanding. Mine in particular envelops a long drive to and from along with night meetings. Often I’m exhausted and of course the regime he and I established, albeit while not living together, shows strain. He gives me leeway, as I do him, regarding the basic requirements and rules. Is this the best aspect for our journey? Well, maybe not in certain applications, but the truth is, a D/s relationship has to be flexible. If you can’t or refuse to understand there are going to be obstacles, one or both will become disillusioned. What I’ve learned is that there are various methods many couples have tried, sometimes failing, other times excelling in revving the D/s portion of their lifestyle. I have to ask, is there anything wrong with switching back and forth from vanilla to D/s? This is an answer only the two of you know, given your personal dynamics.

I realized, after much soul searching, that every step within the journey is a learning experience. I may consider myself a submissive, but I have another side, one aggressive in business. Combining the two when life throws you a curve ball has left me in tears, questioning if I know what the hell I’m doing. I’m not a patient woman and he has to center me – OFTEN.

John Patrick is a patient man. He’s also very understanding given he goes through a myriad of complex emotions much like I do. He’s very intelligent and when we discuss what’s going on, I gain strength from his understanding. What I finally embraced, after talking with so many submissives, is that we all long to please, to serve every day. If the traditional methods can’t apply, are there other ways to show him (or her) your devotion? Absolutely. In reflecting about my time spent with JP, the realization I took on the submissive/serving role in various ways isn’t shocking, merely a telling of my personality.

We enjoy sitting and discussing our days, politics, music etc. over a glass of wine. The simple act of opening the bottle of wine, pouring him a glass and refilling, is a A Sub Needs to Feelsimple method, one that merely occurred because of my desire to please him. Innately I yearn to make certain he’s happy or comfortable, joy spilling into every moment we share. For us, cooking is another aspect we love to enjoy together, but often I suggest a menu given his tastes, ones he’s shared with no one else. He’s happy I remember simple facts. I know he craves seafood, the spicier the better, and preparing a menu is a wonderful way to shower him with adoration. He happens to be a Dom who enjoys cooking and the experiences are always tasty – no pun intended.

I’ve said so many times how important communication is between the two of us (all D/s couples) and preparing a meal, enjoying the festivities around the event and talking as you eat and drink, relax and share your day, is priceless. He’s learned so much about what makes me tick as a woman as well as a submissive from making dinner together, finding the perfect wine. While some vanilla couples might take this for granted, for he and I, we savor every minute together.

I realized as I was thinking about this blog that I enjoy giving gifts in so many ways. Sending him pictures of either island locations or BDSM acts garners me praise. He’s an extremely visionary man and values the photos, which give him ideas. Initially he had a rule where I was required to send a picture every day. This certainly isn’t a chore, but a very beautiful way of giving him thoughts and ideas about my inner soul, things I crave. He’ll often do the same thing, texting little sayings or pictures to brighten my day. At other times the picture will be more pointed, an experience another D/s couple had or a question as to whether he could push my limits. This allows me to ponder. We discuss and become closer. I also learn about the inner workings of the man, the deep thoughts buried in his psyche.

Other very natural deeds I found myself doing involved helping him relax. For me, giving him a massage first thing in the morning is more intimate than sex. Yes, truly it is. Our bodies connect and he relaxes, the worries about the day seem to fade away for a little while. We usually don’t talk while I’m massaging him, but afterwards, he usually has an amazing thought or question. The slight amount of time spent just relaxing seems to allow his mind to go to another place, deep seeded in nature. He’s set free to think and wonder about life, our relationship or a general thought. You’d be surprised what his big brain can come up with.

Showering together is another aspect I love so much. After the very first time, and without being asked, I began to wash his body, scrubbing every inch and rubbing him dry. Yes, this is very intimate, personal and at times can be very sexual. The closeness shared before a frantic day leaves me refreshed, my mind open to take on my tough job. He offers no words of control, no particular requirements. There isn’t a need. At the time, we’re so connected words don’t need to be said.

The small tasks remain in place no matter if I can’t see him, or if I have a long day. I textbw in his hands him with updates, as he does me. We talk throughout the day, even for minutes or sometimes seconds at a time. Every time I hear the ‘blip’ sound his text makes, I smile, knowing whatever he has to say, what request he has will remind me of my place. I long to hear the ‘blip’ during grueling periods during my daily chores. I know he does as well.

I’m the kind of gal who buys little treats. They don’t have to be expensive. They’re simple reminders we know about the man, his likes and needs. I’ve sat in a parking lot, because time was limited, and brought a bottle of wine. I keep a wine opener in my purse and make certain I don’t forget the glasses! Sitting in a parking lot consuming wine might not seem romantic, but for us, we laugh and talk, tease and drink for a little while – reconnecting and reconfirming our relationship. While I know life interferes, the strength of your relationship, the one build by confirming your need to be in a D/s relationship, doesn’t have to take a back seat. You both have to think outside the box in an effort to make your life together as important as all the other pulls you’re going to have.

What ways do you both reconnect? How do you keep the rules intact while embracing life has twists and turns? You go back to the reason you wanted to share D/s in the first place. Never forget. Never allow life to interfere completely.

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…


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Darkness, Beauty, Sin, Rage, Sex…

What do all of these have in common? For me, the realization you can mix raw emotions, dark hungers, intense sensations together is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of sexuality. Rage can bring a heightened level of passion, one spilling over into the dark side. You’ve read about many serial killers who use sex as a method of capture before the slaughter. For some this may seem very sick indeed, and I’m not suggesting you go out and beat, maim or otherwise injure your mate for any reason, I’m merelyBloody Mouth saying the combination is fascinating to write about.

I’ve been listening to a lot of very dark music lately. Perhaps my rather wounded psyche needs some reflection time by killing and maiming my characters. Then again, I love writing thrillers far more than I do erotic pieces. There’s something so intensely beautiful about getting into the mind of a mass murderer or an otherwise psychotic. Yeah, I’m perhaps a little deranged myself. There’s a metal band called Red and they have a new album out titled Of Beauty and Rage. There is one song in particular I can’t stop singing, hearing, playing in my head. The Darker Side of Me is a portion of the love story they write with this album. Every song is a build up to the next and tells a very dark tale about two lovers.

They filmed this as separate music videos and to me, they are utterly powerful and breathtaking. I’m absolutely mesmerized and truly had to place myself in the very dark place the hero is in. I won’t spoil it for you, but hunt and watch. So a few of my short stories lately are very dark indeed. I take the reader to the very edge of a person’s sanity with regard to rage and passion. This piece is part of the Dark, Dangerous, Delicious volume 3 collection titled Beware the Night. Just a taste for you today…

Of Beauty and Sin


The whip sliced against her naked back and he remained mesmerized by the welts, as well as the string of blood trickling down her back. He breathed in her fragrance, exotic perfume and the scent of terror, and wanted nothing more than to rip out chunks of flesh.

Slap! Crack!

Sebastian Walker had a stable full of women hungering to feel the harsh strike of his whip. He was a consummate romantic, passionate about his art. He was also a killer, his rage requiring constant trips straight into Hell. He wiped sweat from his brow as he studied her, his thoughts turning dark. Women. There was nothing he craved more than the taste of skin and tendons, butter-in-your-mouth sweetness allowing a woman’s true beauty to explode. The sinful act was always scintillating.

Whap! Crack!

corsetHe could sense her oncoming climax and inhaled, drinking in what had to be close to nirvana. Blood and sex were a powerful combination.

She whimpered, her body struggling against the chains wrapped around her wrists and ankles.

He took the final drag of his cigarette, stubbing out the ember before walking toward her, dropping the whip. The photographs would be amazing, a thrilling addition to his very private collection. Grabbing his camera, he took several more, capturing the anguished look on her face. She was indeed a beauty, a woman to be admired. She’d been his model before, one kept alive given her fascination for the extreme. “You did very well.”

“Yes Master.”

She also knew her place. He rubbed his hand down the length of her back. She yelped and his cock swelled. Another whiff of her sweet essence and he almost lost control. Tonight he’d have to hunt, find the perfect subject. Of course the prey wouldn’t survive, but the trinkets he’d soon possess for his growing collection would enthrall him for days.

She sagged against the cool metal, her chest rising and falling. For a few second she struggled with the tight leather bands keeping her arms stretched wide. When she went limp, a single moan erupting from her mouth was cut off sharply. Her body shook as if anticipating another hard strike.

From where he stood he could see tears glistening on her cheeks. There’d been a time he’d pull her down from her shackles, comforting as he soothed her aching skin. No longer. He wanted nothing more than to beat her unconscious. He was a sick man. The thought brought another smile. He held his breath, admiring his work. Just a tad more.

Crack! Whap! Strike!

“Ah!” Her back arched, her entire body tense from the harshest of blows.

His balls were fucking full, ready to explode. Panting, he licked the sweat from around his mouth, visions of sinking his teeth into a cherry red cunt nothing more than an aphrodisiac. Tonight, he’d place the very option on the menu.

He released her from her bindings and when she fell against him, he issued a growl. A moment of weakness settled in and he held her as she cried, her body shivering. He lifted his arm, finally stroking her arm. “You really did very well. I’m proud of you.” His voice seemed odd to him, almost surreal, but he refused to become soft. Weak. He loathed weakness. Pushing her away he turned, dropping the camera on the table. “You’ll find your payment in the envelope. I added extra for the session.”

Her breath caught and she whimpered. “Okay. I mean, thank you Master.”

Sebastian could read her thoughts, realized she wanted more from him. He knew enough about the girl to know she’d be his slave, his regular whore if only he asked. A knowing settled in. No woman would be enough for him, not for anything other than beating and fucking. “Next week. Same time.” He gave her a harsh glare. “But be prepared.”red yes

“Yes Master.” Her lower lip quivered but there was excitement in her eyes.

“Pain slut.” He heard her scampering off, her feet stumbling as she cried softly to herself. Remorse wasn’t something he’d ever felt, not during his rampages of rage or even when settled to the point he lived what some called a normal life. He was nothing but a monster.

After gathering the whip and camera, he proceeded to walk into his study. The dark surroundings were comforting in a way, allowing him to function on a daily basis. He tossed both down on top of his desk and scanned the room. His difficulty experiencing sensual highs had brought him to the edge of his sanity. He was well aware he was on a very steep precipice, ready to fall into the depths of Hell.

The thought remained a constant. He eyed the garish picture hiding the safe keeping his most prized possessions and sighed. Perhaps gazing at his amassed collection would ease the beast bridging the surface, ready to consume and destroy.

He jerked the picture off the wall and his eyes flashed memories of the past, vile deeds completed while under the influence of his other being. The demon haunting him continued to filter into every dream, consuming his daily thoughts. His anger at the surface, he resisted thrusting his fist into the colorful canvas and set the painting down with care, rubbing the top of the frame.

Tasty or a little too much? Imagine the rest…

Kisses and spanks…


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Submitting to a Spanking…Other Forms of Discipline

I’ve had some lovely readers comment on the blogs, their curiosity about the lifestyle allowing them to feel more comfortable asking questions. I’m so glad. I think there are so many misnomers about the DD or D/s lifestyle and being able to ask very frank questions really does help. While spanking is often seen as the traditional method of discipline, there are others that can either add to take the place of a hard whipping. However, you know what I prefer. Still, I think many girlfriends, wives, lovers know they purposely try and irritate their partner quite often in fact. Trust me, this your belt sircomes on the other side too. I was having a discussion with my bestie yesterday and she mentioned how pig headed men are. Of course my statement was – really? Ya think?

Men are entirely different than women yet hunger for as much attention as women do. They might not admit their needs, but men whine like babies often when no one is giving them the attention they think they deserve. But I digress. Of course as with any relationship, the combination of people can be same sex or heterosexual. The Dom can be a Domme with a male submissive. Don’t get caught up in the fact I often use the traditional m/f. This is the relationship I’ve had with John Patrick of course, so it’s easier for me to talk about. I’ve heard from many women who long for a deeper relationship with their partner. They’ve gone through the highs and lows and settled into a rather complacent situation. I think we all do to a degree.

What have I heard from them in an effort to counteract the situation? They act like a child, bratty and mouthy, cussing up a storm.

Men have no clue how to handle women who go from 0 to 180 in the blink of an eye. When they have the sweetest person on the face of the earth one minute, then banshee bitch from hell the next, they tend to stand with “that” look on their face. You know the one. They are dumbfounded what to say or do. What if they knew exactly how to handle the situation when their significant other acted out? Do you think women would reach the pinnacle of bad behavior as often? Do you think their normal day to day behavior would be a little more even? An interesting question.

We know children act out all the time to receive attention, and they don’t care whether it’s love and cookies or a hard spanking. They crave any kind of love from their parents. Do you really think being in a relationship is any different? Back to talking to my gal pal, as we both agreed, the little things often times matter the most. Texts that come unexpectedly during the middle of the day, a phone call telling you they have dinner covered. Guys, if you’re reading this, these are the kinds of things that will keep your romance and your sex life ALIVE. Heed what I’m saying.

For relationships in which the little things no longer happen or even matter, contention occurs daily. Not only does one or other give a heady about of kickback including biting insults, the couple tends to argue about the tiniest thing. What’s for dinner? Why are soap in her mouthyour parents coming? No, the kids aren’t going to soccer practice. You get my drift. You’ve heard my true believe dozens of times if you’ve read any of my blogs on D/s or DD. I believe there should be one person in charge of the relationship. In my case, the male should be the head of household. Just as within your work situation, there can only be one leader. The same applies for relationships. Bickering about the best idea lends itself to full blown arguments. Not the kind of relationship I want to be in.

If couples are indeed very honest with each other, as those in a D/s relationships have to be, they’ll tell you one party is the true leader. I think as women, we need a strong man, a firm hand. We’re trying so hard in so many departments, we’re exhausted pretty much all of the time. Whether you’re a stay at home mother or the President of a Fortune 500 company, life isn’t easy. Tension remains buried inside all of us. How do you release? You take out your frustrations on the ones you love the most. You know what I mean. You often snicker when you take out your vengeance, then regret. Well, that’s not the best way to improve your relationship by any means.

What if there are rules in place? What if you break them? Let’s think about this. I’m not suggesting that men who are in charge shouldn’t be called on the carpet for their bad behavior, but in my opinion and experience, they tend to take their control and domination position very seriously. They realize they have to have a clear head, act in the same manner they expect and require of their mate. John Patrick is very much this way. He really delves into his psyche to make certain he keeps an even head. Yes, you’ll still have arguments but they lessen in frequency from what I’ve experienced with him.

Perhaps you have spankings already in your regime if rules are broken. A hard spanking cleanses the soul, allows the spankee release from his or her tensions. I’m mentioned this before. But what if this isn’t enough? What if the spankings are often seen as a method to bring more intimacy versus what they are intended for – punishment? What then? You add additional forms of discipline.

The removal of privileges is one method, but what are we talking about? Can you really forbid your mate from using the Internet? I don’t know about you, but my life revolves around the use of social media for my career as an author and Managing Director of two imprint lines for Booktrope. Removing my connection would prove to be counter productive. What about television? I really don’t care. Perhaps music? Okay, that would hurt given I have to have music on when I write or pretty much do everything. Can this work? Of course, but this is couple driven. You know what needs your partner has and I warned youwhat would prove to be a true method of punishment.

I have a bit of a sailor mouth, yes curtailed for business etc, but I swear often. If this behavior becomes the norm, what would work to at least prevent some of the expletives? Some couples use soap in the mouth. You’ve probably had at least one experience in your life in which your mom or dad shoved a bar of soap in your mouth. Keep in mind, various soaps might cause allergic reactions and some are better served than others. A mild soap, a small bar and reading about the cause and effect are required. Don’t simply but Dial soap the next time you’re at the store and use. You have to do your research. However, I’ve heard the method is very useful. I certainly don’t want to have to stand there for an undetermined amount of time sucking on soap. Yuck. Would it work? No doubt.

Time alone or standing in the corner is both effective as well as humiliating. Imagine if you received a spanking then are required to stand either naked or at least with your crimson bottom exposed in the corner for a length of time? Add to the concept you’re near a window and maybe, just maybe your neighbors walk by? Eh, that would be a slap in another way. Personally, the privacy technique is something I believe you have to start with first. The neighbors don’t need to know your business, but… You have to really learn about your partner, communicate about the methods and try them. For me, time in a corner has a calming effect, allowing me a half an hour or so to reflect on why I acted out. For the Dom or HOH, this allows him time to process. Often, time in the corner is before a spanking so both can calm down.

There are other methods too such as writing assignments, etc. I personally don’t think this would matter for me, but every couple is different. Keep this in mind. Are there other ways to boost punishment? Of course, but again, you have to be very open with each other in order to determine what works best for you. The goal is a tighter relationship and one that’s very open. Think about how your relationship would be enhanced. You might be surprised.

Kisses and spanks…


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