Welcome to my wicked worlds…

Where fantasy & reality challenge your heart and rattle your erotic desires. Tell me, can you dare to take the plunge?

Currently I am working on several short novellas including the final edits on Revving her Wild Engines and finishing the short novel, In Deference to Naughty Intent. What would happen if you were the winner of a naughty little contest you entered into at the Sensuous Masters Writing Convention in Key West Florida and your prize just happened to be a sizzling date with not just one but three American Indian cover models? Tell me, would you allow yourself to enter into an foursome that included being their submissive? Could you handle all they had to offer including the possibility of enjoying their domination forever?

That’s exactly what Skyler Scanlon had to face one Valentine’s weekend. Fresh from a bitter divorce, she needed something to kick start her life and give her something new to write about with her naughty little erotic books. Thrilled at finding a man or three that knew her inner most desires, it was too bad that a mysterious stranger from one of their pasts had something else in mind for the weekend – scandal.

Join me on my Facebook fan page celebrating my upcoming release, Treats in Plain Brown Wrapper – from Rebel ink Press on November 15th. It would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays. Thank you to Carl Franklin who created the cover! It’s absolutely beautiful.

Soon I shall begin the final edits on my longer novel, Sensuous Slave. Imagine going under cover as police officers in the most scandalous club in town where every erotic act imagined is performed on stage in front of an audience every night. That’s what Shawna and her partner Steffan had to face as they searched to shut down an illegal black market child prostitution ring before additional teenagers ended up dead. Forced into performing to maintain their cover, would their hidden love for each other prevail or would they be lost in the darkness?

Join me as your most erotic fantasies are penned for your enjoyment. Dare to take the plunge!


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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