Treats Now Available on Amazon Kindle!

Isn’t it wonderful sometimes how fascinating technology can be? Not only is the saucy little story available on ARe but Kindle – yummy. Well, it’s been several days since the publication and I have had a wonderful interview released and will have two reviews coming out soon. I honestly feel blessed, but of course this wasn’t overnight in the making as I have mentioned. Still, I am excited about the upcoming two releases and have heard that my latest covers are being completed as we speak. I’ll release those as soon as I have them.

I took a gander at my bank of stories, novellas and novels that have been hanging around in my bank of yummies now for about twenty months. I have at least two novellas I am doing final edits on to send to Ellora’s Cave and trying to finish my Valentine’s novel called In Deference to Naughty Intent for Rebel Ink. Then I shall get back to my Sensuous Series that is listed on the website. While the first book has been completed, I hope to finish two others before trying to go the route of garnering an agent. I know, we shall see.

I would love to hear from my readers. If you have a story that has been thrashing around in your head or a particular fantasy, let me know. I would love to pen something for you. Thanks to everyone for your amazing comments!  I love them. Here’s a taste of my latest story, In Deference…see what you think!

While Skyler wanted to ask for what, she knew better but as she sensed the heat of his body nearing hers, she whimpered. When Chaska’s lips briefly brushed over hers, she tipped her head, trying to capture his mouth. The tangy scents of tangerine and honey mixed with something so intensely exotic that she was unable to place and the dichotomy of the fragrances almost put her into a trace. The feel of his tongue darting past her lips to taste her mouth, forced another long whimper to erupt from her mouth.

“You taste exquisite.”

She could feel him moving away from her. Curious as to what he was doing, Skyler licked the lower lip, capturing the burning kiss and listened intently to the sounds of something being poured.

“I think you will find this to your liking.”

Feeling the glass being pressed to her lips, she darted her tongue out to taste the cool liquid. “Licorice.”

“Your favorite?”

“How did you know?”

Kisses…Cassandre  xoxo


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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