More Good News!!

Not only did I get a pretty saucy and wonderful review from Fran Lewis but my new covers for the novellas are out!!  Let’s see what Fran has to say about Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper


By: Cassandre Dayne

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Most UPS drivers deliver packages with items inside that we order and hopefully need. Trista Rogers gets more than she bargains for when her UPS man comes to her door with a very special plain brown wrapper that has many unique uses. Thinking about Al, her UPS man while writing the next several chapters of her book, she smiles as parts of her body could almost feel this sensual man’s touch even before he arrives. As she waits for him to deliver her package, Trista creatively continues writing her novel: Goodies Come In All Types Of Packages, naturally alluding to her fantasy dream: The UPS Man.

Inviting him in for a glass of wine, although inappropriate to some, her UPS man places the package on her large island as Trista reveals that she is a writer and what he brought is very useful in her research to create authenticity in her book. But, after you read their graphically and vividly described encounters you can decide for yourself whether she needs any more “kinky tools or toys,” delivered or not.

Trista’s goal is to unwrap his hot and sugary chocolate stick and find out if it is sweet like milk chocolate or bitter like dark. Exploring each other’s body and satisfying their individual wants, Trista could not believe this experience wanting it to last indefinitely, as he did. As they completed their act of wanton passion, AL dressed and left on quite shaky ground, leaving Trista to hope that he will return. Will he?

The following morning completing the next four chapters of her book, she waits impatiently for Al only to be disappointed. Enduring her book signing, her mood quite dismal she begins to wonder what went wrong. But, not for long as the delivery man brings her a different package and what she unwraps will you won’t believe unless you read it for yourself. Better yet, make sure you have a handsome stud or your significant other with you as you learn just how creative Al really is, how sizzling Trista’s own brand of seduction can be and a whole lot more. Depending on your wants and likes, you might find some of this painful, cold or just plain exciting. For anyone that wants to read hot and spicy, you need to read this interesting book by Cassandre Dayne : Make sure you are not alone!

And here is just one of my new covers for Revving Her Wild Engines!!




About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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