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Contests are a part of what writers have to do and I am finding that keeping up with blogs and contests and marketing and social media is a lot of work. In truth, it could be a full time job and when you have two and also write – WHEW!  Anyway, I entered a contest on for a pitch for a romantic/erotic romance book. The winner gets a lovely review by one of my favorite editors, Grace Bradley of Ellora’s Cave.

When I began submitting in 2009 – BOY, I had a lot to learn and Grace was awesome in that she gave me some valuable critiques to send me on my way. I will forever be eternally grateful. So – she is the judge for the pitch contest and it’s a wonderful opportunity.

My little story is called Who Knew Aliens Craved French Champagne and it’s about – you guessed it, aliens. Here’s the snazzy little pitch – see what you think!!

Was it really possible that aliens craved the finest French Champagne and watched the Food Network or were the delicious men from the planet Zagan on Earth for another purpose? That’s what Deirdre Miller, a well-respected food and wine critic, was determined to find out. Stealing aboard their unattended ship for an exclusive interview, she was caught red handed sipping their champagne. Undaunted by the four golden haired hunks, she jumped into her role, asking them questions. Unfortunately, she no idea she had just become part of their Fertility Festival and could never return home.

Kidnapped and heading into the galaxy, they embarked on a wicked tryst with the Prince himself claiming her as his mate. Their planet barren, she was one of their last hopes to conceive and give their world an heir, but the group would have to win their yearly contest first or face losing her. Finally agreeing to help them, she came up with a scandalous plan. With a little help from their Chef and a sensuous design that included whipped cream, chocolate, golden flakes and one very naughty champagne fountain; an edible creation was prepared with her as the centerpiece. They won the heat, but there was more to follow including a fight to the death. Feeling betrayed, she shunned everyone until a universal exclusive forced her to reconsider her decision.

Kisses  xxx  Cassandre

About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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