Lots of Good Things Happening

The release date of Her Sinful Long Legs has been bumped up! It’s available for pre-release now at http://www.allromanceebooks.com  www.bookstrand.com   amazon kindle and Barnes & Noble!  Yeah. Take a moment to pick up a copy.

Entered Treats In a Plain Brown Wrapper in the Passionate Ink Plume contest under novella. Let’s see what happens. Going to enter it into the Virginia Romance chapter contest as well.

Breakfast Eye Candy was also accepted by Rebel Ink Press – I am so excited. Check below for the sizzling synopsis!!

Jessica Brown had a job to do, save her failing company, Dreams for Your Future Advertising, and she had one shot to do it. Delicious Foods had tapped her small company for a campaign for the hottest selling condiment in America, Peach Bliss. The only trouble? She hated the sticky mess and had no slogan. As she ventured into the office one early morning, her fantasy man and one she had never been able to approach stood between her and the elevator, tempting her. Eric Gammon was chocolate in flavor and a sculpted God. He also was responsible for the maintenance on her office building and unattainable. Or was he?

Against all rationality, she blurted out her feelings. Stunned, he followed her into the lonely elevator and stopped its movement. Trapped, they explored a taste of their combined pent up desires and planned for the future. Using Eric to experiment exactly what the dazzling syrup could be used on, she garnered a wicked idea. Re-energized, Jessica tackled the account with flair. Everything was going smoothly until she realized that Eric’s ex, Stella, was none other than a top executive of Delicious Foods. Undaunted, she was more than ready for the tempting presentation involving an over heated room, some melting ice cream and a bit of the bubbly. That is until she realized Eric had lied and was going back to Stella. Jessica won the contract with ease, but had she lost the love of her life?

Hope you pick up a copy or ten – perfect for a cold winter’s night!

Kisses…  xxx  Cassandre

About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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