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Things are getting very exciting in my writing world. I was guest blogger on Twisted Fates blogging the e-business, the good, the bad and the ugly. Follow the link and enjoy!


I was also a guest blogger on Coffee & Romance – this time I talked about what’s in a name? We all enjoy hearing sexy names for our characters like Lance and Chad, but does that really matter. http://coffeeandromance.blogspot.com/2011/01/whats-in-name.html

I also found out that I will be going to print later this year with an anthology book including some of my current and to be published works from Rebel Ink Press as well as a new naughty little creation I am penning right now called St. Nick’s Night of Xstasy. It’s a tasty treat about one woman allowing herself to succumb to the domination of two men who happen to be her bosses and stunning hunks that she cannot stand. Can she acquiesce to their will and enjoy the life she was meant to lead? Mmmm…

Finally, Revving Her Wild Engines has a release date of February 24th. I just finished up the final edits and am sooooo excited. I hope you will pick up a copy of five. It’s a naughty read of course, but this one has a hidden meaning – two very damaged people.

Upcoming Release - February 24th


Here’s just a taste:

The thought of having a torrid affair with one delicious male took her breath away and moistened her panties. Stephanie Simon was more than ready to have her most secret and sinful fantasies fulfilled. She craved a hunk on a Harley and had a luscious man in mind, David Tyler. The perfect candidate, he was a six foot golden haired God that had his own massive steel machine. Unfortunately they had never met. Introduced by a friend and conversing via the Internet, they had told each other their hidden hungers until they had to meet. Hers was a wicked tryst on the back of the bike and a ménage. David had the handsome third in mind and prepared a weekend affair that both would never forget. Their meeting electric, the long ride to a secluded spot nestled against the backdrop of the ocean set off an explosion of passion. Fueled by her hunger, he swept her off her feet as they explored a taste of voyeurism, a wild ride across a pool table in front of his friends and the desired ménage that left her engine revved for yet another ride. But, they both held a terrible secret and one that threatened their future happiness. As their horrors collided and their trust in each other was challenged by lies and anger, they both had a difficult decision to make and one that could either bring them peace or destroy them forever.

I’ll post an except soon!

Kisses  xxx   Cassandre


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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