Revving My Wild Engine

Morning everyone. It has been a long week and looking forward to the weekend. I have been a busy girl blogging on Wicked Muses this week – the group did a lovely interview about me and how I got started writing. I also had my first give away – a copy of Her Sinful Long Legs on the Coffee and Romance Blog. Check out the Wicked Muse Blog.

I thought I would post a little excerpt of Revving Her Wild Engines. Careful – this one is a bit “x” rated. Enjoy.

“Gentle? You must have the wrong guy. I plan on ravaging that sweet body of yours.”

In response, her tongue darted out wetting her lips and then she blew him a kiss. Stephanie felt the need to be playful, to let the darkness ebb away from her soul and in a quiet flash of understanding, she was sure their very souls agreed that this was something special indeed.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.” David warned her.

“Now that’ an offer I just can’t refuse.” Stephanie’s fingers clawed his skin, struggling to get to him, but he held her at bay.

“Now, now naughty girl, you remember that I’m in charge here.” The haunting spell shattered with each kiss and each longing touch, he wasted no time in spinning a tangled web of ecstasy. Taking the edge of her shirt, he yanked it up over her head and pitched it to the ground, grinning shamelessly when she gasped. “You’re so damn beautiful gal. Jesus.” Cupping her breasts in his hands, David kneaded through the scarlet lacy bra, all the while licking his lips in anticipation.

Stephanie whimpered as his touches became hungrier, more urgent. Frantic. Shameless. Desperate. He rubbed his thumbs back and forth across her sensitive nipples and she struggled to keep her eyes open. Her legs quivered uncontrollably, feeling the wild thumping of her heart beating into her chest.

David lowered his head and suckled her tender buds through the sensuous material, taking first one and then the other into his mouth. He glanced into her eyes, his burning with need. Slowly and deliberately he unclasped her bra, removing it with ease.

“You okay?” he asked gently.

“Oh…yes. I’m more than okay.” She nodded, excitement surging through her body, racing like a wildfire.

With her breasts free, David eased one arm around Stephanie’s back and guided her into a deep arch, allowing him access to her diamond hard nipples. “You’re so beautiful.” He murmured over her flushed skin.

She moaned as his calloused hands brushed over her heated skin and his raspy tongue slid over her swollen nipples, so sensitive she quivered from her toes straight into her pussy. Circling the tips, he drew the tender flesh between his teeth biting down and Stephanie’s legs nearly folded. David grabbed one breast roughly as he suckled the other, the faint sound of his laving and nipping floating above the gentle waves, sending scattered white-hot current across her brain.

“You taste so good baby. So sweet.” His voice was barely a whisper as he moved from one breast to the other, biting and pinching. His actions almost savage, he suckled ferociously as she moaned.

If he hadn’t been holding her firmly, Stephanie would’ve fallen to the ground. She was in his complete blissful control.


When she lay limp in his arms, David eased back from her, bringing her to a fully standing position and unfastened her skirt. He stopped short and whispered her name. So simple, so endearing. “Stephanie…”

She nodded and helped him slide the filmy material down past her hips. Blatant desire across her face told David in no uncertain terms what she wanted.

“Oh, you are so very bad.” he told her. “Now my little naughty girl, I’m going to feast on that perfect wet little pussy of yours and drive you into a state of utter ecstasy.”

“Uh huh.” There was no way Stephanie could put together a coherent sentence. Struggling to keep her eyes open, she helped him push the skirt all the way off her hips and slid it down her shaking legs.

“Oh…lady. God, you are sensational.” David sighed as he stared at her silky thong, her swollen clit just peeking out from the saturated lace. He pressed his hand down her stomach until his fingers touched her heat. “Mmmm…you are wet, aren’t you? I can see those glistening juices of yours, driving me crazy.” He cupped her mound and immediately she surged at his touch.


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