What is Love?


I have been asking everyone on Facebook and Twitter to tell me their definition of love. I put together some of my ideas based on a question from another naughty little blogging group. Here are my thoughts:

Love is when he buys you flowers for no other reason that because it’s Tuesday

Love is when he the moment he knows when you need to cuddle, even though the Jets are playing

Love is that single moment from across the room when you are left breathless with desire and the rest of the room fades to black

Love is nothing more than a sticky note with a scarlet red kiss

Love is when the memories are almost as sweet as reality and yet the future means so much more

Many people have told me what their thoughts were and some are simply beautiful. I’m going to quote Marina Markovic, a talented writer and a facebook friend.

“Love is a complex of emotions; it is a condition of mind, spiritual and intellectual understanding. It can not be explained by words, but we can all try. For me love means understanding, esteem, conversation, toleration, indulgence, forgiveness, inspiration, joy, devotion, recognition, generosity, appurtenance, support. There is not unhappy love. There is love with unhappy ending. Even in that case you need to find a bit of happiness, because you felt love. Then you’ll recognize that love brings happiness without end.”

That is truly something that left me breathless and I think that love means so many different things to all of us. We can all relate to that wonderful feeling as your pulse races, your heart thumps into your chest and you can barely breathe from the anticipation of that first kiss or the anniversary snuggle when you have been married for twenty precious years. Love to me is having a special friend in your life that you care about to the point you will lose yourself in the moment, giving them what they need at the time. That can mean many things.

Whether you are sharing passion together complete with a wicked adventure or a quiet moment in front of a roaring fire, laughing about something that happened at work that day, love is simply the concept of sharing all of yourself with that person. Being in love and loving are completely two different things, or so we are told. But are they? If you love unconditionally, giving all of yourself to your partner in a way that there is complete trust and understanding that neither of you are perfect, is that not love? That might not be a wild ride of ecstasy every day, but that is real love in my eyes.

I think we have all seen couples as they stroll through the mall or down a shadowed path holding hands. Don’t we all smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside? They might be chatting or simply nuzzling against each other, but either way, you can feel their love from across the space. They sparkle with a comfort with each other and it’s a beautiful thing.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and while some of us are hoping for chocolates or a fuzzy teddy bear, I think there are others of us that simply wish to have someone they can trust and talk to and share their life and their fears and their worries about the future with. I you have that special someone, don’t take your love for granted. Make every day a special day in some small way. Write a sticky note saying three little words, I LOVE YOU. Stop by the grocery store and buy his or her favorite bottle of wine simply because it’s Thursday. Go by Bath and Body Works and buy a bottle of massage oil with a note attached – free massages from the giver.

But sharing and giving love is not about money. It’s about giving yourself and remembering that neither of you are perfect. You are human with frailties and worries and fears of the unknown and of tomorrow. The raging passion that forced you to have wicked sex in the back of your car doesn’t happen everyday, but…why can’t it happen again? Remember that you are both kids inside and need that moment of passion. Share and plan and plot something delicious, but remember above all to show your love in a wonderful cherished way.

I challenge you to find a different way to show your love to your partner and send me a note about it. The most sensational and loving idea – and you really have to do it cause I might ask your partner – will be placed in one of my stories.

One last thought. Love is the way he looks at you when you feel at your worst and reminds you that you are the love of his life…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Kisses  xxx



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