Love – when you lose someone you care about

What do you do? How do you take it?

And I don’t mean because of illness or tragedy. I mean have you ever lost someone that was near and dear to your heart more than once and yet every time it hurts worse than the first time? I lost a friend of mine today and it hurts like hell. He was a special friend and we wrote together and talked about everything. There are reasons why he had to go on his way, which I won’t go into, but it was the right thing to do. Still, my heart aches on this day and I was reminded that life is so precious – don’t take it for granted ever. So I am in a reflective mood. This particular friend taught me many things about his home country of New Zealand and I have been able to use the beautiful Maori language in several of my stories. He loved to call me ataahua – beautiful – as in body and spirit. What is love in Maori? Aroha pronounced aah-row-ha. I will never forget the time he took to teach me words and phrases and I’ll continue to use them.

So on this wonderful day of love, what are you doing to remind your special someone that they are precious? I asked you before what is love and now I really understand. Love is that special moment you meet someone that you may never have met if you hadn’t been in that right place at the right time. For me, this was on the internet and on Facebook. Hasn’t social media changed so many aspects of our lives? When you think about getting to know someone, what attracts you to them as either a friend or a lover? Is it always about the way they look? Certainly from the standpoint of internet meetings, I don’t think so as anyone can hide behind pictures on Facebook or anything else pretending to be someone they would prefer to be.

I think over time you learn the measure of a person simply by casual conversations and then getting more in depth into everything from politics to romance. You can see a spark instantly within that person, of their joys and fears and their views on the world, thereby stretching and adding to yours. I enjoyed the time I had with him and although he is much younger, he taught me the joys about being free in y creativity and perhaps about viewing other parts of the world differently.

We all have our needs when it comes to love, whether it’s passion or friendship or simply that moment of caring when we can truly be ourselves without fear of being judged or made fun of. If you can sit with a person and share everything with them, then you have found a friend. If you can see into their eyes and that little spark within you burns so brightly that you can no longer breathe, that is true love. Have we all had a taste of true love? Hopefully.

When I write my naughty little stories, I insert not only love but also a tremendous amount of trust in the middle of every piece. Trust bonds a couple and a set of friends. A relationship is a complex and beautiful story that has a beginning and sadly sometimes an end, but I believe we learn from each other, our foibles and our passions. Tell your lover tonight something delicious secret and perhaps a bit naughty on this special day and see what happens. Light a candle, build a fire, open a bottle of wine and remember the times you shared and the future you hope to have. Ready a wicked poem to each other and you might be surprised what pops up!!

And to everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day and Rowan, for the wonderful time we had, I will always remember. May you find peace and joy in your life always.

Kisses   xxx



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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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