Revving Her Wild Engines – another naughty taste

Nine days and counting until the release. Heard from my fabulous publisher last night that we are right on track and I am so excited. I sent this out for review myself and it’s going to the Review Depot so possibly I’ll get several reviews. Here is another little naughty taste to get your engines revved this morning. I hope you enjoy my sinful little taste!!

“You happy?” David breathed into her neck, planting tiny kisses across the shimmer of perspiration that veiled Stephanie’s still flushed skin.

His strong arms held her tightly and Stephanie nuzzled against him, feeling every sensuous carved muscle that God had given him. Making a mental note to kiss off her psychiatrist, she smiled. There was something about the way David held her and the feeling of his unbridled strength that helped her understand she was more than ready for a new life.

And one with him in it.

“More than you know David. More than you know,” Stephanie sighed in contentment.

He pulled her closer, kissing the top of her head. “I’m so glad.”

Her nipples ached thinking about the shameless act they’d just committed. Like a wicked little vixen, Stephanie pressed her body back into David’s cock teasing. Tempting.

“Aren’t we just insatiable,” he whispered into her hair.

“You have no idea the creature you awakened in me. I’m afraid that you might not be able to handle the wicked girl.”

“Try me sunshine. You just wait naughty girl, there’s so much more to come. By the time I’m done with you, you’re gonna to be one satisfied woman. Your wild engines better be revved, baby cause you’re gonna be taken for a savage and decadent ride.”

The evil spark in his voice sent a quiver through her pussy, her nipples hardened to points of sheer agony.

“Dear God, you know how to turn a woman on. I’ll bite. What now lover?”

“You’re coming with me and I’m not telling you anything. You are all mine for the taking and tasting and just remember that. Remember gal what I promised.”

Taking and tasting? Why was it she could lie down right there and beg him to fuck her again?

“Where are we going sexy man? I’m already starved again.”

“Hmmmm, maybe nowhere if you keep talking like a naughty minx.” David jerked her head back and kissed her roughly, pushing her into the sand, covering her body with his. He ravaged her mouth while his hand cupped and kneaded her breast, pinching her nipple until she screamed into the recesses of his mouth. His throbbing cock pushed into her belly and he shifted, reminding her of the incredible passion that was to come. When he finally pulled back, she lay panting, flushed, desperate with need. His hot breath skated across her cheeks.

“Mmmmm, you’re so tasty.” His voice carried a dangerous low timbre, filled with desire.


David sighed and gently pressed his lips across hers. “Where are we going baby? Paradise.”

Stephanie gave him a naughty look and reached up to lick a sensuous circle around his lips, breathing with soft whispers of her own shameless promise as her hand danced out to tickle and tease his thick cock.

“Are you sure you can’t tell me, lover?” she purred, the soft rumble laced with mischief, tempting him just to see what he would do.

He swallowed hard and stared down with glassy eyes. “You are one wicked, wicked gal. Wretched girl. Damn it! You win. We’re going to a hotel and then out for the evening and no matter what you do, I refuse to tell you where. I’m keeping some things a devious and very consuming surprise. Come on, let’s go you sinful gal.”

“You’re being sneaky, aren’t you?”

“You bet your sweet ass. You never know what I have in store for you, but because you have teased me relentlessly, I’m going to make sure you never forget what I can do to that hot…delicious…naughty body of yours.”

She shuddered as flashes of his cock slamming her body into a wall somewhere dark and dangerous filled her mind, just like they had talked about late into the night. Gulping, she smiled and dressed, keeping her eyes on his face as he studied her. It’d been so long since she had felt complete happiness that she took a moment to stare out at the ocean, relishing in the feeling, the peace. The unbridled joy.

“I’m glad I could help you smile.” David’s hand slid around her waist, drawing her to him.

“Just keep it up.”

He chuckled and took her hand. “Come on.”

They drove directly into the glistening sun. Stephanie kept her eyes open, admiring the vivid scenery as David guided the bike down the main drag of beach resorts and hotels. It dawned on her that her car that held her suitcase was a long way away. She sighed and knew the man had something in mind, however nefarious it might be. The ride was utterly blissful. When he pulled into an oceanfront hotel and parked, she giggled.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, turning to look at her.

“I have no clothes. No make-up. Nothing. And you think we are going out somewhere tonight?”

“Please, sunshine, do you think I’m stupid?”

“No, sinful and depraved, a very bad boy, but not stupid.” She laughed as he took her hand, guiding her off the bike.

“Depraved?” He held up a room key and chuckled. “Give you any ideas?”

She moved behind him and they strode into the hotel, grabbing the waiting elevator. Alone.

Kisses   xxx


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