The man, the passion, the toys…

How do you like your leading men? Do you like them bad and roguish or sweet and conservative? How about your romance stories? Do you prefer an illusion or passion or a hot scene complete with naughty games, wicked encounters? How far is too far with behavior? Let’s explore the steamier side of sex and romance. Currently I write highly erotic romance that leaves

Imagine riding with him

nothing to the imagination, but there generally is a great deal of passion weaved throughout. However, there are some kinky stories that not only I pen but other authors as well that while filled with ecstasy, they have nothing to do with romance. I’m talking about bad boy and their toys.

What constitutes a bad boy and why do we hunger for them? I’ve talked before about my love for a Harley ridin’ man. Can’t you see him with tattoos; skin-tight blue jeans, dark shades covering a dazzling pair of sapphire blue eyes and long hair flowing in the wind. But there are other kinds of bad boys. From cowboys that ride fiery steeds to fireman who’s brawn is only matched by their surly attitudes, we love then all.

When you think of that kind of man, what type of fantasy does he provide you late into the night? Are you dreaming about him sweeping you off your feet, taking you to a beautiful ocean side resort and catering to your every pleasure or would you prefer that he books a week in Hedonism, forcing you to succumb to every pleasure that he desires to teach you? We’re going to taste a moment of Hedonism where your wildest erotic fantasies come true. No matter how kinky or perverted, there are locations that cater to couples and groups that enjoy the wilder side of sex. Are you willing to take the plunge and try something out of your comfort zone? Is your man “bad” enough to try something that is a touch wild and wicked? I have a wicked Christmas story planned where my hero uses such a location to try and woo her back.

I think the thought of being in a location where you can be anyone you want to be and not worry about judgment is very exciting. Imagine being able to role play dungeons and dragons or enjoy a playroom complete with whips and chains. Imagine if your honey had a huge surprise of three sexy men waiting for you in your suite ready to devour you? This is Hedonism. Sounds pretty tasty to me.

I could be captured by him any dayWhile penning several stories, I have researched everything from societies where a couple, they can be male and female or same sex, live in a dominate/submissive society either during their off hours or twenty-four hours a day. There are also people that enjoy playtime in the privacy of their homes. Some people savior living the life of Head of Household while others enjoy role-play. For those of you that do not know, Head of Household simply means the head generally makes up the rules and doles out discipline as necessary and yes, that can mean spanking and not for fun either. To each their own.

But…there are tasty treats that seem more mainstream such as toys. Ladies, do you have a drawer that holds a vibrator or a flogger? Don’t be shy, I think we all have them and in truth, I have ordered copious amounts and YES to test them out, but…not going to say they aren’t fun! Ordering was the reason for my first story that was written about an erotic writer who ordered copious amounts of sex toys that was delivered by one sexy chocolate-laced UPS man and the toys all came in plain brown packages. Now, of course she fell for the UPS guy!

For some reason I think we see the sultry brooding bad boy type that would hunger to experience something like Hedonism. Of course it’s stereotyping but seriously, don’t you want a dark and dangerous type to show you the ropes, literally? We love vampires that thirst for our blood and werewolves that throw us over their shoulder. Don’t we? Here’s a little nibble I just created.

Valon gazed down the length of her, licking his lips. “Come.”

“No,” Briana mused, blowing him a kiss. She couldn’t help but hunger for the brawny sun-kissed man whose midnight black eyes seemed to peer into her soul. Strapping at six foot five inches, the power of his carved body sent prickles of heat dancing into her system. Her blood sizzled as he growled, calling to her silently, his eyes rimmed in red.

“You will succumb to me one way or the other.”

She knew it wasn’t a request but a demand. There was something about that night that was different. Perhaps it was the erotic location, the sequestered club called Shimmer of Ecstasy was by invitation only and Valon knew the owners well. The club was well known for its particular brand of proclivities, extreme bondage and domination. They had played before, dabbling in the kinkier side of sex, but in her mind she knew what would happen and while her heart thumped in anticipation, she wasn’t afraid. This moment, this change she had longed for.

“And what if I don’t?” Briana stood defiant, locking her gaze onto his.

Valon cocked his head, studying her for a moment until he sprang, jerking her into his massive arms. “Then I shall take you.”

The moment Valon sunk his razor sharp canines into her neck; Briana felt the roar of ecstasy thrash through her body. Whimpering softly, she closed her eyes. Valon was taking her home.

Now, can you imagine if the man was not laced with danger and a hint of the unknown? The scene wouldn’t work. Whether you enjoy a touch of the kink or prefer sensual romance is certainly not the point. This is simply about our fantasies and we all have them. I hope you will give me a taste of yours. Let me know. You never know when it might end up in my stories!

Kisses   xxx


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4 Responses to SAUCY, SIZZLING, SPICY…

  1. StacieDM says:

    Cassandre I have to agree about bad boys. You listed a few of my favorites. I was forbidden to ride motorcycles by my mother so of course I have a weakness for biker guys. It’s an itch I only get to scratch in romance novels. I heard about your blog on the Romance Reviews site. Revving Her Wild Engines sounds exciting!

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net


    • behalle says:

      Thanks Stacie! I hope you’ll love reading it and guess what, you’re getting a copy!! I’ll email you with the connection made through The Romance Reviews and set it up. Tell me what you think when you’re done. I love bad boys – but they have to have a heart. They have to remember the lady!! You know??


  2. Sharita Lira says:

    I like my men with Tattoos, long hair, piercings, and somewhat of an attitude. I also like men that are open to try things.

    All of my male characters are pretty much open and willing… 😉


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