Another wicked taste tonight and a challenge…

Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire is being released on March 24th. This one is truly a slice of erotic and highly kinky fun involving a couple that trusts enough to allow a couple of wicked events to happen between them. I’ll give you the sizzling synopsis and the blurb in a minute but it begs the question, what are you willing to do?

In today’s society, it seems that men and women aren’t allowed to express their desires and needs regarding sex. No matter how much we as humans have evolved, sex and especially kinky sex continues to stay in the shadows. This is national E-book reading week based on the anniversary of e-books coming out to the public and I dare say that there are many that enjoy reading and savoring erotic stories and books that would prefer to do so in the privacy of a home or hiding behind a computer screen.

In years gone by, the romance cover was called a bodice ripper and you knew by the amount of clothing that was or wasn’t on the cover just how hot the book was. Now…while some of the same rules apply, many have been thrown out the window. While my covers are hot baby, they don’t cross the line with nudity. However, my books certainly do.

So…what would you do? Do you crave a bit of voyeurism or perhaps a moment of public display where you’re trying something in a crowded restaurant? Have you ever gone without panties and perhaps engaged in a wicked tryst in a bathroom somewhere or before a tall bank of windows? Maybe you have hungered to be seen by strangers as you enjoy your body being ravaged by your man or your lady?

My thoughts…if it’s not against the law and you both consent then enjoy. Here’s a taste of our hero and heroine doing just that and trust me…the rest of the story is far more wicked indeed. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

I warn you…this is “x” rated!


Halle Tremont loved kinky sex. When the mysterious phone call came in the middle of a busy morning at her office commanding her to remove her panties, she was shocked, but she removed them. Unfettered by his shameless request, she stood in front of the window allowing her voyeur to see all of her as she engaged in a little play. There was little she wouldn’t do for the mystery man that garnered her attention and allowed her to revel in her kinky side. Her lover, Snake Brennon, wanted her hot and hungry and their wicked affair had thrown them into some interesting positions; making love in the middle of an elevator, at his construction site and in a restaurant bathroom. There was nothing they wouldn’t try. However, Snake knew what she really craved and with the help of her best friend and one very exotic party, set out to fulfill her every fantasy.

The first? Being pampered by several hand selected masked male volunteers to pleasure her naked body in the glistening pool while the guests observed. The second? A night of uninhibited passion as she lay bound, gagged and blindfolded. Enlisting the help of the same secret lovers, he was determined to give her the most uninhibited night of her life. The questions remained, who were the stunning men and could she savor the salacious acts or would the final kinky event put an end to their relationship?


Halle glanced at her reflection one last time and smiled. Wouldn’t her stuffy office mates be shocked to see her in such a kinky little outfit? My, my, she imagined their minds were reeling from Steven’s comments already as they stood hovering over the coffee pot in the break room wondering just what their seemingly high powered boss was in to. She giggled and knew her scandalous look would definitely add fuel to the already raging fire. If they saw her. Too bad none of them were invited to Kimberly’s little event. She glanced into the mirror as she added the final touches of vixen red-hot lipstick and Obsession cologne.

Wearing a scarlet bustier and matching thong, stockings of the sheerest black and leopard stilettos with four-inch heels, she looked hot and spicy. Erotic. Somehow she knew Snake would prefer that she went to the party in nothing else, but she added a supple black leather skirt that hugged her every curve. It was short enough that there was no doubt where his hand would be the majority of the night. Directly on her ass. What was his comment? You are stunning in everything and especially nothing.

Laughing and grabbing two vibrantly colored masks from the entryway table, Halle flung open the door and her smile instantly turned feral. One glance and her mouth watered.

“Oh my, you look good enough to eat,” she breathed.

Wearing burnished chestnut leather pants and a tight white shirt that perfectly accentuated long days in the gym, Snake was stunning. It was the sight of his swelling bulge pushing through the supple material that stopped Halle’s breath.

“Really? Well in that case, we have a few minutes.” Snake closed the door and pressed her against the wall, his mouth crushing hers savagely. His tongue pushed past her lips to taste and tempt her into a smoldering puddle. He ground his cock into her belly as his hand slid down from her waist and just under the edge of her skirt, tickling. Caressing.

Halle moaned and the second his fingers slid up her inner thigh, she melted into him. Her pussy trickled past the thin elastic and she resisted the urge to wiggle. Her nipples swelled and ached as they pressed against the tight confines of the bustier. She gazed into Snake’s eyes and trembled, desperately needing to taste the gorgeous god like creature. No man had ever turned her on as completely as Snake. She broke the frantic kiss that stole her breath and stared into his lust filled eyes that sparkled like diamonds from his wicked need to consume her very flesh.

“God, I want you,” she begged.

“You’ll have to wait to have all of me until the party.” He chose that instant to thrust his fingers inside her molten heat as his thumb skimmed over her swollen clit.

“Oh fuck!” Halle grabbed his arm, holding it in place as he sank inside wildly, driving her up on her tiptoes. “Yes…Jesus…oh…” Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as his fingers flexed open and closed and she shivered knowing she would erupt in a blazing fire from his ravaging touches.

“This is what you get for teasing me today.” Snake lowered his head and breathed a line down from the tip of her earlobe to the crest of her chin, nibbling her tender flesh as he pushed into her folds, slickened from intense desire. “You are so wet, so hot.”

Panting, she squirmed as his breath cast a think haze of perspiration trickled between the swell of her breasts. Her nipples strained against the tight material of her top causing a sting of tenderness and the tiny satin strings that held the outfit together began unfurling.

“Maybe you should take this off. I want you naked.”

“No.” Halle breathed as she tried to tie the strands.

Snake pushed her hands aside and chuckled. “Yes.”

Now in complete control of her, he thrust in and out of her overheated body with enough force her head bobbed against the wall. “Oh…you…oh…” He continued the intense moves driving in and out with wild abandon as she succumbed to his strong hand and the pleasure that raced through her body. Suddenly all light and sound disappeared as her pussy clenched tightly over his hand. Her climax so violent, her body slammed back against the wall until her legs buckled.  A ragged scream erupted from her as she clawed his arm.

“Cum again girl. Cum so I can see hear you scream out my name and beg me to fuck you.” In and out he plunged, watching her body shaking.

The sheer ecstasy drove her over the edge quickly, only this time the scream was silent. As the rolling wave of rapture flowed and ebbed, she fluttered her lashes to stare into his cornflower blue eyes, still brimming with a dark craving. When he released her, she slid down the wall to her knees. She had to taste the cock that drove her nearly insane.

“Seems like my woman is very hungry indeed.” Snake allowed her to tug his button fly, jerking the button and zipper until she freed his throbbing erection.

“Yes, I want more than just a taste. I want it all.” Using both hands, she wrapped her fingers around the massive shaft, milking and pumping with gentle touches. Halle lowered her head and licked from the tip down under his cock to his balls, savoring the rich flavor of the man. Taking one into her mouth, she gently suckled the tender flesh until he moaned and grabbed her hair, holding her in place.

“Yes! So damn good. Suck me baby. Your mouth is so hot.”

“Mmmm…” She laved the other sac until it was swollen, the veins pulsing against his leg. Licking under his balls and back over in lazy circles, she gripped his ass jerking him forward. Her lithe fingers draped over the base of his cock, caressing. Halle kissed and nibbled her way back up his shaft until she reached his blood engorged tip. Her favorite little torture was licking in darting circles around and around.

“Don’t tease me baby. Suck me.”

Her intentions were nothing but to tease, perhaps torture. Halle grazed her tongue across the sensitive slit as the first creamy drops of pre-cum spilled into her mouth.

“Mmmm…so good,” Halle purred.

It was never enough. She loved the taste of him, salty and sweet. Unable to resist any longer, she took just the head into her mouth, her tongue continuing its hungry assault as her hands massaged and pulled, bringing him to an agonizing grunt. She knew exactly how to jerk him to the precipice of ecstasy and push him back. Quite frankly, she could suckle him for a full hour.

But Snake was having none of her naughtiness. Grabbing her head, he pushed her down the length of his cock in one smooth motion. “I said, suck me baby.”

Purr…what do you think? Hot enough for you? Tell me and I’ll use the hottest one in my next Tales From Lucifer’s Lair – my naughty ongoing series…Can you…Dare to Take the Plunge?

Kisses   xxx



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