A Taste of Wicked Wager Among Friends


Veronica hungered for her best friend Travis and while they had never been intimate, the sparks flew between them. Too bad there were complications. Yet she decided to kick up the heat and issue a wager between them. If Travis won the snazzy game of pool then she’d become his sex slave for 24 luscious hours. If she won, then he’d have to fulfill her wildest sexual fantasy.

Releasing April 24th from Rebel Ink Press – enjoy a taste of something hot!

“Shut up for once.” Veronica dragged him in the darkest corner of the room and pushed his tense body against a wall with enough force his eyes flew open. She had never been aggressive with any male, but she was going to lose him if she didn’t do something rash to gain his attention. There was no doubt in her mind that she simply had to unleash the burning desire that she had seen glimpses of for her. She knew by the look in his eyes, the beast wanted out.


“I said shut the hell up friend.” She nibbled on her bottom lip trying to figure out how to go about this. She sighed. Jumping in with both feet mentally, she slid her body against his and pressed him tightly against the wall. Her breasts hit him squarely in the middle of his chest. She purred and dangled her fingers around his waist. Inviting. Begging.

“Veronica.” His voice was barely a whisper.

She tucked her fingers around a lose strand of his gorgeous hair and eased her face toward his. Their mouths met easily and she crushed hers onto the softest pair of sensuous lips that she had ever tasted. Supple and sweet, they were like the freshest cherries plucked in the heat of summer. Yum. Oh dear lord let his body respond. She parted his lips with her tongue and eased her hands up to his solid chest, palming his breasts over his crisp linen shirt. She worked her tongue deep inside, kissing him hard and wild from all the years of pent up obsession, and while he didn’t resist, he wasn’t pawing at her either.

Had they both been so mistaken all these months of teasing and tempting?

Travis remained completely still and as uncomfortable as she had ever seen him, quivering. Shaking. Finally he moaned, yielding to her touch.

Veronica could tell that every nerve in his body raced with a fever that his body was unable to contain. Fear and desire ran rampantly, speeding into full throttle.

He broke the kiss gently, his voice remaining husky. “Veronica. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me? Travis, I’m not fragile. I know what you need and what you crave and I can be that girl, for both you and Jonathan. If that’s what you want.” Just saying the words meant so much to her. Repressed her entire life, this event was nothing short of extraordinary and so very exciting. She pressed her hips into his and slid her groin across the slight bulge in his jeans. Her fingers danced through the unbuttoned shirt, casually tracing a line down through his soft chest hairs. She felt the first pulsing of his cock pressing into her. Becoming famished, she was like a kid in a candy store showing the young boy how a woman could tease him, play with him and bring him to new heights of pleasure. Gingerly, she feathered her lips across his until the heat between them fueled a fire that burned deep within.

He pulled her shivering body tightly to his chest, tipping her head back as he forced his tongue into the dark recesses of her mouth. Their tongues entwined, tasting. Sipping. For long moments the slice of wanton passion became a ravenous statement of their desires. Travis moaned into the kiss as his hands brushed across her waist, feathering sensual touches up and down her back. As he held her nestled into the heat of his body, he caressed with wild abandon, from her neck down to the roundness of her ass.

Veronica sensed the tiny changes in his body and his breathing as the hint of a ragged breath took over and his cock sizzled into her belly. Hot and wet sounds escaped his lips. “Mmmm.” She pulled back long enough from the embrace to slide her tongue along the sensitive underside of his neck as her fingers inched their way down his chest to his slender waist and to the tapered edge of his jeans. Her fingers glazed over his crotch and she fought to hold in her own whimper. Shooting stars flooded her vision as her breathing came in scattered pants. “Oh, Travis. You are somethin’.” She was turning him on. My, oh my! She feathered his cock with soft touches and gentle yet hungry feminine hands meant to show him how sizzling being with a woman could be. She whimpered as her fingers brought his shaft to a full erection and felt her pussy clench in anticipation.

Travis growled, eased back and stared into her eyes. His were filled with a blazing need, yet a shadow fell across his face. “Veronica, you sure you know what you are doing?”



She cupped his cock and fought dropping to her knees.

“God, you are bad.” His smile was laced with a wicked grin. He hesitated briefly before he captured her lips and the kiss took on a crazed hunger, hot and wild. Wet and wanton. His lips traced hers, unforgiving and thirsty, as they both moaned, their bodies crushing together tightly. Travis broke the kiss only long enough to stare into her glazed eyes. “Damn you taste so ripe and juicy I could imagine doing this for hours. This feels so much better than I had imagined. Jesus! What the hell are you doing to me girl?”

A whispered whimper escaped her mouth as his hips rocked into hers. Breathless, she unfastened his top button and wiggled her fingers in side his skin-tight jeans. Her ragged breathing beat against his neck and her eyes fluttered, allowing her long lashes to graze his now molten skin. “Who me?”

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Kisses  xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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