Power Struggle – a very early taste

I’m been telling some of my saucy lady friends about my first complete m/m story that is the third in a series of Tales From Lucifer’s Lair. Power Struggle tells the tale of two men, Cole and Ryker – who are just about as opposite as they can be…or are they?

Cole is a sensuous chocolate laced man that had a budding career in pro football before an injury sidelined him. Taking to advising people on their financial wealth, he was let go in a heated battle and only managed to find a job as a bartender at the Flamingo Rustler.

Ryker, aka Randolph Marks is hiding from the world. A wealthy man, he took a leave of absence from his company, hiding behind his biker persona to find himself after his fiance ran away with a younger version of himself. Torn between his family business and his hunger for Cole, he almost loses his business right before his eyes.

Keep in mind – not edited at all yet guys – even once so forgive anything. But I thought you might like a little slice of what’s to come. Enjoy Power Struggle.

Cole growled and thrust his way through the dense crowd, pushing the men aside, heading for the large group of rowdy bikers. “What the hell is going on here?” While he was not normally Billy Bad Ass, on that night he had dressed exactly like one with steel-toed boots and a tight black tee shirt. He looked dark and dangerous with his long dreads and chocolate skin and at that moment he was damn glad God had given him more than a fair share of masculinity.

“Oooohhhh…you gonna stop us?” A snarling voice came from the middle of the crowd.

“Yeah, I am.” Cole eyed the slender bartender that hugged the back wall. What in the hell was Mick doing having a kid man the bar? “Candy? You okay?” he hissed and jerked two strong bikers out of his way.

“I’m fine,” she snarled.

‘The lady’s with us.” The heavily tattooed man drifted in front of him, pressing a single finger into Cole’s chest.

Cole stopped and stared down slowly at the brazen action as he sensed two more flanking the aging blond. “Remove your finger or lose it.”

“Oh, a threat. Hmmm…let me think.”

As the biker took a swing, Cole pushed him hard, forcing him against the side of a pool table. This was not going well. “You’re out of here!” He pointed back and forth between the men, keeping his eyes pinned on their actions. They were drunk all right and along with their sex drives, they could prove to do some damage.

The friends crept closer, snarling as they shook their heads. “Think you’re messing with the wrong boys,” the taller one said, his whisper laced with dark anger.

Out of the corner of his eye, Cole saw Candy shift through the crowd. While she didn’t look any worse for wear, she was one pissed off little gal.

“Out now and when you cool off, you can come back to the bar,” Cole warned, realizing the other two were about to take him down. He stepped back, ready for a fight.

“You gonna make me?’ The first man hissed, getting in Cole’s face.

“Yeah, I am,” Cole said quietly, his eyes dancing back and forth across the three bullies. He bristled and ducked as the first swing came, the force and clear inebriation of the straggly man threw his body forward.

He landed with his hands on the edge of the pool table and instantly swung around, fists raised.

Go! Go! Go!

As the second man gathered Cole’s shirt in his hands and shoved him hard, preparing to pepper him with harsh blows, Cole snarled, jerking free and sent the stunned man pitching into the crowd. At that moment he knew he was in deep shit. Second day on the job and he had started a riot. “Fuck!”

The next several seconds played out in slow motion as the majority of the customers filled in a circle around them, grinning, raising their fists and chanting like wild dogs.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Candy pushed her way toward Cole and held out her hands. “Stop it, boys! This is nuts.”

“You takin’ up for him sugar?” The blond man grinned, jerked her into the heat of his body and flicked her nipple. “He can’t have a taste until I’m done snackin’ on you!”

Yanking out of his slippery hold, she placed her hands on her hips and stood to her full height, glaring at him. “You couldn’t handle me so don’t waste my time.”

Cole cringed realizing the boys were no longer playing games. “Go get Lurch, now!” he demanded, forcing her toward the back door. At least the hulking bouncer could help contain and throw them out.

“I can handle them,” Candy snarled.

“Out!” he yelled as fists were raised and the three men stumbled forward, surrounding him.

It was the booming voice that everyone heard first. It was the shattering of glass that they heard second.

“Enough!” The deep rumble thrashed through the crowd, bouncing off the dark paneling.

Cole tipped his head as the large golden-haired God like man swept through the crowd, pushing the men aside like they were toy solders. The rumbling of his humongous frame as he pounded the tile floor resonated throughout the room like a jagged bolt of white-hot heat. “Shit!” You go big man.

“You heard the nice folk here. Leave the woman alone or you will have to deal with more than the hired help, boys.”  The man snarled and grabbed the aging blond, lifting him like a rag doll.

Cole smiled as the captive man’s eyes grew wide. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Candy grinning wickedly before backing out of the Lair. He hissed at the remaining two, relishing the way they slunk into the shadows.

“If you want a show boys, take it outside and without the lady. You got it or do I need to give you a tasty little reminder?” The hulking hero cocked his head, his eyes shimmering as he licked his lips and leaned into he shaking man, breathing a single puff of air into his face.

Tick Tock. Cole thought for sure the asshole was going to try and take on the carved hunk.

“We were just leavin’” Huffing, the tattooed man snarled, yet he refused to look the hero in the eye.

“Trouble in here, boss man?” Lurch said, leaning against the doorjamb.

“I think we got it.” Cole eyed the large man and sighed, feeling his blood sizzle throughout his body. While Lurch was the epitome of dark and dangerous with his long shaggy dark hair and oversized torso, the stunning blond had to stand at least six foot seven and built like a brick shit house. Suddenly breathless, he realized his heart was beating raggedly. The man turned him on with his serious bravado, kick ass attitude and that damn sexy body. The long tall drink of water was exactly what Cole hungered for. Blinking back his lust, he nodded to Lurch and smiled. “I think we have some really good customers in the Lair.” He turned back to face the show and smiled.

While the blond kept the snarl on his face, it was his dancing cerulean blue eyes, full of mischief and a slam dunk unknowing that forced the bully to shrink like a wallflower. Blondie was obviously having fun playing hero.

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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3 Responses to Power Struggle – a very early taste

  1. Sharita lira says:

    NICCCEEE You are a tease!

    Well done to say its unedited!


    • behalle says:

      I hope you really like – I know a PG teaser but tomorrow – something hotter. It is – haven’t even read it back once so I took a gamble but… I wanted you to really look at it 🙂


  2. cindy says:

    u know Bethany I love your sexy stories 🙂 Keep em coming . Hugs


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