Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire is out early!!

In honor of my latest release, I want to say a huge thank you to Rebel Ink Press as they continue to believe in me. I’ll give you a naughty little excerpt for your reading pleasure and then you are tasked with buying multiple copies!  LOL

Tell me first, have you ever considered doing something in an alternate lifestyle such as swinging or perhaps tasting some masked men that you have never met before and in front of a dazzling group of people? Do you think you could be uninhibited enough to partake in a very naughty party where nothing is held back but your lack of imagination?

I think we all are curious about tasting something a bit provocative but aren’t certain that we can allow ourselves to go into that delicious realm of the unknown. I have been talking with my fellow writers in a closed group on Facebook, Naughty Romance Writers about the wildest thing we have all done sexually and whether or not we’ve written about it.

For the record, seems like we have done something more than a bit naughty!  150 posts later and oh my, the pages were burning. Gave me some naughty ideas too!  So…here’s the link on All Romance E-Books and of course it’s available at Bookstrand, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble as well! Enjoy the taste, but be careful – it might burn you.

Thor, Zeus and Poseidon surrounded her, each an equal distance apart. They wore their masks like badges of mystery and waited. But there was no doubt what they had in mind.

Snake watched her confusion, her desire building and the terror that threatened every ounce of her resistance. He knew she wanted to let go, to move into an erotic zone of taste and touches. Halle longed to be the woman she’d fantasized about for years, there was no doubt in his mind. He slowly removed his shirt and walked toward the edge of the pool. “Let it go sunshine, all your inhibitions, every concern. They’ll take care of you until I join. Trust them and believe in me.”

Halle glanced in his direction, her eyes blinking furiously, but finally after thoughtful seconds, she nodded.

The full moon allowed Snake to see their every action and he sighed as he watched the masked men moving forward like predators. The waters of the wading pool weren’t deep and he was able to see the majority of her luscious body as she stood waiting. Wondering. He grew hungry, but was determined to play out the event.

Poseidon took her hand, intertwining their fingers together as he drew her close to his body and back toward the dancing waterfall. A single light cast its luminescent halo around them. Thor moved directly behind her and eased her back toward his body, his cock firmly beating into the flesh of her ass. Halle whimpered as Zeus reached out and cupped her breast, kneading her pebbled nipple as his other hand moved over her belly, caressing gently downward until he hit the edge of the water. She turned her gaze to Poseidon who lowered his head and brushed his lips across hers. Pulling back, his tongue darted out, sweeping her lips. Halle moaned and closed her eyes.

Obviously encouraged, the three creatures of lust began touching her intimately, allowing their fingers to dance down her body. Erotic touches. Soft whispers. Poseidon’s lips crushed hers. His fingers pinched her nipple while Zeus squeezed the other. Thor slid his hands around her hips allowing his fingertips to float across the heat of her belly and down until he found her soft hairs.

Halle lolled her head back into Thor’s chest as his fingers found her cunt under the pulse of the water. Light mists of the waterfall showered over them from the wafting breeze and the humid air. “Oooohh…aaahhh…yyyyeeessss. God, I am so wet.” Her eyes were closed, her lips parted and her arms dangling. Beads of perspiration trickled down the side of her face mixing seductively with the drizzle of the cascading stream.

Thor leaned over and kissed the side of her cheek, his tongue gathering the salty beads. Snake glanced up at the window seeing movement. They were being watched just as planned. This was an erotic performance meant to excite the crowd into a raging frenzy. Their shadowed forms teased the audience. He chuckled as he removed the remainder of his clothes and gazed back at the three men pleasuring the only woman he wanted to share such an experience with. It was one experience that Snake hoped she would never forget.

Thor thrust his fingers in her pussy with one hand while he kept the other firmly planted on her hip, rubbing her ass back and forth across his cock. Halle’s hand moved back to hold his neck just as both Poseidon and Zeus lowered their heads and began suckling her breasts, giving her long and languishing licks. From her manic actions it was easy to see she was on fire and her glistening face showed her shameless need.

Snake eased into the pool, keeping his distance as the three men altered their hands, their tongue, their mouths over and inside the moist heat of her body.

Thor took his dripping fingers and slid them down the crease of her ass until he found the tight opening to her most forbidden spot. Halle’s eyes flew open and arching her back, she pushed her ass back to him, accepting the invasion and encouraging his fingers to slice into her. Thor pushed first one and then a second finger inside with enough force she jumped. Ripples of the water danced around them.

“Oh God!” Halle moaned loudly as the anguish rode her face. She licked her lips and tried to focus as her eyes searched the darkness.

Snake could see her apprehension as the dichotomy of pain and pleasure showered her senses. There was no doubt she was searching for him.

Zeus and Poseidon both fingered her pussy, rubbing her clit, pinching the tender flesh as their mouths sucked her nipples into long tight peaks. Their fingers worked in a sinful orchestration of movements, sultry and sensuous as they pulsed in and out of her pussy, one after the other.

“Ooohhhh…shit.” Halle moaned and her eyes caught Snake as he moved closer toward the erotic dance. “So good. Who are you?” She giggled and tossed her head. “Amazing, that’s what you all are.”

Snake heard her tiny voice floating over the din of the waterfall. He stole one last glance toward the audience that was pressed to the glass and at the others that stood on the deck silently, watching. Waiting. Guests that yearned to join in on their act of blatant sin, they gave a quiet nod of approval. He inched closer and could see that Halle was close to orgasm.

Thor pressed another finger inside her tight ass, now thrusting vigorously through the water, creating steady ripples that floated across the surface. He said nothing as he drove into her, forcing her body forward into the two men that continued their aggressive assault.

“Cum baby. Cum on their fingers.” Snake whispered moving closer still.

Halle’s eyes fluttered open and then closed as her fingers dug into the arms of the two men that were fucking her pussy shamelessly.

“Touch them princess. Touch their cocks. Feel how much they want to drive into you.”

Obeying Snake’s command without question, Halle dropped her hands into the water, grasping their thick cocks, holding and caressing. Her mouth pursed and she blew out a stream of air.

Enjoy a saucy video treat:

Hope you enjoy

Kisses   xxx


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