Another Naughty Taste of Ride the Wild Pony

Just thought I would give you another taste. It’s a hot little number and since I seem to be enjoying writing all I can about my saucy little restaurant, I wanted to give you a taste of things to come. Imagine thinking about my hot Aussie man with his long blond hair and deep blue eyes whispering to her as he rides her hot and wet…

This would wake me up, wouldn’t it you?

The morning dawned far too early in Nicky’s mind. She lay in bed staring at the ceiling fan and wondered what in the hell she had done. Kicking her feet on the bed, the throbbing in her head reminded her. She had delved into the very depths of hell. Closing her eyes, she willed the sultry event away. Why? Hell, everyone knew she and Mick would end up in bed together but to do in the supply room of his restaurant? Was she out of her mind?

Turning her head slowly, she glared at the clock. The weekly staff meeting was in an hour and a half. Get out of bed! Growling, she slowly sat up and the woozy feeling kept her right where she was for several minutes. Groaning, she placed her head into her hands and instantly the feel of him inside her pussy sent a raging series of shivers directly deep inside her cunt.

The man was large enough that she was going to feel him for the rest of the day. Why did she say that like it was such a horrible thing? The sex had been carnal and incredible and his kisses reminded her of ones she could do for long moments, lounging in front of a roaring fire. The taste of his sweet cum somehow remained in her stale mouth, or perhaps it was his musky scent, all male that she wore on every inch of her body. Either way, she was in deep shit.

Nicky French was falling hard for the rough-hewn man that could have any girl he wanted. For some reason he wanted her. So why did she feel guilty? Because you are just going to be a number with him, stupid. You fucked him and now he’s going to forget you exist. Damn, she hated her little voice. But that is absolutely what she expected. He was a ride ‘em hard and leave ‘em fast kind of guy. Every time she was at the restaurant she saw him with a different girl hanging all over him. Then there was that nagging feeling she locked away in the back of her mind ever since she snooped one day in his office. Stop it!

Finally managing to rise to her feet, she grumbled all the way into the bathroom, reminding herself to schedule a cat scan. She eyed her reflection and laughed. The combination of ugly bags from drinking and the warm glow of being freshly fucked just didn’t seem right. Climbing into the shower, she prayed that Mick would forget the entire damning, wonderful, delicious experience.

There wasn’t a part of her body that didn’t ache from his rough and rugged taking of her. She grabbed the bath sponge, her legs trembling as she thought about his tempting cock, thrusting in and out of her hard and fast. She ran the netting down and back up her body, concentrating on her breasts, circling the mesh around and around until her nipples became rock hard. Breathing deeply, Nicky eased back against the cold tile, realizing she was turned on as hell. Lord girl, what’s gotten into you?

Nicky adjusted the showerhead and tossed the sponge to the side as she spread her legs open. Reaching up, she grabbed her waterproof vibrator and flipped the switch. Licking her lips, she grazed it across her lips, enjoying the sensations of the wicked little pulsating action. As she eased the thick hot pink toy down her chin, she traced a lazy set of circles over her nipple. Closing her eyes, Nicky could envision the sheer rapture dancing across his face as she sucked his big, fat cock, squeezing his balls until he groaned.

Pinching her nipple, she winced as the slice of pain forced a trickle of her juice to ooze down her thigh. Nicky pressed the toy down her stomach slowly, excitement surging through her loins. Masturbating was a wonderful treat, but there was no doubt it wasn’t nearly as good as the real thing. “Mmmm…God, Mick, what have you done to me?” She panted and teased her swollen clit, sliding the naughty toy back and forth as she took her other nipple between her fingers, clenching as hard as she could stand.

“Shit!” The dichotomy of pain and pleasure forced her legs to quiver, threatening to drop her to her knees. She grazed the toy around her clit in circle after luxurious circle, as her pussy muscles clenched. Pressing the vibrator down, she opened her legs wider as a blatant offering, wishing to God that Mick were there to taste her, tease her, eat her with a ravenous abandon. Every sinful thought about the rugged man who knew exactly how to turn her on made her quiver. Pushing just the tip of the toy inside her wet heat, she moaned and grabbed the shower bar, struggling to remain on her feet.

With wild abandon, Nicky thrust the entire length of the toy inside her cunt, just the way Mick had done with his cock, taking her to new heights of complete ecstasy with a single stroke. “Oh God!” Blinking furiously, her muscles gripped the pulsing invasion, dragging it further into the deep recesses of her pussy. She panted, her breathing ragged as she flipped the switch to high.

Instantly she jerked away from the wall as the tingling sensations burned within her, sending a shower of electric jolts thrashing through her system. On fire and hungry as hell, she pulsed the toy in and out harder and faster, as her blood sizzled from the wild actions. Her heart thumping, she could hear the echo in her ears as she continued the delicious act, thrusting in again and again.

Barely able to see from the dancing shimmers of light that marred her vision, Nicky bit back the scream, fearful her townhouse neighbors would call the police. The thought giving her a bubbling chuckle, she plunged the delicious toy in harder still and could feel the orgasm just on the cusp. Nicky pinched her nipple, sending white-hot shards of jolts slamming into her body. Sheer exhaustion and a shameless feeling of rapture sent her mind into overdrive and as she slid to her knees, the water cascading down across her body like a dancing waterfall, she threw her head back and roared.

In and out she thrust as the blinding orgasm rattled her body, sizzled her blood to the point she could no longer breathe. The first climax became two and then the wave struck her until she could no longer move. Simply allowing the roaring tidal wave to drench her system, Nicky breathed in and out as she struggled to control her blood pressure. “Oh…my….Gawd!” Giggling, she flopped her hand into the water and pressed the back of her hand over her mouth.

When she finally opened her eyes, she could envision Mick’s sexy as hell face staring back at her, licking his lips and wanting more. Requiring more. Swallowing hard, Nicky fought to stand, teetering on the edge of falling. “Mick, oh Mick, what am I going to do with you?” Then again, what the hell was she going to do about their torrid affair?


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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