Deception, Domination & Hunted Desire

As promised – I thought I would bring you a fairly sinful taste of my upcoming release and the first full length novel. Imagine if you were hurt by your fiance – finding him in bed with a much younger version of you. Then try having to endure a bridal shower – how wretched. Until you find out about one very shameless game. Spin the Wheel forces the contestants to enter into a very naughty contest. The catch? The lovely ladies have to write a sizzling story and the winner who not only completes the wicked task, but also writes about it will be published in the bride’s publishing house. Just imagine….

Anastasia Rathbone had the craziest friends in the world and all enjoyed games of the heart. Each successful, they gathered for a bridal shower complete with a wicked contest to tempt their sinful hungers…Spin the Wheel of Lust. The fantasy each landed on was either ripped from the headlines or nothing more than someone’s wanton desire. It was something Stacy needed after her long time conservative boyfriend dumped her for a younger version. The girl successful in fulfilling the game requirements first was to pen a story for the bride’s publishing house and the erotic tease would be published.

Her fated selection? Find two island men on her vacation in St. Maartin that spoke no English and perform the art of submission. As Stacy and her best friend, Betsy, departed for the island, they were both apprehensive but excited. One moonlit night, two French dreamboats in dark chocolate and mocha flavorings appeared and a naughty tryst of sex and domination brought Stacy and her two mysterious lovers to a boiling point. The trouble was, they were falling for each other and they only knew first names. As the week came to an end, her men pulled away, leaving her shocked and angry. A heavy round of deception of their own threatened their happiness. An overheard conversation and intense sleuthing by Betsy finally brought out the complete truth and none of them was immune to the anguish of lying. All three had one chance to come clean, but would the contest intervene and their love lost forever?

Naughty Excerpt

He broke the kiss and whispered, his tone a husky velvet glove. “Je te veux.” Waiting for a mere moment as if to see if she understood, he gently took her hand in his, kissing her fingers with a soft caress.

She didn’t need to understand the language to know what he had said to her. I want you. She shuddered in acceptance and need. Oh, wicked girl, so bad yet…so yummy.

He pulled her gingerly along the barely illuminated stone path toward the waterfall under the moonlit sky and guided her behind the splashing water. The dimly lit cavern glowed from the sliver of the moon and pulsed from the dancing waters. The darkly shadowed alcove was directly out of her dreams, a secret cubbyhole to ignite their fire of passion.

Stacy shivered from every touch, every stolen glance and yet as the moment of her mind screaming no, it was the instinct, the desire that reminded her that she was very much a woman. Whether the mysterious stranger was dark and dangerous, her decision was firm. She gave into temptation.

His body pressed against hers for that quiet moment of blissful temptation telling her exactly what he wanted, what he hungered for. There was on doubt that he was going to take her roughly and as he thrust her body hard against the hard cold rock, he grazed the length of his hardness into her belly, reminding her that he was all male. The smile became a sinful dance of desire, waiting, yet his breath cascaded down across her cheeks as he whispered words of longing.

He was asking to become her lover, her midnight fantasy.

Stacy swallowed hard and as every rational thought about the insanity of being alone with a mysterious enchanting stranger flowed threw her mind, she threw it all away and hungered for more. She craved the man with the stunning mocha skin more than she had any other lover. Her pussy fluttered with an insane desire, an irrational need and a burning wildfire of electric current that had to be sated. She nodded. “Please.”

The stunning unknown lover kissed her with such wondrous passion that every sensation of his thirst for her cascaded in slow drifts across her body. He tipped her head back and thrust his tongue down her throat, exploring every angle of her hot mouth. His feral grunts matched her moans of ecstasy sending a shimmer of goose bumps dancing across their arms. His kisses were rough and needy and Stacy had never felt such a sweeping thirst that transformed them both in to beasts longing for more.

Her nipples tingled, her breasts swelling from the friction of their bodies melding together in an orchestration of light and sound. Her vision became clouded with the haze of lust. Wild. Wanton. It was nothing but a crazed desire that she desperately wanted and prayed would never end, manic and perfect allowing a change in the wicked woman that she no longer knew. Excitement surged through her the moment she realized her vanilla laced boring little life was going to take the plunge into the unknown world of rapture.

His fingers eased down her neck to her shoulders and the kisses became long licks. His tongue followed a path down to her chin, nibbling the underside of her neck, tasting the trickle of moisture and down to her collarbone. He concentrated on tasting her easily. Softly. Whispering words of encouragement as his body moved against hers, she shivered. His voice was sensuous, laced with such a husky yearning that she would barely hear the tempting rhyme. His hands grasped the straps of her dress and he briefly pulled back to stare at her beauty. “Oui.” He laughed and licked his lips.

Stacy’s legs wobbled as her breathing became ragged with short nearly breathless pants the moment she felt his hands slide across her breasts, kneading and caressing. In the shadowy darkness, she could barely make out his features, but there was that understanding that he was the man she had dreamed of and longed for. How she wanted to see her lover, the man who already drove her wild, the man whose exotic fragrance filled her very soul as he shimmied against her fiery skin. She reached out to him and glided her hands over his smooth chest, hidden partially from the crisp shirt. He moaned softly as her fingers caressed his breasts, his firm nipples. The luxurious scent of him filled her nostrils, igniting that naughty girl side of her that wanted to devour every inch of his body. His exotic fragrance was rich in warm vanilla and ripe figs. Sensuous. Scintillating.

Lowering the straps down her arms and as the dress fell below her full breasts, he purred. “Tellement parfaite.”

The husky sound of his deep timbre forced a shiver racing down her spine and slicing into her pussy. Her panties were instantly soaked and tiny beads trickled past the sliver of elastic and down her quivering legs. Dear God how could she feel so much wanton hunger for him? But she did. She had to have him. Inside. Pulsating. Filling her.

He eased his massive hands over her breasts and she shuddered feeling a white-hot sensation of delicious apprehension. His fingers circled her nipples and he pinched each tight bud between his thumb and forefinger until she moaned, bucking against the wall. The crisp hint of pain made her pussy clench, her clit throb. He lowered his mouth to suckle her diamond hard tip and Stacy became lost in the breathless passion.

She reached for his straining cock, stroking him through the linen fabric as she fumbled to free him. His belt. The button. The zipper.

He pressed the length of his body against hers, encouraging, inviting, begging her to take her fill. His motions frenetic, he suckled the other breast as his hands cupped both roughly.

Stacy shivered and placed hers on top, their fingers entwining, guiding, caressing. “Yes, touch me. Tease me.” Fuck me. God, where had the conservative girl gone?

His own needs became dangerously alive sending jolts of current through them both. The spray of the salty mist flared around them and the tiniest sparkles of water showered bead after bead across the flush of their faces. The effect caused both to strain toward the water, daring to take the plunge.

As she touched his throbbing cock, every part of her body tingled. “Oh…yes…” She tipped her head back as much as the dense rock would allow and blew tiny bubbles of desire past her pursed lips as she strained to learn about him. His cock was sheer art, oversized and so thick that as she swept her hands across the bulbous head, she quivered. Men were not supposed to be so well endowed and so very delicious. She slid her hands into the tight confines of his pants. Oh my he was so long she licked her lips and wanted nothing more than to slide her tongue over the pulsating tip savoring his pearl bead.

Hope you enjoyed…

Kisses  xxx



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