Have You Ever Craved Being Tied Up?

Have you ever longed to be completely blindfolded while you experience the most sizzling moment of erotic passion that you can imagine? Could you allow yourself to throw all your inhibitions to the wind and take a walk on the wild side with not just one man but four? Can you see being tied and displayed, ready for the stunning masked men to feast upon your naked body? That’s what Halle experiences in Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire. Enjoy another little taste and just imagine…could you? Would you?

From Rebel Ink Press…

Snake ground his hips against hers as he purred into her neck. “I think you’re ready for me. Keep your eyes closed and make a wish or four baby.” He placed the silk scarf around her eyes before she could react. “You’ll feel more of everything if you’re unable to see, sunshine.”

Halle’s blood pulsed through her. It wasn’t fear exactly but the apprehension of what he could do toyed with her imagination. She remained quiet as he took her hand.

“Come.” He guided her toward the bed. Picking her up gently, he laid her down onto the sheets directly in the center.

“What are you doing?” Every part of her body tingled.

“Shhh little one, no talking.”

She could see nothing but tiny shards of light that surrounded the very edge of the blindfold, yet he was right, every cell in her body was awakening. She strained to see anything as her hands were guided above her head, but the scarf was too tight. “What are you doing?”

“I told you no talking or I’ll spank your little ass.”

Snake’s chuckle was laced with a sinful baritone timbre. As soon as she felt the thin material, she knew what he was doing, binding her hands with the silk strands.

“No!” Shutting her mouth instantly, she whimpered as he tied her hands securely and within seconds turned her over onto her stomach. The sharp slaps across first one cheek and then the other while painful, flooded her pussy instantly. She panted as she realized she was lifting her ass to meet another series of hard spanks. She moaned in pleasure and pain, the dichotomy sharpened her senses, hardening her aching nipples. Already in a daze, she panted as he stopped suddenly.

“Now, will you obey me?” His voice scattered around her, the tone ominous.

“Yes.”  She felt the string being pulled on her gown and gasped. Oh, she could sense so many things and there was not a single part of her body that wasn’t tingling.

He turned her back over roughly and slid both hands down the sides of her cheeks to the edge of her chin and down to the swell of her breasts. Halle whimpered and licked her lips as his thick fingers grazed over her tight nipples, pinching first one and then the other. The hint of pain rushed through her as he squeezed both roughly.


“Mmmm, you are one delicious woman. Now you must be patient and wait for me to return. I won’t be long but you must remain silent.”

“No!” Another series of sharp pinches thrust her into silence.

“Obey me my lover.”

The mattress sprang up as Snake left it and Halle listened to his footsteps get further away, eventually leaving the room. She was left in silence, tied to the bed and aching from intense desire. She fought the whimper that threatened to expose her fear, her need and remained calm. Struggling with the bindings only once made her realize that she was his captive completely.

Halle tried to count the minutes, but for some reason she was devoid of understanding or the ability to tell how long she’d lain there. Shock reverberated through her as a hand graze over her breasts roughly and continued down the length of her belly. Snake hadn’t returned, had he? “What?”

Crack! The popping noise was in the distance, but the harsh sound alone made her jump and remain quiet. A flogger. What was happening? Moments ticked by and she grew more nervous yet her pussy continued to tingle in delicious anticipation.

Small sounds emulated around the room, and for the first time a slice of real fear rattled throughout her system. He wouldn’t leave her here alone would he? She strained to hear anything but between the sultry chords of the jazzy blues music and her thumping heart, there was nothing that she could detect.

Two hands caressed her thighs and she thrashed involuntarily, biting her tongue. Keep quiet. He had commanded her, but could she? The feel of the leather against her skin forced another shiver. Halle would recognize the implement of discipline anywhere. The cattails Snake had used only the weekend before after he’d tied her to a tree deep in the woods of the countryside were being used to tease her. Her mind flashed to the shameless event. He’d whipped her until she begged for him to fuck her. The memory was delicious.

In one swoop her legs were lifted and driven toward her chest. Massive hands held her tightly and she sensed the compression on the bed seconds before she felt a tongue slide across her tender clit. She struggled but it was no use. The feeling of the leather sliding down the length of her chest and across her exposed pussy was scintillating.

“Mmmm…” The voice was rugged and the purr was much deeper than Snake’s.

Who was her mysterious lover? She shivered as his tongue swept down to the opening of her pussy, licking her tenderly, gently. The rhythm of his tongue going up and down and across the swelling tissue drove her toward an orgasm quickly.


His hiss was dark and feral as he lapped up her cream, burying his tongue inside her heat, driving it inside as far in as he could. He eased his lips over her clit and sucked, pulling the tender flesh between his lips, past his teeth, biting down gently until she fought a scream.

“Please. So good.” Halle stopped short and shook her head from side to side as he repeated the move, driving a slice of pure rapture straight into the heart of her pussy. The man’s tongue was lethal.

The tip of his finger slid his across her sensitive clit drawing lazy circles as his tongue continued lapping her from the top of her tender flesh to the base of her pussy as she strained against the tight bindings. She knew she couldn’t hold back much longer. Every part of her body tingled and shivered at his wondrous touch, his rough tongue that licked and laved. Panting, she felt his fingers enter her, plunging inside to work in an erotic orchestration, mouth and fingers. In and out he thrust, driving her closer and closer to the edge of sanity, lapping her sweet honey as she moaned and twisted. God, she wanted to get to him. But he was having none of her movements. No, he was intent on holding her with strong hands as he assaulted her burning pussy.

It was at that moment as the climax raced around the bend in a tidal wave of anguished motion that she realized one set of hands held her while another plunged in and out of her, driving her into a heightened level of ecstasy. She tipped her head back and screamed as the insane combination of terror and rapture raced through her body. Two more hands grabbed her breasts, a head tipped toward her, locks of hair scraping over her breasts as lips eased over her nipples and suckled. “What? Where? Who?” Her voice became rattled as she tilted her head searching for any kind of answers.

From the distant side of the bed, she heard Snake’s voice. “I said no talking.” Then he chuckled from the distance. Pop!

Tell me – can you see yourself in Halle’s place? I certainly can…

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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