Well – how about another naughty taste…

Of Wicked Wager Among Friends tonight – it’ll be releasing April 20th from Rebel Ink Press and just got the edits finished. I’m very excited. Another great review today on another one of my naughty pieces and loving all of it. Here’s a taste my darlings and enjoy!

“Wait a minute, that’s not what you’ve been telling me.” Suddenly embarrassed, she stared into his eyes searching for the truth. Yes, he was in a casual relationship with Jonathan, another stunning and desirable man, but from what she’d been told, they were not exclusive. Travis had even teased about the three of them being in a relationship. Was it possible he’d been putting up a front? The thought surprised the hell out of her. Travis was upfront with everything. Always. Veronica couldn’t be more confused than if he said he was from another planet. “You told me you were bisexual,” she whispered the words as if saying them made them untrue.

“I did, I am. I think I am. Yes. Oh hell! I haven’t lied to you about wanting to try with us and perhaps with Jonathan, but I just didn’t tell you everything. That’s probably because I never thought you’d want to try what we have been talking about.” Travis sighed and looked away.

Oh boy, she was so unsure of what to say, but she flashed through every one of their serious late night conversations. She stole a glance at Victor who held a dangerously sullen look. Perhaps the neighborhood bar hadn’t been the appropriate place to try this. “Aren’t you the one that has told me before that it’s time to spice things up between us and take a few chances?”

Travis eyed the crowd. “I have and I meant that.”

“Okay then, Travis, aren’t you game? Has something changed? You’ve always told me that you’d try everything and anything once. Now’s your chance.” This was not going as well as she had hoped.


“Travis.” She knew how to work a room into a frenzied state and she was pulling out every little feminine trick she had. Standing with her feet as far apart as the skirt would allow, she bent over the pool table so he could catch a glimpse of her swollen breasts. She knew her sultry strawberry infused shampoo and musky perfume wasn’t lost on him either. He’d commented more than once that the fragrance was scintillating.

Travis paled and sipped his drink.

Veronica couldn’t help but notice the other strapping men in the room looking at him as if he was the biggest moron they had ever seen. Come on here guy work with me. “Travis?”

A pin could have dropped in the bar and been heard from the silence that had enveloped the room.

Veronica could easily tell that the entire joint was super-charged with electricity and there was no doubt, they knew she was hot and wet and horny. “Travis?” From somewhere she heard a clock ticking. “Travis?”

Travis shivered as he set his drink down with a thud and grabbed her wrist roughly, jerking her toward his chest sending trickles of her margarita sloshing over the edge of the glass. He stared down at the drink for a mere second before he turned his heated gaze back onto her face.

Veronica heard the gasps of the men around her. Surprised as hell herself, her eyes flew open and every nerve in her body danced from his touch. Wild jolts of current raced between their bodies with an energy that kicked up the emotion in the room another notch. “Yes?” Veronica managed.

“This is definitely not something anyone else needs to hear. Here’s the thing sweetheart. You’re one seductive lady and I’d be honored to be your first that way, but…but…I’ve only been with a woman once before and that didn’t go as well as I would’ve hoped. I told you I was bisexual because I’ve had some shameless and very kinky fantasies for you over the years, each of them casting you in the starring role. I crave your sultry little body and you know what? I want to dominate you and turn you into my submissive, but I don’t think you understand what that means. I thought you were exploring. Nothing more. So I teased and figured you’d never agree or want to enter into a naughty tryst. For you to want this is mind-boggling. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“You don’t think you can get it up?” Veronica blurted out the words without thinking and immediately noticed color marked his cheeks. She hadn’t meant to embarrass him. This couldn’t be happening. Could she be so freaking wrong about Travis?

Standing locked together both Veronica and Travis heard the thump, thump, thump of his heart beating against his chest. “Why is it suddenly so damn hot in this place?” he muttered sounding more annoyed than anything else.

Veronica hadn’t thought about Travis being more homosexual than hetero when she thought about his bisexuality and planned the wager. She wasn’t stupid and knew that entering into a relationship was something much larger than perhaps they were ready for, but delving into the things they had talked about was something else entirely. Honestly, she’d never imagined he might not be able to perform with a woman, let along her after all their titillating conversations. “Let me think a minute.” Veronica stalled, wondering how best to handle the challenge Travis provided.

Purr and kisses   xxx


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