Just a couple of thoughts about writers tonight

First of all, forgive me – I’m a bit pissed off tonight!

You know, nothing gets me going in that angry way more than insensitive people. I have blogged about indiscrimination recently and somehow we all think of that in a huge way – blacks and whites, gays…whatever or whomever we don’t seem to understand as humans, we have to have a negative opinion about.

So today I saw an email cross my desk that forced me to jump on Facebook enraged. I belong to a secret group of writers on FB, naughty writers to be exact. We compare marketing, give ideas on stories and ideas where we are having trouble finishing a scene, commiserate over rejections and drink champagne because of the wonderful reviews and new contracts.

We also talk about…gonna say it…assholes. You know the ones. The opinionated folks that have nothing better to do than to chastise you for whatever suits them. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that erotic writing and reading isn’t for everyone. I don’t push that on anyone. If you want to read one of my naughty pieces on BDSM or engage in a menage in your mind, please enjoy. If you need to shy away, no problem.

But DO NOT speak against the profession, the covers, the writing style or the people that write them. One of my lovely colleagues interviewed me for a very HOT HOT HOT blog on Naughty Nights Press and she created an event on Facebook for this. Now, while it may not seem like much to you, it takes a little time and not only do I feel honored being on her blog (thank you Miss Gina Kincade and love your site) but I also feel wonderful that she took the time to create the event. So a shout out here and please enjoy – for her site, not because of my guesting.


For the most part people were lovely on the event site. I did have one jerk that was angry with me (for assorted reasons) post “smut from a slut” before wiping it off. Sadly, it went to my phone before he, yes he, was able to do that. Don’t worry guys, I have a thick skin but I do get pissed when folks treat my buddies this way.

One of my buds was flabbergasted by a writer that did everything but try and burn her Facebook page down. She ran fast and hard from this love writer’s covers. COVERS people and if you’ve seen mine…mine are racy. Hers are beautiful. I can’t take it. It ranks right up there with the idiots that challenge my character because I write erotic romance. ROMANCE. Okay…enough of the soap box.

My thoughts  are a shout out to you fellow writers. If you don’t like the genre, that’s cool, just keep your mouth shut. I don’t malign what you write, whether it’s Christian based or something from the wild west. You deserve to enjoy your successes and so do we. Somehow hiding behind a computer gives us the right to be a jerk, right?

Give that a thought the next time you post something. You know what, we all have different likes and hates. That’s what makes our country and the rest of the world wonderful but…BUT…. remember that what you say, tweet, post, blog, email and vlog will be there – forever. Do you really want to be remembered by your negative comment or the quality of your writing and the good feelings you give those around you? Instead of blasting – offer advice and help to a fellow writer! You just might gain a friend.

My thought for the day…fired up and ready to take on the world

As always…Kisses   xxx


PS Join – my good friend BLMorticia with a hot little excerpt I’ll be posting on my Naughty Minx site later. She’s going to give you a taste of BDSM…hmmm

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Cassandre Dayne and DH Black are the pseudo's for the best selling author of erotic and paranormal romance, crime thrillers and horror novels
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20 Responses to Just a couple of thoughts about writers tonight

  1. It does seem like the Internet encourages a lot of “paper tigers” to post thoughtless remarks they would be much less likely to say to someone’s face. While every one is entitled to their opinion, some don’t seem able to differentiate expressing an opinion with melting someone’s face off with a venomous attack. It especially shocks me when another writer is the perpetrator, but sadly, questionable behavior like this does exist in our community. I wonder if they truly realize that there are many people who can and do ban books and tell friends to do the same when they disapprove of an author’s online behavior?


  2. Ugh. I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

    Back when I was writing erotic horror I had a fellow writer stalk me and threaten me, talking about how I must want all the things in my stories to happen to me or I wouldn’t write about them. *shakes head*

    Keep your chin up and the ink flowing, doll.


  3. WOW!! Tell us how you really feel, darlin’! LOL!
    Thank you so much for rushing to THAT particular authors defense. I am CERTAIN she APPRECIATES the HELL out of you and everyone else that chimed in!
    That EXCLUSIVE facebook group you belong to ROCKS!!
    Covers, blurbs etc., are the gateway to a readers attention and eventually heart. When and if they are a bit steamy, take it as a warning if you are not into erotic novels.
    It’s a shame though that this particular author was chastised for inappropriate covers when she isn’t an erotic author at all and the covers were barely PG.
    Closed minded people really don’t have a place in the world of romance. After all, it’s the one place on earth where we get to be who we always wanted to be and love how we always dreamed of loving and being loved!!!
    So glad that soap box was big enough for two!!!!


  4. Sharita lira says:


    Wow, the nerve of some people. I saw that post by Robin too. UNBELIEVABLE!

    Again, the power of the keyboard makes people have balls to say things they wouldnt say in person!



  5. Dawne Prochilo says:

    Eloquently stated Cassandre- I was raised like many of you…if you don;t have something nice to say, then don’t say it. I was also told to respect people and their views. We all have our own opinions- share in a respective manner.


  6. Jean says:

    Love what you said. Remember the first amendment and everyone’s right to publish/print what they want. It’s one thing that makes our country strong. If you don’t like it, don’t read it and leave people who want to read it alone. Live and let live, tolerance makes our world a better place.


  7. Smut for a slut?! Gah, some people. He either meant it as a joke, or is a very mean spirited person. I’m glad he realized what he had posted wasn’t right, though, and deleted it. It shows he has some decency in him. As for the cover debacle on Facebook, I was stunned. Mainly because the said cover that was deemed ‘pornographic’ was no racier than most romance covers. And it was a beautiful cover at that.
    Soapboxes are often climbed upon in the world of romance writing, unfortunately this is one that climbed far too often. That kinda sucks.


    • behalle says:

      He was serious and you know what, that’s okay that he thinks that – saying it…. I hear you. I can’t stand FB anyway for some policing. We’ll teach them one day….


  8. Brooklyn Ann says:

    I always wonder what people are doing on those sites anyway. If they hate the topic it would make sense not to haunt it. Some guy once called me a pervert for writing romance. I don’t get it.


  9. Johnny Miles says:

    Well said! Like with anything, there’s one simple way to deal with what you don’t like to read, view or experience. Put the book down, turn the channel, or walk away. It’s as simple as that. Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mind I want to take it away from someone else. You want to be free to pursue the things that make you happy? You must be willing to give that same freedom to someone else. Bravo!


  10. Elizabeth Rhys says:

    To me, it is like someone criticizing an author for writing mysteries or suspense. If you don’t like the genre, then don’t read it. And, erotic writings have been around for centuries. The Song of Solomon in the bible is very erotic. Erotic romance and erotica are legitmate genres, I’d say.


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