Scarlet Fuzzy Handcuffs or Roses?

Now isn’t that a question? Well, I got both on my first publication in November. Wasn’t that a telling little statement since Trista in Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper liked being tied up in the best of ways. All kidding aside, it was a sweet and very saucy moment. I have been asked many times, does your family approve of what you write? Well..yes and no.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a bold chick and nothing will keep me from doing exactly what I want to do, but sometimes you hear things and go – ug – they just don’t get it. So getting a naughty gift like that meant something and gave me that little tingly feeling all over. That brings me to the other thought of my other question for the night, what makes a man sizzle in your mind? It’s not just about his looks or naughty demeanor. It’s about what he does to re-kindle that flame you both have. What’s hot???

Is it when he buys you that special gift on your birthday or simply remembers to put his dirty underwear in the hamper? Yeah, extremes but let’s face it ladies, men are wonderful and tasty and make me all hot and bothered and yet they can be infuriating and childlike all at the same time. The snazzy little hot moments have come to me in stages. I thought I’d just give a little run down for you truly wicked guys out there of passionate to do’s on your list! There are plenty more!

Flowers– don’t make them red roses all the time. Think of her favorite color and perhaps something completely outside of the ordinary like an anthirium or perhaps an iris. I love white roses and they give me all kinds of pricklies in the right places.

Candy – don’t bother with me as I’m allergic but instead of buying
that box when you know you gotta, buy a single Lindt chocolate truffle and secure it in a place you know she’ll find as she gets to work with a sticky note attached. Oh trust me she’ll show that single piece off like it’s gold.

Victoria’s Secret – okay guys, one of my favorite places and in case you don’t know, you can order on line and not just naughty lingerie either. They have very sassy dresses and exactly the ones I wear – all hot and sensual. Nothing says romance like a little pink gift back from the great VS!

CD – yes they still exist and imagine setting the tone on one night with her favorite head banging music. Perhaps a little Nickelback or Kenny G is in order? Imagine having the naughty CD on the stereo or IPOD when she walks in from work. Hand her a tall glass of wine, capture her mouth for a sultry kiss and graze your finger down to the swell of her breasts. Nice start for an evening.

Bubble Bath – not a thing of the past. We all have a mall – go to Bath & Body Works and buy a delicious flavor for the bath. A few vanilla candles, a bottle of merlot, the CD you just bought and watch the fireworks start.

Do you really need any other hints guys?

Okay a couple more – notes – place them throughout her bag before she leaves on a business trip. Trust me, when she returns, there will be a loving sexy moment.

A Wicked Night of Dancing – a lovely seafood dinner and long walk followed by dancing at the local hangout. There’s nothing better to get your blood pumped and your libido going. Imagine dancing hard and heavy and then having her body slice into yours for that magical slow song…

Breakfast in Bed – need I say more?  Now allow your imagination to get the better of you. There are so many other naughty ways to share a moment and a sexy event. We’ll talk about cars and hot romance in a later post.

Hopes this gets your blood pumping tonight!

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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