Red – my favorite…

Guys – this one is for you – not only should it give you ideas of little treats to buy that special lady, but it’ll give you a thought about how hard we try to look our best – especially for a naughty night of seduction.

For anyone that knows me, I love the color red. It suits my personality, bold and brash and some say perhaps bitchy, but it’s me. There’s nothing like the feeling of sliding into something sexy that’s the perfect shade of crimson or scarlet to make me feel like a woman. You know that kind of dress guys, the one you want to rip off at the end of the day.

Does that evoke certain emotions? Well I hope so. Writing erotic stories of course gives me so many luscious ideas about how to best seduce a man and it doesn’t begin in the bedroom. It starts much sooner than that. For a woman, it begins in planning the perfect attire right down to the shoes. So how do we do it guys?

Think RED for me for just a minute. Allow your imagination to flow. When I hunger for the perfect little outfit, I head for Victoria’s Secret on line or in my snazzy little mall and pick up something sultry. You know, matching lacy bra and thong and some silky thigh highs. Perhaps a new baby doll trimmed in satin and that’s the beginning of a festive evening.

How about the dress? A slinky little number that hugs every curve perhaps? The one thing I can say that for hour-glass figures like the one I have, the clingy dresses from the great VS are purr-fect. Okay, now for the shoes. There’s nothing better than that stunning pair of stilettos that compliment the dress. Whether you select the perfect matching color or something in animal print, there is nothing that makes a woman look any better than a delicious pair of heels.

Ah – for the compliments. Jewelry for me means sterling silver or rhinestones – for the night out of course. And how about the perfume – why RED of course. You bet. There’s a perfume with that name it’s sassy and bold and musky. Perfect for me.

Now the evening – whether it’s dinner and a movie or dancing, the one thing to keep in mind us that we do enjoy the simple pleasures, a lovely walk, a few passionate kisses, a moonlight stroll. Couple that with a single flower or that perfect glass of wine, we are hooked and happy. Then the real fun begins.

While I’ll let your imagination take you to wonderful places, imagine red silk sheets, bubble bath from Bath and Body Works, massage oil, candles of course in cinnamon and her perfect music – whether it’s Kenny G or Evanescence, simply remembering will put her in the mood. Now…it’s your turn.

What turns up the heat in your house? Tell me…and perhaps I’ll put your ideas on my blog and into a naughty story!

Hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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