Racy Pictures, Homophobia & the FB Police

Does that statement bother you or send shivers down your spine?

Yep – I might just burn in the fires of hell for putting this blog out, but it’s something that’s been on my mind for a long time. You’ve heard me drive into the ground the difference in erotic writing versus pornography – that’s not what I want to give you pause about today. It’s about what some people feel are racy pictures and forms of art including writing while others consider the beauty as true works of art.

As an erotic writer, of course I write what many consider to be racy pieces of literature and poetry. It’s erotic and my heat level is through the roof. I write everything from m/f passion to menage and m/m. Throw in a lot of kink with toys and BDSM, a slice of voyeurism and public display and some readers might get just a little hot under the collar.

As writers, we are all SOOO excited to see our covers for our little works of art and yes, some of them are quite steamy, but are they really grounds to have people chastise you or your work? Let’s now go further than simply having one of your friends suggest it’s a bit much or perhaps losing a friend on Facebook. Let’s take this WAY up a notch or ten. I’m talking about the continued bad behavior, bad manners, bad innuendos and flat out discrimination with those of us trying to do our jobs.

YES – writing is a job. It’s not a hobby folks and while we LOVE what we do as writers, we’re trying to make money just like the sales clerk, doctor, lawyer or accountant. Why else do we spend countless hours marketing and blogging and tweeting and talking and planning and creating and…and…somewhere in there we try and write. It’s a business.

To have others criticize our work is fine. Nature of the beast. Everyone’s a critic and everyone has certain tastes and erotic isn’t to everyone’s liking. However, that’s no reason to hold what appears to be a vendetta against the entire industry. Lately on Facebook – which we all use as a marketing tool – keep that in the back of your minds – I have seen a rash of what could only be called vicious and childlike behavior of some people – and no, you never know who complains – about a piece of photography, a book cover or a comment made on author’s regular and fan pages.

Guess what happens? Their accounts are deleted. Before you go snickering and think it’s funny, think about this. What if it is nothing more than a little pet peeve or an angry person that didn’t get enough attention and they complain. I don’t have faith that Facebook really has the time to look into every complaint. They simply react. It’s widely believed that their practices should change, but I can’t control them any better than I can control bad behavior in the big sandbox.

Re-creating a life and a new identity not only takes time, but if you’re writing under a particular name and are banned from using it…come on and put your intelligent hat on here. What do you think that does to the writer and the credibility. It’s not fair people. If you don’t like them or what they write – unfriend them or don’t talk to them or look at what they have to say. Most of us are simply getting word about what we are trying to do out to the masses and nothing more.

I think this also crosses the line into continued homophobia. I write m/m because it’s a hot genre and I seem to do it well by creating a world that exists with love an integrity and passion. It’s out there people so get used to it and whether you like it or not, they are lovers and providers and have families and children and homes and lives. Just like you. I have seen many a writer targeted for writing about the loves of same sex – m/m f/f – lots of stigmas out there.

I am lucky enough to be a featured writer for Queer Magazine because I think it’s important to speak about the industry in writing accurately and to get out to every person what they want to read. I read and listen and try and learn. That’s part of my job – hear it again – my job as a writer and hopefully educator.

Pictures- come on people. Two men kissing bothers you that much? I could really get a bit miffed here, but I won’t. To each their own and I understand if it might offend you, but it doesn’t others. It’s called love. No one should put any type of naked pictures anywhere that could offend people or be able to be seen my anyone underage. PERIOD. But…there are secret groups on FB where you have to get invited to join. Suddenly some of those wonderful people who post nothing more than two men kissing are disappearing into lala land. Not fair kids.

It’s called discrimination – whether you like it or not. Try and remember that the next time you feel like complaining. Would you like that to happen to you? I don’t think so. Posting a couple of pictures here and I want you to tell me which is racier to you. There are plenty of folks on FB and other places that post naked girls and they’re still on Facebook. It begs the question…why.

I hope I’ve given you something to think about today and I would love your response. It’s important for us as writers to include in what we do what you want to hear and read. Thanks for listening.

Kisses   xxx

Cassandre – today writing as Bethany and proud of it. 

About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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