Monday Night Can Be Sizzling

Hot Questions for Tonight 


What lengths will you go to in trying to figure out the perfect gift? Would you buy him a saucy subscription to a girlie magazine or buy him the trinket of his choice? Would you hunt down the ’78 copper colored Trans Am and make sure it’s in mint condition or perhaps plan a secret weekend jaunt to Key West? Perhaps he would just enjoy a quiet evening in front of the fire and perhaps a naked dip in the sauna followed by a long body massage and a tall call of bourbon.

Tell me ladies…would you consider pole dancing? Yes, I mean as in the sizzling stripping kind? I used that in Her Sinful Long Legs where Stephanie gave David a tasty treat. The stretch limo took him and four of his closest friends to a strip club where one naughty vixen performed a sinful dance using the pole as her backdrop. The masked woman also performed a lap dance that had David in a bit of a frenzy.

Could you do it? While I am a trained dancer from years ago, pole dancing takes a significant amount of strength both in your arms and legs and is not as easy as it looks. In addition to the athletic ability, you also have to be creative with a sense of flair and not be ashamed of your body. While all pole dancers don’t strip down to nothing, the idea is to show and tease.

Try and imagine how his friends would react to the wanton actions as you take over the stage performing and undulating to a selection of music chosen specifically for that delicious moment. Imagine the look on your lover’s face when he figures out it’s you! Doesn’t that send shivers dancing down your spine?

You may find it interesting that there are many women that have a pole installed in the privacy of their home. I think that’s actually a delicious little idea myself. Imagine the exercise and they bits of trouble you could get into. Hmmmm…and just envision how turned on your man could be. I think there is something very exciting about being in a club situation with pulsing music and flashing lights and feeling free as you use the entire stage and the cold steel pole to your benefit.

Would you give him or he you a gift of another partner? A hot lady of his liking? Could you trust your man and yourself in doing something so sinful? In truth, if couples are very secure in their relationship and crave adding a third, I think that’s incredibly wonderful and possibly an experience that will actually bring your relationship closer together. But don’t enter into it without talking about it, setting expectations and knowing that there could be consequences. Sex tends to change everything in a relationship, no matter what you think. BUT – if you both feel that wonderful desire and will allow yourself to experiment – go for it.

Being tied up? Could you? Would you? You know how I feel about the luscious treat. The next time you crave spicing things up, why not buy a crimson set of silk scarves and tie them to the bed posts? Slide into a naughty little bit of attire, light a few candles and perhaps have a flogger handy. Think about how hot and spicy the evening is going to get.


It is the way he looks in a skintight pair of black jeans and cowboy boots, his hair perfectly mussed from the ride in the hot red convertible? Is it that little dimple in his chin that crinkles when he smiles, his eyes twinkling as he’s gazing down the length of you in your hot passion purple slinky dress? It is that sultry look without a shirt just after he’s been working out in the yard on a hot sultry day? Or is it when he’s quietly sleeping, slipped under a thin cotton sheet? Mmm…in truth, I think every one of them sound yummy to me. There’s nothing better than sliding next to a naked man, all ruffled from a slumber or perhaps that taste of him just as he’s gotten out of the shower.

We all have our thoughts about how hot a man can be and have our thoughts. I love a man that has just finished barbequing that perfect steak. Imagine a hot summer afternoon, he’s drinking a cold one and has that perfect mischievous glint in his eye. Now think about him naked, simply wrapped in a tiny little apron as he’s preparing that scrumptious meal for you. Hmmm…doesn’t that turn up the heat?

How about while he’s watching his favorite team on television, wearing nothing but sexy emerald green boxer shorts and a wicked smile. Doesn’t that give you saucy thoughts of sidling up to him, pressing his knees apart and enjoying the musky taste of his sculpted body? Now that’s sexy to me.

Just thought I’d give the ladies a Monday night treat…enjoy!  Purr…

Licks and nibbles…

Kisses   xxxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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2 Responses to Monday Night Can Be Sizzling

  1. kelliejwin says:

    All good suggestions! My ex-man and I used to do fun things like buy things for a night out, plan date nights, etc. I have a friend who teaches pole dancing and I think I might take one of her classes. Always wanted to try! Don’t think I could share my man with another woman – but another man?? I’m in! LOL


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