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Shay Maclean!  She has a very hot one coming out. Let’s take a taste. I will tell you that she is going to give away a copy for one special commenter so please leave several and your email address and I’ll let you know the winner.  First though we have her very scintillating thoughts about Secret Fantasies and we both dare you to tell us yours…

Secret Fantasies

By Shay MacLean


Whatever you call them they are the stock in trade of an erotic romance author. As such, I strive to create worlds and characters that live and breathe on paper and in your imagination. Perhaps even igniting new desires for you and your loved one to share. When I was trying to come up with a topic for this post, I was drawing a blank. I wanted to come up with something steamy and exciting. It wasn’t until I was reading through the posts of one of my writing groups that it hit me.

Sexual Fantasies

So I was off to look up what the top fantasies for men and women were. I found a couple of articles listing the top 10 fantasies of each. Here’s what they were and please remember these weren’t compiled by me. Although the idea of doing complying one has merit.

Women’s Top Ten Sexual Fantasies

#10 Domination (her dominating him)

#9 Domination (him dominating her)

#8 Teacher/Student Roleplay

#7 Sex with a Stranger

#6 Threesome with another Woman

#5 Threesome with Two Men

#4 Voyeurism

#3 Forced Fantasies

#2 Exhibitionism

#1 Private Dancer

Men’s Top Ten Sexual Fantasies

#10 Sex with another Man

#9 Sexual Ravaging

#8 Bondage

#7 Anal Sex

#6 Masturbation

#5 Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

#4 Sex with more than one Woman

#3 Oral Sex

#2 Sex with a Past Partner

#1 Fantasies about Current Partner

For more information on each of these click the link next to the title of the list to read the articles where I found them.

For the most part, I think the lists are fairly accurate. A few of them I’m not too sure about or at least I wonder how many people would actually admit to them. That’s where a poll to find out would come in. I’d be more than happy to compile a list from erotic romance authors and readers on the subject. I know for me, writing erotic romance has opened my eyes to desires that I wasn’t aware I had. No, I won’t tell. Although I will admit I have done at least one or two from the women’s list.

Have you indulged in any of the fantasies listed? Ones that are not? Have you been inspired to try something you’ve read about in an erotic romance? I’d be very interested to find out. Whisper your deepest darkest desires to me in the comments…Who knows, it may be featured in my next novel.

Thank you, Cassandre, for daring me to take the plunge. I really enjoyed stretching myself with this topic. I’m looking forward to doing…I mean…writing many more spicy posts like this.

If you’d like to participate in the poll of what your secret fantasies are, please visit my blog over at Scorched Sheets and leave a comment.

Shooting Stars


Dr. Wilhemina Brock prides herself on her ability to keep her private life with her husband Schyler just that – private. But when Keenan, the new nurse on staff, catches a glimpse of her tramp stamp, she’s coerced into spilling the story behind it, revealing how she broke the student-professor boundaries and hooked her husband.


Dr. Wilhemina Brock glanced in the mirror on the door of her locker. She frowned at the tight braid she’d twisted it into that morning. She reached up and released the clip holding it in place then shook out her long raven tresses. Soft wispy locks curled around her shoulders, sending shivers of pleasure dancing on her skin. Much better. Smiling to herself she grabbed her black t-shirt and started to pull it over her head.

A whistle sounded from the door. “Damn, that’s sexy.” A very masculine voice said.

Willa spun around, tugging the hem of her shirt into place. Keenan Fergason. The newest addition to the nursing staff. His muscular build, rugged features, reddish brown hair and sparkling green eyes had everyone lusting after him. She could feel the blush that stained her cheeks at his continued appraisal of her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Keenan. I’ve gotta run. I’m meeting Schy for dinner in half an hour.” She reached up to stuff her lab coat into her locker and felt the bottom of her shirt raise above her low cut jeans.

“I’m not letting you leave here until you give me the dirt on that sexy tramp stamp you’re sporting there, Dr. Willa,” Kee said.

She glanced over in time to see him wiggle his eyebrows as he said the words tramp stamp. Shit. Just what she needed.  News of her guilty pleasure traveling all over the hospital as she was finishing up her residency.


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Dreams N Fantasies

Wicked Ink Press

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Author Info

Shay has been writing most of her life. As a teenager, she focused mainly on poetry, but still dabbled in writing short stories. She didn’t find her niche though until she started listening to the characters in her head whispering about the dark and sensual worlds to be explored in erotic romance. Now when she’s not engrossed in a great read, she listens intently when her muse murmurs seductively in her ear. She also enjoys photography and graphic design. And although she isn’t an artist by any means she designed the tattoo featured in Shooting Stars. When she’s not writing she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

You can contact her at or on her Facebook Page.

About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. Very interesting post, Shay! I’ll admit I’ve done at least two from the women’s list but I won’t say which and at least one or two from the men’s. But I won’t kiss and tell!!


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