Have you ever had a secret crush on someone and one that you were afraid to tell the person? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to let the gorgeous hunk of a man know how you feel? Or perhaps do you both know and desire more than you would like to admit or share with anyone? It’s like that special dark side of Pandora’s Box that makes the crush terribly exciting and very dangerous. Yum. I think in truth we all have had one or more of those in our lives from the time we were in high school, hungering for the star quarterback that belonged to your best gal pal to a sexy married man that works in our office. And it doesn’t seem to matter what age you are. That tingling feeling is delicious indeed and reminds all of us that passion is so needed in life.

Writing erotic romance allows me to do a few of those naughty little what if’s. You know the ones I mean. What if you engaged in more than just private messages or a phone chat? What if you took a step forward and told the guy flat out that you hungered for him or her? From texting to sexting, private messages on Facebook to cell phones, we have more opportunity than ever to engage in what I call the art of flirting. But you know what, for most of us that’s all it is. It’s a delicious private moment where we feel wanted, desired. Sometimes the sweet comment does nothing more than give you a smile during a long, treacherous day. Remember the days of giving out secret valentines in school? Don’t you want that kid in a candy store feel again?

Yes, we have all heard the brazen stories about break ups because of the internet, but I’m not really talking about that side. Flirting with a member of the opposite sex has been going on since the dawn of man and woman and whether you enjoy a heterosexual or homosexual need, it doesn’t change that sparkle of chemistry. I say enjoy it to its fullest, as long as everyone knows and respects the playing field. Sometimes people do cross it and I have discussions with many of my writing friends who seem to be a very amorous bunch! The majority of people know their boundaries, so now worries ladies and gents in a relationship – if you catch your guy or gal flirting – think about how many times you do it in a day. Maybe you never realized you were doing it.

Let’s talk about the flipside. In honor of my upcoming release, Breakfast Eye Candy on May 31st – the very scenario is the reason for the naughty book. Let’s talk about the guy or gal that is very available, but you are simply too afraid to approach? Whether it’s your inhibitions or worry of being turned down, apprehension and fear stymy a lot of us with regards to the opposite sex. Why can’t you open up and tell the person that you want nothing more than to get to know them? Hmmm…we won’t talk about anything saucier yet. But then again, if you’re able to ask them out, then you’re one step ahead of the game.

I’ll give you a taste of just how it happens for Jessica, who has been pining away for Eric as her secret fantasy for years. I say to all of you out there that have a secret crush – go for it! Really, what can it hurt? Sure, I know being thwarted is horrible, but with the divorce rate sky high, the older we get, bars aren’t cutting it anymore. Where are you going to meet the guy or gal or your dreams? Probably at work, perhaps church or through friends. Of course dating sites have brought together many a couple and throw in Facebook, Twitter and Linked In and the opportunities are endless. BUT – you have to have the guts to jump in with both feet. We’ve all been burned. Hey, I was just unfriended AGAIN by a guy I had a friendship with on Facebook because I was too busy trying to get my career established as a writer to “play” with him any longer. Hmmm…not cool man who is in his fifties and is acting like a kid in a sandbox!

But that kind of thing happens to me all the time. I wonder what that says about me? LOL. As my tag line says, dare to take the plunge. Go for broke when you go for love. While you might not get the guy or girl you are looking for initially, my bet is a stunning hunk is just around the corner.

Here’s how Jessica finally is able to tell Eric that she desperately hungers for him every night alone in her bed.

Jessica contemplated stepping away and turning back before he noticed her. Why was he here so early? She’d made it to the office a good thirty minutes before the early birds started trickling in, yet there Eric was, already ahead of her, hard at work. Hmmm…sinful thoughts raced through her mind. Grab him girl and jerk him into a storage closet. Fuck his brains out! Jessica blinked furiously and attempted to steady her already frazzled nerves. She’d never had this kind of reaction before, at least not right in front of him. Now walking past his sultry body seemed like an insurmountable feat. Yep, leaving the scene would work. But running? That wasn’t Jessica’s usual style. She swallowed hard, quieted her shaking hands and stole a quick glance at her dress. Okay, so she looked…sultry, perhaps a bit naughty. Sensuous maybe? Another moment of doubt overtook her. No you don’t girl!  Stealing another quick glance, Jessica realized she was fine. The lack of humidity kept everything intact. There was nothing showing that shouldn’t. Her shoes were high enough to give her calves a boost. She had the right amount of perfume in the right places. Damn it if she wasn’t mind fucking herself.

But what the hell could she say to him? Or could she just slink by like she normally did?

Jessica slid down the hall pretending to act cool. Act was the operative word. Whew. She held back a growl, scolding herself over her ridiculous behavior. Silly little girl. Jessica was thirty-eight years old for God’s sake. Why was she acting like a schoolgirl with a high school crush? Jessica attempted to hush the little voice that cackled in the background and shrugged off feelings of being terrified and walked past him without looking down.

But she said it.

“My, my Eric. Anybody ever tell you you’re the best damn looking breakfast eye candy a woman could ask for? You’re dreamboat fantasy good enough to eat with a spoon.” If she hadn’t been holding her entire life’s work smack in both arms, Jessica’s hand would’ve flown to her mouth after she raced toward the exit. What the-? Oh shit!

Now she had to run. Fast. Away. Anywhere. But her feet felt like they were stuck in quicksand.

And then she heard it, Eric’s voice rumbling with way too much sex appeal. “What did you say?”

“Nice day.” She cringed and flew past him a little too quickly. Surely Eric knew she’d said something altogether different. Oh golly. To her credit, Jessica didn’t squeal like a scared child and she didn’t run. Stupid girl!

“Really, what did you say to me?” Eric’s voice was low and husky, his natural baritone holding a dark sensuous quality. With a purposeful glide he moved closer, crowding Jessica’s shivering form.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit! Jessica turned toward the doors, punched the button to call the elevator and fought cursing out loud. The damn steel enclosure wasn’t sitting on the bottom waiting like it was every other day. She cringed and closed her eyes. “Come on,” she whispered. Holy shit! She was in so much trouble and she knew it. She felt the heat of his breath slicing across her neck forcing a shiver to trickle down her spine.

“Miss Brown.”

“Jessica!” Why did she say her name? Come on damn you elevator. Open up!

His hulking frame slid even closer, now barely inches away. “Jessica. What did you say to me?” He voice breathed whispers of steamy air across her shoulders.

She couldn’t quite tell if Eric was angry, incensed or turned on. His tone was a little lower and a lot huskier but had she really heard him say much before this other than a few questions about the building? Either way, her legs were shaking and her panties were soaked. There was no mistaking the wild erotic scent of her famished need. Jessica refused to turn around. “What?”

He shifted behind her.

Damn if she didn’t feel him, all of him near her. He was rock hard. Oh fuck! Thank God the doors opened and Jessica stepped inside so quickly that she almost dropped on of the computers. Forced to turn, she slammed her hand on the button for her floor and backed in several steps, blinking furiously.

But his massive hand stopped the doors from closing. “What…did…you say to me in the hallway?” Eric kept his hand on the door, halting the elevator and the scorching look on his face showed, pure…unadulterated…lust.

Jessica almost melted into the floor but instead she looked up into his eyes. Her heart fluttered as her nipples scraped painfully against the lace of her bra. The ache in her pussy pressured her to clench her muscles. Being in tight confines with him was too intense and she knew without a doubt he wasn’t going to let her go anywhere without hearing exactly what she’d said. Suddenly her mouth was cotton dry. It’s now or never girl. Throwing caution and most of her sanity to the wind, Jessica closed her eyes and repeated her words. “I said…I asked…did anyone ever…tell you…that you were…the best looking breakfast eye candy…a girl could ask for? Fiery hot?” There. She’d said it. Hurrah! Holy fuck. She looked away completely embarrassed and utterly on fire.

Hope you enjoyed!

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. Kellie says:

    I will admit to being a natural flirt. Sometimes I don’t even think I’m doing it, but I’m just having fun and goofing around. Maybe that’s what flirting is. And it is nice to have that sparkle of chemistry with someone even if it can’t go anywhere. It makes you feel good!

    I love your excerpt and can’t wait to read the book! 🙂


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