Wicked Women Wednesday – BLMorticia

Oh my wicked girl in crime is joining us again. Come take a hot little taste!

The Voyeur Inside

Greetings readers and welcome to another Wicked Women Wednesday post! Today, I want to talk about the voyeur, the person who wants to watch someone or a few people go at it. We’ve done a lot on the exhibitionists view but what about that peeping Tom or Tammy?

Is he or she enjoying what they’re looking at? Is the attitude more like, oh I’m watching a train wreck, can’t help myself or is it that the person is so intrigued and titillated they can’t help from looking?

I myself am a voyeur. I enjoy looking at people when they display affection towards one another. Whether it be a man and woman, man/man, female/female, doesn’t matter. I love picking up the cues of their reactions, how their fingers tangle while trying to stay discreet in a public place. It always gets me hot to see them give into their desires and much of the reason I write erotica is because I love creating a scene from memory of something I’ve done and or seen.

Because we’re nearing the end of this month, I’d like to combine this month’s theme along with the next one. If you didn’t know, Cassandre and I will be celebrating pride next month with a series of posts for the LGBT sides of us. What better than some hot m/m and or f/f? Well, how about a four man show with another watching from the shadows!

Here’s a wicked scene from a story already published in the STARbooks Rock and Roll Over anthology called, The Wretched: The Tales of Lust Liquor, and Cannabis.

Michael and I actually wrote this as a team with me being primarily responsible for this part.

The Wretched is a fictional band we’ve created that’s taking the metal music world by storm. While they’re on tour, their sexual exploits would shock many, especially if they knew that three of the men in the band were bi.

In this segment, Corey, the bassist, and Bryan, the drummer, engage in some fun with two very lucky fans. Those fans are actually Jason and David from Michael’s story, A Different Kind of Family Portrait.  While all are indulging in some hot man times 4 action, lead singer Nicolai can’t help but look on.

Here’s a snippet.

Available in paperback at Starbooks Press Amazon, and B&N also in Kindle

After almost an hour of chatting and laughing, I walked to my bunk grabbing lube and condoms to get everything going. When I appeared in front of them with necessities in hand, all of them smiled up at me, knowing exactly what time it was.

The moment I sat back down, David enveloped my lips with his, sending shocks through my body, making my cock instantly erect. I tossed our party favors on the floor, pulling David closer to me. Bryan put his hand in my zipper taking my dick out.

Within minutes, Bryans’ mouth swallowed me fully while his hand worked on my balls.

“Damn, ahh…” I whispered as David kneaded my neck before engulfing my lips again.

I heard footsteps walk on the bus but I didn’t look to see who was there. Right then, I was in a trance feeling Bryan down below and David on my lips.

Seconds later, I felt another mouth on my nuts. I stretched both my arms out to push both heads further into my crotch. David released my lips before pushing my head a little to the right to kiss my neck. I looked down watching Jason and Bryan suck my dick with reckless abandon.

“Fuck…ahh…” I breathed pulling up my shirt, pinching my own nipple. David leaned down taking the other in his mouth, nibbling hard which I loved.

For a moment, I leaned back closing my eyes. Right then, I felt as if we were being observed. Whoever it was, they came on the bus and never left.

Curiosity got the best of me and I opened my eyes searching the room through the drug and sex haze to see who our observer was. As all three of my lovers for tonight proceeded to ravage my body, my eyes met the beautiful greens of Nicolai.

I nodded and pulled David’s head back up to meet mine. Knowing that Nicolai was standing there made this moment even more exciting.

Only a few moments passed before I heard Bryan get up and move the table. Jason took my length in his mouth, licking while grazing it with his teeth. I let my fingers tangle in his brown locks as my other hand had a firm hold on David’s neck.

“Shit…” I mouthed peering into David’s gorgeous blue eyes. I looked back over at Nicolai, who was still there out of everyone’s sight but mine.

Ready for more, I took my shirt off. Reaching for Jason, I grasped his shoulders as he looked up before joining me for a kiss. His lips were wet with my pre cum inciting me to force my tongue into his mouth. David united his with ours making this occasion even more mind blowing.

“Damn, that’s hot.” Bryan said while he stripped his clothes off.

I chuckled as I leaned back watching David and Jason continue to engulf one another. Nothing was hotter to me than seeing two men kiss intimately especially when they were hot like them.

“Ahem, gentlemen, please.” Said the now undressed, Bryan waving his hand to the blanketed spot he had cleared on the floor.

Chuckling, all of us got up shedding our clothes. I made sure that I stayed in the same spot so I could view Nicolai hiding behind the curtain.

The minute I sat on the floor, Bryan consumed my lips, while David and Jason were giving me head.

“Isn’t this fun, baby?” Bryan whispered while combing my locks with his fingers.

“Mhmmm…” I groaned as I had one eye peeking at our one-man audience.

Bryan reached for the condom and lube with our mouths still attached. He opened the bottle, squeezing some on his hand.

I smiled as Bryan began priming himself for me. My eyes dropped to his lovely dick, dripping with pre passion juice. Thirsty, I knelt down taking him into my mouth. David and Jason adjusted themselves so they could continue devouring me.

As I sucked him, I looked at his eyes roll in the back of his head. “Fuck…” he yelled as I nuzzled him.

Out the corner of my eye, I saw David get up and grab the bottle. Once he had it, he began preparing his ass for entry. Jason stroked me while grasping his own hard one.

“Ahhh…” Jason sighed as David knelt in front of him, taking Jason’s meat between his lips.

“Shit, baby I’m ready. Can’t wait any longer, I want you inside me now.” Bryan breathed.

I stopped sucking Bryan, leaning towards Jason giving him a quick kiss. He accepted while removing his hand from between my thighs.

Afterwards, I took a quick look at Nicolai rubbing himself in the shadows. I smirked at him as Bryan bent over in front of me. While putting the latex on, I licked my lips in his direction teasing him.

He returned my look with a wry smile, still grabbing his own hardness. He mouthed, “Your ass is mine later.”

Now how’s that for a Wicked Wednesday for you? Yummy…

Kisses   xxx


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