Sexting – Does It Work In Writing?

Okay – I have to admit that I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing about Mr. Weiner. If I pick up one more newspaper or turn on the television and see another story I’m going to scream. Come on America – there are plenty of other stories out that that we might be interested in like the entire freaking world getting a cat scan! BUT it did get me to thinking about writing. I have inserted many aspects of using the internet in my pieces from people meeting online that had never met to communicating daily. But I’ve never included the aspect of sexting.

Tell me, have you ever done it? Whether it’s with your husband or wife or have you ever engaged in sexting with someone that perhaps you shouldn’t have? Hmmm…mum’s the word here. Why is it so attractive to people? I’ve said this before, we can be anyone we want to be behind closed doors and especially behind a computer screen. Now with phones that can do everything but cook us breakfast, we can text, send pictures, send songs and dear cloud the cloud is going to allow us to do more and at zippy speeds. Sadly too many of our kids have gotten themselves into trouble and in no way am I condoning that at all. But…

Let’s face it, being a little naughty is tasty. Go on, admit it. I think if you do it with your lover you can really spice up the day. Go on, pick up your phone right now and send a naughty message! What’ll it hurt? Well, unless he or she is in the middle of a rather tedious meeting. But then again, that would be sinful and delicious indeed. What about in writing?

I think it’s a fun concept to think about. We all as writers strive to insert something just a bit different in our writing. The internet can be sexy or scary, depending on how you use it. Why not sexting? Imagine your characters carrying on a conversation in which it get a little hotter each time. Maybe our heroine is on a plane and missing the hunky love of her life and her thoughts turn to a racy night they just shared. Think about what she might say to him at 40,000 feet.

I was thinking about you, craving you

I loved tasting you last night

I can imagine your cock inside my pussy

Sliding in and out

My muscles clenching around you

Can you feel me baby?

Whoa – doesn’t that sound tasty? Now envision our hot man. You know the kind, tall and muscular with deep blue eyes and long shaggy midnight hair. He’s in the middle of a conference with nothing to do but listen to the speaker. Can you imagine his reaction when he reads her tasty treats? How would he respond?

The taste of your pussy is like fine wine

I could’ve eaten you all night long

I want to drive my cock into your cunt

Until you scream out my name

When I get home

You better be undressed and waiting…

Now…what do you think? Would you read about something like that? Don’t you want to now what happens when she gets home? Will she have candles lit and wine poured and when he opens the door, she’s wearing nothing but a smile? Hmmm….I think I know what I’m going to include in my next piece…

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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3 Responses to Sexting – Does It Work In Writing?

  1. A person who is known as the texting Queen and a sexting seeker- I have been caught by the spouse for sexting- it actually made our relationship stronger-
    After dealing with the situation, I discovered the act of sexting added more passion to my marriage- you get all hot and bothered through the airwaves and go home. Who benefits? Not the sexting recipient since it was NOT my husband…but hubby reaped the benefits of my libido being fired up.

    I don’t recommend it for everyone but it works for me/us.


  2. Liz Crowe says:

    check my post at the breathless blog today ladies:
    My spouse and I arranged an entire weekend of marital fun together via text without ever once discussing it in person or verbally any other way. And when it came together, well, it was the hottest moments in our marriage.
    Of course, as we are both Very Naughty, we’ve both been caught out sexting and chatting with others…oops.
    great post as usual. any comments you throw my way are greatly appreciated!


  3. Well, this one I am not guilty of. My “dumb” phone has texting blocked. lol. Although I did use the phone the other day to call and tell him we needed to get a Jacuzzi room because I’d gotten hot reading some blogs (like yours, Cass) on Monday. I guess that’s VoiceSexing.



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