Exploitations and Sex Clubs

Sex clubs have had a prominent place in a couple of my grittier m/m books. In honor of finding out that Game Over has out sold all my others in a few days, I wanted to give you a taste of Male Order – another m/m very haunting piece about two men trying to deal with their past and the monsters that almost destroyed them.

Razer and Trenton are two of my favorite characters and I hope you will grow to love them. While I enjoy exploring about many aspects of sexuality and kink – there are some sex clubs that go too far and enslave certain Subs. The book gives you a bit of the aftermath. I hope you enjoy.



Razer Willis was used to being exploited. Forced to work as a model after losing a high paying marketing job, he was close to being broke and homeless but no matter how desperate his situation he refused to succumb to being yet another boy toy. After rejecting sex with a man that could make or break him, Razer buried himself into his paintings for release. His lover and best friend knew about the damning secret in his past and became determined to drag him out of his personal hell at the expense of their relationship. Blake’s gift? Membership into an elite club that brought men together for business and pleasure and the contract was for life. Male Order was discrete, on the up and up and screened applicants carefully.

Trenton Masters held ugly secrets of his own. In the same position as Razer, a comforting but loveless relationship, his man gave Trenton the same gift. Selected by the owner of Male Order, they quickly embarked into a passionate relationship exploring domination and submission only to have their damaging pasts haunt both verging on the point of insanity. Horrors forced Razer and Trenton into facing reality. Finally uncovering the truths, both felt a heightened level of betrayal yet there was something else pulsing just under the surface — real love for the first time since their private monsters had kept them captive. As their respective pasts slammed into their comfortable lives, could two men forgive the demons that had dragged them into hell or lose the only means of salvation?


Razer realized he was a proud man and perhaps that would ultimately destroy him but he didn’t want to drag Blake into the middle of anything. “I have no clue when I could pay it back and I don’t want that shit hanging over my head like everything else. I was there. Remember? I was at a man’s mercy and what happened? What did the freak do to me? He nearly destroyed my body and my very soul.” Razer’s tone sharp, he caught Blake’s hurt look out of the corner of his eye and instantly regretted his words. “I’m sorry. It’s just that…”

Blake sighed and leaned back in the chair. Several seconds passed before he spoke. “I’m not the monster. You know I would never hurt you, never!”

“Shit! I know that!” Razer clawed the wood surrounding the fireplace before turning around. “The nightmares are back.”

“I knew that too.”


“Because every once in awhile you allow me to hold you all night long as lovers do, remember?”

Razer clucked his jaw and tried to figure out what to say. It had taken him years to get over what the man had done to him and why he was having the horrendous nightmares again, he wasn’t sure but they kept him from resting period over the last few weeks. Swallowing hard, he shook his head. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s time you dealt with your rage and the misery the freak put you under. If memories of your time with Tim continue to haunt you after all these years, then you need to seek some professional help. And you know what? I think it’s time you fell in love.”

Razer burst out laughing. “Not gonna happen.”

“Exactly what I knew you’d say.” Blake climbed out of the chair and walked toward the back bar. “So I got you something.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“Getting your head out of your ass,” Blake smirked, giving Razer a wry grin. Grabbing a folder from the top of the bar, he sauntered back toward him. “Look, I wasn’t sure how to give this to you. I’ve had these folks thoroughly checked out from a credit run to the Better Business Bureau. They’re legit and have been around for almost a decade.” Fingering the pamphlet, he narrowed his eyes.

“Why do I feel a nightmare coming on?” Razer sighed as he eyed the bright blue folder.

“I want you to look at this later with a completely open mind and I mean it. Not only will it give you a needed job but you might enjoy entering into their type of…contract. It’s totally your decision and you can take all the time you want finding the right one. I strongly encourage you to do this. I’ve taken the liberty of enrolling you cause I knew your damn sullen attitude.”

“What, me?” Razer chuckled as Blake moved forward and then realized his lover was very serious. “What’re we talking about here?”

Blake handed him the folder but kept his hand on it as he gazed into Razer’s eyes. “It’s very out of the ordinary but it’s the only thing I could figure that might drag you out of your doldrums. If you agree, you’ll go in for testing in a few days and then you can begin enjoying. You’ve already been prescreened and an entire year’s membership paid so you can’t back out. You’re exactly what they’re looking for and I’m told that you should fetch a pretty penny and before you say a damn thing, you have to promise me you’ll look this over before you throw it in the garbage.”

There was something about his dark tone that surprised Razer. Inhaling deeply he gazed down at the cover and sighed. “Male Order?”

“Catchy, title eh?”

Razer took it from him and moved toward the bar, setting his drink down. “What do they do?” Flipping through the colorful brochure, the pictures appeared like a dating service.

“They get people together that are damaged, lonely or in need and yes the corporation caters to the gay society. They also provide an avenue for developing a network.”

“A fucking dating service? You’re not out the door yet and you want me to pick another guy to go out with and what…fuck?” Shocked Razer had no idea what to say but as he read several passages, he could tell it was not a traditional dating service.

“It’s much more than that. The exclusive club utilizes the internet to locate and select qualified candidates for work situations and for love interests, yes. They pre-select only the top notch people that are drug free, disease free and have the same interests. After certain introductions are made then it’s up to the two or more parties to talk via chat rooms and emails first and then more traditional conversations before meeting in person. If a contract is signed then…” Blake hesitated.


“The contract’s for life.”

“Life? What the fuck?”

Hope you enjoyed! Remember to grab a copy of Game Over! 


Kisses  xxx


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