Wicked Women Wednesday…yum

Greetings fans!

Welcome to the Wicked Women Wednesday post.

As per usual, I’m your host BL bringing some sexy m/m into your life this month.

Coming soon to Rebel Ink Press, Sept/Oct in fact, is my first novella, My Lieutenant.  

The story pans a young man who’s just been robbed by his ex and while in his fits of rage, he meets the man that captures the thief in an act of bravery. The hero just happens to be a hottie that our narrator, Nathan Ellerby, would like to know a little better. The problem? That hottie is on the fence about his sexuality and Nathan has just made the commitment that he wouldn’t date anyone that wasn’t sure about being gay.

Throughout the tale, our hero, Lieutenant Bryant Duncan, tries everything he can to get close to Nathan while the artist throws every excuse in his way. However, Bryant, being the master strategist, has better attack strategies than Nathan does defense mechanisms, and eventually, the former officer breaks down and lets him in.

Of course along the way, the sex is hot and in my typical BL way, it’s always full of humor. 

Here is an unprofessionally edited snippet of the story.

I hope you like. Look for it in the fall!


“Well fuck!” I yelled at the top of my lungs when I returned to my apartment which had been ransacked. Most likely, it was my last asshole boyfriend who thought I should accept his bisexuality.

I placed my sketch case by the door, looking at my couch cushions and a slew of magazines on the floor. I stomped through, frowning, huffing like a mad man. “Fuckin’ faggot!”

What would be my next move? Go after him with a crowbar or should I call the police? I wasn’t sure but this would teach me about dating idiots who claim to be on the fence. I’m so done with that. All because they look good. They’re nothing but trouble. “Jesus!”

I kept walking through in horror as I saw all my personal belongings strewn about. My latest sketches torn to bits. “Goddamnit!” I pulled my phone out of my pocket when I heard a knock at my door.

“Who is it,” I called out in a menacing tone, trouncing through shredded paper. There was no answer. “I said…” I looked through the peephole at what appeared to be a handsome man. I still didn’t open the door. “Hello!”

“Hey, listen, I caught the guys that went through your things.”

“Seriously?” I opened up the door slowly only to lock eyes with the most, gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on.


Tall, dark, handsome, and utterly delicious. “Erm, hello.”

He smiled at me, moistening his lips. “Hey, I’m new to the building. My name’s Bryant Duncan.” He put out his hand.

A black Irishman?

I accepted it. His hands were warm but kind of rough just the way I like them. That moment, the feeling of his skin on top of mine sent heat to my groin. I took a whiff of his cologne. “Nice to meet you, Mr…”

“Call me Bryant, please. Like I was sayin’, I saw the bastards going through your place. When they saw me, they tried to get away but naturally, they couldn’t outrun me.  I called the cops once I got the building security to come up and help detain then.” He rubbed his neck. “They need a statement from you to press charges.”

Holy shit, my hero…

“You didn’t have to.” I was so impressed that he cared enough to put his life on the line. So much, I didn’t tell him my damn name.

We stood silent a minute.

“I’m sorry, you said your name was…” Bryant raised an eyebrow.

“Oh shit, erm,” I cleared my throat. We were still holding hands. “Nathan, Nathan Ellerby.”

We gripped each other’s palm tightly. “Good to meet you, Nathan. Like I said, you need to speak to the police. I got the information.” He released my hand and my gaze. Bryant reached into his back pocket of his loose, fitting jeans.

I couldn’t help but follow his arms. They were so big, muscular. I could imagine those cradling me during the night.

We’d obviously made a connection.

“Here we go, Officer Thiesmann, and the number.”

I took the piece of paper, still gawking at those lovely brown eyes. I tried to keep myself from drooling. “Man, I don’t know how to thank you.”

Bryant waived his hand, smiling. “No problem, man. I live right down the hall. I just happened to be on my way out to run some errands.”

“Yeah?” I leaned against the door frame. Suddenly, the robbery was no longer important. 

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Yummy – I think I like!  What do you guys think? 

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    As usual thx for cross post!

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