Sizzle and Pant – He’s all that and More…

Seems that you guys enjoyed my set up with Taming Paradise yesterday for Six Sentence Sunday- my hot island piece coming out this month from Rebel Ink Press. So…I thought I’d give you the rest of the scene to wet your appetite further!

Brandon pulled her close, her breasts gliding over his chest, their hearts beating together in a vibrant storm of raging need. He pressed her against the hard cavern wall as he broke the kiss, pulling back to stare into her eyes as his body shook from need. Her gorgeous eyes shimmered even in the dim lighting and for a moment he saw the existence of the playful girl he remembered.

“You’re breathtaking.” The wild fire of his need stealing his breath, he stood panting, his eyes glassy, and gazed at her with crazed abandon. “God woman, what you do to me.”

Shannon clawed his arms and opened her legs wide, succumbing to his hunger. “I want you. Somehow you leave me breathless and dangerously thirsty.”

As the dancing water scattered warmth across their entwined bodies, Brandon lifted her legs forcing them around his waist.  In one long hard deep thrust, he plunged inside her pussy shoving her against the rock as they both moaned, the cries mixing with the splash of the waterfall.

“Jesus!” Shannon tipped her head back against the cold slab, allowing the cascading shower to tumble down her face and between their bodies. Panting, she drew him tightly against her body as she wrapped her feet together. The moment their lips touched, the burning blaze that raged between them turned into a frenetic drive of body slamming against body.

Brandon plunged into her with long hard strokes as their tongues tasted. He held her so tightly he feared bruising yet the blissful pleasure that roared between them sizzled to the point of combustion. Shannon was too precious, too wonderful and he refused to ever let her go again. In and out he drove into her sweet pussy as her muscles clamped around him, milking and drawing him into the deepest portions of her body.

She squirmed, her whimpers ragged, as she slid her hands around his waist to cup his ass, bringing him closer still as their moans of ecstasy fluttered above them mixing with the sparkles of midnight blue water. Shannon broke the kiss, pressing her hand between their chests as she nibbled on his lower lip, pulling the swollen flesh between her teeth. The steam from her hot, moist mouth fluttered around him and surged through every cell in his body like a wild fire. He closed his eyes as her muscles clenched tighter and drove into her again and then again.

“God, I’ve hungered for you for so long,” he rasped almost inaudibly. Instantly the words startled him. He inched back to stare into her eyes.

Her eyes registered nothing but the passion and ecstasy that continued to build at a manic pace. “Brandon…I’m going to…cum.” Her body squirmed against his as she ground her hips, meeting every thrust with her own.

“Yes, baby, cum on my cock. I want nothing more than for you to cum.” His own orgasm building in his balls to the point of anguish, Brandon did everything he could to hold back the train as the climax rushed almost violently through his body. He jerked her away from the cold wall and into the water, allowing the weight to slow his deep thrusts. He wanted nothing more than for the wondrous moment to last forever.

“Brandon, God…oh…my…” She tipped her head back and clamped onto him as her entire body shook.

As her orgasm rattled her body, she clenched and moaned. Her voluptuous breasts pressed against his chest and at that moment, dazzling shimmers of light pulsed past his vision. He plunged into her wildly as his own orgasm seared his every nerve ending. The moment his hot cum rose from his aching balls and flooded his shaft, he threw his head back and wailed as the white-hot heat of his climax roared through him. “Aaaahhhhh!

Shannon screamed as he continued thrusting, her hands wrapping around his neck in a desperate stance to hold on. “Brandon!”

Her second orgasm ravaged her body and as she stared into his eyes, he could swear the recognition of who he was finally registered in her soul. “Aroha…I love you.” Brandon continued to pulse into her gently as they kissed, somehow closer, somehow sated.

They held each other until they both re-learned how to breathe. Lowering her legs finally, they kissed gently under the rising steam.

“Who are you really, Brandon? How do you know me?” Shannon pressed the wisps of wet hair from against his cheeks and brushed a single kiss across his swollen lips.

“I…am simply a man that knows a stunning creature when I find her. I already care for you.”

Wrinkling her brow, she eased back and smiled. “I heard what you said to me. Was that the heat of passion or something else?”

Brandon wasn’t ready to tell her everything just yet even though every part of him knew what he was doing was nothing short of betrayal. “If it’s all right with you, I would just like to enjoy tonight in this beautiful place with you. We’ll talk later, I promise.” He slid his hands down her lithe back to cup her buttocks, giving her a playful look. “Besides, Kyle and I have other surprises for you.”

She laughed. “I’m not sure I can take much more.”

He eased back from her and grabbed her hand. “You obviously realize this place is a bit kinky. Do you trust me? Can you trust Kyle?”

“Depends on what you have in mind.”

“Hmmm…I think you might enjoy a touch of the erotic. Am I correct?”

Shannon nibbled on her bottom lip and sighed. “I’m a bit curious, yes, but I’ve honestly not done anything but so kinky. My last lover was adventurous only to a point.”

“What do you enjoy?” Brandon knew his father’s tastes as he’d seen them many times. The fact he’d not shared all of them with Shannon surprised him. “If you don’t trust us, I don’t want to continue. Trust is the most important aspect of enjoying a taste of BDSM. Do you understand?”

Shannon nodded and inhaled deeply. “I do. I trust you both.”

“If there’s anything that makes you uncomfortable, will you promise to tell me?” Brandon pressed his thumb across the seam of her mouth.

Kissing the tip gently, she sighed. “I promise.”

“Good, so about those fantasies…” Brandon grinned.

“Oh no, we’re not at the point of telling all our naughty secrets.”

Her smile mischievous and touch lascivious, he laughed. “Fair enough. Then allow Kyle and me to show you off and in turn give you nothing more than a taste of what this place has to offer.”

She eased back and bit his lip playfully. “I’ll play along. However, I seem to be all wet and a bit salty and definitely not presentable.”

“Oh, we can take care of that.” Brandon drew her in for a lengthy kiss, his tongue pressing past her lips as he dragged her toward the edge of the lagoon. He’d enjoy the entire wicked tryst, keeping her as his prisoner of sorts for the night and then he would have to tell her the truth. Scooping her naked body into his arms, he climbed out of the shallow pool and glided toward their hideaway. “Tonight my lady I shall give you every desire that you have ever wanted and then in the morning, we shall begin again.”

She leaned her head against his shoulder as a single hoarse breath escaped her lips. “I think I could get used to this type of treatment and with…with you.”

Purr my children and make it a great 4th!

Kisses   xxx


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