Is There Such a Thing as a Trophy Wife These Days?

Hmmm – maybe not as much as there once was but I’ve been reminded lately that there is still the concept of that perfect Stepford wife type woman that is personified continually in magazines and movies. From air brushing to creative lighting – what is sexy today continues to be the same as it was twenty years ago.

Granted – we personify men as well. I write about hunky men with broad shoulders and long legs ready to wrap around my body so I fall victim to my writing and what’s hot. But what I love in men being a woman is what I refer to as all flavors. You don’t have to be six foot five with waist length blond hair and perfect abs. I enjoy a man that can laugh and be himself and enjoy whatever pleases him without fear of being “that” guy for me. Rare to find. I like conversations and discussions about books and music and friends and family. I like soft kisses and sweet caresses and yes, hard and wicked sex. BUT – you don’t have to be the cover model to 1-800-stud-muffin.

We’re all looking to better ourselves. Hell, I’m going to a highly visible conference in Louisville next week and I squealed like a little kid when my sexy animal print dress came in from Victoria’s Secret. So yeah, do I want to look sexy as hell? You bet. Am I going to worry about the perfect shoes and whether there’s too much humidity to keep my long hair from looking like a rat’s nest? You’re darn right I have hair spray and proud to use it!

I do lots of investigations about alternate sexual lifestyles for my erotic books – and this includes talking to real life Doms. Some want play things while others want a real 24/7 slave. The environment is fairly structured and if you talk to any submissives, they understand their place in the hierarchy of the lifestyle. They crave it and they live it. I have also heard complaints that there are many “freaks” in the communities and people are cautious. Aren’t we all cautious? What I have realized recently is that there is this “Stepford” class buried within the realm as well. It’s been interesting to find out that I’m probably not perfect enough to be a good little slave. Hmmm…

So here I was yesterday feeling all sassy and donned a hot little red dress – you guessed it from Victoria’s Secret had a lovely lunch with a friend and made my way into the world on a sunny day and ended up at a grocery store. Let me tell you to have about ten happy little store clerks REALLY want to help me well, that put a smile on this getting older girl’s face. Kinda feeling pleased with myself until I get home and not much later get an email telling me how imperfect I am. NO ladies – not from the hubster. For some reason he sees no faults.

And let me tell you we ALL have them. The majority of us feel a little bad about some parts of our bodies. We’re not perfect. Some strive harder with fairly rigorous routines while others are stressed out over long days and restless nights but I think at some point we all think about it. Anyway, after feeling grumpy and frumpy for about ten minutes  – and for any of you that know my personality – bold, bitchy, brassy and opinionated – that ain’t me – I said – FU. Not going down that ugly road.

I’m not perfect. I have faults. I long for youth and days of spending my nights dancing and partying and still look good at 6 am in the morning in my sparkling dress – but real life sets in. I used to say I was the perfect girl to be a mistress – had that offer about ten thousand times, still do, and now I have men that want to have me as their slave. It’s interesting how times change. While I’ve always considered myself dominant in life and submissive in the bedroom – perhaps I’m just not submissive at all. Perhaps I’m going to tell it like it is when I am frazzled or pissed. Is that a bad thing? That certainly wouldn’t bode well for those that require you to call them Sir of Master. Notice the titles?

So for all you ladies that are having a bad day and feeling a little bit unhappy with yourself – here’s your tasty treat of how I am considering men today. For you men – two things – one, giving you what I think is your consideration of the perfect trophy wife and two – do me a personal favor and tell that special woman in your life how much you care and want and need. TRUST ME – it will go a long way in the bedroom.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne and DH Black are the pseudo's for the best selling author of erotic and paranormal romance, crime thrillers and horror novels
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8 Responses to Is There Such a Thing as a Trophy Wife These Days?

  1. Gina Kincade says:

    Awesome blog Cass! You know how I feel about that very topic.
    As a real life Domme I certainly could require my sub to be a slave to my every whim but that’s not me. I like it when they stand in their own two feet and be a man when necessary. Femdom just ain’t my thing in eithe man or woman.
    You my dear, tell it like it is cause we all love that about you! Never change!


  2. I personally don’t think I’d ever fit into the Dom/Sub lifestyle. I don’t mind reading about it, but to actually call someone Sir/Master doesn’t sit well with me, nor do I want someone to refer to me as that. I don’t mind taking turns dominating in the bedroom. But I’ve always wanted an equal relationship with a partner. Give and take. And someone who doesn’t mind my flaws. I’m not perfect either and don’t pretend to be. And if someone deserves a piece of my mind, they just might get it.


    • behalle says:

      The more I learn about the lifestyle the more it is interesting and I realize I’m too opinionated. And the whole idea of being perfect really bothers me


  3. Doug Starr says:

    Love it. You’ve hit on so many thigns we all feel, men alike. Personally, I was a trophy huspand once and I have to admit, I LOVED it. Maybe I’ve got a submissive streak in my that I’m unaware of.


  4. People can critique me and my appearance all they want…I brush their comments and thoughts off easily. It took me a long time to feel confident with myself the way I am- I don’t have the perfect hourglass figure…my hair may be too long for someone’s liking or I may be to blunt and outspoken for others- but I don’t care. I have my flaws and am proud of each of them- they make me who I am today- So to those that don’t think I’m perfect- who the hell are you to talk?


  5. Jean says:

    Best to hang with those who love you and turn a cold shoulder to those who don’t. Imperfect and proud of it. Imperfect, yes, boring, never! Those who choose to criticize should get a life and look in the mirror. We don’t need them. Keep telling it like it is, Cassie.


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