My Sexy Guest – Dawne Prochilo – and Her Toys…

I have two fabulous guests on my site today so please go to the Naughty Minx page as well and check out the ongoing Wicked Women Wednesday with BL Morticia’s little yummy about July’s hot topic – Menage. Yum. Now onto Miss Dawne – not only has she become a great friend and wonderful co-conspirator but she’s an awesome writer both in front of the erotic romance scene and behind. I’ve convinced her to be a regular guest (I love twisting arms!) on my site so today she’s giving you a taste of…toys… We all need them you know.

A Girl and Her Toys

I never once in my life thought I’d use, purchase or enjoy a vibrator. Never say never. Where many people find this practice taboo, distasteful or dirty…I find it exhilarating, beneficial to my marriage and a wondrous discovery.

Since then I have been recruited to be a reviewer of adult toys. How you ask? Well, let’s do a time-line and see if we can pinpoint the moment I embarked into this unusual side business.

Sometime in 2005- husband bought me a vibrator (BOB- Battery-Operated-Boyfriend).

Sometime in late 2009- discovered videos on my cell phone– experimented with BOB and phone- very easy to video tape and text to husband- NOTE: *must do often*

January 2010-  finally discovered my sexuality (P.S.- lovin’ life with newfound sexual experiences)

Spring 2010- Discovered husband loves taking pictures. (Hmm, could be interesting).

Summer 2010- Answered an ad for an adult toy company seeking reviewers and affiliates for their products. Application sent ASAP.

Two weeks later… new toy received for review.

The rest…is history.


Over the last year I have received many toys for reviews. How it all started was my husband’s fault for purchasing that first toy. Since then I have a collection most women would be envious to have in their possession.

My husband has gotten into the habit of nicknaming the toys too (mind you we’ve been married for 10 years and I still don’t have a special nickname aside from ‘hon’).

We have BOB, the original toy. A nice beginner’s vibrator…oh, I have learned much since this day.

Next up is Gel Man– the flexible gel-filled vibrator with multi-speeds and delightful nubs on the tip for extra sensitive stimulation.

We also have Egg– The remote control egg that serves it purpose and makes grocery shopping enjoyable. Nothing like being at opposite ends of the cereal aisle, feel a sensation pulsating in my pussy and looking up to see the smirk on my husband’s face forty feet away. No one is the wiser.

Let’s not forget BFF– really means Best Friend Forever, but husband calls it Bat Fat Fucker.

And finally, we have Rib-Eye– a nice long vibrator with ridges and ripples on the insertion end for maximized excitement and exhilarating moments.

Once I was asked what my favorite toy was…my answer was simply- the remote control egg. Why? The discretion and privacy it offers. The thrill of knowing my partner has the control and can ‘hit’ the button at anytime bringing me to an orgasmic high.

Dawne Prochilo is a multi selling erotic romance author of six novels, two more being released later this year, a freelance online writer and blog queen. She oversees eight blogs daily, is the administrator of seven facebook pages and groups and loves promoting other authors.

Doesn’t it make you want to go out and buy some VERY wicked toys? Now you can do it in the privacy of your own home and have your delivery man bring them to your door. Have fun kids!

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne and DH Black are the pseudo's for the best selling author of erotic and paranormal romance, crime thrillers and horror novels
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4 Responses to My Sexy Guest – Dawne Prochilo – and Her Toys…

  1. Jean says:

    Love the idea of the remote control egg. How wonderfully naughty and secret! Great post, Dawne.


  2. Sharita Lira says:

    Very cool Dawn. I havent named the few i have. LOL

    That might be fun to let hubby do that fun me.

    Fun post and good luck with the reviewer job!


  3. Ty for having me Cass- loved telling about my nitty gritty lifestyle behind closed doors-


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