My Naughty Guest – Sable Hunter

Today I welcome Sable Hunter as my wicked and wild little guest where’s she’s giving you a taste of spanking… Something near and dear to my heart. 

I Need To Be Spanked

I need to be spanked, I have been very, very bad.  On purpose.  You see, I have a kinky side.  But where I live, admitting that could be tantamount to announcing that I am a member of the Taliban.  So, I have to be creative.  One of the first toys that I decided to purchase for myself was a little quirt.  Now, I could have ordered it on the internet, but I wanted to feel of it before I bought it.  I am a very tactile person.  So instead, I went to the local Western Store and made my way back to the saddle and bridle section where they kept the few pieces of tack they had on hand.  You should have seen me – sneaking up to the whips and crops – it was obvious that I was up to no good.  I love the smell of leather, so the first thing I did was sniff.  Passing my hand over the strands, I fingered a whip that was a black split-hide, it had the thinner strands at the end and looked perfect for what I had in mind, but it was a little big.

Now, what I didn’t realize was – that I was being watched.  And, I have to admit – I was worth watching.  I was a vision in pink Tight pink jeans, a pink lace camisole top, my hair up in a pony tail with a pink bow, pink nail polish on my fingers and toes – – God, I looked like cotton candy on parade.  Cute, but way too sweet.  It was a deceiving get-up.

Anyway, there I was, honing down on a piece of BDSM equipment in a mom and pop owned establishment in a town that prides itself on how conservative and judgmental they can be.  So get this – – I find the perfect little quirt.  It’s not too big, it fits good in my hand, the leather is sorts soft – and God, it smells scrumptious – sorta like sex.  I was convinced that this was the implement for me.  But, I had to test it out – – – – didn’t I?

I thought I did anyway.  So, I decided to see how it felt.  On my ass.  I stepped back into the aisle a bit, so I would have more room and I pulled back my arm and whacked myself on the behind.  Ouch!  I jumped and squealed a bit.  Actually, it felt sorta good.  So, I did it again.  Pop!  Ow!  I giggled as I proceeded to give my own self a spanking in the middle of a Bible-Belt proprietorship run by pillars of the local Southern Baptist Church.

“May I help you, mam?”

I can jump really high when motivated.

“Oh, shit!” I covered my mouth and grinned.  “Uh, yes – how much is this quirt?”  God, where did he come from.  Wow!  I’ve never seen this long tall drink of water before.  Standing before me was no drug-store cowboy.  But, a hot hunk with a smile that told me that he had his suspicions about me.

“Well, I don’t work here – but I’m sure my Uncle could help you with that.”  He took the quirt from my hand – and swear to God, he smelled of the part that had just landed on my hot little rump.  “Do you ride much, cowgirl?”

By this time, my face was about the same shade of rosy red as my perky little bottom – and I was beginning to feel slightly warm all over.  For him.  “Every chance I get,” I confessed in a breathy – God, I hope, sexy tone.  He walked to the register and stood there while I paid.  I was all thumbs and nipples and other vibrating girly parts.  Afterwards, he walked me to my car.

“Put me outa my misery, darlin’,” he drawled and I melted into a big puddle on the sidewalk.  “What do you intend to do with that itty bitty quirt.”

I blinked my big ole blue eyes at him and laid it on thick.  “I had hopes of giving this high-stepping filly back home a little bit of discipline.  She’s been in heat, lately, and she’s getting way out of line.”  I had hope that he realized exactly who the filly in question was.  I threw out the line and he took the bait, beautifully.

“Do you think you could use a little help with that – uh – discipline?”  His eyes had gone as dark and sexy as those orgasmic brownies that I like to make.  Sexy as chocolate sin.

“I could always use a little help,” I admitted – noticing that he had the sexiest dimple by his mouth that I had ever seen.

Needless to say – – – I have a date.

Here’s an excerpt from my light BDSM – HEART IN CHAINS where Aliyah tastes the quirt.

“When you left the bed, I thought that I had turned you off.”

Lifting her chin, he looked into warm brown eyes.  “Turned me off?”  A wicked chuckle made his dimples wink – “Sweetheart, wiggle your bottom.”  She did, and then she realized she was sitting on a granite-hard male organ.  “See, I’m in a constant state of arousal around you.  Have you looked in a mirror?”  Sweetly, she hid her face in his chest and Ty’s heart swelled almost to bursting.  “Now, why in the world would you think that you turned me off?”

Aliyah knew she was acting totally out of character.  Who knew that she had secretly longed to be a helpless female?  “I got carried away and rubbed your – uh, fluid, – into my skin.  You left when you saw me do that.”  She looked at the wall, anywhere but at him.  How many years had it been since she had felt embarrassment?  Oh, yeah.  The whip.

In one powerful move, he flipped her over – her reflexes almost rebelled and caused her to challenge the move.  “Look at me, Aliyah.”  There was a note of command in his voice that she had not heard before.  She liked it.  “What you did, taking me into yourself – like some precious ointment – that was undoubtedly the sexiest one thing I have ever seen a woman do.”  He took both of her hands in one of his and he held them high above her head.  “I have become very enamored of you, Miss Sharon.”  His southern drawl and gentlemanly demeanor squeezed her heart.  In answer, she kissed his cheek softly.  Words were confusing at this point.  Gently, and with great care, he washed her body – Aliyah shivered and writhed with pleasure at his gentle ministrations.

“You, Ranger Landon, will always be with me in my dreams.”  Her words were meant to comfort and thank him.  It was all she had to offer.  Aliyah wanted to freeze time.  The hours that she had spent in his arms were the best that her life had offered so far.

What was she saying?  He wasn’t ready for their time together to end.  There was no way that he was going to walk away from her – he wasn’t a coward – and he wasn’t about to let himself get carted off to safety by one of the over-size Cruz twins.  “I don’t want to be relegated to your dreams, angel.”  Tyler countered as he dried her tempting, soft flesh with a towel.  Stilling his hand, he asked the one question that said it all.   Whether or not, she realized it – this was the time that all of her questions and his would be answered.  Stretching out beside her, he grasped her chin between his strong fingers and looked her in the eye.  “Do you trust me, Aliyah?”

“With my life.”  Aliyah did not falter in her answer.  She did trust him, more than anyone she had ever encountered.  “You are the finest of men, Ranger.  You are a patriot and a warrior.  You are a gentleman and a good brother.  And I am honored to have been able to share this time with you.”  When he started to speak, she placed her fingers over his lips.  “You have taught me many things: that I can be desirable to a man, that I can respond to your touch – for all of this I thank you.”

“I want to banish one more ghost for you,” he offered.  “Stand up, sweetheart and face the wall.”  Wobbling just a little, she did as he asked.  Tyler watched her – amazed anew at her seductive beauty.  She was utterly exquisite.  Walking flush up behind her, he palmed both globes of her ass – one in each hand.  Unable to resist, he leaned into her, moving his hands around her hips to tease her clit before sliding upward to cup her luscious breasts. Despite his plans to teach her to accept her own sexuality, his eager cock couldn’t pass up an opportunity to burrow in the warm, wet valley between her thighs.

“Heavens, Tyler.” she sighed.  “That feels so good.”  Pushing back against him, her clit begged for more attention.  Just the tip end of his cock nudged the swollen nugget of passion.

Tyler tweaked her nipples, humped against her hips and, in a primal move – bit into the tender flesh at the base of her neck.  That was all it took; spasms of delight sparkled through Aliyah’s body and she scratched the wall with her fingernails, gasping with surprise and ecstasy.

Tyler held on to his control – barely.  He held her till she stilled – his ego swelling almost as big as his dick.  “Hold that thought, baby.”  Reaching for his leather case that his brother had made, he took out the hand-made quirt.  Kyler had crafted it also.  It was about three foot long, one end was comprised of a braided handle adorned with silver feathers and other gemstone encrusted fetishes.  His initials were carved into a smooth area of the grip.  The other end was a trio of tightly woven strips, designed to bring a rosy glow to the bountiful bottoms of beautiful women.  It was one of Ty’s favorite things to do.  Never designed to hurt – he only used the whip to tease, tantalize and torment with just enough erotic pain to bring untold pleasure.  Kissing a line down her quivering back, Tyler whispered – “I would never, ever hurt you, doll.  If at any time you want me to stop, all you have to do is ask me to.  Understand?”

“Yes,” her answer was breathless with both anticipation and awareness.

To begin with Tyler dusted the tasseled end of the leather whip against her skin.  He watched as she tensed every muscle in her body; readying herself.  “You are so beautiful, baby.”  Drawing back his hand, he flipped the leather in an arc.  The whip danced through the air lighting with a caress on the flawless skin of her perfectly formed bottom.  A light pink strip remained behind, and before Aliyah expected it, two more joined the first.  Tyler watched her carefully, and what he saw thrilled him to his very core.  The look on Aliyah’s face was one of rapture, instead of pulling in her hips as one would if they were trying to avoid the blows – she pushed her bottom out, wordlessly, begging for more.

As if from a distance, Aliyah heard the whimper escape from her own lips.  The erotic sting was glorious!  “More, Tyler.  Please!  More!” she heard herself beg.  She felt his big, warm hand trace the marks left from the whip.  His touch triggered additional reactions from her body – her nipples hardened to diamond points and the cream from her arousal began to run down the inside of her leg.  Without realizing she was doing it, Aliyah began to rhythmically clench and tighten her vagina – seeking the reason for its existence, longing to be filled.  In answer to her pleas, four more stripes were applied to her lower back and to her upper thighs.  She sensed that Tyler was about to stop – and she didn’t think she could bear for him to do so.  “My front, Ty – please – my front.”

Unbelievable!  Tyler was so turned on that he could barely function.  “Then, turn around doll, and let me make you feel good.”  In a daze, she did as they both wanted – she presented her breasts, flushed and swollen with desire, the areolas and nipples puffed and distended, seeking solace.  He let his hungry eyes travel down her body and when he saw the dew beading on her pussy and the track of her cream leaving a trail of desire down her leg; it brought him to his knees.  “Just a taste, love.  I’ll give you what you want – but, I can’t ignore one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in my born days.”  Framing her hips, he licked the essence from mid-thigh to the soft curls that covered her venus mound.  Nuzzling her, Ty inhaled the rich, odor of her excitement.  Pressing one deep kiss to her clit, that almost sent her over the edge; he pushed away and gave her what she wanted.

Aliyah closed her eyes in abject surrender – never before had she known the richness of turning oneself over to another who had only your passion at heart.  Stings of brilliant pleasure crossed her breasts – he was a Master – never once, did the pieces of leather cross her sensitive nipples.  The strands landed precisely how and where he aimed for them to.  In mute request, Aliyah spread her legs and turned the inch or two necessary so that her labia and clitoris were visible to him.  They were glistening; rosy and slick with arousal.

Tyler stopped for a moment, weighing his actions   Their eyes locked and she moistened her lips and spoke with sure conviction, “Whip my pussy, Tyler.  Please?  I beg you.  Give this to me.  I need you, so.”  With dexterity unequaled, Tyler placed the sharp, keen blows right where she needed them most.  With a scream of rapturous release, Aliyah began to shake with an orgasm that radiated from her loins to every cell in her body.  Unable to just stand and observe, Tyler threw down the whip and with great strength and determination – he picked her up and sat her down on his engorged staff.  The suddenness of the impalement caused Aliyah to jump with the overwhelming rightness of  being filled, stretched, pleasured beyond her greatest expectations.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips, and Tyler Landon, strong as an ox, took her by the hips and moved her up and down on his cock – driving them both insane with the shear bliss of the moment.

“I’m not letting you go, Aliyah.  This is too good.  This is too right.”  Aliyah didn’t argue, instead, she threw her head back – her hair streaming down in an ebony waterfall and she luxuriated in the feel of her body sliding up and down on his thick, hot cock.  Over and over again, in and out – Tyler dominated Aliyah.  With strong arms, he manipulated her body – with powerful thrusts of his hips, he filled her again and again.  Finally, in a wild bellow of fulfillment – Tyler shot her full of his cum.  When Aliyah felt the hot streams of his release, her inner muscles vibrated in response and for the third time in the space of an hour – Aliyah Sharon climaxed – normally – supremely – sublimely.

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