Wicked Women Wednesday – Secrets…

It’s that time again – all wickedness Wednesday with my sexy guest BLMorticia!  Join the lovely lady giving you another taste of her thoughts on secret fantasies. We all have them…

Greetings peeps!

     Welcome to Rawiya’s/BL’s today for the wicked women post. 

     Cass and I are continuing with this month’s theme of secret fantasies and even my not so wicked sister muse cannot deny this.

     Wanting to be part of a menage. 

     Cass covered that in her posts a little last week. Wanting to have to hot men with you at all times, making you cum on command and scream out their names while they DP’ed you or if they were the right kinds of men, having a moment or two with each other without getting squeamish!

     Really guys, most women would love this. They just don’t wanna vocalize it. Believe me, I’ve heard from several friends who said they’d love to ask their partners about being in a threesome with another man or woman if they so desire. 

However, lets add another wrinkle.

     What if you and your man are married happily? Would it destroy the marriage to have this kind of encounter?

In my free read on Everynight Erotica, the female protagonist has this dilemma. Her husband she knew would be very jealous and may not want to have another man competing for his wife’s affections but really, she tries her best to explain to him, its not about her, its only about him. 


Have a look.

All in the Cards

     Once morning broke, I woke up and looked at my beautiful husband. His back glistened from the sweat, the sun from the window shone on his backside.

Baby, you said how lucky you are. How fortunate am I?

Wanting him, I kissed the small of his back, making a trail down his hips.

“Mmm…” He squirmed a bit.

Suddenly, I got courage, deciding to wake him up with something new. I caressed his ass cheeks and spread them open. Softly, I licked his hole while slowly sliding a finger inside.

“Mmmm, LaDonna what are you up to?” He asked in a sleepy tone.

“Experimenting, do you like it?”

He turned around to face me; his green eyes met my browns. “Yes I do.”

Now is the time.

“Will, I have something to ask you.”

“What is it sweetheart?”

I took my finger out of from between his thighs, moving on top of him.

“Will I want to have a ménage a trois. I mean, the sex we have is fabulous but I think       it will do nothing but enhance our sex life.”

“Really, that’s rather interesting Donna.”

When he rose a little, I got off him. Once he turned to face me, I put the finger I had inside him to my lips. I licked it waiting for his response.

“Baby, you are sooo beautiful. I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

“Not even once? Sweetheart I’ll always be yours I just think it would be great. Besides, you have expressed interest in it. And I have the perfect person in mind.”

“Hmmm, really, who is it?”

“It’s this guy that…”

“Guy? I thought you were thinking about a female.”

“No Will it’s another guy.”

Annoyed he quipped, “LaDonna, I really don’t want to share you with another guy. I don’t want to see any dick going inside you but mine. I mean c’mon, if I need to improve just say so. Our relationship is built on honesty is it not?”

Uh oh LaDonna you’ve pissed him off.

“Yes baby but the other man will not fuck me.”

Smiling slightly he said in the faint British accent, “Ooohkay soooo what’s the point?”

“I want him to pleasure you.”

Will looked at me really, hard and laughed. “LaDonna you have got to be kidding me. You want another man to fuck me? Is that why you stuck that finger up my ass?”

“Not right away. I want to see a man pleasuring you, taking your cock down his throat would send me over the edge!” Just the thought of it caused the juices to build down below.

Before his next sentence, he grabbed my face, crushing his lips on
top of mine. “I can tell you are turned on right now.” Again, he kissed me and met my gaze. “Baby, I don’t know about this.”

“Sweetheart it will be fun.” I ran my fingers through his scalp.

Seemingly curious he smiled and outlined my face with his finger. “And he won’t want to fuck you?”

Not breaking the stare, “No babe he is strictly dickly!”




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What do you think? I think pretty hot!  I know my thoughts and as you can imagine they’re quite sinful! Enjoy…

Kisses   xxx



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4 Responses to Wicked Women Wednesday – Secrets…

  1. very hot. would love to read about the actual threesome


  2. Lexxx Christian says:

    Whew.. very hot. And yes… I am among the masses of women in love with the m/f/m menage. My upcoming release from Rebel Ink deals with just that! I’ve always wanted a harem of men…. aaah… nice dreams.


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