Bend Over Boy and Take It Like A Man!

Hi ladies and gents and welcome to another hot post by BLMorticia! Today, I’m talking about something that’s been a fantasy of mine for years.

Even though this is a wicked women post about secret desires, this really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Fucking a man! Yep, having a strap and fucking another man has been one of the top, pun intended, things I’ve wanted to accomplish. Let’s just say, it’s on my bucket list!


Ladies? Have you ever wanted to do this to your man? Come on, fess up! You’ve never wanted to show him who’s boss? Who wears the pants? Do you think that he’ll ever open up to you doing this sort of thing?

Well, men, if you don’t, you’re actually missing out. Many men that allowed their women to do this have said it’s a great source of stimulation.

I used to talk to a guy on Literotica. We emailed back and forth and he shared with me how this was one of the best experiences of his life. His girlfriend behind him, pushing that hard plastic between his asscheeks was a great source of enjoyment and made him come harder than he imagined.

According to the site, it’s a great source of pleasure and contrary to what guys make think, no it doesn’t mean you’re gay. (GOD FORBID) It means you’re open minded and want to please yourself and your adventurous woman.

And what is so wrong with being bi, NOTHING. That’s another topic.

So, ladies, if you wanted to try this, what must you do to get your man to agree? Of course, talk it out, look at websites like They have communities there on the bulletin board for men that love to be strapped. If you do decide you want the extra fun, then prepare yourself.

Start by getting loose.

This is one example of a butt plug that will help. You can do this with or without her in attendance. It will get you ready for the big event.

You must do an enema beforehand. I won’t go further than saying it will make it a cleaner and safer experience.

Relax, take deep breaths and tell her to go slow! *laughs* She can’t do this when she’s angry with you. It would be better if both of you were relaxed and not stressed.

Now, for those of you wondering, what would I, the woman, get out of this?

Okay, for one, you are in control for once. Two, when the harness part of the strap hits your clitoris, it also is stimulation for you. Three, you feel like a gay man. *laughs* I mean, that would be my joy anyway.

So what have we learned kids? Talk it out, do the research, do all the correct preparations, and most of all, relax and enjoy.

Let me know how it goes when you do this too, since I have yet to find a man who will let me do this. Maybe one day. I’m far from kicking the bucket. *grin*

This has been another WICKED post by BLMorticia!


This post is in conjunction with BL’s next story that’s close to completion. It’s about a woman who wants to surprise her new man with some strap sex in public. What would be more fun than that?

Here’s a small excerpt of The Desire to be in Charge. Unedited, so excuse the errors.

For years now, I have wanted to experience the feeling of being in control. I’m not just talking, BDSM, but more so, the excitement that comes along with fucking someone with a strap on. Preferably, I would love to have a man in the receiving position, just because, it would seem much hotter to be behind a guy and shoving my pole inside his tight hole, giving him the pain he so richly deserved and craved.

How would I achieve this? Men don’t just come out and say, “Oh I desire to be fucked in the ass,” unless they’re gay and since I’m a woman, I don’t believe I would get many takers. Even if I did, that would seem too easy. There wouldn’t be much of a thrill. A straight man would be better; allowing him to think that he’s going to fuck some sweet, unassuming woman, then turn the tables on him. In my opinion, it’s the ultimate way of taking control, being in charge. I had to experience this at least once. Life is too short to make compromises.

Due to the fact I wanted a specific kind of man, I decided to place the ad online and not in one of those personals in the paper. It was true that lunatics could come from both but my only concern was getting a man who wouldn’t be suspecting. Besides, I had a plan. I would talk with him extensively, online and on the phone while I ran his background, making sure he wasn’t going to be a problem. Yes, I’m a cop, so this would be no issue for me to get someone at the station to complete this. Once he checked out, I would make the decision to meet with him, not telling him anything about my plans and when he least expects, take him by force and get what I want.

Would there be consequences? It might, but I could worry about that later. This ultimate fantasy of mine had to become a reality. I wouldn’t let it go until I had what I wanted.

The Literary Triad –!

Michael Mandrake




So I thought my wicked friend’s post should stand on it’s on – we are constantly trying to bring you ideas about secret fantasies and I think she’s provided a hot one… I hope you guys aren’t too afraid…

Kisses   xxx


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10 Responses to Bend Over Boy and Take It Like A Man!

  1. Sharita Lira says:


    I have a 10 inch on the brain…

    Joking… ;D


  2. Great blog. I have tried this once and enjoyed it immensely, and would happily be on the receiving end again. Personally I think there is nothing wrong with being fucked by a woman wearing a strap on and would recommend every man gives it a try, at least once.


  3. Loved the post and the way it was presented. Well done BL, this is one post that I think will pique a lot of interest and if it doesn’t then the people reading it must be dead from the waist down and oh so very vanilla lol

    *bites n kisses*


  4. Avril Ashton says:

    LOL awesome blog! And yes…it’s one of my top three fantasies. Have I been lucky enough to have it fulfilled??

    *sings* I’ll never teelll 😉


  5. I have thought about this so who knows? It might come true some day 😉


  6. lawrence lester says:

    i would love to get spank ed and fucked by two or more females with strapons.


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