Sex and Vampires…Is There Anything Hotter?

I don’t know about you guys but I love the thought of vampires in all ways. I know we’re a bit tired of the kind that sparkle in the light and somehow vampires went from being creatures who terrified us to ones that seduced us to the point of giving up our lives and soul – let alone our blood.

I’ve always had a fascination and write a series about them under my real name. Once I finally get a few more pieces penned I’m going to finish up the 26 book series and you might enjoy gazing at their worlds at I’m even snagging picture of my hero in the Shadow of Darkness series but this piece is about my Halloween piece for Naughty Nights Press – Raging Shadows. Not imagine taking two hot male vampires who are lovers, one feisty lady, a sex club where all thing BDSM go and a very interesting night with a Ouija board and you have a HOT piece in the making. See what you think when Constantine reminds Savannah what she craves…


Out of the corner of her eye she could see what appeared to be sex acts being performed on a raised stage like platform. Swallowing hard she stopped and watched the kinky event as her blood sizzled. She’d always been into BDSM from the moment she happened upon her first erotic book and since then hungered for a strong Master. Her days in certain Goth clubs only fueled needs she couldn’t explain to herself let alone her friends.

Barely able to hear the pulsing music vibrating throughout the room, she concentrated on the sight of the man naked and tied to the steel “x” cross as her pulse echoed into her ears. As he was being flogged by not one but two leather clad men the sub clenched his fists open and closed. Welts covered his ass and legs and from what Savannah could see the whipping had been going on for some time. The area flanked by customers clapping and cheering, their various states of undress only seemed to boost the activity. As a single bead of sweat trickled down the back of her neck, she realized she couldn’t take her eyes off the vision and wanted to be the one being spanked.

“I see you crave more than just darkness.”

His voice wrapped around her like a warm blanket and as Savannah turned slowly her heart swooned from seeing his eyes, flecks of gold shimmering in the shadows. “Yes.”

Taking her hand, Constantine brushed his thumb across her palm as he lowered his head and kissed her lips softly, allowing his tongue to dart inside her wet mouth. He drew her close as his whisper became a beacon of wanton lust. “Tell me, Savannah, do you hunger to be strapped and fucked as people watch your every craving being fulfilled? Do you need a strong man who’ll teach you and train you to be a good submissive, giving him everything he asks?”

“Yes,” she breathed, her voice barely audible. Every word he spoke was nothing more than a carving directly into her soul. His voice almost hypnotic, she could almost envision the moment she was stripped and tied, taken by several men.

Constantine nipped her lower lip before capturing her mouth, pressing his tongue into the back of her throat. Their tongues entwining, he grazed his hands down her back to cup her ass, slipping the material of her dress up to the top of her thighs. Sliding his finger up and down the back of her leg, he slipped his finger just under the tight elastic of her panties.

The kiss became a roar of passion as she wrapped her arms around his waist and the feel of his cock pulsing into her belly left her breathless. As his finger neared nirvana suddenly she remembered they weren’t alone and palmed his chest, breaking the kiss.

“Hmmm… you’re concerned.”

“Only that people will see.” Darting glances toward the stage, she nibbled her bottom lip as her nipples scraped against the thin material of her dress forcing them into hard peaks.

Constantine chuckled as he slowly turned her around to face the stage. “Tell me what you see.” Grazing his fingers down the length of her arms, he methodically moved them up from the edge of her hipbones to her waist and up to the sides of her breasts. “Tell me.”

Passion. Hunger. Need.” Her eyes opening wide, she shivered from his touch and her understanding of what was happening.

“Close you eyes and imagine you’re taking his place. Think about being tied to the cold, hard steel as men tease you with  the edge of the flogger moments before whipping her naked body as you struggle to be the good little girl you know you can be. Is that something you crave?”

“Yyyyyeeeesss…” Her pulse racing, Savannah tried to concentrate on what he was asking as vivid visions raced through her mind. Every part of her body on fire, excitement tore through her body as she imagined being taken in hand, submitting to his every command, Constantine’s every desire.

Imagine being flogged by masked strangers as you whimper and strain until you’re left wet and in need of so…much…more.” Cupping her breasts, Constantine kneaded her nipples, squeezing until her legs trembled. “Is that something you need?”

“Oh…yyyeeesss.” Lolling her head back, an almost frigid slice of his breath pulsed across the heat of her neck and she leaned against him, longing to be very much alone with the man who drove her mad.

Kissing the side of her neck, Constantine raked the tips of his incisors across as he pushed the thin straps of her dress down past her shoulders. “Imagine being owned by a man who will care for you as you move into immortality, every night filled with passion and discipline. Imagine a man who’ll give you heightened levels of pleasure until you’re filled with sheer ecstasy. Tell me, Savannah, will you fully submit to the one man who’ll give you everything you’ve ever hungered for during your long nights dreaming and wishing?”

From somewhere deep within her soul, she registered the words and the meaning of what he was asking her but as tingling sensations danced across her skin, she could no longer focus on anything but the touch of his hands, the feel of his lips, the scent of the man.

Exposing her naked breasts, Constantine slipped his hands under the swell of her breasts, lifting and caressing as he flicked his fingers back and forth across her nipples. “Savannah. Tell me! Will you become my lover for all of eternity submitting to my every desire, my every need as I give you eternity?” Pinching her nipples, he twisted her tender flesh as he licked her neck, grazing his teeth across her pulse.

Panting, Savannah arched her back, begging him to take her right here. Every nerve standing on end, she could feel her legs ready to give out. Pain and pleasure washed over her body as he brought her nipples to a hard peak. Her cunt quivering, she licked her lips and ground her ass into his groin as a tiny purr pulsed from her lips.

“Open your eyes,” Constantine commanded as he continued assaulting her breast, pinching and squeezing. “Is that what you want?”

She did as she was told and the vision of her naked body on the cross replacing the boys shocked her. Stunned, she opened and closed her mouth as she stood frozen watching as two half naked men took turns flogging her legs and stomach. Shackled facing forward, Savannah could see the look of utter bliss on the…on her face as the men whipped her exposed pussy until her whimpers fluttered across the men and women who stood cheering her punishment. “I…I…”

“Tell me!”

“Yes!” Jumping from the tone of his voice, suddenly the scene changed and the two masked men began teasing her cunt, driving their fingers into her slick heat. Swaying back and forth, she could feel every moment of the two men slipping their fingers deep into her pussy, thrusting as she moaned, tossing her head back and forth.

Constantine bit down on her neck and grunted before nipping her earlobe, his voice husky with desire. “Do you want more than one man to pleasure you and own you? Will he tolerate more than one man in your bed?”

Smiling, Savannah raised her hands and cupped Constantine’s and together they squeezed her breasts. “Yes.” Gripping one of his hands, she brought it down to her stomach and further, inching her dress up from her legs and placing the flat of his hand on her lace covered cunt. “Touch me.”

Hissing, he slid his fingers under the slip of elastic and pressed them into her pussy, slowly pulsing in and out. “Forever?”

Her body completely consumed by the vision and his ravenous actions, she moaned and undulated her body against his. “Forever.”

Yummy I think anyway… Aren’t you ready to be bitten?

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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3 Responses to Sex and Vampires…Is There Anything Hotter?

  1. WOW- a 26 book series- that’s very impressive- I have to admit the entire Twilight dazzle has made many tire of vampires- as an adult we need the vampires of days gone by- less glitz and more sensuality combined with fear and intrigue


    • behalle says:

      Well this one is sensual and kinky – which is a touch different and no HEA on this either. The series is fun and a take off of real fear and in truth I’m glad I’ve waited to get back to it. This one is just hot fun with a touch of danger


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