Sensuous Slave – What if you had no choice?

I am happy to announce that my Sensuous Series has been accepted by Rebel Ink Press. I developed this one over two years ago with I believe at last count 15 in synopsis and one written. The series has been on my website and oddly enough continues to receive more hits for one book in particular – and this one is in the final editing stages.

What if you had a difficult choice to make – become a sexual slave for a brutal mafia run sex club or risk the lives of underage children? Could you do it? Add in the fact you’re a conservative female detective in gritty police department and you’re going under cover with your partner – the man of your fantasies – and you have to perform with him, a man you’ve never shared an intimate moment with. Add in a terrible secret from your past and a hunger to taste all thing BDSM and you have the conflict our heroine must face.

What I’m finding in my writing is I am now writing some grittier pieces – I do love a good saucy sex story where the only truth to it is a pleasurable event like a birthday gift or perhaps a fantasy played out but I think my readers now hunger for more. Sensuous Slave isn’t for the faint of heart as some of the scenes are very violent but indicative of clubs that do exist to traffic in child slavery. Whether or not there’s a happy ending – not going to tell you. Let’s take a taste and see what you think – don’t worry – nothing is brutal here.


“Okay, how are we going in under cover?” Steffan asked.

The Sergeant wiped the trickle of perspiration from his forehead. “Look guys. I’m not going to lie to you. This is unusual to say the least and in truth its against the rules. We could all get into trouble here but we have little choice. We can’t get inside the family any other way. These girls are not even sixteen. The Feds have no where else to turn and while I don’t like their angle, this must be done.”

“What must be done?” Shawna asked.

The Sergeant opened and closed his mouth.

   “Talk to us Sergeant. We have to know.” Steffan shook his head.

The Sergeant hesitated again. His quiet demeanor surprised them more than his words. “Everyone knows in this department you two should be together.”

“Together?” Steffan asked, his voice husky as he glanced at Shawna.

“Yeah. Together as in a couple. You two are meant for each other.”

What the fuck does that have to do with this case?” Shawna bristled and flew off the chair.

“This time I agree with my partner. What does our possible relationship have to do with anything involving this case?” Steffan asked.

The Sergeant shook his head.

Shawna had no doubt where this was going. “You think we’re going under cover to perform, right? So that means we have to be a couple to be able to pass the system. Right? Meaning we are going to fuck for the crowd?”

Sergeant Compton could barely keep his eyes on hers.

“Dear God, are you serious? Isn’t this against company policy?” Steffan asked.

“Like I mentioned before, the request is about the Bureau’s desperation. You two are the only ones who could pass as a couple and infiltrate the club. There is no one else on anyone’s payroll. This is the only way to get these bastards. It has to be done.”

“No one else, interesting. What if we refuse?” Shawna asked.

The Sergeant looked from one to the other. “I’ve been given strict orders. If you refuse then you’re both fired.”

“What? You can’t be serious! What the hell is it exactly you are asking us to do?” Steffan’s voice rattled with growing rage. “You know I’ve been undercover before in the streets or New Orleans and I wasn’t too keen on what I had to do then but nothing compares to being forced sexual acts. This is absurd. Spell it out completely before I walk and trust me the press will hear about this.”

“Damn it Steffan! You don’t know what’s at stake here.” Sergeant Compton looked back and forth between them. “Fine, both of you hear me. What I am asking…what the entire country is asking is that you two get close. Very close. Then you’ll be able to infiltrate the club Alesandro Lugiano owns and become performers, hopefully anyway. That’s the only way you’ll be able to find out what they’re doing with the kids. If there was another way the Bureau wouldn’t have come walking through that door with an engraved invitation from the Mayor. Hell, even the damn Governor is in on this.”

Stale air hung in the room.

Shawna laughed. “Then it’s been a done deal all along and we’re just the slick icing.”

Sergeant Compton remained quiet.

“Okay. Let me get this straight. What you’re asking is that Steffan and I fuck so that people believe we’re a couple and then further you’re stating we are to perform sexual acts at a BDSM club to try to find out what the hell the Lugiano family is really into. Am I about right here? Did I miss anything? Oh and if we refuse we are out of a job?” Shawna fought laughing as the sick nerves took over.

“Crudely put but yes,” the Sergeant said quietly.

Steffan stared at her and as their eyes connected, a knowing set in. “Sergeant Compton, this is way a ridiculous method of solving a crime. Not only is it dangerous for both of us but to force us into a casual affair could ruin even our partnership.”

“I’m well of that and the department wouldn’t ask for your help if there was any other way.”

Shawna paced as she held her arms. Shivering, she knew in the back of her mind she wouldn’t be unable to handle the intimacy, let alone kinky acts. “I can’t do it. I won’t do it. No. You can’t ask this of us. You just can’t. This is against company policy let alone bordering on indecency!”

“Yes, it is. There is no question.” The Sergeant eyed Steffan.

Tick. Tock.

“Isn’t there another way?” Steffan asked.

“If there was I would’ve gone that route, guys. My back is against the wall. I completely understand that this is…this can’t and won’t be
condoned by our office or anyone else for that matter, but kids are dying.”

“Dying?” Steffan asked.

“I won’t do it!” Shawna exclaimed.

“This is crazy. Are you suggesting that there is more going on that simply erotic sexual acts with these kids?” Steffan repeated.

“I can’t do it!”

Sergeant Compton shook his head. “They are being used and killed. They are nothing more than play time material. Expendable.”

Steffan snagged her arm, rubbing his fingers across her heated skin. “You have to tell us exactly what you’re skating around about here. You have to lay all of this and you know damn and good well why.”

Sergeant Compton’s ratted sigh was full of anguish. He silently pulled out another file. “I certainly knew how you’d both feel. I completely understand your apprehension. I’m not sure I could…but look this is out of my hands. Everyone in the state department is involved is this damn thing.” He pushed the file toward them. “You should know that the Mayor’s daughter was kidnapped and found mutilated last week.”

“What?” Steffan exclaimed as he grabbed the pictures. They were damning. Brutal. The beautiful blond girl was in her prime of youth. The tortured and mutilated body was in vivid color.

Shawna gasped. Everyone knew she had an utter hatred of anything or anyone who laid a hand on a child. The card had been played for her alone. “Lugiano’s?”

“Yes, it’s not just about the performances. We’re afraid there’s a sex ring going on and the kids are being sent over seas, Shawna. You know I wouldn’t ask this of you if it wasn’t important. I know your history and I understand how difficult this will be for you but we’re talking about Steffan as your partner here, not someone you don’t know.” Sergeant Compton brushed his hands through his hair.

“Are you seriously talking about us becoming lovers and then performing? You’re asking us to do this?” Steffan asked shivering from the brutality.

The Sergeant sighed and stared at Shawna. “ I hate having to do this guys but there are no other choices. I’m not asking. I’m ordering.”

Well, see what I mean? Not for the faint of heart and keep in mind not fully edited but… This should give you an idea of where this is going. I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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2 Responses to Sensuous Slave – What if you had no choice?

  1. Fantastic, Cass! I wanted to read more! Eagerly awaiting this series!

    Off to share the link for you.



  2. Really a wonderful fantasy sex story , my congrats and best wishes


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