I thought you might need a little pick me up this lovely Saturday morning so here’s a very wicked taste of Power Struggle – my latest release from Rebel Ink Press – keep in mind this is a m/m piece so… But imagine two men vying to be top dog.

Ryker could tell he had the man on edge. Nodding, he settled his gaze on the man’s crotch, relishing in the fact he could see the thick bulge, throbbing against the tight confines of Cole’s jeans. He eyed the television casually until the drink was pushed in front of him. Grabbing the glass, he picked it up, every movement deliberate and turned his head slowly. “Yeah, that’s so.” Turning away, he could feel Cole’s hot breath as he leaned across the bar.

“We’ll see,” Cole said quietly as he moved away.

Ryker sipped his drink as the minutes turned into a full hour. Cole kept his distance and the play for submission became agonizing. Ryker moved back and forth on the hard bar stool, his cock aching from remaining half hard. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Cole finally ease from behind the bar. He stole a quick glance around the room. The growing group of men was either mostly drunk or getting there. No one was paying any attention. He slid off the stool and casually followed Cole, staying in the shadows.

Cole moved out of the Lair and down the long hallway toward the bathroom, glancing around before going inside.

Ryker sniffed and walked toward the bathroom. Two men left as he neared the entrance. Pushing the door open quietly, he could see that only one person remained in the last stall. The largest compartment. He moved forward silently until he was right outside the metal door.

The sound of the toilet flushing filtered toward the ceiling.

The moment the lock clicked, Ryker yanked the door open and grinned. “Going somewhere?” He narrowed his eyes, lowering them to Cole’s open fly.

Cole opened and closed his mouth, looking around Ryker. Lifting his head, he brushed his hand across his crotch in a blatant invitation. “You want some of this?”

Ryker laughed as he took a single finger and pushed Cole back into the stall. Closing and latching the door behind them, he turned slowly and raked a blazing trail down and back up the length of his body as he took a deep breath. Snaking his hand out, he cupped Cole’s crotch, squeezing his balls with just enough pressure that a single moan escaped Cole’s lips. “I think it’s your turn to obey.”

Cole placed his hand over Ryker’s and licked his lips.

“On your knees.” Tipping his head, he stared into Cole’s eyes, daring him to disobey as he tugged his cock out of his pants. Stroking it gently, he waited as Cole debated, his breath nothing more than a hot slice of wanton need. Keeping his voice even, his whisper became a dark command. “You heard me. On…your…knees.” He pulled his hand back and folded his arms, keeping his smoky gaze locked onto Cole.

Cole fell to his knees, his breath ragged as his hands moved to Ryker’s crotch. Unfastening his belt, he slowly pulled the buckle as he leaned his head in, placing his moist mouth over the dense fabric.

Ryker sighed and closed his eyes. As he felt Cole slowly unzipping his pants, he remained still, barely breathing until Cole managed to drag his jeans past his hips and lower them to his knees. Opening his legs as far as the material would allow, he was glad he’d purposely gone commando. The feel of his aching cock being freed was scintillating. “Suck me,” he whispered hearing the sound of the entrance door swinging open.

Cole breathed in the scent of him, taking his cock between both hands. Holding his shaft erect, he darted his tongue out, sliding a single lick across Ryker’s sensitive slit.

He hissed and the sounds of others coming and going fueled his need. Grabbing Cole’s long dreads, he yanked his head back and narrowed his eyes. “Don’t tease. Suck.” Ryker kept his fingers entwined in Cole’s hair and pushed his head down.

Cole swallowed hard and grazed his fingers down to cup his balls, massaging as he slathered a series of long languishing licks around his cockhead.

“Mmmmm…more like it.”

He took the tip into his mouth, suckling as his fingers danced down the length of his cock. As Cole began to stroke him, he took the shaft down an inch and then two before pulling him all the way out. Lifting Ryker’s dick, he licked down the underside until he reached his balls, taking first one into his mouth and then the next. Savoring the taste of him, he rolled his tongue around the tender flesh, using his strong jaw muscles to squeeze.

“Sweet Jesus, yes…” Ryker moaned softly, pressing his head back. Licking his lips, he could hear men coming and going, oblivious to the sinful act that was occurring barely two feet away. He smiled as Cole licked back up and took him into his mouth, going down and inch at a time, until he could feel the tip hitting the back of Cole’s throat. Holding in the bubbling groan, stars in vibrant shades of tangerine and gold flashed before his eyes, marring his vision.

Cole sucked Ryker’s cock as he wrapped his hand around the base, pumping him slowly at first, but as Ryker’s legs threatened to buckle, Cole picked up the intensity. Working in fervent motions, the sound of his mouth sucking floated toward the ceiling.

Ryker shivered, his legs shaking uncontrollably. Reaching out, he palmed the wall to keep from falling as Cole took him into the recesses of his mouth, sucking with increasing pressure as Ryker’s balls flapped under his chin. The sound was obvious and he fought the strain of laughter that threatened to give them away. His blood pulsing, he bit his lip as his climax rushed around the corner. He wasn’t going to last long.

Cole grunted and took him all the way out, licking and nipping the underside down to his swollen sacs. He pressed a series of wet kisses and sucked them before licking back up and in one motion, took him all the way down, holding him still as he used nothing more than his jaw muscles to work Ryker’s flesh.

The effect almost forced him to cum immediately. Panting, Ryker began fucking Cole’s mouth, driving in and mouth in long deliberate plunges. As Cole inched forward and gripped his balls with one hand, Ryker picked up the pace, slamming into his mouth in savage moves. In and out he thrust harder and faster, amazed Cole kept up the pace.

Cole gripped the base of his cock and squeezed as he massaged his balls, taking him deeper and deeper inside his mouth. He tipped his head just slightly and the effect strangled Ryker.

“Fuck!” Ryker hissed, biting back the anguished cries as his legs shook. Barely able to hold on, he shut his eyes tightly as the sweet moment of heated ecstasy wrapped around him like a sizzling fire from Hell and beyond. The seconds ticked by as his orgasm swept from his toes and shot up his legs. With one hand he gripped onto Cole’s dreads while the other clawed at the wall, his nails digging into the wallboard. A series of dancing shards of electric current rattled his senses, sending jagged pulses into his heart.

Cole worked harder as he continued gripping Ryker’s cock and balls roughly.

He couldn’t hold it back any longer. Unable to focus, Ryker thrashed his head back and forth as the mind bending orgasm swept his system, bringing that perfect moment of rapture and light crashing into his overheated system. As his blood boiled to the point of no return, he erupted into Cole’s mouth, the hot strings flowing in long torrents.

Cole held him as he came, taking every bit of his cum.

“Sweet…mother of…God,” he hissed through clenched teeth. Ryker was sated and exhausted and yet at that very moment he knew he wanted more.

What do you think? Can you handle the heat? 

Kisses   xxx




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  1. Excellent descriptive scene. Love the whole piece of of the two men.


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