And ones we crave…

It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m writing about all kinds of male characters lately. One this I’ve realized is that we all love heroes. It doesn’t matter what kind we need a man or a woman we can get behind and rally for. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and I think we need that sense of protection around us in a world full of criminals and strife. So on this day I thought I’d honor our heroes – and give you a taste of what I think.

Any of you that know me realize that I love bad boys. I have this thing about men on Harleys and tattoos and that slice of danger you feel when you see a hunk on the other side of the room in ripped jeans and two day stubble. Remember when you were in high school and the bad boys were the ones that skipped class and hung with the smokin’ crowd? Ah, those were the days. Wouldn’t it have frightened your mother to death if you came home with one of those on a date? WHEW – oh I can hear the cuss words now!

Did I have a bad boy when I was younger? Yes, I have to admit that I did and he was an American Indian with long shaggy ebony hair and ripped muscles and stood six foot four and yes, he had a Harley. I laugh now because I had no idea that I was developing a “type” at sixteen. Who knew? He was also almost ten years older than me and while he came from a very good family, my mother initially freaked out. Oddly enough, she loved him later because he was only a bad boy on the exterior. He was sweet and luscious and well…I won’t tell you any additional naughty details. What did he happen to do for a living? He was a fireman and saved many a life. I’m not sure it mattered to me then but when I was thinking about the heroes that I create now in several of my pieces, they’re our hired heroes that keep use safe.

I can’t unfortunately write about our luscious military men that protect our very civilization, as I wouldn’t do them justice. You’ll have to turn to a fellow Rebel writer and dear friend of mine, Lila Munro for that. She knows the military. I’m talking though about our policemen and firemen. Somehow we personify them as sexy and sultry while they’re serving and protecting. Is it something about their uniform or perhaps our wicked thoughts of stripping off their uniforms?

I think we realize that they’re on the line almost every day saving our cities, our property and sometimes our lives with pay that isn’t the best and they step into the line of firepower or fire without question. Heroes have always played a role in society and in romance stories from the world wars to cowboys and Indians. The love is nothing new but we don’t mind reading about the sexy fireman that saves lives during the day and then perhaps strips in a club after work for the ladies? Do we? Be honest ladies, don’t you want to perhaps go to see the Chippendale’s men and take in a show where they’re dressed as cops? Hmmm… any of you ever see The Full Monte? I think that movie truly shows that every day man can be sexy as hell and our hero and in turn, they’re the new bad boy we crave taking just a little taste of.

I penned a piece – it’s m/m – called Game Over – that released in June and it’s a hot one about a cop that has to decide in an old boys in blue kind of world whether to choose his career or his lover and the man that holds the key to his heart. It’s a gut wrenching for him and no, I won’t tell you how it turns out! Let’s just say that our cop goes to extraordinary methods to find a way to…

When I began doing some promo pieces for it I did receive a little criticism that there is worry about the ranks of our officers about lives being put in danger. I understand and respect that completely and certainly don’t know all the ins and outs of their world but I think our heroes have angst given any relationship – they’re being put in harms way. Will they come home to their wives and family?

The piece is a bit gritty and in truth I’m thrilled that was my first m/m piece. I’ve developed a series of hero characters that really will drive home the concept that it doesn’t matter what color, nationality, creed, religion etc we are, we all need a hero to rally around. Take a taste of my first one and not my last, I assure you. It doesn’t really matter who the man in our life is. Aren’t they all heroes? Take a taste of a story I am proud of:


Tony climbed out of his corvette and inhaled deeply, smelling the sweet scent of Italian food and the stale stench of the inner city. While he loved living in Philly, the bowels of his hometown were gritty and dirty. For some reason Caelen continued to stay with Tony while he stuck his head further into the sand, denying who he really was. But now Tony knew the truth. He was going to lose his lover if he didn’t rid himself of the ugly demons. “I want to start going out like we used to.”

Caelen sniffed and shook his head. “Okay. If you’re sure you can handle anyone seeing us together. I’m your dirty little secret. The one you keep tucked away. You know, that delicious little game you like to play in the dark recesses of our home.”

Ouch! The dagger hurt but was more than justified. Game? That was more than true. They’d been playing more than one game since the day they got together. Opening and closing his fists, Tony fought a retort because Caelen was indeed nothing more than a boy toy Tony kept hidden away. Tony sucked in his breath and eyed his lover of eighteen months who was dressed to kill. Blazing a trail down the length of the sun kissed blond, Tony savored the way the leather pants fit Caelen’s form, accentuating his small waist, chiseled hipbones and the delicious bulge throbbing between his legs. He had to admit the candy-coated treat was nothing short of spectacular. Licking his lips, Tony brushed his hand through his long midnight hair and sighed. What Caelen didn’t now was that tonight was going to be dazzling. At least that’s what Tony was praying for anyway. “Look…I want to apologize.”

Apologize for what?”

“For being a dumb son of a bitch who’s taken you for granted. That’s for what.”

Caelen gritted his teeth but said nothing.


Hey, I heard we have some faggots in the department.” His chortled laugh flowed down the crowded hall. The overweight detective preened, sniffing as he eyed the beat cops, his look full of disdain. Grabbing his hat, he nodded toward the second man and slammed the locked door.

     ‘Faggots? Not in this precinct!’ The second detective barked, as they strolled down the hall. If we do, they better keep their shit to themselves.

     ‘Yeah, but we could have fun with them!”

     The second man burst out laughing. “You mean just like we did with those boys last year? I tell you what, that was fun.”

     “Don’t think they’ll ever look at fucking in the ass the same way again!”


Tony cringed. He’d been a fly on the wall that day and yet the words burned into the distant recesses of his mind. Being a top ranked police detective had its perks and its issues. It was an old boy’s school and times weren’t changing rapidly enough for anyone that lived an alternative lifestyles. Everyone thought Tony was a burly man that hungered for pussy. Married when he joined the force, he spent many days cruising bars with guys, drinking beer and whistling at pretty girls. He’d been lying to himself then and Tony realized he was doing it all over again as he stood staring at the crisp  note Caelen had left him two weeks prior. Tony was one sorry sack of shit. “You okay with this?”

“Going out?” Caelen sliced him a cautious look and gazed around at the dark buildings.

“Yeah. I know I haven’t been into it much lately.”

“Look Tony, I understand what you’ve been going through. In my career, I don’t have to deal with the kind of caustic problems surrounding Being gay that you do. I get why you’re hiding.”

No, he really couldn’t get it. Tony never talked about the gay bashing he heard every day. Caelen didn’t need to hear that bullshit, especially when he was more than comfortable with his sexuality. “Yeah, but I haven’t been fair to you,” Tony grimaced, knowing he’d been a shit. Granted, Caelen realized being a detective in a murder-riddled precinct in the middle of Philadelphia was tough enough as it was. Throw in the fact that Tony was gay and he’d learned through more than one series of hard knocks that you didn’t actively promote that little fact and it was no wonder he’d been pushed into denial. If Tony had any hopes of making Captain, something he’d applied for more than once, then he had to be careful regarding every aspect of his behavior. The powers that be scrutinized everything. While he admonished his actions in hiding the fact he craved men and knew Caelen deserved more than just a secret play thing Tony kept behind closed doors, truth was Tony had simply fallen into a trap of his own making.

Caelen smiled. “It’s okay. I’ve been busy with work anyway.”

Tony walked around the car and brushed his finger across the shimmer of Caelen’s cheek, drinking in his exotic fragrance. “I want everything about our relationship the way it used to be.”

“I don’t know if it can be, Tony.” Caelen pulled away.

I hope you enjoyed and of course you can find me at all the usual places. Let me know what you think. 

Kisses xxx





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  1. I agree- heroes are overlooked and forgotten most of the time- my son is an EMT and volunteer fireman- God Bless them all

    Onto the sexier side of it all- nothing beats the bad boy image- yes, we’ve all one in our lives- sigh- too bad we didn’t hold onto them


  2. Kiru Taye says:

    Hot pics. Nice excerpt. Military men are my fave bad boys.


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