To a sexy vampire no less. Can you imagine being a rough and tumble cop who finally succumbs to not only his male lover but a HOT male vampire who enjoys every aspect of kink… Tasty eh? Let’s find out a bit more about my sexy man Aleksandr Vasiliev. Not edited yet but…

FIRE FIRE – SURRENDER – Coming from Naughty Nights Press in October 

“Am I doing it right?” The blond turned his head and smiled, his look apprehensive yet accentuated with a touch of interest as he moved his body and captured the requested stance.

God, he hated when they asked too many questions. Finding suitable models had proven to be a touch daunting. Fortunately this one had more a higher degree of maturity than most of his subjects and also had experience modeling. “You look simply delicious. Hold the perfect stance for just one moment while I adjust the lighting.” In truth, he simply wanted to steal a glance at the stunning boy’s cock. Aleks snickered and turned his intense stare toward the model. He had paid well for his models and was highly respected and the majority of the time the young men vied for a position within his stable of employees.  The flaxen haired beauty had driven a hard bargain with managed to intrigue Aleks further, yet it remained whether the boy would be a further willing participant in his particular brand of erotic playtime. Either way, the boy’s sensuous carved body, reminiscent of a California surfer was exactly what he needed to finish the shoot.

Whether the boy would succumb to his lascivious desires was entirely beside the point. Aleks latest model was going to be the most scintillating dinner selection he had experienced in a full week. His full schedule of putting the pieces together at the gallery had prevented him from keeping his regular feeding schedule and Aleks was feeling the ill effects. “Perhaps we should move to the bench.” He slid his finger inside his mouth, suckling as nothing more than a blatant tease as the blond watched his every move, mesmerized by his raw hunger. Of course he could read the boy’s mind easily enough. While there was a touch of fear that trickled through him, the boy was very much intrigued by his sexual prowess and also quite attracted to Aleks.

Aleks purred and eased his finger in and out of his mouth, scraping the tip across his sharpened canines, drawing a single drop of blood. He realized his arrogance could certainly get the better of him some day but this night was already proving to be far too delicious to allow any interference. So be it. A touch conceited had allowed him to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh for centuries.

As the boy leaned over the spanking bench, he turned his head to stare into Aleks’ violet hued eyes. Almost startled at the infusion of gold flecks that shimmered in the dim lighting, he swallowed hard as his eyes grew wide.

Aleks could feel the boy’s blood pulsing erratically through his body and fought his natural urges. “Hmmm…allow me to position you for the perfect shot. After this we’ll enjoy some refreshment together.” Gliding forward, he kept his eyes locked onto the boys, hypnotizing him to the point he could see and intense shiver coursing throughout his system. He preferred a willing lover but his tastes were somewhat dark and had yet to find a man, a human that would allow him to enjoy his particular proclivities.

The boy turned and lowered his head, anticipating Aleks’ touch.

Aleks slid his cold hand across the boy’s sinewy back and sighed, savoring the sizzle of the boy’s tender flesh. How he loved to taste young flesh. He could barely get enough of their delicate skin and the flavor was always so lush like the freshest young fruit just after the hint of spring left its winter slumber. Pressing the boy’s head down, he forced one knee onto the bench and switched the angle. He was quite the willing submissive and perhaps Aleks would not only use him during another session for his art but would consider tasting him again in the future. “This is much more what I’d envisioned. Hold this for just a moment.”

   The boy shivered but said nothing.

Unable to resist, Aleks slid his hand down to cup and knead the boy’s firm buttocks and eased a single finger down the crack of his ask to tickle the edge of his sacs. The boy’s cock twitched as he pulsed his finger across his limp shaft and back up. Aleks pressed his finger back his tight ass cheeks and inched his tip just inside the boy’s sensitive hole.

“What are you…doing?” The boy’s voice lumbered off to a ragged whisper as his tense body suddenly relaxed, submitting to the man that could quite possibly make him a star.

Aleks pressed his finger inside, pulsing gently into his tender flesh and back out. “Hmm…not yet my lover, but soon. Stay just like that while I work and I’ll give you pleasures of the flesh that you have never known.” It was nothing more than a test and when the beauty didn’t bolt, Aleks’ cock twitched against the tight confines of his linen pants. He moved back and grabbed the camera. Snapping shot after shot of the naked man, Aleks thought about just how much he hungered for his subjects and relished his art, the very passion that roared through him. He longed to paint the sweet slip of a man that was hunkered over one of his carefully selected toys, his many apparatuses meant to bring pain and pleasure to his subjects. Oh, he knew better, he meant his victims but certainly most received the kind of sexual surrender they sought in their most secret cravings and he was the master of teaching them, releasing them from their tortured bindings. Each subject was carefully selected and Aleks showed him that he understood the erotic yearnings he read in their minds and gave them every kinky hunger that they had dreamed of but were terrified to experience or to even breathe for fear of retribution.

This stunning blond was no exception and while Aleks knew without a shadow of a doubt that the young man had never had the pleasures of a man before, he was well aware of the boy’s cravings and his shameless thoughts that forced him into masturbation night after lonely night. Aleks would give the boy what he yearned for and in turn, the boy would feed him this night. “That’s it. Perfect.” How Aleks enjoyed his wicked game of allowing them to understand that he was the only one that could teach them and guide them to face the raw burning hungers that threatened to consume their very bodies if not sated.

Shot after shot Aleksandr glided around the boy in endless circles capturing his essence as he caressed the model’s heated skin, willing him into different positions until Aleks was satisfied that he had exactly what he needed to finish his shoot. He had a deadline looming and Aleks was certainly the consummate businessman. After all, he couldn’t stand on his laurels or his past fortunes and this event would put him back on the map in the desperate little city. After all, there was no going home.

Finally finished, Aleksandr licked his lips and walked toward the nearly exhausted boy. “You’ve done very well. I’m extremely pleased and your payment shall reflect your hard work and cooperation. Go and slip into the robe while I prepare us a drink.”

Doesn’t he sound delicious? I think so…

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Very hot and extremely well written


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