Yes you know how much I love my men in every flavor and color and type and size and…well, perhaps writing about my Aussie man from another one of my writer’s today just has me in the mood for…good lovin’!  Lol  So I thought I’d give you a bit of eye candy today ladies and a taste of my coming HOT m/m release – Punchback – set in 2028 where the criminal are winning and life is sometimes brutal. This is what the world of boxing is about. But the men are still sexy as hell.


Dane looked up and stared at the two men who stood watching everything in the club carefully. He swallowed as the Russian turned his head. Even from the distance, Dane could tell how stunning the man was. Tall and blond, his golden hair falling well past his shoulders, his body was built like a brick shit house. Sucking in his breath, he had no idea why the man intrigued him so much. Intrigued? Hell, his cock sliced against the tight confines of his jeans sending a jolt of electric heat raging into his system. He had never in his life had this reaction over a man. He loved women, craved women…he…

“Wake up, pretty boy.” Wiley shook his head. “Maybe I was wrong about you. Then again, maybe I was right.” Cupping Dane’s balls, he squeezed with just enough pressure that a single moan erupted from Dane’s lips. “Go on and I’ll call you when we’re ready.”

Dane stumbled forward toward the bar, hearing their cackling laughter behind him. Incensed at his cravings, he shut down his emotions and gazed back to the battle. It was all but over. As the muscled brute held the kid by his neck, he roared into the crowd.


     “Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

Dane shook his head and crowded into the bar. Somehow in less than twenty years Americans had gone from fun-filled reality shows to this, torture. While he had seen the downfall, the realization hit him hard.

“So, you want a piece of that really?”

Dane turned toward the sensual timbre. For some reason he hadn’t expected that Steele’s voice would sound this way.  The Russian lilt was an instant aphrodisiac. “News travels fast.”

“We’re a little cautious about new blood, hence the question.”

“I like the sport. I heard there could be good money in it.” Dane eyed him cautiously. His accent was light, the tone sultry and added to the mystery of the man.

The Russian chucked. “If you can call that sport, then you’ll fit right in. Most call that a meat grinder.”

“But they come back, right?”

“They do, mister…”

“Darton, Christopher Darton.” Obviously educated, the Russian had an air about him that was more than surprising. He didn’t fit in with the ragged group of men.

“Welcome to my club, Christopher Darton. I’m one of the owners, Steele Lungren and I can certainly offer you a drink on the house. Least I could do for you joining in our little entertainment.”

“Bourbon, neat.”

“A man with discerning tastes. Coming right up.”

Dane let out a long breath and watched as Steele poured two drinks, nodding to a bartender as he said something to what appeared to be another bouncer.


The strangled scream dragged his attention back to the match. Somehow the blond kid had gotten in a series of wallops, driving the larger man into the ropes. Blood poured from a long gash on his and the kid began kicking him in the groin.

“Shit!” Dane hissed.

“Unfortunately that’ll just infuriate Mika more. The kid’ll be down in seconds.” Steele pushed the glass of liquor in Dane’s direction.

Dane grabbed it instantly and as their fingers touched, he felt a white-hot flash thrash down his spine and directly into his crotch. His dick aching from being twisted, he used the drink as a cover, bringing it to his lips.

Bam! “Fuck you kid!”

The crowd erupted, jumping to their feet.

Dane squinted, trying to figure out what had just happened. The bloody and obviously broken body of the kid lay slumped against the far wall. “How the fucking hell…” The man was strong as an ox to be able to pitch the man that far. He gripped the glass and realized he was in way over his head.

“I’ll give you one hint. Don’t kick him in the balls. You can do anything else to the man, but don’t do that,” Steele breathed as he gazed down Dane’s shaking body and back up, settling on his eyes.

Dane took another sip and wondered if he was quaking from fear or desire. Either way, he was fucked. “Good to know.”

“Make yourself at home. I doubt the next fight will take long. Then you’re up.” Steele gave him one last hard stare before moving off.

Dane nursed the drink and watched the crowd, detailing everything that he could. Punch Back was filled with people. The club must be making a damn fortune. He tried to figure out what Wiley was doing and why the hell he was in an establishment like this. Members of the families were like royalty, driving the finest cars, living in the most expensive mansions. This was completely out of the ordinary. There had to be a take down planned.

As the next fight began, he finished his drink and fought his nerves. Barely twenty minutes later the fight was over.

“You’re up,” Steele said quietly as he leaned over the bar. “Good luck. I hope to see you win.”

“And what if I lose?” Dane stared him directly in the eyes and knew exactly what would happen and he wasn’t sure that he would mind.

Doesn’t that make you want to take up a sport? Hope you enjoyed…

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Can’t wait to read the entire thing honey, it is fantastic 🙂


  2. Very, very good excerpt, and thank you!
    I’m putting this on my must have list.



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