This week since I received my HOT cover for Red Fire – Surrender I thought i’d give you a wicked taste of my upcoming first in a trilogy from Naughty Nights Press. This one indeed has a vampire but not in the way you might imagine. He’s one of the good guys…or is he? Take a taste as he teaches the other hero in our story a bit about his life.


There was no doubt he was taking a significant risk with the man but his own raging desires threatened to consume his rationality. Aleks was quite frankly as starved as he’d ever been for a man and wanted nothing more than to sink his cock and his teeth into his tender flesh. Nearly blinded by his insatiable hunger, he pressed his body, his cock into Jax sending trickles of heat dancing across their combined skin as the moment became a quite hint of things perhaps yet to come.

Jax moaned, his scattered breathless voice barely audible and the tiny pulse just heard above the slight strains of jazz music ebbing from the distant stereo.

Aleks could easily place a trance over the man but he knew instinctively there as simply no need. The hunger raged within the man welling to the surface and begging for release.


Jax Steele was a haunted man. A Detective by trade, damning visions of a wretched event had taken not only his soul but also the family he loved dearly. Living a shadowed life, he accepted every wretched case given with a vengeance, determined to right the wrongs of his horrible past. When young men began showing up slaughtered like animals, the nightmares began all over again pulling him into his own private hell. All clues led to an elusive erotic artist of Russian decent who enjoyed the dark arts of BDSM and Jax believed he’d found his killer, yet intense hungers buried deep within were awakened and he wanted nothing more than to become Aleks’ student.


Aleksandr Vasiliev carried dark secrets of his own. A monster to some, the vampire had forsaken his past and the family regime in search of a new life away from murdering humans. Unfortunately his previous subjects turned up gutted and he was the only suspect. As Jax and Aleks forged a bond to try and find the murderer, each suspected something that neither could control. As the power of domination and control swirled around their relationship, Jax was forced to face not only his ugly past but also hungers that burned deep in his soul. Betrayed, Aleks was determined to save Jax, his true mate but powerful vampires from his past threatened not only his lover but the entire human race. In a race against time, few would survive.

Coming in October from Naughty Nights Press

Hope you enjoyed and beware of creatures who go bump in the night

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. Whoa! *fans self* VERY hot six!


  2. Alix says:

    Sinking into tender flesh..I love it.


  3. Doug Starr says:

    Yowza. That is scorching hot. Awesome.


  4. Oooh, love it! I want to read the book!


  5. Cara Bristol says:

    Intriguing set-up. Great tension and heat. Have to add this one to my TBR list.


  6. Very juicy, hot sex I expect to happen.


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