Purr babies on this luscious morning. I had a very good week and I’m looking so forward to all good things coming up. I have my first f/f release coming in October and in truth I wrote the piece because I wanted to take the sub genre out for a spin. I hear women don’t like to read so I thought for my first one I’d soft sell it just a tiny bit. MEANING – the hubby gives her a very special anniversary present but – BUT… the ending has a twist as mine usually do now.

I love sexuality and exploring all flavors of passion. I’ve experimented in my past so we’ll leave it at that and love writing about everything to do with finding joy in sexuality. So… see what you think. Coming from Rebel Ink Press October 17th


Jasmine Walker loved her husband but the distance between them was increasing. Jake was sexy, successful and a complete bore. Their once incredible sex life was now nonexistent. A consummate professional, Jasmine was highly respected and enjoyed her friends, the ones who knew nothing about her secret kinky fantasies.

Longing to live the life of a submissive and a well-spanked woman, she also craved the soft hands of a women’s touch in her bed. It was something she believed she could share with Jake, but he wanted no part of her erotic dreams which left Jasmine to turn to the object of her affection, Luciana Darcet.


“You’re going to be very tasty to train,” Luciana pulsed a series of hot breaths across the side of her neck as she lowered her head and slid her tongue around Jasmine’s nipple.

Jasmine moaned and clenched her hands open and closed trying to obey but she wanted nothing more than to touch her, taste her. The moment Luciana’s fingers pulsed inside her molten pussy, her heart thumped into her chest and a single moan erupted. “Ooohhh…”

Luciana nipped her nipple and licked circles around her aureole as she pressed a second and then third finger inside her cunt, driving in deeper with each stroke.

“God…oh God!” Jasmine brushed her hand through her hair and struggled to remain still. There wasn’t a part of her body that wasn’t tingling as her pussy muscles clenched around the intense invasion, dragging Luciana’s fingers further inside. She knew she was going to cum quickly. The sensations amazing, lights swirled around her eyes and as she attempted focus, her upper body quivered.

Luciana switched to the other nipple, biting down with enough force that Jasmine’s legs shook. She dragged the tip of her tongue back and forth across first one nipple and then the next as she thrust her fingers in and out, her actions growing wilder. Easing back, she purred and lifted Jasmine’s leg, placing it on the toilet seat. “You’re not allowed to cum today but I do want to taste you before you drop to your knees and pleasure me.”

Gazing into Luciana’s dangerously sensual eyes, she had a moment of panic as the buxom brunette dropped to her knees and instantly swirled her tongue across Jasmine’s clit. As she clawed the back wall, struggling to remain standing, the feel of the woman’s raspy tongue sent her senses into over drive.

Luciana brushed her hands up Jasmine’s legs, caressing and kneading as she teased her blond curls. As she pressed the tender folds of Jasmine’s pussy lips wide open, she drove her tongue inside her cunt, licking feverishly.

“Ffffuuuucccckkkk!” Jasmine hissed. As the stunning beauty’s actions became more manic, thrusting her tongue in and out of her wet heat, Jasmine swallowed hard and pressed the back of her hand across her mouth, fighting back the scream that bubbled to the surface. “Mmm…oooohhh…” Panting, she knew there was no way she could hold back cumming. And yet she clenched her muscles, willing the inevitable to stop.

Burying her face deep into Jasmine’s cunt, the lapping sounds of sex floated above them, reverberating into the room. In and out she pressed her fingers deep inside as she drove her tongue in harder and faster, her actions becoming more savage.

Jasmine thrashed her head back and forth as the wave trickled into her toes. “Ooohh…I can’t…I can’t hold it!”

Jerking her head back, Luciana growled. “You will.” She inserted the fingers of her other hand inside Jasmine’s cunt pulsing in and out in long hard strokes before easing her fingers out of Jasmine’s pussy. Breathing across her swollen flesh, Luciana feathered them slowly up the crack of her ass as she licked her lips. “You taste sweet. I’ll enjoy allowing you to cum into my mouth.” Darting her tongue out, she traced a series of zigzag lines across her clit as she pressed two fingers into Jasmine’s asshole, pushing them inside slowly. Alternating between pulsing inside Jasmine’s wet heat and the tight channel of her ass, Luciana gazed up at Jasmine, scrutinizing her moment of passion before engulfing her clit, biting down.

Fuck!” As the pain washed over her body, sending a series of goose bumps shimmering across her arms and legs, her body jerked involuntarily. Blissful rapture took her into new heights of pleasure. Luciana thrust them deeper inside, flexing her fingers open and closed as she panted. “Yes…yesyesyes!” Just as she knew the orgasm was going to explode, Luciana removed her fingers and stood. “What? I…I…”

“You get no more, pet.”
“But…I…” Through lazy eyes she watched as Luciana lifted her hand.

“Mmmm……” Luciana pressed her pussy soaked fingers over Jasmine’s mouth. “I said, you aren’t cumming today. You have to pleasure me first. Open your mouth.”

“I….” Scrunching her eyes, Jasmine stole a quick glance at the door to the stall, hearing the grumbles of women needing another space.

“Look at me and listen to me,” Luciana commanded. “Now open your mouth.”

Blinking rapidly, she opened her mouth and quivered as Luciana pushed her fingers past her lips.

“Clean my fingers.”

The taste of her juice, musky and sweet was a powerful stimulant and she wanted nothing more than to pleasure her lover. She licked and sucked until Luciana was satisfied.

“Good my pet. Now, drop to your knees and give me some satisfaction.” Lucinda cooed as she stepped back and lifted her dress, resting the spandex on her thighs, revealing her racy black thong. “Come lick me.” The tone demanding, she crossed her arms and gave Jasmine an authoritative stare.  “So you understand me completely, my punishments can be severe. I’ll be in complete control of your pleasure or pain. It’s something you crave. Yes? It’s something you also want to share with your husband, to be owned by two masters?”

Jasmine nodded, hearing the soft whisper from months before. I’ll give a level of rapture that you have never had with a man, but you have to trust me to show you what your body needs, what it’s been craving your entire life. Unless you let go, you’ll never find that moment of utter bliss.

Obeying instantly, there was something about her voice that both terrified and thrilled her and every wild thought about being owned that she had experienced since experiencing her first sexual relationship flooded her mind, stilling her heart. Inhaling the musky scent of Luciana, she shivered and slid her finger back and forth across her lace covered mound. “You’re wet.”

“Almost as much as your are. Lower my panties and feast.”

Her fingers shaking, Jasmine drew the tiny thong down Luciana’s legs and pursed her lips, seeing the beautiful bald pussy. Palming her stomach, she slid her hand down and moved it back and forth across her cunt lips that were swollen from excitement. Darting her tongue out, she licked across her clit once before pulling back.

“Mmmmm…. Don’t tease me too much or I’ll take you into my office and fuck you hard over my desk, thrusting my thick rubber toy into that hot box of yours. I would love to do that after I spank your ass. And then I’ll take you to my playroom and tie you down.”

Leaning forward, the dirty words fueled her. She brushed her fingers up and down Luciana’s thighs, relishing in the soft touch of her skin.

“Purr, my pet.” Stroking the top of Jasmine’s head, she entwined her fingers in her long locks and yanked her forward, forcing her face into her pussy. “Lick me.”

A bathroom in a crowded restaurant will never be the same again!  Purr babies and happy Saturday.

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. Fucking red hot. You are an amazingly talented author and I hope I can learn from you and become a fraction as talented as you.


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