I am very proud and excited to have the entire Force Recon Team as my guests today. These guys have been burning up the hot sheets on places like ARe for months and they just had another release of their hot team hit the shelves. Welcome and enjoy my Rebel Ink Press Family…

Living in Harmony

You know, too often romance is pigeon-holed into one sub-genre or other. There’s a cubbie for the traditional, one for m/f, one for sensual, one for spicier, one for m/m, one for cowboys, one for military, one for paranormal, one for ménage…do you see where I’m going with this? And God forbid we think of cross-pollinating them. In fact this cross pollination is so frowned upon that I had no idea until recently that m/m apparently is kept separate at review houses from all the other goodies. Now, paranormal, I realized this sub-genre is widely known to have its own separate places of prominence. And they seem quite pleased with that as far as I can tell. No one really talks about military romance unless the SEALs are out doing something and I’m not sure where contemporary fits in anymore. It even seems to be waning on the mainstream side of the house.

Now, where is it exactly I’m going with this pigeon-holing? Well, here’s where. Why can’t we all just play nicely together? Like we do over at Rebel on a daily basis? I mean, granted we are Rebels and we are known for taking on things that other presses frown upon or think is a passing fad. Hell, we seem to be the melting pot of the presses, and I’d say from some of the emails and things I’ve seen posted in cyber-space, we apparently are doing a damn good job of it as our writers seem quite happy simmering in our little literary hot tub. Some of us drink beer, well actually we have one girl that manufactures her own—thank you Liz J, some of us prefer fine wine, and some of us are just straight up whiskey drinkers—um, that would be me I guess—thank you Canada, Crown Royal is one things we agree on. So, if we do it and no one is offended, why can’t more people do it? Get along? For that matter, why can’t more people do what we did with the Force Recon series and cross-pollinate our sub-genres?

Let me tell you a secret about Force Recon Somalia—it is a contemporary erotic romance encompassing the following: m/m, m/f erotic and sensual, BDSM, ménage, and is a military romance with a bit of suspense and mystery. Sounds like a romance buffet doesn’t it? Gee, you might be asking right about now, how the hell did they pull that one off? Allow me….

You see our team has a wide array of talents and knowledge. In book one, Christopher Craven was our resident m/m expert—not only does he write m/m, he lives it. We lost Chris to other obligations and picked up another talent, JA Lawson for book two. JA comes with his own style and flavors, and he also knows m/m inside out. Now, JA is a m/m writer, but his story is actually m/f/m…so he and BethAnn collaborated on these issues and helped each other out a bit with Brogan coming to terms with his bi-sexuality and JA’s lack of experience with his m/f/m triangle. Whew! Sounds complicated doesn’t it. Lila of course is the resident military facts checker. With a husband in the military how could she not be voted into this position? But her stories involved BDSM…now granted, she’s written BDSM quite successfully, but as you all know she’s a stickler for factual accounts and although she knows her BDSM in and out, guess what…Dawn Lyons, one of the editors at Rebel, has actual real life experience in this area. So, if Lila had question she needed only zip her an email.  The mystery and suspense? Well, we have to admit…that sort of just fell into place. Sometimes stories have a way of telling themselves and we can’t stop it…it just goes on without rhyme or reason.

Now you see how we can all live in harmony and quite reasonably at that. Wish more people and more writers and more reviewers viewed the world the way my writing partners and I do…the world would be a near perfect place….

Title: Force Recon Somalia

Series: Force Recon book 2

Authors: BethAnn Buehler, JA Lawson, Lila Munro, JL Oiler

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press

Release Date: September 3, 2011

Genre: It’s an erotic contemporary romance encompassing F/M relationships, M/M relationships, BDSM and ménage.

Buy Link:


After surviving the vacation from hell in Beacon Bayou, the Force Recon team finds themselves one relationship, one fiancé, one child, and one marriage more than before they left Camp Lejeune for leave. But before they have a chance to process how a few days so completely changed their lives, they’re called away to Somalia, a hot bed of pirate activity. Their mission–rescue an embedded female marine taken prisoner.

Being a female marine isn’t easy for Allison Blaise. Choosing a life that’s all about proving herself worthy of being one of the few and the proud right alongside her male counterparts, Alli volunteers for every special assignment that comes down the pipeline.  This time that “go-to” attitude has landed her a stay as a prisoner to a few unsavory Somali pirates.  After watching her four man extraction team be virtually destroyed before her eyes, Alli finds herself inexplicably drawn to the team leader, Brogan Baker. But that part of her that would normally heel to a Dominant man’s been damaged, and she fears it may be permanent.

Eric Ryan, AKA Chaos, has only been with the team a few weeks when he realizes he’s got a few problems on his hands. Not only is he replacing a dead man, he’s vying for control of a team whose current leader knows all his dirty little secrets. While he’d like to be topped by the man in charge he knows it’s probably impossible and Eric’s discovered something in him is attracted to the woman attached to Brogan’s side every waking minute.

With their team in a constant state of change and under duress, Aaron finds himself struggling to accept the notion that he’s worth being loved and unable to impress his soon to be grandfather -in-law.  Worse, he can’t shake the guilt that’s haunted him ever since the botched rescue in Somalia. But Aaron’s not the only one with problems. Gabe thought his life was under control until Ros reveals yet another secret, one he’s so distracted by he almost doesn’t survive the trip home from Somalia.  A secret Ros may not survive either.

Just when they thought they were strong enough to make it through anything, the Force Recon team is once again faced with enough to either make them or break them.


With her breath coming in short puffs, Alli struggled to keep her eyes tightly closed as Brogan pulled her shirt off then took her bra away. The entire time he showered her with kisses and murmured encouraging words and praise across her skin. He eased away and before Alli had time to process where he’d gone, an all too familiar fire literally tore through Alli’s breasts and radiated outward consuming her chest and extremities. And to hear Brogan telling her she was in complete control didn’t do anything but fuel it. Was Brogan unsure of just how far he could push her before she broke? He had no idea what fed her need or just how much she needed right now.

There had been times Kyle had confined her to his private quarters for fear she’d push some Dom to his limits and he’d show her what true pain was. And not the good kind. For years Alli internalized and never shed a tear. It wasn’t until she’d been shown how to let it go that she’d learned she could cry. Give her control? Wrong damn answer. Alli wrapped her tongue around the thin length of chain he’d slipped between her lips and tilted her head back as far as it would go sending a volcano of hurt through her system. Slowly something started to build. Something she’d not been able to feel for a very long time. The doorway to that place that few could take her cracked and her breath stalled. More.

Short of drugging herself past reason this was the only way she knew to go numb, and God how she needed that. Her shoulders relaxed a bit before she arched back and tugged again starting to loose contact with the world around her. She no longer heard the birds, the surf or the even the breeze. She barely knew when Brogan moved down her body. Drifting somewhere between two worlds, her mind stopped spinning. Thoughts were still there they just didn’t fight for space anymore. More.

Twisting under Brogan, Alli fought for position, needing more pressure everywhere. If he’d just turn her a little bit. The thoughts slowing weren’t enough. They needed to go away completely. Her mind needed rest. Her heart needed rest. Emotional overload didn’t quite describe the place Alli had been living and this was the only way. No amount of therapy, no amount of medication could do what this did when she went far enough. Complete free falling bliss. Once more she shortened the length of chain and pulled. Alli screamed in as much frustration as pain, hot tears collecting at the corners of her eyes then her heart started to slow. More.

“Please, Brogan,” she begged over the implement of her saving grace. “Help me. Please. I’ll beg if you want. Just tell me.”

“Who am I?” he asked as if not believing she’d said his name.

“Brogan,” she whimpered as he stripped her of the rest of her clothing and positioned her on her hands and knees. And as she shook on unsure limbs, hope took root.

“We’re gonna do it my way,” Brogan told her. “Say yes.”

“Yes, anything. Please,” she groaned lowering her head to the soft ground and choking on her next words. “I trust you, please.”

With that, Brogan leaned over her and pulled the chain that fell between her nipples. Alli’s insides clenched and she wasn’t sure what needed freed more, her mind or her body. When Brogan let go of the chain and backed away, turmoil built inside her. He was going to leave her hanging again. She just knew it.

“Please, Brogan not again,” she begged as a warm flood of numb started to overtake her. She opened her eyes to find the horizon shimmering. More. Just a little more. “So close,” she slurred. “Please don’t leave me here.”

“Just one word, Alli.”

“Yes,” Alli muttered, leaning into him. She realized she not only needed him to help her, she wanted him to. Only Brogan. She fucking wanted Brogan Baker and the fear that kept inching in was as much a fear of needing him as it was of him leaving her. “Please don’t leave me, Brogan.” Alli knew in that moment that if he ever did, she’d never recover.

Gasping at his initial intrusion, Alli was as shocked by his presence as she was at the fact that at some point warm wetness had spread through her and extended down her legs. There was no preamble, nothing gentle about it. Alli could never remember having the feeling that she didn’t know where she stopped and her partner started. She literally melted around him and absorbed everything he had to give. The initial comfort of that discovery didn’t last long, however. Brogan pulled back and Alli groaned in frustration. More.

When he reached around and released her breasts from their confinement, fire shot through her and her nipples throbbed. Finally her thoughts stopped and there was nothing but two bodies connected. She literally floated away yet was still tethered to Brogan, anchored where she’d normally have disappeared at the hands of anyone else. She was gone, yet still grounded. He was inside her bubble with her, controlling it, yet she was still free to forget. He wouldn’t let her fall. She wouldn’t collapse alone this time. Brogan would hold her through this and keep holding her afterward and Alli didn’t even know how she knew that, but she did. She didn’t try to fight it. She let go and let him have her in every way. The door that remained closed for so long opened all the way and Alli’s mind, body, heart and soul willingly walked into Brogan’s arms.

Thank you guys so much for giving us a taste and being a part of my world! I hope you guys have enjoyed and remember they have one more in the series coming!

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Great blog love the excerpt


  2. Lila says:

    Thanks Julez! Glad you stopped by and you enjoyed getting a bit of Alli and Brogan. 🙂


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