That we ladies so love? Okay, you guys know me well enough to know I love men of all ages, types, colors and sizes but… yeah, I’m now a cougar *sighs* so admitting it is the hardest part. It’s a hot genre and months ago I approached the lovely Miss “E” from Rebel Ink Press with an idea about a cougar piece anthology. We talked about it and Claw Marks was born.

I was very thrilled to be asked to provide a dedication up front and I think you guys will enjoy reading my thoughts. I also have two pieces included in the anthology – Unwrap Me and Spicy White Chocolate. The group of authors is going to be promoting next week on sites such as Authors By Authors – a huge thank you to the lovely talented writer, Kiki Howell – not only a good friend but a fellow Rebeler for putting the entire week together – so you’ll be hearing more from us.

Here’s a taste for you and the first time you get a snippet…



“Okay ladies, more coffee?”

Shawna Dupres eyed Cara and smiled as she glanced at the group of highly accomplished and very single women. The Wednesday morning erotic book club affectionately called the Piranha Girls had met for about a year and in that period of time she learned more about saucy sex toys than she ever knew she wanted to. And in truth, she craved learning and experiencing more. “What, no Irish Cream?” Giggling, she glanced at her watch. It was five o’clock somewhere, right?

“Now we’re talkin!” She tossed her dark locks over her shoulder and beckoned to Cara. “You have to have some of the gooey yummy treat.”

Shawna shook her head as she gazed at Georgia. While the smaller girl was completely shy in every day life, Georgia had blossomed after mere weeks of being a part of the group and now brought the most scintillating books for the girls to read.

Cara grinned, a naughty glint in her eyes as she dragged the liquor bottle from behind her back. “No worries, girls. I have another on waiting in the wings so let’s party and enjoy. We’re wild and saucy and single and very hungry! Desiree, will you do the honors while I bring out the very wicked gifts?””

“I’ll be happy to. Woot! It’s party time,” the curvy blond cooed as she grinned and grabbed the bottle, her hips swaying back and forth to the pulsing music. “Lovin’ this day ladies!”

“Gifts? What are we celebrating?” Shawna asked, shaking her head. The group was a bit wild and she loved every moment they became embroiled in a shameless novel about sex, sex and more sex.

“One year of our completely shameful group being together, silly,” Cara purred as she moved to the large cabinet in the corner of her oversized living room. “This is quite an accomplishment for a group of women that could barely manage to have lunch together during all the nasty little moments of our life. So this is indeed a celebration.”

“How about a little mood music to sauce things up? Feeling like a little Latin vibe to kick up the heat?” The busty brunette jumped to her feet, singing in Spanish as she moved to the stereo system.

“You go Marla!” Georgia whistled. “Hurry up Desiree and pour. We might have to mix this fest with mimosas!”

“It’s eleven in the morning!” Shawna feigned admonishment. Hell, they had served drinks at nine sharp on a summer’s day when they were consoling one or more over the bastards that had left them, cheated on them, forgot to call them or some other atrocity. Besides, it was going to be a grueling weekend at the restaurant and she hadn’t developed her saucy sweet treat yet. Her customers counted on her creativity with chocolate, some coming in only for her decadent desserts and after dinner drinks. Unfortunately her schedule had been way too hectic lately at Sauce and Spice, her creation and the restaurant she fought to keep in the divorce. Serving a selection of Cajun creations inspired by her grandmother, it was a hot and happening bistro nestled in the heart of the suburbs of Charlotte. Shaking her head, the exhaustion from working seventy hours a week was settling in. Shawna needed a damn vacation.

Or a night with a steamy hot hunk fulfilling her every fantasy.

The thought alone gave Shawna chills. “Well, maybe a little taste,” she said, giggling.

Uh huh. We’re going to corrupt you yet,” Desiree chuckled as she poured them all hefty snifters of the creamy froth and handed them out. “News girls. I have a date this weekend.”

What? You’ve been holding back girl! You go,” Marla squealed.

“No fair!” Georgia giggled and took a large sip of the white cream. “Heavenly.”

Shawna groaned. She hadn’t had a date in a good two years and the last one was nothing short of lackluster. Who knew attorneys could be so damn boring? Remembering the rather bland night, she sipped the liquor and thought about if she even knew how to dress to date a hunky man. Then again were there any left in town? Being divorced, successful and forty-six, some would say she was in the prime of her life. Too bad she was lonely and craved a thick cock buried in her cunt. She wiggled back and forth as a series of quivers dancing inside her pussy forced her to grimace and lick her lips. Hiding behind the glass, she grinned and thought about a young stud using her, filling her and couldn’t help the infectious bubbles that pulsed past her lips.

“You okay, girlfriend? You look a bit flushed,” Cara said as she set a vibrant selection of gift bags down on the coffee table.

“I’m just dandy. What do you have there?”

“Hmmm…Georgia, what was the book we all just finished reading?” Cara asked, giving Shawna a soulful stare.

“You mean Her Entrance into Submission?” Georgia asked, grabbing the book out of her bag. Waving it back and forth, she fanned her face. “A blazing hot one here!”

“I’ll say.” Shawna sighed. Perhaps one day she would experiment with something so wicked and wanton, but she’d settle for being fucked hard and fast. The book was an incredible ride into the moment of true seduction and she read and re-read several passages until she sliced the ass plug inside her ass, relishing in the true moment of pain.

“Well, lookie here girls, we need to mix this little circle up a bit,” Cara mused, giving each one of the women a long heated stare.

“Can you tell the shameless woman has something naughty up her sleeve?” Desiree laughed as she plopped onto the leather easy chair, planting her feet on the end of the coffee table.

Marla leaned over the glass top and picked up one of the bags. “Hmm, it’s heavy. I think the girl is serious. Can we open our treats?”

Cara wagged her finger. “Not until we make a little sensual pact.”

“I have a terrible feeling of apprehension about this.” Shawna laughed, yet as she gazed down at the colorful bags, her intuition told her that she was going to love the contents.

“Pact?” Georgia asked. “Do you remember the last time Cara got us in the middle of something naughty?”

“Yeah, we almost ended up in jail!” Marla exclaimed.

“But it was damn fun trying to explain to the police officer what the hell we were doing skinny dipping in that very public pool!” Shawna laughed. The memories were sweet and they had been wild girls for a moment in their lives. Now each of them had professions and obligations that kept their sinful sides at bay.

“Woot! Do you remember the look on that poor boy’s face?” Desiree mused.

“I think he wanted to say he would do us all but knew he’d get into trouble!” Georgia added, laughing as she took a gulp of her drink.

“All right ladies. Here’s the deal. We are young and hip and happening and we need men, right?” Cara asked, glancing at each one of her friends.

“Hell, you have no idea how much I need a young stud!” Marla cooed.

“That’s exactly my point,” Cara breathed, tipping her head back as she closed her eyes and sliding her hand down to the swell of her breasts. “Wild…wanton…crazed…sex!”

“You bitch!” Shawna threw a pillow at her and chuckled.

“Come on now, ladies,” Cara grinned, licking her lips as she swayed her hips back and forth.

“Out with it! What are you proposing?” Georgia asked.

“Fess up, girl! I feel hot men a comin’,” Marla added.

“Okay. Ten days and we find and fuck a man,” Cara said quietly.

“What?” Shawna asked, choking on her drink.

“Not just any man either. We’re going to find and seduce a hot blooded young thang that’s tasty and ripe,” Cara added as she doled out the packages. “And DO NOT open these until I tell you to.”

“She’s serious,” Desiree breathed.

“She’s crazy!” Georgia chortled.

“She’s right on the money and I want nothing more than to fuck a hottie like a heated slut.” Shawna slapped her hand over her mouth. Never in her life had she said anything so blatantly brazen in her life. To imagine, let alone give serious thought to seducing a young stud was insane.

And yet she wanted nothing more.

CLAW MARKS Back Cover Blurb

Have you ever considered engaging in an exciting relationship with a stunning hunk of a man who’s much younger? Does your heart beat rapidly as you savor his carved body from across the crowded room? Every cougar can tell you the answer. Entering into new relationships isn’t easy and for some, sharing joy means letting go of a difficult past. Join a talented group of writers from Rebel Ink Press who bring you stories of love and passion transcending age and sometimes tragedy.

Checkmate by SammyJo Hunt – For anchor Clint Watson, keeping a low profile about his sexuality is a must but on one beautiful afternoon over a game of chess, he finds pleasure in the arms of a younger man. Player Conference by Liz Crowe – Jess can’t get past the loss of her husband until her daughter’s soccer coach gives her every reason to try again. The Diver’s Club by Genevre Pierceau – Jilted by her cheating boyfriend, Jill finds solace over drinks with her girlfriends who convince her to turn the tables and engage in a moment of passion with a sexy contractor. Spicy White Chocolate by Cassandre Dayne – During a regular meeting of an erotic book club, the girls enter into a wicked pact to seduce a younger man and the first to do so wins a hefty prize, only Shawna Dupres didn’t count on falling in love. Insatiable Kate by Dawn Prochilo – Kate Winston was angry at being thwarted by the man of her dreams and she was ready to give him a piece of her mind. What she didn’t know was Rome made a promise years before and yet one he was ready to break for the possibility of romance.

Believe by K.T. Bishop – Gabi continues to suffer from the loss of her husband until she finds passion in the arms of a young athlete bent on making a better life for himself. But can his dream succeed against his family’s wishes? Tempting Research by Sam Crescent – For Melissa Crane, research for her erotic books is everything. Stumped by a scene and facing a tough deadline, she enlists the help of one very sexy masseuse. Carnal Awakenings by Sara York – Anna is not only concerned about her aging looks but her children’s thoughts about her considering another relationship until a secluded vacation and a hot younger man and his male lover convince her an alternate lifestyle might work. Unwrap Me by Cassandre Dayne – Cristal refuses to get over the acts of her cheating ex husband until her best friend provides a special treat under the mistletoe. Fresh Meat by Marcos London – Robin Dahl moved to a small town in Texas to get away from her manipulating ex and pushes all thoughts of romance aside until a sexy deliveryman changes her mind.

What do you think guys? Spicy hot, huh?

Kisses   xxx


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  1. Oh this sounds utterly juicy!!!


  2. Great excerpt – sounds like a great book. And this, coming from a woman happily married to a man ten years younger 🙂 There’s nothing like a youger man to keep you young.

    Missy Martine


  3. great blog and excerpt


  4. Cara Bristol says:

    Cougar stories are hot! I have one under submission now that I’m waiting to hear back on. Love the title of your anthology…Claw Marks.


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