My Very Wicked and Wonderful Guest – Sam Crescent

We’re celebrating another fabulous release for her and giving her all the props she deserves. Don’t forget to leave comments as we all love those and ask her what she thinks about the latest cover she just got too!  She’s a wonderful writer – coming out in the Claw Marks anthology with me and she has several other releases coming up. She’s also one of my greatest friends. Say hello to…


Hello again little Sam Crescent here taking on the big cougar stories. I have three in total. I have Tempting Research as part of the Claw Marks Anthology with Rebel Ink Press. I have Trust Me (Hot Flash) with Secret Cravings publishing.

But, today I’m here with my first Secret Cravings Publishing release and my first ever penned cougar story.

A Wild Older Woman was written over a year ago, before Office Hours but was one of those stories I didn’t know what to do with. After sending it out and being rejected, I put it away and then early this year I got it out and the wonderful Dawne Prochilo recommended Secret Cravings Publishing for their Hot Flash line.

After a long time editing this piece with all my knew skills, lol, I was shocked and delighted when I got this acceptance and now I’m so pleased to be sharing it with all of you.

So a big thank you once again to Cassandre Dayne for giving me some space, to Dawne Prochilo for helping me and to the people at Naughty Romance Writers for listening to my constant nagging as I was doing this book.

Here is the Blurb:

Do younger men treat a woman better? At least that is what Karen Wild is about to find out. This forty years old, divorced mother of two children is about to find out what being a cougar is all about.  She believed she could battle anything that came her way…that is until Nick Marshall entered her life.

She never anticipated Nick, thirteen years her junior, being interested in her. He’s hot and he wants Karen all to himself.

Join this cougar as she learns to accept her sexuality and finally learns what it means to love and how a younger man can melt the years away.

Adult Excerpt: 

Karen heard Nick move over her. “You taste amazing, gorgeous. The nicest pussy I’ve ever eaten.” Her heart fluttered. Never had Derek complimented her during sex, what a revelation this experience was becoming. She gasped watching Nick lick her essence from his lips, he truly liked the flavor of her.

He pulled her down to the floor, chuckling. “I mean it, Karen, you’re mine now,” he told her seriously.

“I know. I want to be yours,” she admitted. The truth, no matter how much the thought scared the hell out of her, was she really wanted to be his and more. More than she had ever wanted to belong to anyone before.

“I cannot wait to get inside you.” He kissed her lips.

Karen could taste herself on his lips and instead of being repulsed she found it deeply erotic.

“You’re right. I do taste good.” She smiled flicking her tongue over his lips.

He growled, lifting himself over her and pushing her legs open.

She complied, spreading herself wide, to accept him into her body. She glanced down to see him and gulped. “You’re huge.”

“Thank you.” He lifted her thighs, bringing a pillow underneath her back. He smoothed his cock through her small dark curls, down her slit, covering his cock with her cream, awakening her desire further.

Karen thrust her breasts up trying to forget how big he was. She closed her eyes loving the sensation of him surrounding her.

She cried out as he thrust deep inside her, tightening at the harsh invasion. She could feel every inch of him pressed inside her. Looking up, she watched passion and ecstasy swimming in his eyes. He held her trapped within his power.

She felt rather than saw as his body pulled away and then soared forward going deeper than anything she had ever experienced. Her pussy pulsed around the width of his shaft.

“I knew you could take me,” he told her.

“I can feel everything.” She panted, circling his neck with her arms, taking his lips in a searing kiss.

Oooohhh how sexy and sassy and I love it! Thank you so much Sam!

Kisses   xxx


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4 Responses to My Very Wicked and Wonderful Guest – Sam Crescent

  1. romance novel junkies says:



  2. Mimi Wolske says:

    excellent excerpt, Sam! i think the story sounds “sex-citing” and look forward to reading it.


  3. Ana Hart says:

    Whew! *fans self* Is it hot in here or is it just me? Totally wicked excerpt, Sam! Sounds like a yummy read 😉


  4. I hope you have a fantastic, thrilling and breathtaking release…. *weg* I so bad.

    *lol* great excerpt sweety!


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