Thought I’d participate as there is no Six Sentence this week and I love juicy little passages – mine is simply a treat from Fire of Submission - my recent f/f pieces with a twist. Getting some interesting feedback on this one. See what you think. This is the true moment of Luciana taking control over Jasmine.

Jasmine tipped her head back as she massaged and caressed both, kneading Luciana’s voluptuous breasts in her fingers. She had always loved the feel of a woman, the softness, the supple feeling of her skin. How she craved the whisper of a woman’s hot breath skating across her skin as they moved together, touching and tasting. There was nothing like the sweet embrace of a woman and her delicate kiss, exploring the nuances of each other. Taking a long look at the stunning woman, her dark beauty captivated her, sending shivers dancing down her spine. Everything about the woman was gorgeous from her large chocolate brown eyes and luxurious midnight hair, flowing down her back to her waist. Her long legs and arms suited her small waist and tight tummy. She was model gorgeous and exactly the kind of incredible beauty she fantasized about. While Jasmine never considered herself bisexual, it would be easy to fall in lust with this women if not love. And the thought both terrified and invigorated her.

Luciana’s breath raspy, she purred as she leaned forward and cupped her chin, bringing her face to Jasmine’s and brushing their lips together. “You look at me as if you wish to devour every inch of my body.”


Jasmine Walker loved her husband but the distance between them was increasing. Jake was sexy, successful and a complete bore. Their once incredible sex life was now nonexistent. A consummate professional, Jasmine was highly respected and enjoyed her friends, the ones who knew nothing about her secret kinky fantasies.

Longing to live the life of a submissive and a well-spanked woman, she also craved the soft hands of a women’s touch in her bed. It was something she believed she could share with Jake, but he wanted no part of her erotic dreams which left Jasmine to turn to the object of her affection, Luciana Darcet.

What do you think lovelies? Enjoy…

Kisses   xxx







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  1. I’m thinking…I need a cold shower and I just love how f/f is gaining popularity. it just goes to show how open minded the romance community (readers and writers) really are :)

  2. FABULOUS Cass- great excerpt to share- very descriptive

  3. Oooh, delish! I do love me a bit of f/f! :)

  4. Sharita Lira says:

    Sounds great hun! I’m getting more into f/f myself. Looking forward to reading

  5. lbdarling says:

    Definitely a hot 12! Thanks for sharing with us this week!

  6. Loved her internal thoughts as the sexual tension builds!

  7. Very steamy scene, especially when she has some hesitation.

  8. Kiru Taye says:

    A sexy 12. NIce one, Cassandre.

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